MD 148 – Callie & Vox vs Lynx & Matt Tastic

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    RP deadline will be the Monday the 12th of February at 23:59EST. Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Backstage After Meltdown 147: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii

    I was furious. Once again my championship had been stolen from me, this time by Lynx of all people! That time freak stole my property and now I had to find a way to get it back, but this was different than when Tastic stole it, not because they are two totally different competitors, but because if I could get my revenge on Tastic, a hall of famer who's won everything in the company, I know I can get it on Lynx, after all I do have my rematch owed to me. Which led me to right now, I needed to find Becky and make sure I got my rematch next round, it was my championship and I'll be damned if I'd let anybody else keep it longer. Before I could though, I was interrupted by someone calling out my name from behind me, I turned around and saw Vox walking towards me, what could he possibly want!?

    Vox: Callie! Callie! I have wonderful news!

    I wore a confused but intrigued look on my face as Vox stopped in front of me, I wasn't sure what possibly he could have to tell me that would be good news, but I guess I could hear what he had to say. After all it's not like this day could get much worse.

    Vox: Next week you and I will be tag team partners, and we face your two biggest rivals, Lynx and Matt Tastic!

    I wasn't sure how to react, I hated the thought of teaming with anybody besides Gabi, and last time I had to team with someone else they choked, but getting to beat up Lynx and Tastic at the same time? That sounded great. Plus Vox had proven himself to be a solid competitor, after all he is a former Mayhem Champion.

    Callie: Hmm I guess if I can't get back my championship next week, getting to kick the crap out of Lynx and Tastic again would be acceptable. Just hold your own, stay out of my way, and DON'T lose.

    I glared at Vox, who simply shook his head and smiled at me. Why was he smiling at me? The thought of losing is nothing to smile about!

    Vox: No worries Ms. Clark! Now, if I could just have a moment of your time to talk about my latest cause, the...

    I held up my hand to cut him off, I didn't have time for that.

    Callie: No. I have my own cause to deal with, it's called Callie Needs Her Championship Back Or Else. I'll see you at Meltdown, be prepared.

    I turned and walked away before Vox could respond. Should I treat my tag partner for next week better? Maybe. But do I have better things to do with my time than listen to random problems of other people? Yes. For now I just wanted to get out of Hawaii, what was supposed to be a great island vacation ending with retaining my championship turned to disaster, and now my luggage is lighter going home and that's unacceptable. I might have to wait longer than I'd like to, but the Elite Championship will come home to me eventually. At least I have drinks with Harper to look forward to in a few days.

    Two Days Later: LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York

    Finally I was back home, back in New York, back in the city that never sleeps, back with my own people. As I walked out of the jetway and into the airport, I turned on my phone and walked with my roller bag towards where my chauffeur would surely be waiting for me, as I was walking my phone started buzzing and beeping with notifications nonstop, of course this wasn't out of the ordinary, after all my adoring fans are always tweeting me and commenting on my instagram posts, and obvi some texts from Gabi, who I was texting until the rude flight attendants made me turn off my phone, but this was more than the usual. As I looked at my phone, I had more than the usual notifications, I had three missed calls, all from a number not in my contacts, did some creepy fan find my number AGAIN? I saw they also left me three voicemails, so I decided to stop and listen to them. After all if it is a creepy fan I need to know who I need to file a restraining order against.

    Callie: Ugh if these are from some fan I'm sooo gonna storm down to Verizon and give them a piece of my mind.

    I began listening to the first voicemail, and quickly realized this wasn't a creepy fan, it was Vox. But how did he get my cell phone number? And what in the world did he have to keep calling me for?!

    I deleted the voicemail before it could continue, isn't it bad enough he was bugging me in person to ask for donations, but now he has my cell phone number!? Onto voicemail two...

    Before I could hear another word of the voicemail, I pressed delete.

    Callie: There's still wells? If kids are dumb enough to get stuck in them they deserve to be there, natural selection at work.

    Onto the third and final voicemail...

    I pressed delete again, hangnails? Really?

    Callie: I can't believe there's a fund for people with hangnails but isn't one for me getting my championship back! Shows how disgusting most people truly are.

    I shook my head and kept walking, heading for the exit as I saw my chauffeur standing there, my name in big bold letters on his sign, ah how I've missed the luxurious lifestyle I have at home.

    Ten Minutes Later: A Highway In New York

    I was sitting in the backseat of the car sent to pick me up, only about a half hour from home to see Bates, Gabi and of course my puppy Sid. But I didn't wanna wait to talk to Gabi, so I pulled out my phone, ignoring another missed call and voicemail from Vox, deleting the voicemail before even listening to a word to it, if he keeps this up all week I'm going to slap him silly on Meltdown. Gabi picked up the phone after the second ring, normally I'd be annoyed she didn't answer after the first ring but it had been over a week since we talked and based off the groggy sounding hello I got, I'm guessing she was just waking up. Oh well though, I needed to talk to her about what's happened.

    Callie: Gabiiii! Did you SEE the injustice that happened on Meltdown!?

