AS 125 – Constantine vs Mark Keaton

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    RP deadline will be the Monday the 12th of February at 23:59EST. Extensions available upon request.
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    And Room Rentals

    9:45 PM

    One floor above the rocking 80's dance party there is a one bedroom apartment, several really, lined along a cat piss smelling hallway with a window overlooking Queen St in downtown Toronto. Did I mention the window was so dirty you could barely make out anything on the street? No? Well, that's how dirty this window is, somebody should clean that right? Anyway, lets invade the interior of one of these low rent rooms so we can get this RP started!

    An empty beer bottle fell and rolled across the uneven floor, the twisting air release of another cap was heard as another beer was opened, the naked hand raised the beer to his lips, but hit the front of the Bobba Fett mask, another hand lifted the mask and allowed the man to take a sip. Mark Keaton let out a long, groaning sigh, dressed only in his purple boxer shorts and nearly swallowed whole by a badly abused bean bag chair resting next to his little bed.

    The door knocked and Big Bad Roady barged his way into the little apartment, a bag of McDonald's in his clutches. The studio audience clapped in the background.

    "Boss! I just heard the news man! What the hell is going on?!" The big man threw his McDonald's on a little square table and pulled a chair to the edge of the carpet that covered the bedroom section of the room.

    Mark slowly lifted his mask off and let it fall to the floor. He had a distant look in his eyes as his blonde hair shot out in all directions. He sipped his beer again.

    "I don't know Meatball, but I can't go on without my mentor dude. I can't, Justin Cooper was there at the beginning of my career, and he was supposed to be here and I was going to help him regain his Heavyweight Championship again! Then we were going to have a mega championship celebration in Australia! Him the world champ and me, the Eurasian Champion. I just don't understand it, Bigroad! This is like when Luke Skywalker watched Obi-Wan Kenobi get killed by Darth Vader!" Mark looked like he was really fighting back tears.

    "You can't quit now Mark," BigRoad took a bite of his Big Mac and half of the burger vanished, he wiped some Mac Sauce off of his cheek,"youfh juff gerant ahh Leffal Lomph."

    "Get on the horn with top brass," Mark let the empty beer bottle roll across the floor, he burped and continued,"tell em Remarkable Mark Keaton QUITS! That'll be the next big article on WZCW.COM EH? RMK calls it quits after Justin Cooper Released. Do it."

    "But Boss..."

    "Do it."

    Big Bad Roady stood up, a concerned expression pasted on his face, beads of sweat now appearing on his bald cranium. He walked over and pulled the antenna out of the huge cordless phone on the table, he dialed some numbers and waited.

    "Hello, WZCW Headquarters, Paul speaking, how can I help you?" The overly cheerful voice answered.

    "Hey, uhh, I got a message for you guys...."

    BigRoad covered the phone and looked at Mark one last time to make sure he was certain of his decision, Mark made a hurry up gesture with his hands and BigRoad reluctantly removed his hand from the speaker to continue.

    "This is Big Bad Roady, Mr. Remarkable Mark Keaton's roadie, slash bodyguard here...."

    "Ooohhh, I'm glad you called Big Bad Roady! We just got word from the head office about some of your devastating dark matches, they were so impressed with you. They think you're going to be a big time part timer in the future, we were wondering, if a spot is available at the Lethal Lottery, would you be interested in fighting in that match?"

    BigRoad nearly dropped the phone as his eyes went wide, "Wow, really man?! Are you serious?! Who told you these things?!"

    "Both GM's expressed interest. Is it a yes or no answer Mr. Roady?"

    "YES!" BigRoad roared and hung up the phone.

    Mark Keaton jumped to his feet, he was super pissed off and curious about what was just said on the phone conversation. BigRoad could read his boss's expression, the big man had wheels spinning behind his eyes now, he had to think fast here.

    "Big Dude, I didn't hear the part where you said that Mark Keaton Quits."

    BigRoad hesitated, wheels still spinning, "Ya, uhh, sorry boss. That wasn't the GM or anyone from the head office. Some guy named Trevor Holle picked up, I musta dialed the wrong number...."

    "That snake? You know he's one of those backstage rats who try and dig info out of anyone who walks in the locker area, or head office. What rumors is he stirring up now?"

    "He had some very interesting things to say, man. I don't think I should tell you this."

    "Out with it Meatball!"

    "Well, he said that one day before the Justin Cooper announcement, he saw John Constantine walking out of Becky Serra's office, shaking her hand and her saying the announcement would be made in 24 hours."

    Mark opened his mouth, then closed it. He shook his head then walked over to the dresser, he removed a Van Halen T-Shirt then pulled it over his head. He turned and punched a hole in the wall.

    "I fucking KNEW IT! That son of a bitch was too scared to face Justin Cooper in a rematch so he arranged to have him released from his contract before Lethal Lottery! He's still playing the damn politician in the office! ARGGGH!!!"

    Big Bad Roady turned and grabbed some french fries, he smiled to himself.

    "I'm taking that bastard down! We are hitting Sal's Sport Gym and Room Rentals tomorrow 7:35 AM sharp!"



    8:50 AM ​

    Mark Keaton and Big Bad Roady walked into the gym entrance, Mark dressed in skin tight work out gear and BigRoad still in his denim wear, not interested in working out at all.

    "There, the bench press. I'm going to start with two hundred pound reps. Make sure you spot me dude, and say inspirational things while I'm pumping iron, it helps keep me focused."

