K.C. IX: Batti vs King Mussél - I Quit Match

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    Batti gazed at the painting, imagining not the battle ahead, but the war in her mind.

    "How can anybody focus on wrestling when children are being caged up?"

    She let the words slip out before she could stop herself. Turning her head at an angle, she stared at the company-appointed therapist. Greg Trampera glanced back at her through thickly framed glasses.

    "Like I know what's at stake against Flex more than most. For over a year I wanted to find the man that crippled Ramparte. The man that terrorized my dreams every week, reminding me how small I am and how afraid I can be. But Jesus I can't stomach the idea that there are kids being pulled apart from...well...fuck, man..."

    He scribbled something down on his notepad. Batti's attention went from the shrink to the tiny holes in the ceiling. She tried counting them, but it was no use. He caught sight of the tears forming, and handed her a tissue.

    "You can't stand to see someone defenseless. That's a healthy response," he stated.

    "I can't focus on my training schedule. My opponent lives and breathes the gym and I can't focus on my match. This isn't good, doc."

    He stroked his chin, the gray bush of a beard relaxed at his touch. "It is common for a performer to feel distracted, especially over world events. My advice there is easier than it sounds, I know, but you could use that anger and channel it into your work. Musicians are known to do that. Find that fire, do you understand what I'm saying?"

    Batti wiped her eyes and thought about it. "Guess I'm not as professional as I thought I was."

    "Don't say that," Mr. Trampera dismissed her with a wave of his hand. "From what I know about your career, I'd say you've grown a lot from when you were a rookie. You're not the same lady you were when Flex did what he did...I do wish to talk more about that though if you don't mind." Greg stood up from his chair. "Maybe we can take the anger you have for politics and see if we can help you find some peace of mind about what had happened over the month, or should I say the year, between you and King Mussél."

    Batti nodded. "Not much good I'm doing venting about the world, huh?"

    "No no on the contrary, that's good. I believe it connects to your fear of helplessness."

    "It does go back to my past relationship with Ram. Flex and I were good friends, or so I thought, and he betrayed us. Worse yet, Ramparte acted like it wasn't a big deal, like he had that coming and that's just the nature of the game." Batti sighed, propping herself up. "At first he didn't want me to wrestle, but it wasn't up to him. Then he tried to coach me, but he played mind games and it hurt. I broke up with him, but I never forgot why I applied to WZCW. I needed to find the man who put such fear in me."

    Greg walked to his desk and rummaged through a cabinet. "Do you think it's possible that you're trying to avenge your ex-boyfriend?"

    "In a way, I guess."

    "Would you please elaborate?"

    "I don't know," Batti grimaced ,"He didn't deserve to be jumped like that. To see him have to push himself in a wheelchair for months tore at me in ways I can't explain. So yeah, I hate feeling like I can't do anything to help. Who doesn't?"

    "This stems from the fact that you stood there and watched them break his legs and didn't do anything about it, correct?"

    Batti looked down at the floor.

    "It's good to get it all out in the open, Ms. Batti. No judgment will be had in this room."

    "Y-yes. I was a coward and it's haunted me ever since. Now I can do something about it but I've been so lost in my own head that I don't think I can beat him. You've seen how he fights. He's retired Showtime, an icon. He did what he did to Ram and now he's stalking me. How can I make a man his size submit?"

    Mr. Trampera pulled out a stress doll and closed the drawer. "It does no good to fight an opponent if at first you can't conquer yourself. Let's put it this way - the biggest event of the year is happening in Barcelona. I know you've been eyeing my painting there," he gestured at the wall with his free hand, "and I know you know that Spain has a rich history of being conquerors. So with that in mind..."

    Greg handed Batti the doll. She moved it in her hand. It felt like a bean bag.

    "Are you serious?" she asked.

    "Yes. I want you to do whatever to my friend here. You have a lot of pent up frustration and need some release. Treat it like you would King Mussél. Tell it how you feel. It will help."

    She peered at the sack with painted eyes and half-smiling mouth. It looked more something used for Voodoo than it did for stress relief. She sighed, and projected Flex's face on it. Batti muttered to him.

    "I don't know who to trust anymore, thanks to you. You were my friend. You were the one person in the company I knew had my back after Ramparte's career ended, and to find out after so long it was you...you're a snake. A creature who doesn't deserve his legs. And when you collaborated with Eve Taylor to make me doubt Tyrone's loyalty - the love of my fucking life - I knew then that it would come down to this. I will not forgive you for what you've done to me. I don't want you to lose. Losing is normal in our line of work."