    I could hear the groan from Gabi as she sat up and moved around, at least I hope it was a wake up groan, she better not be annoyed by me after all!

    Gabi: I did, I can't believe you lost. Are you gonna be okay? I know when Tastic beat you that you were pretty upset...

    Callie: Yes I'll be fine, I'm not gonna let that time freak who probably thinks the way he does from eating tide pods get to me. I'll get my championship back soon enough, and then I'll be the first ever three time Elite Openweight Champion, I mean it's only right that I be the first to do that, after all I'm still the curse breaker.

    I nodded smugly as Gabi chuckled before responding.

    Gabi: Did you just say he eats tide pods?

    I shrugged.

    Callie: Yes. I mean come on sis the guy thinks he's come back from the future to save the freaking world! In reality he probably just has brain damage or something, like I'm waiting for Vox to start taking up a collection to help him out at this rate.

    I couldn't help laughing at my own joke there, and Gabi laughed too. It was mean to say but if he really thinks he's from the future he must be crazy or something.

    Gabi: That's harsh, even for you sis. But you know he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has beat both of us now and you have to admit, that's impressive.

    I sighed in annoyance, I did hate to admit it but that was impressive. After all Lynx is only the third person to pin me since joining WZCW even if I wasn't having the best luck as of late.

    Callie: Yeah I know, I don't like the guy and despite what I might think of him, he's proven to be a good competitor and I need to find a way to beat him. And now I gotta deal with Tastic again too, and even though I proved he can't beat me without weapons, he's still not an easy win.

    Gabi: Well who's your partner? I know they won't be as good of a partner as I was or have the experience of facing both of them like I would, but they might be decent at least.

    Callie: Vox. You know, the guy who collects for all those causes, won the Mayhem Championship before.

    Gabi: Ohhh yeah that guy, well that's not a bad partner, the two of you can easily beat them if you're on your A game. Tastic and Lynx aren't exactly good friends or anything, and no doubt Tastic wants the Elite Championship back almost as much as you do so he might not even care about seeing Lynx get beat up a little bit.

    I laughed, she's not wrong. Tastic doesn't care about anybody but himself. Tastic is nothing but a vile human being and the fact the fans still support him just proves they are too.

    Callie: HA! You're probably right, he might be a good wrestler but he's truly vile. I mean what kind of person spits soda in the face of someone else?! Especially someone like me, I mean I know he's probably jealous that I have more money in my bank account right now than he'll ever have in his life, and that I'm MUCH better looking than him, but that's just disgusting!

    Gabi: Ugh I know right? He's such a hater, it's totes ugly, like him. At least you got Becky to fine him for that.

    I nodded even though I knew she couldn't see me.

    Callie: I know, I was worried I was going to have a place a call to our lawyer but thankfully she agreed. Anyway I think we got sidetracked a little, got any tips for beating Lynx? I know you didn't beat him but I also know you tend to see things I don't, and he wasn't quite as easy to figure out as Tastic, mainly because he doesn't have a latin temper and I don't have years and years of matches to watch to scout him.

    I could hear Gabi thinking as we pulled off our exit on the highway, half way home. A couple moments later Gabi spoke up.

    Gabi: Honestly I don't remember much about my match with him, but he's a really good technical wrestler, and you can't play to his strengths. Fight dirty, fly around the ring, turn it into a brawl, something to throw him off his game and you'll have the advantage. Ironically he's almost an opposite of Tastic who would have the advantage over you in a brawl and has no problem fighting just as dirty. And of course typical tag team wrestling 101 of cutting the ring in half will do nothing but help you, I'd suggest isolating Lynx. Sure he's the one who's the current champ, but he's also not the hall of famer.

    I was making mental notes of Gabi's suggestions, most of it were things I'd know to do based off my instincts but I knew there was a reason I didn't beat Lynx the first time and I couldn't let that happen again, I wouldn't let that happen again. Before I could say anything else, I heard my phone beeping letting me know I was getting a call on the other line. I looked at who it was, and groaned when I saw the number of Vox.

    Callie: Hey sis, thanks for the tips but I gotta let you go. Freaking Vox is calling me again, and maybe if I actually answer this time he'll stop. We'll talk more when I get home.

    I hung up after Gabi said bye and switched over to answer the call of my tag partner, what could he possibly want now!?

    Callie: Hello?

    A loud and cheerful hello came through the phone, causing me to pull the phone out further from my ear.

    Vox: Ah Callie finally you answer the phone! I was getting worried something had happened to you and I'd have to start up a fund for you! Anyway, now that I have you let me tell you about a brand new cause that's recently come to my attention, it's one I think you'll really be interested in too. It's Facebook For The Elderly, hundreds of senior citizens struggle to understand social media and with just a small donation from you we can hire people to help them out!

    I rolled my eyes, old people not understanding facebook? Sooo not my problem.

    Callie: Why would I care about old people not knowing how to use Facebook? Old people aren't fans of me, so I'm not a fan of them. Besides my grandparents understand social media, because they don't have brains the size of walnuts.

