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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The camera shows off the massive amount of pyrotechnics as the fans begin to whip themselves into a frenzy, To a man, they are on their feet and holding up their hand made signs. The camera then cuts to an outside shot of the Taco Bell arena in the dark of night. Once back inside, the familiar dulcet tones of Sebastian Copeland welcomes everyone to the show.

    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Meltdown 126! And if you've got that feeling of a big night to come, just like I have, then you would be absolutely right to. I am Sebastian Copeland and I am joined at ringside by my long time broadcast partner; Jack Cohen. And Jack, can't you just feel it in the air?!

    Cohen: You're right, Seabass! The Gold Rush tournament always brings out the very best in everyone, from the wrestlers to the fans. And what's more, the WZCW awards are handed out tonight! It's going to be a big night for sure and I can't wait to get kick it all off!

    As the music begins to blare around the arena, the crowd are back on their feet to welcome the owner of WZCW; Mr Banks! After a few moments, the silver-haired fox makes his appearance on the stage to a huge cheer from the Idaho natives. Smiling widely, Mr Banks is the picture of prestige; a sharp suit reflecting his personality.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the owner of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling... Mr Kenneth Banks!!

    Copeland: Well, it really doesn't get any bigger than this, folks. When Mr Banks turns up at an event, you know that something is going down. I expect that tonight will be absolutely no different.

    Cohen: The fans are on their feet, Seabass. They know exactly what is going on here. Mr Banks is going to scrap the draw from Apocalypse and award Constantine the victory, right?

    Copeland: Uh... I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, Jack.

    Mr Banks continues down the ramp with his trademark swagger until he reaches the ring. On the steps waiting for him is a microphone, which he obliges in picking up. Standing on the apron of the ring, Mr Banks soaks in the atmosphere from the fans before entering the ring.

    Banks: IDAHOOOOO!

    The fans bursts into life once more as Mr Banks recognises their brilliant reception for him and his company. The smile reappears on Mr Banks' face as more cheers come his way.

    Banks: As you know, I like to be more of a hands off kind of man in WZCW. Vance Bateman and Becky Serra are two very capable General Managers and I have other things to attend to. That being said, I always like to check in with my investment and make sure that it is performing the way it should be; really fulfilling it's potential.

    Mr Banks allows the words to sink in before continuing.

    Banks: But as you may also know, I always seem to be around when there is something big going on...

    The tease from Mr Banks is enough to get the crowd on their feet again; waiting with interest to see what might be going on tonight.

    Banks: And there is nothing bigger in this company than the Gold Rush Tournament, folks. Let me tell you something. In all of my years of business, I have been successful for one reason...

    The crowd hangs on his words.

    Banks: Because I know what will be successful and what wont be. I have refined my skills to be able to know what has potential and what does not. Now, tonight, the first 8 men in the Gold Rush Tournament will be afforded an opportunity to fulfil their potential; just in the same way that I expect WZCW to do. These opportunities do not come around very often in a business like this, so everyone needs to be on top of their game. And with so much on the line and a new face of the company as a prize for the winner, I will be watching with interest tonight and over the next few weeks...

    The crowd cheer once again at the thought of seeing the Boss a little more often in WZCW.

    Banks: But, as for tonight, there is so much to be done. Good luck to all of the competitors in the Gold Rush Tournament tonight and going forward. I'll be keeping an eye on you all...

    With that, Mr Banks' music starts again as he tosses the microphone to the outside of the ring and exits it himself.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Banks is watching for the future of the company and so should you be. Like he says, 8 men will begin the tournament over the course of Meltdown and Ascension with a shot at the World Champion as the prize.

    Cohen: Chances like this didn't happen in my day, Seabass. This is it!

    Copeland: Absolutely, Jack. And on that note, let me hand over to Leon Kensworth who has the first award to present tonight.
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    A large cheer goes around the arena as Leon Kensworth appears on the stage from behind the curtain for the first time tonight. In one hand, Leon carries an envelope. And in the other, he carries a beautiful silver trophy. As he reaches the podium off to the left of the stage, he places both down and begins

    Kensworth: Thank you, everyone for your great reception. Now, as you know, tonight will be abig night for everyone in WZCW. I am proud to say that WZCW has had a brilliant year and it has been an utter pleasure being a apart of it for so long. But not for a long time has WZCW seen such a rich vein of talent from all around the world.

    The fans sound their appreciation for the WZCW roster and staff as Leon allows his warm smile to appear.

    Kensworth: Over the course of tonight's Meltdown event and tomorrow's Ascension, we will pay homage to the wrestlers and moments that have made 2015 one of the greatest years in the history of this wonderful company. We will shine a spotlight on those who have worked tirelessly for the betterment of themselves but also the betterment of the company as a whole.

    Once again, another cheer goes around the arena as Leon picks up the envelope from the pedestal.

    Kensworth: And on that note, we come to the first award of tonight. We asked you, the WZCW fans and audiences to have the final say in all of our awards. And I am proud to say that this years awards are a true reflection of all the successes that we shared as a company. So without further ado, it is my great honour to award the first award for WZCW Tag Team of the Year. The nominees are:

    The tron behind Leon comes to life to show all of the nominees as they are listed off.


    Kensworth: And the first award of the night, and winner of Tag Team of the Year goes to...

    the tron behind Leon cycles through the names one more time, getting faster and faster until it finally settles on one name

    Kensworth: CERBERUS!


    After a few moments of the fans fans going crazy with joy, Flex Mussel appears on the stage with a massive smile on his face. He walks over to Leon and shakes his hand firmly. He collects the award from Leon graciously and then moves towards the pedestal and the attached microphone.

    Flex: This is a great honour for both myself and Ramparte.... Even if he didn't want to appear to collect the award. 2015 was a tremendous year for Cerberus and a tremendous year for WZCW. It means a great deal to me to be able to collect this award, given the standard of competitors we were up against in this category. I would like to than-

    Suddenly, a hush falls over the crowd as the well-known tones of Dr Zeus' entrance music begins to play. Flex steadies himself on the stage for a fight as The Good Doctor appears through the curtain with Ramparte following closely behind him. As Zeus appears, he shoots a look towards the recipient of the award and offers him a quick laugh. Fixing the WZCW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, Zeus puts a hand on the shoulder of Ramparte as both men continue to stare down the fitness guru. After a moment, Zeus laughs again and ushers Ramparte towards the ring.

    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Ramparte and the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion…Dr. Zeus!!!!

    Copeland: Two thirds of the Trinity are about to be in action but it seemed like they might have a different target in mind.

    Cohen: Flex better watch his back, Ramparte has found new friends.

    Copeland: Indeed, and those friends led to a victory over Matt Tastic at Apocalypse while Zeus successfully defended his World title. Both men have huge momentum tonight.

