MD 148 – Logan McAllister vs Vee ADZ vs Yemrez Reqonic

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    RP deadline will be the Monday the 12th of February at 23:59EST. Extensions available upon request.
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    Few days before Meltdown

    What happened during the absence remains a mystery… Most of them thought it was the assault of the returning Triple X that put him on the shelves. Even Triple X knows that is a bullshit. Everyone backstage knows what sort of individual Vee A.D.Z. is. Everyone who had shared the ring with him, by his side or against him, knows the talent he possesses. Every fans who cheered him knows how wilful he is. However, no one knows ‘what’ traumatized him every night. No, it is not a ‘who’! The one responsible for those traumas can’t be pointed out as a person for he is a Monster. A blood lusted, vengeful monster, for ambiguous reasons, clung onto his shoulder like a parasite every night.

    His life during the absence remains a mystery even for him. One could explain it as an experience of having insomnia and narcolepsy at the same time. It wasn’t the worst part however. Sharing those dreadful moments with the monster Vlad was the worst part. He could not fully comprehend what had happened or how so much time had passed.

    He took a decision, a very bold one or a cowardly one, I will let you to sort it out. He decided to walk, not a wise decision when the temperature was below the freezing point. To be precise, it was somewhere between -40 and -35 degree Celsius. His footsteps were slow for the snow was up till his knee roll. Under the snow, the street was slippery as ice. He took his steps carefully; reached a beautiful house.

    He raised his hands to knock on the door. A strong wind whistled across his face. He felt the cold creeping through his bones. He saw his fingertips had turned blue. Wondered if he had become a masochist, he knocked the door. He hung his head down, with his eyes closed, waiting for someone to answer the door. After a dreadfully long minute, he felt a slight warmth when the door swung open. He fell on his knees and his body dropped like a sandbag into the house…

    … When he woke up, he found himself clumsily laying down in the sofa. His feet felt warm; it was immersed in a tub of warm water. His lovely girlfriend Sara was pouring more warm water into the tub. She placed the kettle aside and sat near him comfortably. She made the back of his head rest comfortably over her chest and took his palms between her. She started to rub his palm to keep him warm. He tilted his head above to look into her eyes; she responded back with a smile which made him believe she understood his traumatized life. Whilst, he was feeling something strange. He tried to understand what was strange about this wonderful moment. He wanted to reciprocate the love for her… but he felt empty inside.

    His love for her was immense and incomparable. But there was something blocking it. Something made it difficult for him to express it. She understood and accepted him without asking a question after his disappearance. What that had happened that changed the course of his life? He felt the strong presence of the monster hiding between them. He knew Vlad was the reason for this emptiness inside but why? And how? He had no answers.

    “Aren’t you going to ask me anything?” he questioned her. His first words after a long while.

    “At the moment, no. I have lots of questions that I need to ask. But you came back. That’s enough for me now. From the looks of it, you aren’t at peace. I don’t want to trouble you more by asking too many questions. Just relax”.

    She held his palm firmly between hers, assuring everything is alright. They both know, it’s beyond the truth.

    After a few hours, when he woke up and found himself laying on the sofa. He moved the blanket aside and get on his feet. He felt a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen. It probably was spaghetti with meatballs. For some strange reasons, the only other smell he could remember is the pungent odour of blood stains. He sighed and placed his hand to his forehead. Images of a man, had blood covered all over his face, weeping and begging for mercy flashed before his eyes. Was that an imagination or a memory? He couldn’t know.

    The only thing he could remember entirely is the decision he took. He walked to the armchair where his jacket was laid upon. The mud stains on the hands of the jacket remembered him the person he hates the most. He slide his hands inside the jacket and pulled out a small wooden box. He took it in his hands and walked inside the kitchen. Sara was frying the spaghetti in a large skillet.

    She turned around by his footsteps. The smile on her face turned into a quizzical one when she noticed him holding the wooden box. However, she looked him in the eye and gave a wide smile.

    “Are you feeling better now?”

    “I want to give you this”
    , he walked towards her and placed the wooden box in her hands and closed her palm.

    She was puzzled. Before she could ask anything further, he placed his lips over hers and gave a kiss.

    “I know, I am not the same person you have known for years. The truth is, I don’t want you to ask me any questions. Because, for most of the questions that you will ask, I truly will have no answers”.

