MD 148 – War Zone vs Mancini vs Studd (c) – Mayhem Championship

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    RP deadline will be the Monday the 12th of February at 23:59EST. Extensions available upon request.
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    All of a sudden the scene changes and the camera comes into focus as we see Tony sitting with Gino at a bar by their hotel in Tokyo. Tony is drinking with a far away look on his face while Gino sips on a Budweiser they actually had in stock.

    "Everything OK Ton'? You've been spacing out since we got here."

    "Yeah man everything is fine. Just thinking about how the match on Ascension should have gone is all."

    Hearing that Gino slams his drink on the bar as he scowls at nothing. After a few minutes he starts talking in an angry voice.

    "What happened on Ascension was bullshit man. We should be celebrating your Mayhem Championship win here but instead Studd is off somewhere celebrating with his blow-up doll after picking up your scraps."

    Tony ruefully shakes is head as he puts his drink down and turns his head to look over at his friend.

    "Good lord Gino you're like a broken record. Every time I lose it's bullshit. I know you know how a Fatal Four Way match works. It's one of the most unpredictable match types out there where anything can happen. Add in the fact it was a Mayhem Championship match and this one was bound to be a complete clusterfuck from the word go."

    Gino frowns at the rebuke from his from his friend and sips at his drink but before he can say anything a commotion by the entrance causes both him and Tony to turn around and to their surprise they see Troy Excellence walk in and sit next to Tony and orders a whiskey on the rocks. He takes a sip and sets it down before looking over at Tony.

    "Hello Mr. Mancini, we need to talk."

    "What the fuck are you doing here," Gino demands to know. "Tony doesn't have anything to say to you."

    Tony shoots Gino a look that gets him to shut up before turning back and giving Troy a wary look.

    "What are you doing here Excellence," Tony demands after taking a sip of his drink. "I figured you'd be with War Zone in case he decides to blow up at someone for losing his title without even being pinned."

    Troy narrows his eyes and goes to say something but takes a sip of his whiskey as he thinks better of starting something he can't win.

    "War Zone is at the gym in our Hotel taking his aggression out on a few punching bags so I decided to come find you so we can discuss a strategy for the Mayhem Championship match on Meltdown."

    "Why would he discuss anything with you," Gino interrupts. "In case you forgot old man your boy War Zone is going to be in the match as well."

    Troy completely ignores Gino as he continues to look to Tony, waiting for him to say something. When he doesn't say anything he continues talking like that was his plan all along.

    "I'm suggesting a one time alliance between you and War Zone during the Triple Threat match. War Zone isn't the only one with a bone to pick with Randy Studd after all. Wasn't it your finisher that got Studd the victory?"

    Troy smirks at the look on Tony's face as he mentions the end of the match knowing Tony would be upset about it. Because he needs Tony Troy softens the blow by giving him a small compliment.

    "Not to mention the fact you and War Zone put on one hell of a fight during the Four Way match. Once you two get rid of Studd then you can finish that fight and find out just who the better fighter, the better man, the better champion really is."

    The look on Tony's face gets a little less harsh as he thinks over the proposition given to him. He glances over at Gino to get his opinion but all he gets is a shrug as Gino finishes the rest of his beer. Not finding any help from his friend he thinks about it for a few minutes

    "Tell your man I'll work with him until we take Studd out of the match. Then when that's taken care of I will be coming after him because I'll be damned if I'm going to let the Mayhem Championship slip from my fingers twice."

    Troy nods his head and downs the rest of his drink before getting up to leave. Before he can walk away though Tony grabs him by the arm and gives him a final word of warning.

    "If this is some kind of ploy to get me to drop my guard there is nowhere in the world you can hide from me. I will come after both of you and neither of you will be seen again.
    That I can promise."

    Troy slides his arm from Tony's grip and walks out of the bar as nonchalantly as he walked in. Once he leaves Tony relaxes as Gino silently scowls at his empty beer bottle. They sit silently for for a few as Tony finishes his drink. Once he does they pay their tab and they start walking back to their hotel. They walk down the street in silence for a minute or so until Tony looks over at Gino and asks him the question that's been on his mind as he was drinking.