    Zeus and Ramparte enter the ring with Zeus holding up his World championship in defiance as Ramparte looks on, content with the entire situation.


    The Beard and elegANT appear on stage to lots of applause. The insect begins to shaking hands of fans and waving while Beard gets focused on the task at hand. They both make their way into the ring and pose for the crowd while being cautious of their upcoming opponents.

    Harrys: And their opponents, weighing in a combined weight of 464 lbs, elegANT and The Beard…The Bearded GentleANTS!!!

    Copeland: The gentleANTs haven’t been the most successful lately but a win tonight could put them back on the hunt for the tag team titles.

    Cohen: Beard being a former world champion might have his eyes set directly on Zeus if he wants to get back into World title contention.

    Copeland: Three out of the four competitors of this match will have a shot in the Gold Rush tournament soon, should be an interesting encounter.

    The bell rings and Ramparte and elegANT start off the match. They lock up, with Ramparte being to force elegANT into a corner. He attempts to hit a European Uppercut but the insect is able to block it with his knees causing The Recluse to clutch his arm in pain. The insect then delivers multiple forearms to Ramparte causing the Trinity member to stagger into the middle of the ring. elegANT then bounces off the ropes to hit a running cross body but Ramparte ducks and the insect crashes stomach first on the ground. The insect gets to his feet only to receive a Calf Kick by Ramparte and then he drags elegANT to his corner and tags in Zeus. The good doctor enters the ring and begins to choke the former champion on the mat. The ref forces him to ease up but the World champion immediately begins delivering ground headbutts. He then picks up elegANT and puts him in a corner and delivers shots to the face. He Irish whips into the opposite corner but the insect leaps onto the top rope and delivers a high impact cross body! elegANT uses this opportunity to tag in The Beard and the World champion gets to his feet only to be met with a spinning heel kick! Ramparte leaps into the ring but the GentleANTS hits him with a double high knee sending through the ropes and to the outside. Zeus rolls to a corner and to find solace but doesn’t find it as Beard gets hits him with a corner splash. Beard then throws Zeus into a devastating high knee from elegANT! The insect exits the ring as Beard makes the cover! 1….2….kickout!

    Copeland: Beard and elegANT look like a well-oiled machine out there tonight, the trinity just might be in trouble!

    Beard doesn’t let up on the World champ as he picks him up and tries to hit an Exploder suplex into a corner but Zeus delivers multiple headbutts stunning the manliest man in professional wrestling. Ramparte gets on the turnbuckle and tags himself in and Zeus pulls Beard to the middle of the ring and the Recluse follows up with a springboard leg lariat. Ramparte takes a bit of time getting Beard on his back but he makes the cover 1…2….Beard kicks out! Ramparte then proceeds to put Beard in a foot choke until the ref tells him to let up. One third of the trinity then locks in a Hammerlock on the Beard in attempt to wear him down. elegANT then begins to stomp on the mat as he tries to will Beard to power out. The fans start to chant for Beard as well and eventually the former World champion is able to flip Ramparte over and then immediately fall to one knee clutching his arm. Zeus yells at Ramparte to stay on the offensive and the Recluse attempts to do just that but Beard sees it coming and hits a snap suplex! Beard tries to crawl to his partner but Zeus enters the ring and charges at the insect…only for elegANT to pull down the top rope causing Zeus to fall to the floor! Beard his only inches away from making the tag, his fingers are about to collide but Zeus pulls elegANT off the apron and throws him into the barricade! Ramparte then picks a stunned Beard up and hits a Book End! Ramparte makes the cover 1…2….Thr-NO Beard kicks out!

    Cohen: What an awful count! That should have been three!

    Copeland: Beard’s sheer will to win caused him to kick out there Cohen, there’s no shady count in the slightest!

    Ramparte is both shocked and furious as he once again picks up the Beard. Ramparte then puts Beard into position for the Denouement but Beard gives him a back body drop instead! Beard tries to get to his feet and Zeus slides into the ring and tries to hit a spinning heel kick but Beard catches the leg and delivers an exploder suplex sending The World champion straight into the turnbuckle! Both members of the Trinity are down and the insect is beginning to stir on the outside. Beard is crawling toward his corner but Ramparte his quicker to his feet. He’s not sure which member of the opposing team to take out first but his hesitation costs him as Beard hits him with a Belly to Belly suplex sending Ramparte to the other side of the ring. elegANT gets on the apron and The Beard makes the tag just as a dazed Ramparte tags in Zeus. The World champion isn’t even able to get through the ropes before elegANT hits a splash that knocks Ramparte into the corner and Zeus off the apron and to the floor. The insect then lifts up Ramparte and hits a body slam splash before heading to the top rope. The recluse can sense that a top rope maneuver is coming and rolls to the other side of the ring making it to far of a leap of elegANT. The insect then notices Zeus has gotten to his feet and instead leaps onto him for a crossbody on the outside! Ramparte is shocked by elegANT’s change in targets and Beard sneaks up behind him and delivers a devastating backbreaker! The insect then throws Zeus under the bottom rope and places him in the bottom corner. Beard then gets a running start and hits a Cannonball splash in the corner! Zeus then clutches his midsection in pain and rolls toward the center of the ring. elegANT then gets to the top rope looking to hit the Good Day, Sir! The ref then instructs Beard to get out the ring and while his back is turned the insect leaps off the top rope and is met with Black Ink Mist from Ramparte! Blind and unable to see what’s happening the insect miss the frog splash completely! Beard who saw everything on the apron is able to tag himself in before charging at Ramparte but Zeus grabs the leg of the Beard distracting him long enough for Ramparte to him with the Denouement! Ramparte then clotheslines a blind elegANT outside of the ring while Zeus locks in the Euthanasia! Beard has no choice but to tap out!

    Harrys: And here are your winners, Ramparte and the World Heavyweight Champion Dr. Zeus!

    Cohen: What a magnificent sense of teamwork these two have.

    Copeland: And a magnificent sense of breaking the rules.

    Cohen: I’m not sure what match you were watching, but the Trinity just dominated. And I’ve got a feeling they’ll continue to do so in the future.

    Copeland: I’m beginning to worry you just might be right Jack…

    Zeus and Ramparte continue to pose in victory as the ref checks on the Bearded Ants.
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    Eve is shown walking towards the gorilla position. Her hair and make-up are done, as usual, but not quite to her usual standards. Instead of her usual smile and sunny demeanor, a scowl is on her face. She turns a corner and bumps into Miss Hardwood. The look on her face shows her become even more upset.

    Eve Taylor: Why don't you watch where you're walking? Oh! It's you. Are those glasses, like you, just for show?