    Silence on the other end of the phone, I think I caught him off guard, good. Just as I was about to hang up, he spoke up again. I knew I should have hung up thirty seconds ago, damn.

    Vox: Okay well no problem, how about the M.A.D.D. foundation?

    Callie: Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

    Vox: No, Mothers Against Double Dipping.

    I rolled my eyes, was I being trolled? I hate trolls.

    Callie: I like double dipping my food, no.

    Vox: Okay that's understandable, well how about...

    Before he could continue, I interrupted him.

    Callie: Uh, going through a tunnel, gonna have to let you go, please stop calling me, byeeee!

    I quickly hung up the phone before he could even process what I was saying, for once I tried using kindness instead of anger on a problem since I'd rather not turn my tag partner against me, but if this continues anger is going to be the only solution. I was five minutes from home and I was so ready to sleep off this jetlag I was feeling.

    The Next Day: An Unknown Bar In New York

    I had arrived at the bar Harper requested to go to, and wasn't sure what to make of it. It was slightly run down, the people in there were clearly middle class at best, certainly not my crowd and certainly not a place I'd normally be caught dead at. I was looking for Harper as I walked over to the nearest empty table and sat down, I looked down at my phone to try and avoid drawing attention to myself. Normally I don't mind attention, in fact I rather enjoy it, but these people didn't seem like the type who I'd want attention from, they kind of freaked me out. After a minute or two of looking at my phone, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and heard the sound of a glass being placed down on the table in front of me. I jumped, not expecting either one and spun around, but calmed once I saw my old friend Harper. She had a beer in her hand as she smiled warmly at me. I stood up and gave her a hug before smacking her on the shoulder.

    Callie: Oh gosh it's good to see you but you scared the hell out of me! When did you get here and where did this drink come from!?

    Harper simply laughed at me while hugging me back and sitting down at the opposite side of the table as me. She placed her beer down on the table upon doing so.

    Harper: I put the drink there just before I tapped you on the shoulder, shows how observant you are.

    She laughed again as I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

    Harper: I got here a couple minutes ago, noticed you didn't have a drink in front of you and I know how much you like margaritas so I figured I'd save you some time and get one for you. You're welcome by the way.

    Harper smirked at me, and I let out a little laugh.

    Callie: Yeah yeah thank you, you know you could have come over without scaring me.

    Harper: Aww but where's the fun in that?

    I rolled my eyes for a second time. She might be my friend but we def do not have the same sense of humor.

    Callie: Ugh whatevs, anyway how've you been since the last time we talked?

    Harper shrugged.

    Harper: I've been okay, how about you?

    Callie: Well everything was going good for awhile, and then I lost my championship, but then I won it back, but then I got it stolen from me again so things aren't so good again. But when I get my rematch I'll be back on top of the world, right where I belong.

    I grinned as Harper slowly nodded, processing everything I said. I never was sure if she actually watched wrestling, but hopefully she at least follows my career and watches my matches. I am the highlight of the program after all and what kind of friend wouldn't support their friend like that?!

    Harper: Yeah man hopefully you'll win it back then. Sucks you lost it so quick after just winning it back though.

    Did she just call me "man"? That was weird. But Harper always has been a little strange.

    Callie: Oh I will win it back, it's not a matter of if but when, trust me. Luckily I get a chance to soften up Lynx this week before my eventual rematch, I hate him more than I hated Eve Taylor before, not sure if he's passed the level of hate I have for Tastic yet though.

    Harper looked surprised.

    Harper: You really hate them? Hate is a strong word, and it's not good for you. I mean I get you hating those girls back in high school they were pretty terrible, but is beating you for a championship really worth hating someone for?

    I considered it for a moment, was it over dramatic? No. She just doesn't understand because she's not in my position.

    Callie: You don't get it, I was doing wonders for the Elite Championship, I broke the curse on it by defending it, I was going to make it the most prestigious championship in the world just by having it associated with me! But no, they keep ruining it, keep taking MY championship. Besides Tastic has done awful awful things to me, he totes deserves my hatered.

    Before our conversation could continue, my phone rang. I looked down, and felt a rush of anger inside me as I saw the number of Vox again. Is he really bugging me AGAIN? I picked up the phone.

    Callie: Look Vox, I'm busy with a friend and you've called me way too many times, stop calling me.

    I hung up the phone before he could say a word and turned my attention back to Harper.

    Callie: Sorry, my annoying tag partner for the week keeps calling me about stupid things, I think he might be trying to troll me.

    Harper looked confused, understandably so since she didn't really know the situation.

    Harper: Oh no worries, what makes you think he's trying to troll you?

    Callie: He keeps calling me about all these ridiculous causes of his trying to get me to donate money, and...

    I was cut off by my phone ringing, almost as if he was freaking Beetlejuice, it was Vox calling me AGAIN. Now I was mad. I looked up at Harper and showed her the number calling me.

    Callie: Excuse me for a minute, I need to handle this. I swear I didn't know this was going to happen or I wouldn't have planned to hang out today..