    "How is everything going back at home," Tony asks with a bit of trepidation in his voice. "Is Leo doing ok?"

    In an uncharacteristic moment Gino looks over at Tony with a sad look in his eyes as he answers him.

    "Things aren't going well man," Gino says simply. "Leo is getting worse and some of the men are talking a out jumping ship to one of the other Families in order to save their own skins. I don't see us being any kind of force in New York by this time next month."

    Instead of replying Tony looks down at the ground as he digests what he just heard. After a few more minutes of walking in silence they get to the front of their hotel. They go up to their room where Gino tosses his stuff on a chair in the corner and heads back towards the door. As he opens it he turns back to Tony who sat down heavily on his bed.

    "I'm gonna go hit the gym, wanna come with? It'll help clear your mind if nothing else."

    "Nah man, I'm good," Tony says as he sits there. "I can't risk any injury this close to my match. If they either Studd or War Zone smell blood in the water I'm as good as eliminated."

    Gino shrugs his shoulders and walks out, slamming the door behind him. For a few minutes Tony sits there in silence. As he grabs the cornicello charm he wears around his neck to put it back in his shirt he gets a feeling in the pit of his stomach. It is this feeling that causes him to do what he does next.

    "Mom, dad I know you two are watching over me and I need your help because I am at a huge loss as to what I should do. On one hand I promised myself after you guys died that I would get out of the Family and go straight. It worked for a while but recently everything has turned to shit."

    Feeling a bit ansty Tony gets up from the bed and starts pacing back and forth with his hand still grasping the charm around his neck.

    "Gino is telling me the Family is on the verge of collapse
    and that without me there's nothing that can be done. Part of me wants me to tell him to fuck off but another part wants me to say yes and save what dad worked so hard to build."

    Getting tired of pacing Tony sits back down on the bed and lets his hands fall to his lap.

    "Please help me figure out what I should do because I don't have a fucking clue."

    Before he can say anything else Gino comes storming back in and slams the door even harder than when he left before sitting down on the other bed in a huff.

    "What are you doing back so soon? I figured you'd be gone longer than 15 minutes."

    "There was a bit of a mishap with the locker rooms."

    "What the fuck did you do Gino? If you got us kicked out of here I'm going to be pissed."

    Gino grabs the remote off the bedside table and starts flipping through the channels as he answers him.

    "The mishap was I went into the women's locker room on accident and they all started freaking out. Don't worry though I convinces them not to kick us out although we can't come back to this hotel the next time we come back to Tokyo."

    Tony stares at Gino in stunned disbelief, not knowing what to say in response. As he opens his mouth to try and say something the only thing that comes out is a deep laugh that won't stop. As he keeps laughing a hurt look appears on Gino's face.

    "Oh come on Ton' nothing in this hotel is in english. I bet you would have made the same mistake."

    Instead of getting Tony to stop laughing all he does is laugh even harder than he already was. The hurt look on Gino's face deepens and the camera fades to black as he keeps trying to explain himself.
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    Randy Studd was walking to his car when the telephone rang.


    "This is he"



    "Listen, I meet a lot of girls"

    "Oh, ok, yeah. With the clipboard, of course I remember!"

    "Ok sure. Pick you up at 8!"

    So it happened. The girl with the clipboard at the speed dating had actually given him a call. Studd convinced himself that this was par for the course and he wasn't heading out on his first date in nearly three years, but at some level he knew the truth.

    He looked at the clock on his night stand. 3:45pm. He had to pick the girl with the clipboard up from across town and that would take him 30 minutes to get there. He calculated that he therefore had 4 hours and 45 minutes to get ready. He actually had 3 hours and 45 minutes, but that penny wouldn't drop for quite some time.

    The first step of his grooming regime was to pour himself a bath. In the absence of any bubble bath, and without having enough time to get down to the supermarket, Studd instead used washing up liquid, which quickly began to bubble. Delighted with his decision, he went to the bedroom to try and decide on an outfit.