    Miss Hardwood: What do you mean? I'm sorry, Eve, babe! I didn't see you there! I heard about your belt-

    Eve Taylor: Senshuken!

    Miss Hardwood: Yes, you're...Senshuken. I heard it was stolen. I'm so sorry! I promise you were are doing everything we can to track down the culprit. You'll be reunited soon!

    Eve Taylor: Are you? And who is this "we"? I doubt Mr. Banks is personally invested, when he can pawn it off on a bottle blonde with cheap knock-off shoes and an orange spray tan to do it for him.

    Miss Hardwood: Excuse me?

    Eve Taylor: You heard me. Don't waste my time. I have business to attend to. I saw your boss is here tonight too, so you must have your do.

    Miss Hardwood's jaw drops as Eve brushes past her with a hair flip as she does so. Miss Hardwood checks out her shoes, eyeing Eve with disgust at her remarks on her fashion sense.


    Harrys: This next match is non-title, and is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Bollywood...The Showbiz Himself...VEEJAY!

    The Bollywood actor enters the arena with his hood covering his face before flipping it back and taking in the crowd's adoration. He makes his way to the ring fist bumping with the kids along the aisle, before leaping to the apron and stepping over the top rope.

    Copeland: Veejay is looking very confident tonight, Jack! I know this match is non-title, since Eve's belt has disappeared, but a win here would be quite the statement before he faces the Gold Rush tournament, would it not?

    Cohen: It would be, Seabass, but I think we both know that's not going to happen. Not only is he outclassed against a champion of Eve's caliber, but she is a whole new level of 'Hell hath no fury' right now.

    Harrys: And his opponent!


    Harrys: Making her way down the runway, from Milan...she is the Elite Openweight Champion...EVE TAYLOR!

    Eve marches through the curtain and heads straight for the ring, skipping her usual theatrics. She climbs the steps and stretches her long leg through the ropes before heading straight for Veejay.

    Eve Taylor: Was it you!? Tell me! Do you have my Senshuken!?

    The referee separates the two, sending Eve back to her corner as Veejay stands in his corner looking confused.

    Cohen: Like I said, she is a whole new level of pissed off! I don't know if Veejay is the one with her belt, but she's going to beat the answer out of him either way, I'm sure!

    Copeland: All that rage is blinding her, Jack. She may want to keep that attitude in check, before she risks a disqualification!


    The bell is still ringing, and Eve is charging across the ring, tackling Veejay with a Thesz Press and laying into him with sharp elbows to the face, but he has his arms up deflecting most of the damage. Eve snaps to her feet, putting the boots to Veejay while the ref wraps her up trying to give Veejay room to recover as he clings to the ropes. Eve shoves the ref off, dropkicking Veejay under the bottom rope, sending him to the floor. She climbs to the middle turnbuckle, screaming at him to get back in the ring.

    1! 2! 3!

    Veejay is on his feet, but pacing at ringside trying to regroup from Eve's sudden onslaught. He finally takes the steps to get back to the apron, but low bridges Eve out of the ring as she charges at him with diving elbow!

    Veejay stays in the ring, looking on as Eve jumps to her feet and rolls under the bottom rope. She charges again, but Veejay is able to reverse it into a spinning spinebuster! Eve retaliates with a flurry of fists and slaps before Veejay gives the ref a break and allows Eve to get to her feet. She attempts a High Heel Kick, but Veejay catches her and brings her down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

    Copeland: As I said before the match, she needs to control that rage, or this match will get away from her easily!

    Cohen: Veejay has a long way to go, to defeat Eve. Stop trying to create unneeded drama, Seabass!

    Veejay maintains control, this time hitting the Elite Openweight champ with a cobra clutch bulldog, before rolling her for a pin attempt!


    Eve rolls away, getting to her knees, but Veejay attempts a Bollywood Meets Hollywood! Eve drops to a knee to create space, before snapping Veejay to the mat with a hair pulling snapmare! Veejay is flat on the canvas, grabbing at his back, but has no time to respond before Eve puts the boots to him again, dropping boot after boot onto him before running the ropes and jumping onto the back of his head, driving his face into the mat. Instead of going for the pin, she mounts him, raining down punches again as he tries to inch towards the ropes. Eve's size is no match for the larger Veejay, so he easily gets a foot on the ropes, breaking the assault. The ref again has to push Eve off, giving her a final warning!

    Veejay uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, and catches an oncoming Eve with a Pele kick! Her knees buckle and she falls to the mat, clutching her jaw! Veejay pulls her up, and throws a series of European uppercuts to the model's jaw, rocking her backwards. She tries to connect with a right hook, but Veejay arm drags her over his shoulder! She is up fast, attempting another one before getting thrown down the same way again.

    This happens three more times before Eve fakes the right hand and telegraphs the arm drag, raking her nails down the actor's back, drawing streaks of blood! She spins him around, slapping him in the face with his own blood on her hands, before whipping him into the corner! She follows him in with a High Heel Kick, forcing him to stumble out, but she uses elbows to push him back. She drives her boot into his throat, drawing the ref's count, but breaks at 8 before aggravating the ref any further. She drives a shoulder into his midsection, then pushes him to the top turnbuckle before following him up, standing herself on the middle ropes.

    Cohen: What was that about controlling her rage? Seems to be serving her very well right now, doesn't it?

    Copeland: It sure does, and I do not like how this is looking for the young actor from Bollywood!

    Eve connects with a pair of chops, knocking Veejay back, before hitting him with a Super Northern Lights Suplex! Veejay is lying motionless! Eve pulls herself to her feet instead of going for the pin!


    Veejay doesn't respond, and continues to lie still on the canvas. Eve kicks him hard in the ribs, rolling him over, but he still doesn't react. She sets him up and hits the Fashion Statement! She stands with both feet on his chest, and yells for the pin count!


    Harrys: Your winner...EVE TAYLOR!

    Eve steps off of her opponent, and leaves the ring in a hurry, marching up the ramp, tugging at her hair and screaming at the fans. Veejay gets to his knees, and slowly makes his way out of the ring.

    Copeland: Veejay was quietly putting together a successful run, and it's sad to see it come to a halt against the madness that is Eve Taylor right now. We'll see if he can back on track against Logan McAllister in the tournament!

    Cohen: It's not sad, Seabass. He knew exactly what he was up against tonight, and he wasn't up to the task. Eve knew exactly what she set out to do tonight, and she did it. I commend her for it, and wish her luck in being reunited with her title!
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    Kensworth: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Earlier on, we seen Flex Mussel and Ramparte pick up the Tag Team of the Year award; the first award of 2016. And now we move onto the second of our yearly awards.