    Harper nodded as I stood up from the table and walked outside, just as my machine was about to pick up I beat it to the punch, and responded with a very annoyed tone.

    Callie: Didn't I tell you to stop calling me? I'm with a friend and busy.

    Vox: I know I know, but I have one more charity to tell you about and this one really is right up your alley! You see thousands of teens across the country suffer from not having enough money to buy new clothes and...

    I figured out a way to end his bugging me once and for all.

    Callie: Okay listen to me, I'll write a big fat check for you to use for any charity you want under two conditions.

    I could hear the excitement in Vox's voice as he heard the words I said.

    Vox: Name them!

    Callie: One, you stop freaking calling me, if you call me again you can forget it. And don't text me either for that matter, lose this number.

    Vox: Oh, okay...

    Callie: And two, we win this week. I need revenge on those jerks and if you help me win that's worth my money.

    Vox: Deal! But do you think at some point in the next couple days we could get together and train a little bit? After all a great talent like you could surely teach me a few things.

    I grinned, flattery can get you far with me.

    Callie: Hmm I guess I can do that. I'll even make an exception to the first condition only to set that up. Now I need to go back to catching up with my friend and you need to delete my number out of your contacts so buh bye.

    Vox: Goodbye Ms. Clark, and bless you!

    I hung up the phone and shook my head at Harper who was looking at me through the window.I I still planned to get my number changed while I was back home, but for now I had drinks to have and a friend to catch up with. I was calming down after Vox got on my nerves, but on Meltdown I'm going to unleash this anger I'm still feeling inside me on Lynx and Tastic, with or without the help of Vox.
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    The light reflects brightly off the Elite Openweight Championship, which now has Lynx's name on the nameplate. It is stitting on a table in Lynx's apartment. Next to that is the egg-timer that Lynx had in the background of his live video to his fans about his title match against Callie Clark. It has not been moved since the night Lynx did the video, all of the sand was still in the bottom bulb. Lynx picks up the Elite Openweight title from the table and puts it over his shoulder. He goes over to a mirror on the wall of the den and sees his reflection, that of a Champion. He exhales and smiles. Doreen walks in behind him.

    Doreen: She likes how it looks on you, Lynx.

    The Elite Openweight Champion does not respond. He keeps gazing at himself in the mirror.

    Doreen: Do you want Doreen to begin making phone calls to set up your celebration segment for the next Meltdown event?

    He turns around to face her.

    Lynx: What celebration segment?

    Doreen: Doreen assumed you would want them to celebrate your big win by allocating time for you to do a special promo at Meltdown 148.

    Lynx: That does sound fun, but we have more important things to worry about. Any word on where Josh Browning went? His account stopped posting at the Grand Dream forums after my title match.

    Doreen: Ugh.... Why are you still worried about Josh Browning? You won the Elite Openweight Championship. Doreen is happy for you and she thinks you should celebrate. She bets your fans would want to see that special moment too.

    Lynx sighs. He thought Doreen understood the importance of tracking Josh Browning down.

    Lynx: We have GOT to make sure he does not interfere. He vanished after Meltdown 147 and that can't be a good sign. No individual has ever posed as much of a threat to The Grand Dream's mission than Josh Browning has with his chaotic random sequences. I want you to track him down again. I'm going to pay him a visit.

    He taps his chin with his index finger as he ponders. Suddenly, an idea comes to mind.

    Lynx: Wait. He's a football coach. His facebook profile said it and Snort had mentioned it as well at The Trend Of Time. If we find the school he coaches at, we'll find Browning.

    Doreen pulls out her iPhone and begins running the search on social media that Lynx requested. She tilts her head to the side and has a confused look on her face.

    Doreen: This is odd. She could not pull up the account. Look at this.

    Lynx goes over to have a look for himself and sees the error message. "This account has been deactivated. Only you can see Josh on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend Josh."

    Lynx: Son of a.... Willy! Come in here for a sec!

    Lynx's cousin Willy walks in, eating a sandwich.

    Willy: What's up?

    Lynx: You wouldn't happen to remember what school Josh Browning's facebook profile said he coached at, would you?

    Willy takes a couple of bites from his sandwich before responding.

    Willy: Nope.

    Lynx facepalms in frustration.

    Lynx: Well, if he was posting from Honolulu then that must be where he is from. Doreen, run a search for his name and occupation in Honolulu.

    Willy: He doesn't live in Honolulu, man. He lives in Colorado.

    Lynx: Wait, what? I thought you said you didn't know where he coached.

    Willy: I don't. You asked me where he coached and what I just told you was where he lived. He told me in a PM he sent me.

    Lynx goes over to Willy and angrily knocks the sandwich out of Willy's hands. The sandwich falls down onto the floor.

    Willy: Hey! I was eating that.

    Lynx: What else did Browning tell you!? I'm gonna find this guy even if it's the last thing I do.

    Willy: He told me to tell you to call this number after your match and ask for Patty.

    He hands Lynx a blue sticky note with Patty's number.

    Willy: Oh, before I forget, some lady named Becky called. Something about wanting to talk to you about your match.