    Batti squeezed the doll.

    "I want you to quit. Bring this whole thing full circle. You were the reason I joined WZCW, Mussél. Everything I've done up to this point was to finally meet the man who made me freeze up when I should have done something. You made me question who I was. This I Quit Match will be the end one way or another, because if I can't beat you then what purpose do I have being here??"

    She started shaking. The doll's head bounced up and down in spasms.

    "What the fuck is there for me if I can't do what I set out to do this entire time?"

    Her grip tightened.

    "I have no future here if I can't beat you! There is no day after. No adventure for ol' Batti and Aquarius. No hypothetical feuds. No title matches. I came here for a reason, and I would be a hypocrite if I kept going after I lost. This is the biggest fight of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way!"

    Batti pulled at the stress doll. The seams began to snap.

    "You call yourself a king. I'm challenging your claim."

    It's arms came apart and fell to her lap. She didn't react.

    "I've bled for this place. I've shed more tears than I could count. After Kingdom Come, I would have given everything I could possibly give to this sport. This isn't a battle. This is a conquest."

    She held the doll by it's throat and looked at it with a far-off gaze. She didn't hear the clock chime the hour away.

    "I think that's our time for the week," Greg said, making her jump. "Do come in and see me after your fight, win or lose. In case of the worst case scenario, I will be here until you get your final paycheck from WZCW."

    Batti didn't continue the conversation. She handed back the stress doll piece by piece and headed for the door. She paused before reaching for the handle.

    "I'm...I'm sorry I hurt your doll..."

    "Ha! That's fine. There are dozens just like it in my desk. This is a wrestling company, you know."

    When she left, Greg waited a few minutes before heading to the Headquarter's Employee Restroom on the same floor. Inside, he removed his glasses and cupped his hands with water. As the tiny puddle formed, he slapped it against his beard, letting the gray powder wash off into the sink.

    It is amazing how easy it is to disguise yourself in this company, Ramparte thought to himself. He gave his reflection a grin before drying his hands.

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    Flex Fact #420: With Cerberus I started a revolution, but with myself I have created the birth of a new nation, and at Kingdom Come you all will bear witness.


    The video is abruptly ended as The Commander and Chief King Mussel can be seen in an executive board room finishing up a presentation to a number of shareholders.

    Flex: And that ladies and gentleman, concludes our work on “Project Toyota”.

    Shareholder #1: I’m sorry Mr. Mussel, let me get this straight. Your big proposal is The Million Dollar man?

    Flex: Not quite, the classic television program was just an example of what we here at Flex Fitness hope to accomplish. “Project Toyota” is a program specially designed to help those with health problems beyond their control. A weight control supplement that can help even the most aggregious of unhealthy eaters, a precision thyroid engineered to cut fat from the most overweight of children. This is not only a product that will help the world as we know it, but make you all millions of dollars in the process.

    Shareholder #2: We’ve invested in Flex Fitness because of your ability to keep the unhealthy continuously paying for help. It seems “Project Toyota” is the complete opposite of that.

    Flex: Quite the contrary, once someone has started the “Project Toyota” process. They must continue for the foreseeable future or risk some...dire consequences….

    Shareholder #2: Do we even want to know what that means?

    Flex: For legal and liability reasons, it’s probably best that you don’t.

    Shareholder #1: Understood, as long as you keep the customers coming back, we’ll sign off on this new experiment of yours. Unfortunately, you’re still a Co-CEO. This will need the approval of your sister. Speaking of which, where is she?

    Flex: Not sure, but her absence is just another example of her unprofessionalism. It would be better if you all made the decision to fire her all together.

    Shareholder #2: You’re quite aware that a lawsuit will be on our hands should we fire our only female executive. We’ve told you to solve this months ago. If you want “Project Toyota” to move forward you must get her approval, or get her to quit. So solve this problem soon.

    The shareholder meeting adjourns as an irritated Flex turns off the monitor displaying his plans. He puts multiple dossier’s back into his desk containing classified information on multiple retired and missing WZCW superstars. While the monsieur of muscle should be happy his presentation went over well the circumstances surrounding everything else in his life have begun to eat away at him. His estranged relationship with his former best friend Charles has been distracting him for weeks. His inability to control every aspect of his company because of his sister angers him greatly, and for the first time ever the thought of a violent confrontation with Batti scares him. The multiple conflicting emotions piling on top of one another is visibly taking it’s toll on the fitness freak. He begins sweating profusely, his body begins to ache, a feeling of queasiness begins to bubble in his stomach like a volcano getting ready to blow. He rushes out of his office to a nearby bathroom and pukes into the toilet. He looks into bowl and is confused when he sees the words “time is running out” spelled out like alphabet soup surrounded by chunks of protein shakes.