    The intrigue in the crowd grows once more as the promise of an award being dished out reaches fever pitch. Leon's smile reappears as he lifts another envelope from the pedestal. Looking down at the silver trophy to his left, Leon looks excited.

    Kensworth: It has been an utterly fantastic year for breaking talents. WZCW has always prided itself on being a place where anyone and everyone had the chance to be successful. We have seen people come from all walks of life and all former careers to try their hand at being the man who sits on top of the mountain. Actors, politicians, gamers and more; WZCW will always be somewhere where someone can make their name, regardless of when they joined.

    Leon's smile appears again as the crowd begin a slow clap of appreciation.

    Kensworth: So now we move onto the award for Rookie of the Year. This award brings to the spotlight those who have had a breakthrough year in their freshman tenure. All 5 of this year's nominees have shown their immense talents in such a short space of time. So let's get to it. Here's the nominees...

    Once again, the titantron flickers into life as it begins calling out the names.

    Abel Hunnicut
    Vee A.D.Z
    Logan McAllister
    John Doe

    Kensworth: And the award for Rookie of the Year goes to...

    The anticipation builds.

    Kensworth: JOHN DOE!!

    After a few moments, Doe emerges from behind the curtain' his trademark sneer on his face for all to see. The crowd immediately whip themselves into a frenzy of hate as he starts his walk down towards the ring. Looking at Leon on at the podium off to his far right, Doe simply sneers at him and refuses to pick up his award.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 210 pounds... The WZCW Rookie of the Year... John Doe!!

    Copeland: An unsurprisingly unsuccessful Apocalypse for John Doe has come and gone, folks. Holding onto the Tag Team Championships on your own is always a recipe for failure. But winning Rookie of the Year is not a surprise whatsoever.

    Cohen: John Doe has crafted a legacy for himself in WZCW in the space of a year. And hat was his first year in WZCW! Think of the year he could be having this year, Seabass. The world is truly in the hands of The Trinity, folks. Get used to it...

    Doe continues to walk down the ramp, pushing away some of the fan's hands that get too close to his personal space. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp. He makes his way towards the steps and climbs them before pacing over the apron. Finding his way into the ring, Doe simply lowers his head and lies in wait for his opponent.

    After a few moments of allowing the anticipation to build, Anthony Mancini finally makes his long-awaited debut to WZCW. Coming out onto the stage and immediately showing one finger on each hand to the assembled masses, Mancini is greeted by a wave of booing that might never subside. After a few more seconds he is joined by Gino Rizzoli, who pats him on the back and gets him moving down the ramp.

    Harrys: And his opponent... Weighing in at 275 pounds and hailing from Little Italy, New York City... Anthony Mancini!!

    Copeland: Well, I think that Mr Banks summed it up really nicely when he spoke to Anthony Mancini earlier this week' there is no shallow end in the world of WZCW. It is a case of sink or swim and we are about to see if this rookie can float here tonight.

    Cohen: He looks confident but he, surely, knows just how dangerous his opponent can be? Good luck, Kid...

    Mancini makes a B-line for the ring and immediately rolls under the bottom ropes. He tries to get into the face of his opponent but he is separated by the ref. Moving both men back, the referee signals for the bell and straight away, Mancini is onto Doe like his life depended on it. The man straight out of Little Italy rushes Doe and begins landing clubbing blows to the head and body of his opponent. Doe staggers backwards as the sudden onslaught takes him by surprise. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as the rookie makes his first actions inside a WZCW ring a statement of intent. Clubbing blow after clubbing blow rains down on the former Tag Team Champion as he finds himself pressed up against the ropes in little to no time. Mancini grabs him by the head and moves him into the corner of the ring before driving the point of his elbow into the side of Doe's masked skull. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Mancini repeatedly follows that up with some stiff shots and a head-butt. Shockingly, however, Doe remains on his feet; albeit seemingly dazed and confused. Mancini allows a smile to cross his features as he senses that the match is at his mercy. Allowing Doe to wonder out of the corner in a state of confusion, Mancini flashes an obnoxious smile towards the fans who meet it with some booing. Turning back towards his opponent, Mancini measures him for a massive clothesline. But as he swings his meaty arm towards the member of The Trinity, Doe manages to duck and escape the contact; nailing Mancini with a Pele kick that takes Mancini to the canvas for the first time in his debut WZCW match. Doe quickly gets back to his feet as Mancini quickly rolls out of the ring and out onto the mats below. Picking himself up using the apron, Mancini looks at Doe with a venomous stare before beginning to pace around the ring and meeting up with Gino on the outside for a pep talk.

    Copeland: Well, there is lesson number one for you, Mr Mancini; never take your eyes off what you are doing in WZCW.

    Cohen: Gotta agree with you, Seabass... For once. Mancini came out of the blocks like a man possessed but he took his eyes off of the task at hand and he paid the price for it. He needs to collect his thoughts and find his way back into this match.

    Copeland: Finding his way into the ring would be a start...

    Doe relaxes himself as Mancini takes his time walking around the ring; never taking his eyes off of the former Tag Team Champion for a second. The crowd boo loudly now as Mancini refuses to get back into the ring in a timely fashion. The referee begins using his 10 count but Mancini knows that he has to face the music at some point. He mounts the steps and begins walking around the apron of the ring as Doe waits for him. But no sooner has Mancini put a leg through the ropes than Doe is on him. He grabs his leg as Mancini tries to remonstrate with his opponent. But Doe seems to have had enough with Mancini and immediately grabs him by the head now. Using all of his monstrous might, Doe hoists Mancini over the top rope and into the ring. Mancini hits the canvas with a large thud but is quickly squirming away from the masked man. Doe grabs him by the legs in order to trap him but Mancini rolls onto his back and uses both legs to kick Doe away. Scurrying back to a vertical base, Mancini looks to re-establish his control of the match by running at Doe. But The Trinity member is ready for the attack and, instead, nails Mancini with a quick arm drag that takes Mancini back to the canvas. Doe holds onto the submission as Mancini finally feels the true nature of the beast that he has aggravated. Mancini reaches out for the ropes as Doe levers back on the arm ro inflict yet more punishment. Unable to reach the ropes with his free arm, Mancini kicks his legs out towards the ropes and finally makes contact; allowing the ref to break the hold and freeing Mancini of his torture. Doe uses all of the referee's count before finally letting go of his opponent. Mancini grabs at the bottom rope as he looks back at Doe as the referee backs him off. Slowly but surely, Mancini gets back to his feet again, the same venomous looks as before plastered all over his face.

    Mancini: Don't you know who the Hell I am!? I'm Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: I don't think that Doe cares, Kid. You're barking up the wrong tree.

    Cohen: No, you're wrong, Seabass. Now John Doe will be able to engrave his tombstone correctly, I guess.