    Lynx: Doreen, call Becky Serra back for me in the morning. I need to figure out who this Patty is.

    Doreen: Doreen will call Becky Serra first thing in the morning, Lynx.

    Lynx sits down on the couch, with the title belt still over his shoulder, as Doreen exits the room. He puts Patty's number into the iPhone that was sitting on the table and calls it. Willy picks what was left of his sandwich up off the floor and eats it. Lynx is disgusted by this. He shakes his head and waits for a response on his call. A woman's voice is heard answering the line.

    Patty: This is Patty.

    Lynx: Umm, yeah, hi. My cousin was told by Josh Browning that I was supposed to call this number. This is Lynx, I'm a professional wrestler.

    Patty: Lynx, yes. Mr Browning did mention you many times during the time he worked here at our school. I am a receptionist for the school. Mr Browning said you would be calling.

    Lynx: Oh? You're with the school he coaches at? Is Josh there with you? I need to talk to him.

    A couple of seconds of silence before she answers.

    Patty: No, Lynx, I am sorry. Mr Browning no longer works here.

    Lynx: What do you mean he no longer works there!? Where is he!?

    Patty: Nobody knows. One day everything is completely normal and the next day he was gone. He quit teaching, quit coaching, and everything in between. It was very strange and sudden. Everyone thought he would be here long enough to go on to become the Head of Coaching at some point in the future. The last thing he said before he resigned was that he can't be here anymore due to having a more important opportunity, and that you would be calling us.

    Lynx: Did he tell you anything about what it was he had to go do? Please tell me. I have to find this guy.

    Patty: Let me ask my headmaster.

    Silence for a moment. Then a man comes on the line.

    James: This is James. I'm the headmaster of the school. What seems to be the problem?

    Lynx: James, can you tell me where Josh Browning went? It is very important.

    James: Let me think. He did mention something urgent.... Oh, that's right. He went to go work on determining a random sequence for a wrestling federation.

    Lynx: I'm talking about when he quit working for you. He already did the random matches at Meltdown Madness which was more than a month ago.

    James: No, it wasn't Meltdown Madness. It was some other show. Lethal something, I think.


    James: Ah ha! Yes! That is what it was. He got put in charge of coming up with the order that all the wrestlers enter for an important match that has a lot of people in it. Sounded like a big responsibility. Bye, now!

    Lynx: Wait! Don't you hang up on me, James!

    The line disconnects. Lynx tries to call again but it goes to a voicemail that is full. Lynx was furious. With Browning in control over the entrance order at the Lethal Lottery there was no way for Lynx to make sure that everyone enters in the proper order without setting the world back onto the path of destruction. In frustration he throws the iPhone at the wall as hard as he can. The phone breaks into many pieces. Luckily it was Willy's phone and not Lynx's own. With that, Lynx decided to turn in for the night.

    January 31st, 2018
    18:07 PM

    The next day Lynx received a message from Doreen regarding the conversation she had with Becky Serra that morning. He took another bite of the pizza he had ordered for dinner. It had hot sauce, parmesan, ham, and banana peppers. As he finished the final slice of the pizza, he pulled up the text message from Doreen.

    Of course he would be up for a match like this one, Lynx thought to himself. He still had the desire to face Callie Clark in the ring again to further show that he is the Elite Openweight Champion now, not her. The addition of Matt Tastic and Vox as tag team partners intruiged him as well. He had plenty of history with Vox both as an ally as well as an opponent. Vox was his first major feud in WZCW although the two had become friends when they teamed up on Ascension 121 to face Yemrez and Randy Studd. Lynx suddenly has a flashback of the altercation he and Vox had with Stanley Rudd and Ruby Tuesday at the gas station during their road trip. Vox would now once again be Lynx's opponent, alongside Callie Clark who Lynx won the Elite Openweight Championship from. Matt Tastic will be on his side this time, however. One of the greatest wrestlers in WZCW history. Lynx realized he will need to contact his teammate soon. He began typing up a text message to him.

    The two men who defeated Callie Clark teaming up against her, one of which was someone Lynx looked up to. What more could he want out of his next match? He sent the message and got up off his couch to meet up with Cousin Willy and Masamune at the gym and prepare.
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    (INT: Night. Vox's personal gym. Vox is working out, listening and singing to Proudest Monkey by Dave Matthews Band)

    Vox: ...And then caaaaammmeee the daaaayyyyyyyyyy..

    *Callie enters*

    Callie: What on Earth?

    Vox: That I climbed down from these safe lllliiimmmbbssss

    *Vox's butler Wadsworth walks up to Callie*

    Wadsworth: Ms. Clark, can I do anything or get anything for you?

    Callie: And who are you to think you can A) talk to me or B) ask me if you can help me?

    Wadsworth: I'm Mr. Vox's butler, Wadsworth.

    Callie: Three things: 1. Is your name really Wadsworth, or does he pay you extra to have you go by that?

    Wadsworth: It has been my name since the day I was born.