    There was a long silence between them. Her eyes had started turning red; she held the tears from escaping her eyes.

    “I’m leaving you again. But this time, I will tell you the only place where I can go. I am going to somewhere, where chaos and madness are the absolute environment. The same chaos and madness which had become my life now. I can hide everything and pretend to be back to normal amidst the others who share the same dreadful life as me. I am going back to WZCW”.

    The tear she tried to held back, break out of her strength and rolled down her cheek.

    “Please, I don’t want you to leave. Stay with me, we can fix whatever that had happened”, she pleaded him with her trembling lips.

    For a moment, he showered pleasantly in her tears; felt an exuberant joy when she pleaded him. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t his feeling; he wanted to hug her into him and make her never lose another drop of tear. But a monster inside him roared in delight. The reason why he is leaving Sara for the moment. Vee tried to take control of his body and mind.

    “Listen carefully, when you feel I have become a danger to you or my parents or to anyone, find me and use what’s inside this box. Until then, please don’t open this box”.

    He pushed himself close to her and planted a long kiss. He felt the tears of her wetting his cheek bones. He took a step back to see her still had her eyes closed. Without saying any further words, he started walking outside the kitchen. He picked up his jacket and walked out of the door.

    Sara stood there without understanding what had happened; with the wooden box in her hands.
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    Dear WZCWians,

    Hey, everyone. Quite nice to see you all after a significant period of time. Oh. Yeah. I've been away. After that loss to Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton. And the betrayal by Tyrone Blades. Or the new edition of Ty Burna, I guess. Was it a betrayal? I guess, yeah. Not because I had to fight the so-called best friends alone. But because Ty Burna who's one of the greatest WZCW has ever seen, showed a bunch of cowardice and then quit. Just because his opponents were Cooper and Keaton. Yes, it's cowardice. No matter how Blades/Burna tries to mould it. This isn't some melodramatic serial where you can't deal with the same villains again. It's a wrestling promotion. Where you have to wrestle. Regardless of who your opponent is. A best friend? Still wrestle. A former enemy, you have to still wrestle. All the excuses anyone wants to make for this are lame. Just lame. You don't call yourself a fighter and then back down from a fight, do you?

    Coming onto my defeat. Oh. Yeah. I was defeated again. And yes, by the villains of WZCW. No, I ain't saying that Cooper and Keaton ain't talented. Of course. They are. Everyone in WZCW is. You don't stay in WZCW without talent. You just don't. But talent doesn't justify being wrong. No matter how talented you are. If you're choosing a wrong path, you're just what you're. Wrong. Regardless of you accepting it or not. Even if you're a former World Champion like Cooper or even Blades. You're just wrong. Not because I'm right. But because of your actions.

    And yes, I took a short but useful hiatus after this defeat. I wanted to know what's wrong with me. That I'm being easily defeated these days. That I have replaced Eve Taylor as the "Choke Artist" of WZCW. And to introspect, a hiatus was necessary. And for that, I had to pay a big price. I got an opportunity to fight Justin Cooper and Logan McAllister. With my inspiration, Eve Taylor. Oh. Yeah. For most, it's just a tag match. For me, it was a golden chance. To tag with your inspiration. And then a chance to fight Justin Cooper again after the previous defeat. Getting to face a World Champion again isn't a small opportunity by any measure. But no, I had to have a hiatus. Not just away from WZCW. But away from everything. Because WZCW isn't just a job for me. WZCW is everything. Wrestling is everything for me.

    And then now, I come onto my next opponents. Again, talented wrestlers. Vee ADZ is still one of the best talents of WZCW. Oh. Yeah. There's no title as a proof. But still, you can't nullify his talent just because he hasn't won a title. He's everything a champion should be. A potential main eventer. But just like me, he lacked focus to become a champion. Focus is a tricky thing. But a necessary one. A archer can't win if he isn't focused. That's what I want to be. Focused. Just on wrestling. I'm a wrestler after all. Not some entertainer or actress. And my another opponent, Logan McAllister. A perfect example of talent being misused. Thanks to his manager. He's actually ignoring his family for his manager. Just to taste some success in WZCW. Even when he's a former Elite Champion. Even then, he's obsessed about success. And money as well. No wonder, he attacked World Champion Constantine, thanks to a money bait by the ultra talented yet wrong Justin Cooper. Actually, he thinks that he's smart enough. To lay out Constantine. No. He's stupid. He was just a puppet. A puppet who was working as Cooper wanted him to. Where's the self-respect? Well, it's sold out. Just like McAllister has sold out his ability to judge what's right or wrong. He's gone mute. Actually, his manager's wrong guidance was enough to mute Logan's right motives. How naive. If only you dared to stand up against the wrong. Or may be I'm expecting too much from you. At least, Vee ADZ never embraced the wrong side. He may not be successful but at least, he's right. Unlike Logan.