    Unattended, the bubbles grew and grew until they became a moving mass of slimy, soapy suds slipping and sliding their way around his house. Studd turned around just in time to see the doorway of his bedroom completely fill with bubbles. He fought through the foam back to the bathroom and managed to drain the bath and settled on a shower.

    As he was in the shower he squeezed shower gel. Unfortunately in the moment of doing so, he slid on some remaining soap suds and hit himself in the eye with the gel. Temporarily blinded, but unable to slow down, Studd reached for a bottle of shampoo. Having thoroughly rubbed into his hair, he rinsed and left the shower, slipping as he did so.

    As he slid, he grabbed the medicine cabinet above the sink for balance, but pulled it off the wall in the process and dropping it to the ground, smashing the cabinet and the only mirror in the bathroom in the process. By now, hardened to the world of smashed glass by being the two time mayhem champion, Studd was unfazed by such a development.

    Studd's eyesight was restored and he set about dealing with his biggest secret - the hair on his bicep and tricep. He reached for the hair removal cream and was surprised to see that rather than removing the hair, it seemed to be cleaning it. He looked at the bottle, and was surprised to see he was holding a bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo.

    "If this is the shampoo, what did I wash my hair with?"

    As if on cue, he dragged his fingers through his hair in despair, and in doing so pulled tufts and tufts of hair out of his head.

    "AARGGHHHH!!!! I'm bald! My head is as empty as Tony Mancini's trophy cabinet."

    Studd ran to the bedroom and tried to find a solution to the problem. He looked for a wig, but couldn't find one. He looked for a hat, but he couldn't find one.

    "How is it that I took 3 scalps last year and yet I still don't have a hairline to throw together?" Studd raged.

    "This isn't fair, I want to show the girl with a clipboard a good time, and yet now I'm as redundant as Vox was last week when I eliminated him and then won this title."

    He looked at the Mayhem title. He picked it up and thought of an ingenious solution to the problem.

    Studd put the belt on, despite only having underwear on, thinking that it would serve as a distraction from his partially bald head.

    He began to get a pump on so he had the most amazing body, ready for the girl with a clipboard to peruse his muscles. He did 300 press ups, only 295 of which he did whilst kneeling, then did at least 3 pull ups.

    He looked at his muscles and thought to himself how they'd almost be wasted on this date. He'd have to make sure he kept the pump before he beat War Zone later in the week. He looked at the time, and realised that he was a lot shorter of time than he thought he was.

    He began to rush, trying to put his trousers on as he moves forward. In his hurry to move and dress he fell, out of his bedroom, and down the stairs and through a dressing table at the bottom, breaking a vase in the process.

    He put on his lucky velour shirt and ironed it whilst wearing it to save time, burning himself seven times in the process. Studd was now dressed and almost ready to go. He left the house and the door shut behind him, but he noticed that he didn't even have his shoes on as the door closed and locked behind him.

    Frustrated, he turned back and ran at the door, leaping over the top step and crashing through the door and reentering the house. As he broke through the door his momentum carried him into the kitchen where he crashed into a cupboard, causing several plates to fall around him and smash.

    He got up, using the freezer for support, but he pulled too harshly and the freezer toppled, crushing the fire extinguisher and causing an explosion of dry ice, which covered Randy Studd entirely.

    He managed to wipe the worst of it off with a towel and put his shoes on. Just in getting ready for this date he had put himself through far more Mayhem than Mancini or War Zone could ever dish out, and he'd come out smiling and well dressed, despite the blinding, furniture and chemical hair removal and still smiling and still wearing the Mayhem title, just as he would be on Meltdown.

    With that the phone rang. Studd answered.


    "Yes, speaking"



    "Oh of course"

    "No, that's completely understandable"

    "Yeah, of course, girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"

    "Next week will be fine"

    "No, I hadn't spent any time getting ready, really."

    "Really, it's fine, I'll see you next week."

    "Don't worry about it, see you later."

    Studd hung up, dejected, he then picked up the phone and dialed.

    "Hi, is this Antoine's Hairdressers? I need to make an appointment."
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