    Callie: Son of a... Ok, 2. What kind of water do you have here? Anything less than alkaline water and it may as well be cat urine.

    Wadsworth: Vox has it imported in from a spring that is 5 miles outside of a village he saved almost a decade ago. He swears by it.

    Callie: Ok, good enough. 3. Is there a place for me to change, I don't want to...

    Vox: Ruin your nice outfit working out? Yeah, I wouldn't either. You look great!

    Callie: Interrupt me again, and it will be the last mistake you ever make. No, I want to change so I don't get the smell of you on anything I own that is remotely valuable. I have clothes that I'm going to burn immediately after this that I'll be wearing. Thank you.

    Vox: Oooookie dokie. Wadsworth will show you over to the changing room. Don't worry, it's a women's changing room.

    Callie: Why would you have a men's and a women's changing room?

    Vox: Who said I did?

    Callie: Ugh...

    Vox: AH! Just kidding! Seriously though...look at this house...

    Callie: Yes...

    Vox: If you think there isn't any occasional...cohabitation of these facilities...

    Callie: If you think there is going to be any "cohabitation" outside of this training session I swear to...

    Vox: WOAH! I didn't mean it like that. We're here to train, not... Forget it. Just go get ready. I've been warming up.

    Callie: Ok. These facilities better be top of the line. 12 headed showers, multiple bidets, the finest of wash cloths...

    *Callie is led to the women's changing area by Wadsworth*

    Callie: ...A soap machine with multiple scent and color soap options...

    Vox: Oh man, just wait until she sees the...


    Vox: Oh yeah, we're winning this match. 0.0 doubt in my mind.

    *Callie returns to Vox's work out area in her workout clothes. They still look better than 90% of what people wear on their best day.

    Vox: Hey Callie, can I ask you a question real quick?

    Callie: You just did.

    Vox: Can I ask you another one?

    Callie: Oh my gosh! 2 for 2!

    Vox: Can I ask you a question in addition to this question?

    Callie: Fine, but it better have nothing to do with charity, or causes, or donating, or glitter, or causes, or charity, or hangnails, or Juwanna Mann...

    Vox: Hey! That's my favorite movie!

    Callie: Grrrrr

    Vox: Uh, anyway! I wanted to know mostly if you wanted to start in our match or if you wanted me to? I can take a fair amount of damage, being a former Mayhem champ. I know you wanna deck both of those dorks in the face, and I don't blame you! I was Lynx's partner once, and he was a pretty cool dude, but...

    Callie: But what? When you teamed, did you notice some form of weakness? Did you gain an important insight into his ability? Did you think it was weird that he thinks he can travel through time?!

    Vox: Yes, yes and SUPER yes, but I'll get to those in a minute. He upset Bob Einstein.

    Callie: Super Dave?

    Vox: He doesn't like it when people call him that.

    Callie: Funkman?

    Vox: He can deal with that. Anyway, there's an aloofness to him that he doesn't know.

    Callie: Yes...that's typically why they call it "aloofness".

    Vox: Right. Anyway, that girl he has with him TOTALLY has a crush on him, and I think he has one on her. Maybe you can use that to your advantage.

    Callie: Literally everyone knows that.

    Vox: Right, but he's SUPER shy about it.

    Callie: Yes, we all watch the show.

    Vox: I don't.

    Callie: What?

    Vox: Oh yeah, I've never watched one all the way through.

    Callie:...Why not?

    Vox: Dunno. Oh, and also, he drops his guard a little bit on his left side, which opens him up to quick strikes if you can time them right.

    Callie: Wow...that was actually useful.

    Vox: Yeah, I don't know too much about the other guy we're taking on. He wears a stupid mask and is kind of short right?

    Callie: I mean, that's kind of right.

    Vox: Ok, if I notice anything during the match I'll yell it out so you can hear me. I'm good at seeing stuff like that.

    Callie: Or, you could...I don't know...not be a total idiot and just TELL ME QUIETLY IN A HUDDLE WHAT YOU SEE!

    Vox: Yeah, I guess that works. We could have an ex-champions huddle!

    Callie: I'm going to give you 5 seconds to rephrase that, and that is primarily because of the glitter box.

    Vox: ...We could have a Soon-To-Be-Champions-Again-Huddle!

    Callie: 4...3...2...

    Vox: Glitter Grouping?

    Callie: Ugh...let's just get to it, huh? We can work on some moves, go over some strategy, then I can leave, go back home and never come back.

    Vox: Okie dokie, artichokey!

    Callie: Don't ever say that again.

    Vox: Neato, Cheetoh.

    *Vox and Callie enter the ring*

    Vox: Wanna run the ropes a little bit? Warm up?

    Callie: No. I'm always ready.

    Vox: Sweet, so what would you like to do first?

    Callie: Let's work on tagging in and tagging out.

    Vox: Ok, I'll start on the outside.

    *Vox goes to the outside, holds the tag rope, and sticks his hand out*

    Vox: All ready, best buddy!

    Callie: Let me show you what happens when you call me that.