    Both men begin circling the ring again as Tony Mancini shakes his head in disgust, surrounded by booing from the fans. One more time, the two men come together in the middle of the ring. But it is the rookie who gets the better of the former Tag Team Champion. He nails him with a swift knee to the gut that doubles Doe over. Mancini realises that this is his time to take the fight to his opponent and immediately hits him with a flowing DDT that takes Doe to the canvas for the first time in the match. Mancini quickly covers his opponent, but is only able to pick up a count of 1 from the first pin fall of the match. Both men get back to their feet quickly; looking to reclaim the advantage in the match. Unfortunately for Doe, Mancini seems to have found some fight and ambition in this match and quickly dumps Doe back to the canvas with a swift clothesline; perhaps making up for the one he missed earlier. Doe once again hits the canvas as Mancini looks out towards Gino Rizzoli on the outside of the ring for some support. Rizzoli claps his hands enthusiastically as he urges Mancini to continue his offence and put this match in the history books. Mancini allows a look of resentment and drive to cross his features as he looks down at Doe on the canvas. He grabs at his head and immediately locks in a sleeper hold as Doe begins to struggle against the move. Rizzoli seems pleased with the effort his man as Doe begins to go to sleep. The referee quickly checks on Doe as his arms stop flailing eccentrically. He raises Doe's arm one time and it falls straight back to the canvas. Again, he picks up the arm of the former Tag Champion and, again, it falls right back down to the canvas. One final time, the referee picks up Doe's arm but, this time, it stays straight up in the air as he begins to come to life once more. The fans cannot help but be entertained as small pockets of support break out for the monster of The Trinity. Suddenly, Doe seems to find his way back into the fight, finding his way back onto his knees and then back onto his feet as the pompous look on Mancini's features is replaced by one of concern and confusion. Doe nails Mancini with a few elbows to the gut to break the hold and then, somehow, follows up with an atomic drop. Not done there, however, Doe takes Mancini to the canvas with a beautiful belly to belly suplex. With that, both men lie motionless on the canvas as the toils of the match begin to become clear.

    Copeland: You have to give some props to Anthony Mancini, Jack. He looked as though he was about to be taught a lesson by John Doe earlier on in this match. But he has proved himself to be pretty handy in a scrap; something which may have taken the former Tag Champion by sheer surprise.

    Cohen: Sometimes the less your opponent knows about you the better, Seabass, This guy, Mancini, as bold and brash as he is, seems to have some skill in a wrestling ring. And right now, this match seems to be there for the taking. A win over John Doe is no small feat but it could be done here tonight.

    After a few moments of both men not moving, they seem to come back to life; hoping to to get themselves back to their feet and back into control of a match which has swung from side to side. Using the ropes to get to their feet and shaking free the cobwebs as they do, both men finally make it back to their feet. From nowhere, Mancini manages to hoist John Doe onto his shoulders, perhaps looking to plant him to the canvas with a powerslam. But as Doe finds himself on Mancini's shoulder, he manages to wriggle free and lands back on the canvas. Wasting no time at all, Doe plants the upstart with a bulldog that swings the match back in his favour. The crowd hold their breath as Doe goes for his first cover in the match. But, just like earlier on, he is only able to land a count of 1 before Mancini quickly powers out. Doe slams the canvas in frustration but quickly recovers from his emotional state and grabs Mancini by arm and hoisting him back to his feet. Once both men are back to their feet, Doe takes the opportunity to whip Mancini into the far ropes. As Mancini hits the ropes, Doe bends over, looking to nail Mancini with a backdrop. But Mancini hs his opponent well-scouted and lands a kick to the chest of Doe that causes Doe to stagger backwards. Doe shakes his head to regain his senses before running at Anthony Mancini. The crowd look on with angst as they fully expect Doe to reclaim the advantage in the match. But it turns out that Mancini is in control as he quickly uses all of Doe's momentum against him and plants him with a powerful spinebuster that shakes the ring. Mancini bounces off of his opponent as the contact comes. But, quickly, he realises that he has to cover his opponent. He rolls onto his stomach and tosses an arm over the chest of his opponent as Gino gets excited on the outside! 1... 2... Doe, somehow, manages to roll a shoulder out!

    Copeland: So close to an historic win for Tony Mancini there, folks. I don't think that anyone expected Tony Mancini to be quite the match for John Doe but he seems to be finding something within himself here tonight.

    Cohen: Well, Mancini found the need to introduce himself to John Doe earlier in the match. But there is no doubting the fact that Doe will remember it from now on. This could be a huge moment in the career of the rookie.

    Mancini cannot believe that John Doe has kicked out and immediately gets to his knees and slams both hands on the mat in sheer frustration. On the outside of the ring, Gino Rizzoli urges him to stay calm and in control of the match. But Mancini seems lost to his rage now. He gives Gino a signal for something and slowly gets back to his feet. The referee checks on the well-being of the former Tag Champion as Mancini makes his way towards the corner of the ring and the position of his friend; Rizzoli. Out of sight of the referee, it seems as though Gino handed Mancini something that he has attacked to his hand. Mancini allows a smile to cross his features again as the crowd shout instructions to the referee, creating a cacophony of noise. Doe crawls towards the ropes in order to get back to his feet as Tony Mancini waits for him patiently. Grabbing at the ropes, Doe begins pulling himself back to a vertical base. Mancini bides his time and lies in wait as the crowd continue to protest. But just as Doe turns around, the referee manages to spot the flash of gold on Mancini's hand and jumps in the way of the shot. He pokes a finger into the chest of the rookie and tells him to show him his hand. Mancini refuses but the referee grabs his arm and pulls it around; revealing the brass knuckles. The crowd cheer loudly as the referee orders Mancini to remove them. Mancini looks raging but awkwardly accepts the ruling. However, in his anger, he loses sight of his opponent. As the referee takes the knuckles from Mancini and moves out of the way, Doe immediately nails him with THE BAPTISM BY BLOOD! Rizzoli lets out a scream of horror as Mancini hits the canvas and Doe covers him. 1... 2... 3!!

    Harrys: Here is you winner... John Doe!

    Quickly, Gino pulls Mancini out of the ring and out onto the mats below. Slapping him in the face and trying to bring him back to consciousness, he lets a look of anger and frustration cross his features. Doe gets to his feet and the referee holds his arm in the air.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, now you can see why John Doe was last year's Rookie of the Year. Doe has proven himself to be nothing short of invincible in matches where we thought he was a goner. Really impressive resilience from the monster.

    Cohen: And Mancini too, Seabass. The kid thinks that he can get away with anything and everything in WZCW. Well, John Doe just showed him why you have to be on top of your game at all times in WZCW.