    Flex: What on Earth….

    The bodybuilder rubs his eyes to make sure he’s not hallucinating and looks again only to see that his upchuck has now vanished. And with it replaced by a massive chocolate bar. Around the chocolate bar is a prestine golden wrapper with Flex’s name on it. It’s almost as if the delectable sweet is calling out to the King.

    Flex: No….I put you in the past a long time ago…

    The fitness freak quickly exits the stall and heads to the sink to splash water on his face. As he looks up to the mirror he sees himself, but not the exact reflection. Instead he sees a younger version of himself. But not legend killer Flex, not Cerberus Flex, a version of the bodybuiler that predates his time before WZCW. For the sake of avoiding confusion, he shall be known as Flex Pastel.

    Pastel: So this is what I become in the future?

    Flex: Man I’m really tripping balls today.

    Pastel: You’re tripping over yourself in a foot race that ends with your demise.

    Flex: What are you talking about? I’m doing better than I ever have before!

    Pastel: You’re spiraling Flex, and while you may have the outside world fooled you can’t trick your subconscious. You’re changing Flex, and not for the better. Hell, you’re not even the one causing the change.

    Flex: Bullshit, I’ve always been in control of my own destiny.

    Pastel: Stop lying to yourself, since you were originally put in that fat camp the entire trajectory of your life has been decided by others. Wake up and take off the rose colored glasses, your entire world is crashing down around you, and once you utter the words “I Quit” your mind will shut down completely, regardless of how strong your body is.

    Flex: That bitch Batti will never make me say that!!

    Pastel: Who says that it’s her that will?

    At that moment a white rag is forced upon the mouth of King Mussel. He tries to fight but is quickly overcome with the fumes of chloroform entering his system. As he fades he can see the reflection in the mirror: the person drugging him is his sister: Maria.


    The monsieur of muscle awakes to find himself somewhere he never expected to be: The Toyko Dome. In front of hundreds of thousands of roaring WZCW fans. He’s very confused, he looks to his side to see his former tag team partner Ramparte walking beside them. He looks down at his waist to his the tag team championship wrapped around it. He looks up in the ring to see Mister Alhazred and S.H.I.T. awaiting him in the ring. He gets it: this Kingdom Come VI. Flex’s first match on the grandest stage of them all, and his first devastating defeat.

    Flex watches on in horror again as everything he worked so hard for was taken away in an instant. He looks out to see the fans laughing at him, cheering on his defeat, until he notices one fan in particular: Batti. She’s smirking, she’s reveling in his pain, his anguish. And this enrages Flex. He charges at her and moments before he can get his hands on her he blacks out. The long bout of darkness is only interrupted by the bright lights of Kingdom Come 7: Where he once again is forced to relive another devastating defeat on the biggest stage WZCW has to offer.

    Flex watches from the outside as his former ally turned nemesis gets her hand raised in triumph. The defeat stings now just as much as it did years ago. But this time he does not embrace in the iconic Cerberus post match group hug. He sees only Eve and Ramparte embracing, but as he looks closer it seems there is a third person with them: Batti. She once again delivers a devilish smirk, and winks. This leads Flex to charge into the ring but just as he does all the lights in the arena go dark. Only a single spotlight shines down on him in the middle of the ring. But soon enough the lights do come back on and all of the roaring WZCW fans with it. He looks down, he sees Matt Tastic’s defeated body. He is now at Kingdom Come 8. This is a happier memory for him, surely there is nothing that can sour this moment. Unfortunately, as he looks down again Matt Tastic’s body is gone, and replaced with it is Flex himself. He looks at his hands to see that they’ve become much smaller, almost woman like, he feels all overhimself and notices his body type has changed dramatically. A mirror is thrown into the ring and he looks at in horror: HE HAS BECOME BATTI.

    Flex: What the hell is happening….