    *Callie proceeds to bump around the ring, practice her moves on thin air, and do everything but tag Vox in*

    Vox: Fine, I understand.

    Callie: Good. *Tags Vox in*

    *Vox proceeds to run the ropes and bump around*

    Callie: Ahem...

    *Vox doesn't hear her, and goes to the top rope, executes a moonsault, and bounces back up to run the ropes more*

    Callie: AHEM!

    *Vox notices this time, and goes over to tag Callie quickly*

    Callie: Thank your lucky stars I didn't have to do that a third time. I shouldn't even have to do it once.

    Vox: Understood. You're the boss.

    Callie: It's good that you understand that.

    Vox: That I need to tag you in quicker, or that you're the boss?

    Callie: Yes.

    Vox: Ok. What should we do next?

    Callie: You accidentally asked a good question earlier, "who should start first?"

    Vox: I think it should be me.

    Callie: Oh really? And why is that?

    Vox: Because Callie, I'm pretty sure that you'll have a lot of pent up aggression going in, what with wanting to knock both of these guy's blocks off, and...

    Callie: You think I'll be reckless? That I'll let my aggression get the best of me?

    Vox: No! I think making you wait will actually make you more aggressive. Especially if we can get into a spot where they have one guy down and I can make an easy tag. I'm here for YOU. I don't have a dog in this fight outside of trying to win because I like it, and to help the kids. You want the pelts of these guys, I'm just hear to make sure you can put them on your wall.

    Callie: Oh...that's...kind of sweet. Anyway, good idea. I think that can work. While you're at it, what should we do next?

    Vox: I think it would be best to work on some double team ideas. The more like a team we can act, the better our chances.

    Callie: Ok, what do you have in mind?

    Vox: Eh, mostly usual stuff. We can cut off the ring, do repeated tags, and apply different kinds of damage to both the head and body of our opponents. A few high and low moves should work. Would you like to be the base or the launch point on those?

    Callie: Launch point. I'm a lot faster than you.

    Vox: Great call! Oh man, we are such a good team!

    Callie: Great. Let's move on.

    Vox: Ok, I think the last two things we really need to do are to come up with a tag team finisher, and a name.

    Callie: For the move or for our team?

    Vox: Oh gosh! BOTH!

    Callie: Because no.

    Vox: Awwwwwww, please?

    Callie: No. It's stupid.

    Vox: I'll give you that glitter box.

    Callie: ...Fine. But I pick the name for the move.

    Vox: Done!

    Callie: So what should we do?

    Vox: Hmmmmmm... To keep consistent with our high and low attack, what we could do is have you run the ropes, me hold up our opponent, and then you can leap in the air towards them - like a javelin - and hit them right in the chest with your head.

    Callie: That's actually kind of cool. But what should we call it?

    Vox: High and Low?

    Callie: No.

    Vox: High and Dry?

    Callie: No!

    Vox: Oh oh, I know! The Chest Attack With a Head!

    Callie: NO!!!! UGH!!!! You know what? Screw it. I'm calling it the Raspberry Beret.

    Vox: The kind you find in a second hand store?

    Callie: I hate you.

    Vox: I mean...great! Best name! We're gonna crush those guys. And heck, after the match, we can do it to the other loser who didn't get hit with it.

    Callie: Ok, for that? You can pick the team name. With my Ok.


    Callie: Obviously I meant it, I said it.

    Vox: Of course! Well...Guardians of the Galaxy!

    Callie: That's a movie.

    Vox: It is? Ok. Uhhhhh, The Beatles!


    Vox: Oh, I do. I just like the name. Because it has "Beat" in it, and we're gonna beat those guys up!

    Callie: You have one more chance, and I'm leaving.

    Vox: The Glitter Gang!

    Callie: That is the least terrible name of the three. Fine.

    Vox: *to himself* Always save the one you want for third...

    Callie: What's that?

    Vox: Uhhh, I said I think we're done for today. You can go get changed again, and we can call this a day.

    *Callie leaves to get changed*

    Vox: Man, she is such a great partner. Darn shame she is such a bi...

    *Callie returns, she has the glitter box in hand*

    Callie: Well...bye! And remember, if we beat those guys, I will donate to whatever you want me to. If we lose? You'll be in need of help FAR more than anyone you could look to save.

    Vox: We can't lose, we have you!

    Callie: *Leaving through the door* Best point you've made all day!

    *Callie is now outside*

    Callie: Oh my god, I think being around him made me dumber.

    Wadsworth: Happens to all of us.
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    ====A week after the Roulette Round

    Its a late night in the WZCW offices as Becky Serra is having a meeting with Jack Cohen, Sebastian Copeland, Leon Kensworth & Stacey Madison.

    Stacey: I got a ton of interviews going this week. All these flights are gonna be so stressing for my neck.

    Leon: I have one interview. Again. What the hell?!

    Cohen: No one likes you, Leon. Just look at Stacey.

    Stacey: Please don't, I will consider it harassment.

    Serra: Come on, Stacey. Too easy. But more to the point, you all have your tasks for the week sorted. Except for one. Has any of you heard from Matt Tastic?