    Mark got ready on the smelly bench, did I mention the place was as run down as Jake's 80's Dance Club and Room Rentals? Ya, it is. Mark started pumping iron.

    "You can do it Boss! Lift that heavy weight! Rah rah."

    "Arrrgh!! UGGGGGGH!! I can FEEEEEEL the BURN MAN!!!"

    Everyone in the place stopped working out to watch Mark scream while bench pressing his weights.

    "That Constantine won't know what hit em, you'll bench press him like you are now!"


    "Excuse me sir," A muscular woman approached them wearing a Sal's Sport Gym and Room Rental shirt, she must have worked there, that was my first guess, "you must stop screaming while you work out, you're bothering the other customers. Thank you."

    BigRoad reached down and helped his boss up, spilling ham and lettuce all over him. Where the hell did he get that sandwich? They made their way across the gym to the hand weights section. The other customers continued to work out.

    Mark picked up a fifty pound hand weight and whispered to BigRoad to spot him and continue the uplifting words. BigRoad shrugged and held his hand under the hand weight while Mark pumped iron.

    "You are a champion, make him pay for breaking a guitar over your head. NO PAIN! NO PAIN!"


    "Harder! Like a Frank_N_Steins sex novel!"

    "UGGGH!! GRUNT!!!" A really loud work out groan came from the other end of the workout section.

    Mark and BigRoad looked over. Vox walked over, pumping iron in nothing but a sparkling green thong.

    "What are you doing in my gym? UGGGGGH!!! ARRGHHHH!!!"

    "Bless you Mark, but it's everyone's gym! ARRRRGGGH!!!!"



    Mark and Vox faced each other while they worked out, continuing to scream while pumping iron, the other customers left the gym, too annoyed at all the screaming.

    The Sal's Sport Gym and Room Rental woman was marching over to them with a very stern expression on her face. Mark and Vox gave each other a challenging stare. Mark ran off and Vox ran after him. They both landed on treadmills next to each other and yelled as they ran as fast as they could. Vox tripped and fell on his stomach, the treadmill sent him flying backwards into a Power Protein Shake display, smashing it all over the floor. He scrambled to his feet, covered in white powder. Mark turned and gave him an evil glare, he hopped over the side of the treadmill and ran towards a large climbing wall in the middle of the floor. Vox nudged Mark to one side and jumped on the climbing wall first.

    "What the hell are they doing?" The employee stood next to BigRoad with her hands on her hips.

    "It's a guy thing. I think, I don't really know Mrs."

    The tense music continued as Mark climbed a little higher, Vox found a foothold and grabbed at Mark's ankle, RMK slipped a little but found a nest just above his head, he grabbed it and threw it down at Vox, eggs splashed on his face and he slipped down the wall a little further. Mark scream laughed and climbed higher. Vox wiped the egg from his face and had a look of determination. He found good handholds and made progress climbing up the wall faster. Mark neared the top but slipped and fell, he slammed right into Vox and both men fell to the floor, they crashed right through into the basement. Both men quickly recovered and climbed out of the wrecked pool table. Mark jogged up the stairs back into the lobby, Vox appeared and screamed as he ran by him.

    "Oh you're not getting my Rocky running moment dude!"

    A little kid pointed outside the gym, "Hey look mom! It's Vox!"

    Vox ran out of the gym, shadow boxing the air as he jogged down the brisk sidewalk. Seriously, it's pretty damn cold out, but it was still pretty uplifting even though he's only in a thong. Mark fell out of the entrance, he watched in horror as people were starting to jog behind Vox. He ran after him as fast as he could, also shadow boxing. People noticed Mark and soon they had two dozen people running with them down Queen St in Toronto. Mark pushed Vox into a pile of garbage cans and continued running. People cheered, a big section of fans stopped and helped Vox get back into the fight.

    Mark smiled as he shadow boxed his way down the street. He looked behind him and could see Vox gaining ground. A motorcycle pulled up next to him, it was Leon Kensworth, with a cameraman sitting right behind him.

    "Mark! Mark! Leon Kensworth here! I was wondering if I can get a few words off of you?!"

    "Sure! Puff, puff! Go ahead!" Mark shot an elbow back to keep Vox behind him. People were throwing money now, Vox had to stop and scoop the Canadian bills in his thong.

    "You have a big match coming up with the World Heavyweight...." Red and Blue lights flashed behind Leon's motorcycle, the RCMP pulled up and stopped him. Mark laughed as he ran. Vox tripped him from behind and took the lead.

    Mark rolled to his side.

    "Puff, puff, puff. I can't do it, he's too fast."

    Mark's father, Dallas Keaton's shimmering ghost walked through the fog...

    "Maaark! Maaaark! The Degobah System! I meant to ask you? Did you eat my Doritoes? I was really hungry before my flight and all I could find was an empty Doritoe bag in my duffle bag."

    Mark sat up, determined expression on his face as the music swelled. He ran after Vox with vigor.

    "What the hell? You didn't answer my question!"

    Mark caught up with Vox, he pushed him sideways and Vox fell into a pile of garbage cans.(Again, piles of garbage is a really big problem on this street, so it's common for people to fall into piles of garbage on a daily basis) Mark continued running, faster, faster, away from the people, they couldn't catch him now, he ran and ran towards the C.N Tower, up the stairs, around and around to the top, he stood on the top of the huge tower, he looked at city stretched out in front of him, he raised his fists to the sky and screamed.....

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