    Once Flex notices the reflection he begins losing control of his body. He turns toward his defeated body and stands over it. As his nemesis he then sits down on his own midsection, and uses Batti’s own hands to begin choking himself. He is forced to stare deep into his own eyes as he watches the life drain from himself. And as Flex chokes he feels every painful moment of it. The dying body gasps for air as he tries to let out the phrase: I QUIT.


    The monisuer of muscle reawakens strapped to a table as his sister Maria stands over him with a menacing glare.

    Maria: You have a lot of nightmares Flex.

    Flex: What the hell are you doing Maria?

    Maria: What I should have done the moment you came back and I noticed you were a brainwashed freak.

    Flex: You gonna kill me?

    Maria: I might get pretty damn close. Depends on if you tell me what I need to know.

    Flex: And what is that?

    The female Mussel drops an 80 pound dumbbell straight on the chest of Flex. The monsieur of muscle screams out in pain and Maria doesn’t wince in the slightest.

    Maria: Where the hell is Charles?

    Flex: He’s your fiance, how would I know?

    The Co-CEO drops another heavy weight but this time on Flex’s leg. The bodybuidler does his best to hold back any screams but is clearly in a lot of pain.

    Maria: Don’t play games with me Flex.

    Flex: I’m not I have no clue where he is!

    Maria: The last time he was seen was with you at the Hall of Fame. I spoke with him on the phone and he got attacked by someone. Am I suppose to believe it wasn’t you, or your insane assistant Maximus?!

    Flex: We were there alone, and I left. I have nothing to do with whatever is going on.

    Maria: Bullshit.

    The Mussel sibling pulls out a large bottle of Coke soda shake opens it up, motioning to pour it on Flex.


    Maria: Extra calorie sugar.

    Flex: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Maria begins waterboarding Flex with soda. Flex does his best to move but to no avail as he chokes of the fluid.

    Maria: There are two things you’re going to do if you want to survive tonight Flex, you’re gonna tell me where Charles is, and you’re gonna quit at CEO of Flex Fitness. Leaving me fully in charge.

    Flex (struggling to breathe): Not a chance, do you really think you can force me to quit?

    Maria: You used to be addicted to sugar Flex, you’re either gonna quit, or I’m gonna force you into the psychosis that damaged you entire childhood!!

    Maria then pulls a golden wrapped chocolate bar. Almost identical to the one Flex hallucinated earlier. She immediately begins to shove it in Flex’s mouth. The bodybuilder tries to resist but it’s no use. The massive intake of sugar in such a short time span is having adverse affects on him. Soon Maria’s face begins to morph into that of Batti’s. And once again his soon to be opponent is staring down at him, with an evil grin, enjoying his pain and suffering. To him it is a precursor for Kingdom Come, where he must clash in an I Quit Match. A contest so brutal you break your opponents will to the point where they must utter the words “I Quit”. Just the thought of it brings Flex back to the match he participated in years ago with Cerberus: An “I Quit” match against Hard Metal Penetration.

    The hard hitting memories of the pain Flex endured that night all come washing back to his head. As he flashes between visions of Batti’s face, torture, pain, anguish, and sadness something snaps inside him. The sugar has made him rabbid. He no longer sees his sister Maria. He only sees Batti as the woman who is trying to force him into submission.


    Maria becomes very confused by the outbursts of Flex seemingly directed at someone else.

    Flex: I’ve worked and earned everything I have. I’ve built Flex Fitness Industries from the ground up. I worked and turned a body full of fat into the most sacred body in the entire world. I climbed the ranks of WZCW and went from laughing stock to the very best this company has to offer. Despite the fact I’m underappreciated, undervalued, and disrespected I still go out every single week and prove that I am better than everyone in the WZCW locker room. And you think because you hopped from famous boyfriend to boyfriend that you’re on my level?

    Maria: What?

    Flex: You’re only where you are because of Ramparte. And if it wasn’t for you dating Tyrone you wouldn’t have gotten even close to the World title. I mean don’t get me wrong you’re talented, you’ve been a champion before. But the fact of the matter is we’re not in the same league. I’ve been world champion, and you’ll never be able to take that away from me!

    Maria: Have you still fooled yourself into thinking that happened? You didn’t win Flex!! You lost!! You lost to Justin Cooper and because your fragile ego couldn’t handle it you’ve tricked yourself into thinking you won.

    Flex: No...no that can’t be true….

    Maria: You want proof? Well let’s watch the footage shall we.

    Maria pulls out her phone and shows Flex the ending of his match with Justin Cooper at Gold Rush through the WZCW network app.