    The camera goes backstage, where Steven Holmes can be seen using his cane to support his weight. The camera zooms out a bit and Abel Hunnicutt can be seen receiving a pep talk from his mentor.

    Holmes: Tonight, Abel, you take your first step toward world domination. Tonight you get to crush that insolent, air headed fool Matt Tastic. You know the plan, you are free to inflict as much punishment as you want, but don't lose sight of the task at hand.

    Abel has an evil smile on his face as he begins to speak.

    Abel: Matt Tastic done did me wrong. I'm gonna take the boots to him, rest assured. Inch by inch, brick by brick, I will tear down everything that that boy stands for.

    Holmes nods his head in approval.

    Holmes: Make sure to put him out of action for good tonight...

    Just as Holmes is speaking, Matt Tastic walks up and stands in the face of Holmes.

    Tastic: Well I do reckon I outta retort to these here allegations that I'm just some insolent fool. Well I only got one thing to say to you Mr. Holmes.

    With that Matt gets in the face of Holmes and blows a big raspberry. It scares Holmes, who collapses backwards into the arms of Abel as Matt walks away laughing.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a first round match for the Gold Rush Tournament, and is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from the Mechanical Mecca...S.H.I.T.!

    S.H.I.T. walks through the curtain slowly, lacking any emotion. He stops at the top of the ramp as the music rises, and then makes his way to the ring, climbing the steps and stepping through the ropes without acknowledging anyone. After circling the ring, he stops suddenly, standing mid-step as the lights dim.

    His voice is heard through the arenas sound system as his music is interrupted.

    S.H.I.T.: Good evening. You may recognize me as the robot that has destroyed everyone I've come face to face with in WZCW. Tonight...tonight I fight for new reasons. I finally fight for myself. Does Noah Ryder even know what he fights for tonight? I bet not. I fight to win the Gold Rush tournament, and become the Leader of the Free World! I will win, and you will all bow before me!

    In an instant, the lights return and S.H.I.T. returns to walking around the ring, as if nothing happened. Harrys checks his mic, and continues.

    Harrys: And his opponent...


    Harrys: Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota...He is "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    Noah bursts through the curtain, smiling and singing along to his theme as he makes his way down the ramp, clutching his briefcase in one hand and high-fiving the ringside fans. He rolls under the bottom rope and rushes to the corner, hopping to the middle turnbuckle and raising his arms as the crowd cheers.

    Copeland: Odd words from the mandroid, but he is definitely refocused and determined to win this tournament, Jack. Ryder looks a little care-free, considering his opponent, but as you can tell by the briefcase he has with him, he always makes his presence known in big matches!

    Cohen: Ryder has not been in nearly as many big matches as S.H.I.T. has, Seabass, and you'll see just how important that is, when he is staring at the lights for the three count.

    The ref hands the briefcase over to a ringside attendant, and then checks each wrestler for weapons before calling for the bell.


    Ryder goes for a handshake, but S.H.I.T. reacts with a Piston Chop, knocking him backwards. as Ryder checks his mouth for blood, the mandroid rushes in with a series of European Uppercuts, before whipping Ryder across the ring. As Ryder comes back, S.H.I.T. knocks him to the mat with a headbutt! Ryder clutches at his face in pain as S.H.I.T. stands over him, calculating his next move. Ryder gets to a knee, but S.H.I.T. maintains control with a nerve hold on his shoulder. Ryder's arm goes limp as he struggles to break free, but S.H.I.T. proves too strong.

    After a minute in the hold, Ryder is finally able to connect with a standing back kick, separating the two competitors. Before S.H.I.T. can react, Ryder connects with a swinging neckbreaker, and keeping the pressure on with a sleeper hold, but S.H.I.T. gets to his feet, using his weight to move Ryder to the ropes, breaking the hold. Ryder gives a clean break, but S.H.I.T. charges, attempting a German suplex! Ryder reverses, attempting his own, but the mandroid reverses again! Ryder blocks the first attempt, using his height to his advantage by leaning forward, blocking the move!

    Copeland: An impressive series of reversals right there, as these two hit a standoff!

    Cohen: If you're impressed by a series of reversals to a German suplex, then there's no hope for you, Seabass!

    S.H.I.T. continues to attempt the suplex, but Ryder reverses again, turning into a Blue Thunder Bomb! S.H.I.T. rolls out of the ring to collect himself while Ryder jumps to his feet in the ring, waiting for his opponent to return.

    1! 2! 3! 4!

    S.H.I.T. circles to the steps, slowly re-entering the ring. He attempts a roundhouse kick, but Ryder ducks it, connecting with another Blue Thunder Bomb and going for the pin!

    1...2.SHOULDER'S UP!

    S.H.I.T. gets to his feet and assumes a fighting stance while Ryder argues the ref's count. Ryder gets to his feet and connects with a standing straight kick to the mandroid's face, nearly knocking him through the ropes, before grabbing him for an Irish whip into the corner. As S.H.I.T. drops to a seated position, Ryder follows him in with a running dropkick! The mandroid crumples to the mat, motionless. Ryder runs across the ring to the far corner, before charging back with a baseball slide, knocking S.H.I.T. to the outside!

    Cohen: I like this mean streak that Noah is showing tonight! Certainly unexpected, but it could serve him well, if this is a full change of character in the young man!

    Copeland: I'm going to chalk it up to the pressure of the tournament, Jack. I don't think it will last, the way you seem to hope it does.

    Ryder follows the mandroid outside, pulling him to his feet, whipping him to the stairs on the outside. S.H.I.T. appears unaffected, charging at his opponent with a clothesline, before stomping him down!

    3! 4! 5!

    S.H.I.T. continues the assault, stomping on Ryder, and stomping on his hand any time he attempts to get up.

    6! 7!

    The mandroid rolls into the ring, allowing Ryder to get to his feet. Ryder rolls under the bottom ropes, rising to his feet before the mandroid can take advantage. He lands a series of punches, forcing his opponent backward, before leaning off the ropes himself and connecting with a dropkick! S.H.I.T. falls through the ropes!

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

    S.H.I.T. sits up before getting to his feet and stepping to the apron. Ryder is instantly on him, holding a headlock and pulling him through the ropes. He connects with a DDT! S.H.I.T. lies motionless as Ryder struggles to roll him over for the pin!


    Ryder argues the referee's count again but before he is standing, his opponent is on his feet as well! S.H.I.T. grabs him for a series of German suplexes! Ryder flails through the air with each slam, and then curls into a fetal position, clutching at is back as S.H.I.T. slowly gets to a vertical base. Ryder is on his knees, and nails S.H.I.T. with a haymaker to the gut, doubling him over. As he gets to his feet, he connects with another, before using a knee to send S.H.I.T. to the mat. He goes for the quick pin attempt, hooking the leg!