    So, I'm returning to action against both of you. But all I know is that this Yemrez is certainly better than the one who was defeated by so-called best friends. It wasn't just a 2 on 1 Handicap match. It was actually 3 on 1. Tyrone Blades was also my opponent. And still, I wasn't squashed or something. I fought. I gave it my all. Like a fighter should. Or a wrestler should. But now, this Yemrez has improved. Introspected. Also gotten my strengths and weakness. More focused than ever. After all, it's Lethal Lottery time soon. I left some golden opportunities. Deliberately. Just to get ready for this gem of an opportunity known as Lethal Lottery. And I'm damn sure that I ain't gonna let it go. No matter who's in my path. For now, it's Vee and Logan. For Lethal Lottery, it's 29 other competitors. I will surely be an underdog. And far from a favourite. But then what's the joy of winning when everybody expects you to? However, what about winning when nobody expects you to? Euphoria.

    A Wrestler,
    Yemrez Reqonic.
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    Backstage Post Ascension 124
    Aloha Dome
    Honolulu, HI​

    Logan McAllister walked silently backstage, his manager, Richard Goldman not saying a word after yet another loss. The duo make it to the locker room and Richard shuts the door before speaking.

    Richard: What the hell was that earlier Logan? You need Brittany? Logan you need to get it together man! Stop worrying about your family until you establish yourself as a main player in this company. Then you'll have time for them. They shouldn't hold you back from your destiny.

    Logan stops and looks up at Richard from his seat, shaking his head as he stands up, grabbing his bags and heading to the door, before turning to his manager.

    Logan: What that was, Richahd, was the truth. I do need Brittany,and my son Hayden. You keep telling me to not worry about my family, and for awhile I listened to you. I'm in the same spot with you now as I was with my fiancee. Except with you it's miserable. I know I can't fire you...yet, so think on how you wanna move forward with our business arrangement. I'll see you in Japan.

    Before Richard can reply, Logan disappears into the hallway, and off to Tokyo. Richard had lost his control over Logan, yet it was true that Logan couldn't fire him at the moment. Richard smiled a bit too as he realized that his client wouldn't be heading to Boston before Japan. Time to focus on Brittany perhaps? Richard chuckled to himself before heading out as well. Logan gets his family WHEN Richard Goldman decides. And Logan hasn't earned that yet.

    Day of Meltdown 148
    Tokyo Dome
    Tokyo, Japan​

    Richard approaches his client patting him on the back and sitting next to Logan.

    Richard: Hey Logan! Ready for tonight? Vee and Yemrez don't stand a chance. I thought about what you said in Hawaii, and things will change. I won't speak for you or prevent you from seeing your family, but you gotta win Logan. You do both of us no good losing.

    Logan finishes taping up his wrists, standing up and starting to get loose. Richard was right, it was time to win.

    Logan: You just worry about business. I can speak for myself,and I'll see my family when I decide. Tonight I go out there and I ruin Vee's return to the ring. He's a nice guy, but WZCW booked him in the wrong match to make his return. He's quick and he is very dangerous, but he's rusty.

    As for Yemrez, she's no joke eithah, but that's when she shows up. She ducked out of her match against me last Ascension. Now she's in this one. Two talented performers, and I'm gonna run through them. I'm going to suplex them all over Tokyo and make my statement before the Lethal Lottahry. And I'm doing it for me and my family Richahd. Not you.

    Logan heads to leave and get into position before his match, when right before the door closes, Richard speaks...

    Richard: Hope Brittany is okay, heard she was in an accident earlier this week....but I'm sure you know already right?

    Logan stops for a moment,not wanting Richard to know that this was news to him. Logan simply left the room, still focused on securing the victory tonight. Yet....

    Logan: I need to beat these two and find my Brittany.....If Richahd...."

    Logan stopped himself. Win tonight. Win now.
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