    There's a big silence in the room following Serra's question.

    Serra: Anybody?!

    Everybody nods no.

    Well, I'm putting that task to one of you. Who wants it?

    Cohen: Why?

    Serra: What do you mean "why"? Because he's a member of our active roster.

    Cohen:I get that, but knowing him, he'll show up for the next shows. He always does. He's Matt Tastic. The guy is synonymous with this company. He'll show up.

    Serra: We'll see. But still, keep an eye out for him. Dismissed.

    But how is Matt Tastic doing?

    ==== A week and a day after the Roulette Round

    Matt: It was such a long time ago, but it still feels like it just happened yesterday. A gamble gone wrong. I lost the Elite title right after I won it. Again. AGAIN Why does this shit keep happening to me?!

    Matt lays in a hotel room floor. Crouched with the lights off, his teeth grit so hard they could very well break with just a little bit more force. The frustration boils through the room, it's almost as if you could see the red mist of fury steaming through the room. To the corner of the room you can see bits of glass and plastic shattered, chips and wires plastered around the wall and floor. It's a cellphone. Safe to say that's why Serra can't get a hold of him.

    ====The day of Meltdown 147

    The day arrives and we return to the office. Serra is once again behind her desk with Seabass, Cohen, Stacey & Kensworth and follows up on last week.

    Leon: One interview and he blew me off. That's just wonderful.

    Copeland: I don't know what to tell you. I think you start wearing a mask so people stop figuring out who you are.

    Serra: OK, that's enough. Has any of you seen Matt?

    Stacey: No contact. His phone is cut and he hadn't come out of his hotel before I came here. Have you seen him?

    They all nod no worrying Serra.

    Serra: I've heard nothing of him either. I couldn't even book him in a match because he was nowhere to be found. Alright. Lets get set for the show later.

    Everyone starts to leave but Cohen stands by the door and turns back to his boss.

    Cohen: You know, like him or hate him, if there's one thing I know about him, it's how devoted to this company he is. He will be here tonight.

    Cohen leaves and Serra slams papers on her desk and gets ready to leave. She opens the door and steps out and see's him in the hallway. Matt Tastic. Downtrodden, she see's him walking backstage and calls him to her office.

    Serra: Where the hell were you?!

    Matt: In my hotel room. Why?

    Serra: We've been trying to reach you.

    Matt: Why? What was I going to miss? I'm here aren't I?

    Serra: Yeah, without a match because you couldn't be bothered with answering your phone. I will allow you some promo time in the opening with Callie. Outside of that though, you're to be seated in that chair, watching the show. Understood?

    Matt: Yes mom.

    As Meltdown rolls on, Matt confronted Callie Clark, as allowed and returned to the office. Quiet and dark with just a monitor on, Matt watched intently. Until it happened. Clark defeated him to win the Elite title. Mere weeks later, Lynx takes it from her. Muddying the contendership for the title further. Serra returns following the show to speak to Matt, but finds the monitor in the office destroyed.

    Serra: I'll take a guess and say that's what happened to your phone. You're throwing temper tantrums now, aren't you? Like a damn child. Listen, I get it. It's frustrating to win a title and then lose it right away. You don't have to wreck other people's property. Now before you run off and no one hears from you again, I have this. A company paid phone. The rest of WZCW has your contact info to not lose you again. Matt, just don't freak out. You're too good to act this way. OK?

    Matt simply grabs the phone and leaves quietly, not a word is spoken. He simply drags on continuing to think about what's going on. He simply leaves. As he does, Serra pulls out her phone and makes a call.

    Serra: Yes, I spoke to him. He's all yours now. Get him back into shape. Yes, I will ship you here. Yes, I get it. You're scared of flying. OK. Thank you.

    Days later, Matt recieves a text message on his new phone.

    Originally Posted by Lynx

    Hey. Looks like we're teaming up at the next Meltdown. Just wanted to reach out to you and make sure we're both on the same page. I've been doing ring training with my cousin and another guy if you want to join us. I think we'll be alright. You're a former multi-time Mayhem Champion, so defeating a former 1 time Mayhem Champion like Vox should be no problem for you, right? Plus, I defeated him at Apocalypse a few months back. We also have both defeated Callie Clark for the Elite Openweight Championship before. Neither one of us like her, so we have that in common. The future looks bright for us. If anything we could meet up backstage before the match. Looking forward to working with a legend such as yourself.

    ~ Lynx

    Matt: He called me a legend. But legends don't fall. He said I don't like Callie Clark. I'm merely indifferent. He said me being a multi-time Mayhem Champion somehow will make me able to defeat Vox. As Callie Clark has shown, that does not matter. I'm just not feeling it after the loss. With the title out of reach and Lethal Lottery away, I'm simply--OUCH!!!

    In the dark room, Matt thinking it was closed, he's suddenly hit in the back of the head by what seems to feel like a stick.

    ???: I think it's time I whip you into shape, 'mijo.

    Matt's eyes open wide as he realizes who's voice that is.
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