    Flex: But...I won...they stripped me of the belt….

    Maria: All delusions you’ve told yourself so you can sleep at night and wake up every morning. You’re a loser Flex. You made a whole championship just to validate yourself. You’re not above Batti like you claim, in fact, she may even be above you.

    The monsieur of muscle’s world comes crashing down as he stares up at his sister who still has the face of Batti. He feels worthless, until his assistant Maximus walks through the door.

    Maximus: No one is above Flex.

    Maria: Of course you’re here. Where the hell is Charles?!

    Maximus: He’s right here.

    At that moment Maria’s fiance Charles walks through the door, but he is noticebly different. He looks lifeless, he looks like a zombie. Maria immediately runs up to hug him but once she does she realizes something is wrong.

    Maria: Baby, why aren’t you saying anything? What’s going on?

    Maximus: He’s no longer “your baby” and soon enough you’ll no longer be CEO.

    Charles quickly wraps his arms around Maria trapping her in a painful bearhug. Meanwhile, Maximus unstraps Flex. But this is not the same man from even a few minutes ago. He is hollowed out. He is no longer enraged, he is not sad, instead he feels englightened.

    Flex: Thank you Batti.

    Maria: Charles stop!!!

    Flex: Thank you for showing me the truth.

    Maria: What is going on?

    Maximus: Charles has undergone “The Toyota Experiment”. Using DNA and cells from one Wasabi Toyota we can now engineer body mass to expand or evaporate at an accelerated rate. Creating strength above that of a normal human so to speak. Of course he didn’t go through with it willingly, we had to hollow out some parts of Charles’ brain to truly get him in the spirit.

    Maria: You’re a monster! Are you just going to let her do this Flex? Are you just gonna let her lobotomize your friend?

    Maximus: Don’t even try it, Flex was the first test subject of the experiment, being tested all throughout his coma.

    Flex: Without you Batti I never would have realized how much farther I have to go.

    Maximus: We’re still working out some kinks, but all in all the product is ready to be shipped through Flex Fitness Industries.

    Flex: I thought I had reached the mountain top. I thought I was the best I would ever be. But the truth is I failed, the truth is I’ve had so many failures I can’t even remember them all. But not once throughout any of those times have I quit. Not once throughout my time as a singles competitor have I given up because something was too hard. You’ve truly helped me realize that I’m stronger than I ever imagined. But not through my physical muscles, but because of my spirit. I could have taken my ball and ran home many times but I keep fighting. Because I know my triumph is just around the corner.

    Flex walks up to his sister still being trapped within the bear hug. He rubs his hand down her face. But he no longer sees his sister. He only sees Batti.

    Flex: There have been a lot of things I’ve been unwillingly to admit Batti. One of them being that I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you. In a different timeline I sort of envisioned us being together. Unfortunately that time has passed and we are enemies, but regardless I’ll always admire you, because just like me you’re a fan, and despite how misguided you are you’ve always stood up for what you believe in despite what setbacks or failures you may face yourself. Because of your will to survive and prosper I know it will only make it that much harder to break you at Kingdom Come.

    Maria: Flex snap out of it this isn’t you!!

    Flex: I’m no longer angry Batti. I no longer see you as the roadblock standing between me and the World title. I don’t even think of you as a stepping stone. To me Batti you are nothing more than a piece of fat stuck to my body. And it’s not your fault that you’re there, after all, I was the one who gained the weight. But now it’s time for me to trim that dead weight. And by any means necessary Batti, I will break your spirit and make you quit, because there is nothing you can do to me that’s worse than anything that’s happened in my life. From my parents dying, my best friends in Cerberus abandoning me, to the betrayal that was my sister sleeping with my subordinate. At Kingdom Come I break every piece of you Batti, but know that it is not with malice, but instead with a newfound purpose of achieving peace and tranquility in a world so stricken with violence. I tried to create the nation of FlexAmerica but I was not the leader I should have been. But at Kingdom Come I start anew, so rest up Batti, because at Kingdom Come a birth of a nation begins.

    Flex pats his sister on the face and walks away leaving Maria in the clutches of a zombified Charles and Maximus. His assistant pulls out a contract and uses Maria’s almost lifeless hands to sign it.

    Maximus: This is a contract stating your resignation from Flex Fitness Industries. After Kingdom Come “Project Toyota” goes into full effect. Haven’t quite decided what I’ll do with you yet, but I’m sure there will be a place in FlexAmerica for you, Batti.
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