    Ryder pulls S.H.I.T. to his feet, flipping him to the mat with a snapmare, then driving a knee to his back as he cranks on the mandroid's neck. S.H.I.T. reaches for the ropes, but Ryder pulls him back to the middle of the ring. The ref checks for a submission, but a robotic voice declines. S.H.I.T. is able to grab a hold of Ryder's hair, and rises to his feet, before dropping to a seated position with a jawbreaker! Ryder falls to the mat again as S.H.I.T. stays seated on the mat.

    Ryder and the mandroid both get to their feet at the same time, but S.H.I.T. hits him in the gut with a hard kick, before signaling for the Industrial Driver! He sets Ryder up, but is shoved off, and Ryder connects with a Black Out! He shoots the half, looking for the pin!


    S.H.I.T. grabs the arm and rolls through, applying an Indsutrial Strength Vice! Ryder flails, but they're in the center of the ring! S.H.I.T. cranks the hold in as the ref gets into position, looking for the submission!

    Copeland: Out of nowhere, the mandroid has applied his submission maneuver, and right in the middle of the ring! If Ryder can't make it to the ropes, he'll have to tap!

    Cohen: I told you his mean streak wouldn't get him anywhere, Seabass! This is the end of the line for Mr. Ryder! He can rest his head tonight on that briefcase though, knowing he still has a shot at a different title, but it will not be Dr. Zeus!

    The ref checks multiple times for a submission, but Ryder frantically screams no, struggling to get to the ropes. He uses his free arm to crawl across the ring, dragging the mandroid with him! He gets within inches of the ring, and S.H.I.T. breaks the hold, dragging Ryder by the arm back to the center of the ring, and reapplying the move!

    Copeland: Oh no! I can't imagine he has enough left to get back to the ropes! S.H.I.T. has him in the perfect position!

    Ryder can't reach S.H.I.T., and the ropes are too far! He swings his legs free, struggling to get to any rope! S.H.I.T. tries to crank harder on his neck, but slips and Ryder is loose! Ryder uses the momentary surge to get to his feet, and charges at S.H.I.T. with a shoulder tackle with his good arm! S.H.I.T. side steps his charging opponent, sending him into the turnbuckle! As Ryder stumbles back into the ring, he is hit with an Industrial Driver! S.H.I.T. holds on for the pin!


    Harrys: The winner, moving on to the quarterfinals of the Gold Rush tournament...S.H.I.T.!

    S.H.I.T. stands in the center of the ring with his arms in the air as Noah rolls out of the ring, clutching his arm to his side.

    Cohen: This is a huge win for S.H.I.T.! Now he goes on to face the winner of Flex and Kagura, which should be another win for the mandroid!

    Copeland: I think you're underestimating his potential opponents a little, Jack, but nevertheless this is an impressive win over Noah Ryder. A statement win, even, as he says he is refocused!

    Cohen: And if S.H.I.T. is focused, the entire roster better be on notice! And while we're talking about who needs to be on notice, we have Abel Hunnicutt and Matt Tastic up next, and it will be fun to see Matt get his comeuppance from sticking his nose where it didn't belong at Apocalypse!


    Backstage elegANT is seen standing with his extended ant family, who appear solemn after his defeat.

    elegANT: Fear not chaps, just a minor setback. For next week I take on Anthony Mancini, and with the help of my cousin MILITANT, I shall be in the best shape of my career. Better even than when I was an Elite X champion.

    The ants begin to cheer as MILITANT flexes his ant muscles (do ants have muscles?) and pump up elegANT.
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    Kensworth: What a night we have had here in Idaho, ladies and gentlemen. We have now seen the awards for the Tag Team of the Year and Rookie of the Year. But now, ladies and gentlemen, now we move onto the biggest award of them all. Like I pointed out earlier, this year has been a startling year for this company. And just like has been pointed out on numerous occasions, there is no shallow end in WZCW. Everyone who is here is here through hard work and determination. Everyone who is here, has made their name on trying to be the best that there is. And with that in mind, we move onto the award for Wrestler of the Year!

    The crowd goes nuts as the biggest award in the WZCW award calendar is due to be handed out. The same anticipation that has plagued the night builds one more time as people begin talking amongst themselves.

    Kensworth: Amongst the nominees this year, are 4 World Champions and 1 Champion who has held both the EurAsian Championship and the Elite Openweight Championship. All 5 of these nominees have shown the world that there is still a place for dreams and ambitions in the world of professional wrestling and there accomplishments speak for themselves. So, without any further ado, let's have a look at the final nominees...

    One final time, the titantron flickers into life to reveal all 5 of the wrestlers who find themselves on the shortlist. Champions, every one of them.

    Matt Tastic
    John Constantine
    Theron Daggershield
    Dorian Slaughter
    Eve Taylor

    The anticipation builds once again as numerous chants for fan favourites begin to circulate.

    Kensworth: And the winner is...

    Leon opens the letter as his eyes open wide.

    Kensworth: There is a tie... The winners are John Constantine and Matt Tastic!!

    Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and is an opening round match in the Gold Rush Tournament!


    Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Steven Holmes, from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!

    AS the first few cords of the song play, a single spotlight shine down on the stage. Steven Holmes wobbles onto the stage into the spotlight. A few moments later, Abel makes his way onto stage with an evil smirk on his face. He marches to the ring with Holmes just behind him, before he climbs into the ring and has a strategic chat with his master.

    Copeland: After the events of Apocalypse, you know Abel will be licking his chops in hopes of gaining some revenge here tonight.

    Cohen: Tastic stuck his nose where it didn't belong, and tonight he will face the consequences of his actions.


    And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    The crowd is all cheers as Tastic makes his way onto the stage. He jumps around in tune with his music before he sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. He doesn't shy away from Abel, and is in his face immediately.

    Copeland: Lots of energy from Tastic, and he will need all of that and then some to get past Abel tonight.

    Cohen: I just don't see it Seabass. Abel is some kind of monster, and he is going to be out for revenge.

    Referee Jun Akiyama calls for the bell.


    The match begins with both men circling each other, cautious not to move in too quickly. Tastic ducks an attempted right hand from Abel, and grabs him around his waist. He works to secure an arm and Irish whips Abel across the ring into the ropes. Tastic himself then begins to run the ropes opposite of Abel. They crisscross a few times before Abel stops running. Tastic then stops in front of Abel. "What's that?" Tastic yells while pointing to the sky. Abel looks up, allowing Matt to slap him hard. Tastic then grabs an arm and Irish whips Abel across the ring a second time. Tastic himself then runs opposite him again and the crisscross ensues. Again Abel stops before Tastic, who runs the ropes a few times before stopping in front of Abel. He points to the sky again, but this time Abel doesn't fall for it. Thinking quickly, Tastic looks at the feet of Abel. "Your shoe is untied!" Abel looks down, allowing Tastic to slap him a second time. This only serves to anger Abel, who clubs Tastic with a wicked double axe handle. The former World Champion stumbles around before Abel drops him with a big boot.

    Cohen: That will teach Tastic to play games with Abel.

    Abel uses his giant hand to latch down on the face of Tastic in a claw hold. He uses it to pull Tastic to his feet before he takes him back down with a big lariat. He goes for a cover...One!...Two!...Kick out at two by Tastic. Abel takes a couple of steps back before he leaps and stomps down on Tastic's midsection with both feet. Tastic grabs his midsection in pain as Abel uses a handful of hair to get him to his feet. He begins to punch away to soften up Matt before he Irish whips him into the corner. In the corner he connects with a couple of shoulder thrusts, further softening up the midsection. He then points to the opposite turnbuckle and gets a running start, hitting the turnbuckle before turning and running at Tastic. He leaps, but Tastic gets a boot up to stop him in his tracks. The Invincible One then hops to the second turnbuckle and leaps and connects with a missile dropkick to further stagger the big man. The former champ then begins to connect with punches and chops, backing Abel into the ropes. The referee steps in to break them up. Tastic grabs an arm and Irish whips Hunnicutt across the ring. He doubles over, looking for a backdrop, but Abel sees it coming and connects with a swinging neckbreaker. He makes the cover...One!...Two!...Two is all he gets as Tastic kicks out once again.

    Copeland: So far there has been little offense from Tastic against a clearly enraged Abel.

    Cohen: I said it earlier, Tastic is doing nothing but piss Abel off. he is in for a world of hurt.

    Abel works some ground and pound on Tastic, raining down closed fist shots that draw the ire of Jun Akiyama, who warns Abel. Abel turns to argue with the referee, allowing Tastic to get to his feet. He runs at Abel, who simply sidesteps him and throws him over the top rope. Tastic crashing to the floor at the feet of Steven Holmes. With Abel doing his best to distract the referee, Holmes loads up his cane. Just as Tastic stands and he swings, Tastic ducks. He then turns around and floors Holmes with a big right hand, enraging Abel, who comes after the former champ. Tastic begins to run around the ring with Abel in hot pursuit. Tastic grabs a soda from a fan in the front row and slides back into the ring. He takes a big drink as Abel gets back into the ring and spits it into his face. The referee is none too happy with Tastic, but he brushes him off and connects with a spinning wheel kick to put Abel down for the first time in the match. The crowd starts to come alive as Matt drags Abel to his feet. He begins to connect with the fists and chops again, backing Abel toward the corner. He then hits a leaping back kick, knocking Abel into the turnbuckle. Matt then calls for the crowd to quiet down and connects with some big open hand slaps to the chest of Abel. The Puerto Rican hero then lifts Abel onto the top turnbuckle and then he takes a few steps back and connects with the Guillotine Wheel Kick. Abel falls to the outside of the ring hard. Tastic looks around to the cheering crowd and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Abel to stand and leaps, taking Abel down with a big leaping crossbody. The crowd erupts when Tastic pops to his feet and rolls Abel into the ring. He hooks a leg...One!...Two!...Two and a half as Abel gets a shoulder up.

    Cohen: After that cheap shot on Steven Holmes, Matt Tastic has taken control. What a cheat!

    Copeland: Seems to me that Holmes deserved that shot.

    Tastic drags Abel to his feet and locks on a side headlock, trying to drag Abel to the ropes. Abel is fighting, but Tastic gets close to the ropes and connects with a punch to Abel's head. Tastic then runs and hits the opposite ropes, then runs at Abel. Abel gets his wits about him just in time to connect with a flapjack, dropping Tastic across the top rope in a hangman. With Tastic on the ground Abel begins to hit pointed elbow drops over and over. Two, three, four, five elbow drops, before he climbs to the second rope on the nearest turnbuckle. He then leaps and connects with the pointed elbow drop from the second rope. He then looks out to Steven Holmes, who has recovered from his previous assault, and Holmes calls for the end. Abel rolls Tastic over and locks in Aristocracy Reigns, the vicious camel clutch that Holmes himself used to win many matches. Tastic does his best to crawl to the ropes.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic, in deep trouble, doing his best to get to the bottom rope.

    Cohen: It ain't happening Seabass, Tastic is toast.

    Tastic inches his way toward the ropes, screaming in agony. Just as he is about to tap, he makes one last desperate lunch toward the rope, only to miss. He starts to tap, but the referee doesn't call for the bell, instead he calls for Abel to break the hold.

    Cohen: What is going on? Tastic tapped!

    Copeland: You saw as well as I did that Holmes grabbed the bottom rope and pulled it away from Tastic's grip.

    Akiyama steps in and forcibly removes Abel from Tastic. An enraged Abel then stands tall over Jun, backing him up. Tastic uses the distraction to come up from behind with a schoolboy and roll up Abel! One!...Two!...Th-No! Abel kicks out before the three! Tastic is quickly on his feet, as is Abel. Abel looks for a clothesline, but Tastic ducks then hoists Abel onto his shoulder and hits the Headache Driver! He hooks a leg and the referee slides into position! One!...Two!...Thr-No! Abel kicks out before three again and the crowd and Matt Tastic are in shock. At this point Tastic does the only thing he can, and calls for the Screw Attack. Just as he runs to springboard, Steven Holmes climbs onto the apron. Tastic stops in his tracks and turns and knocks Holmes off the apron. The distraction is enough for Abel to recover from the previous move and to set up for World’s End. Just as he is about to hit the move, Tastic slips out the back and rolls Abel up. One!...Two!...Three! Abel kicks out but it is too late as the referee's hand has come down for the third time, proving Tastic the winner.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and moving on in the Gold Rush Tournament, Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: No!

    Just as Tastic raises his arms to celebrate, Abel levels him with a big boot. He then picks him up and hoists him over his shoulder and connects with the World's End, leaving Tastic motionless on the canvas.

    Copeland: What a cowardly attack by Abel Hunnicutt. He lost fair and square even after Steven Holmes best efforts otherwise.

    The last shot before the copyright information flashes on screen is a motionless Matt Tastic as the screen fades to black.
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    Dave: Doe vs. Mancini, Award segments
    Yaz: Tastic vs. Abel, segments
    NSL: S.H.I.T. vs. Ryder, Eve vs. Veejay, segments
    Dynamite: Zeus/Ram vs. ANTs

    Hope you guys enjoy. Rep the guys for their hard work and look for Ascension and the rest of the EOY awards in the next day and a half.
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