K.C. IX: Titus © vs Constantine - Eurasian Championship - Pure Rules

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday June 19th at 11:59pm PST

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    For Mum. I love you, I miss. Here's my tribute to you. A reminder to be the bigger man, to put the past behind me and focus on the future...

    Shortly after Ascension 128...

    Constantine paces the halls of St James' Park, clearly looking for something or someone. With a wide smile on his face, he peeks through multiple doors as he moves down the corridors. Finally, he pokes his head inside the correct door and finds what he is looking for.

    Constantine: There he is! My Ringer!

    Constantine moves inside the room and offers a handshake to the unmistakeable figure of PC Stevie Broon. Broon is still sweaty from the toils of the match with the EurAsian Champion but puts his hand out far enough to accept a handshake from The Power Trip. Constantine looks Stevie up and down with a smile on his face, obviously pleased by the night and how it played out.

    Constantine: Good job out there tonight, kid. Honestly, I didn't know a lot about you when you were picked as Titus' opponent but you damn sure impressed me tonight. Congratulations!

    Broon stares through Constantine, totally unimpressed by what Constantine has just said to him. Even the words of congratulations from a Hall of Fame superstar cannot bring a smile to the face of the grizzled Scottish policeman.

    Broon: Congratulations?! You havin' a laugh, mate?

    Constantine looks confused by Broon's reaction to his praise – a reaction that doesn't normally come the way of The Power Trip. He doesn't dole out compliments at the best of times. He would have thought that someone so green would have taken the praise at face value.

    Constantine: I don't understand...

    Broon: Naw, course ye don't, mate. Ah know that you're a big deal around here and ah also know what you've managed to accomplish in your time here. But you need tae understand that ah don't need your help to win matches. Ah don't need any help to finish aff a square go, ye pickin' up wit ah'm puttin' down, chief?

    Constantine looks even more confused as Broon breaks into his tradional dialect. Broon shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

    Broon: Ah didn't need you help against, Titus, mate. Ah get that you two are in the middle of a wee game at the minute. But trust me chief, ah went into that match expecting the fight ae mah life. Ah might be sittin' here a winner and Titus might be branded the loser in all ae this. But listen good to me now, pal...

    Broon leans in and adopts a much more serious tone. Constantine leans in too, a look of concern crossing his features.

    Broon: Titus is for real! If you think that he's turnin' up tae Kingdom Come and playin' a game wi' you, then you're last match in WZCW is gonna be about as successful as mah polis' career. Ye git me?

    Constantine takes a long look at Broon as he pushes past the WZCW legend. Constantine rides the shoulder barge and then settles his eyes on the ground – thinking hard about the words that the WZCW rookie has offered up. Food for thought indeed.

    A Few Days Later...

    It had been a tough few nights for Mia and John on their farewell WZCW tour. Mia had never found any love for the road and had, more often than not, chosen to keep herself as far away from it as possible. Truth be told, it tended to remind her of when Constantine was a politician and , invariably, reminded her of how that all came crashing down. The unwritten rule of 'what happened on the road, stayed on the road' had a much more painstaking reality for Mia. Sure, Constantine's relationship with the campaign aide back in 2007 was way before their time as a couple. But the truth of the matter was that Mia didn't need to be reminded of what temptation could do.

    But that was 2007 and it's now 10 years later. Moreover, Constantine was a changed man – a family man, no less. A man who gave everything to his family and was now giving up his beloved career to prolong the time he can spend with them. After Constantine had provided for so long for Mia and, now Casey, Mia thought that she owed him one last trip on the road.

    That said, she hated hotels. Moreover, she hated being away from her daughter. The decision had been made long in advance to leave her at home with family to spare her the toils of different countries every day and different beds every night. Flying was no laughing matter with a 2 year old either. The hurt of leaving her at home was sacrificed for the greater reward of having her father at home all the time from now on. It was a small price to pay.

    It was 4 nights until Kingdom Come and Constantine has spared no expense for their final residence on the road. A beautiful apartment in the heart of Barcelona had proved to be a wonderful surprise from the soon-to-be Hall of Fame superstar for his fiancé. No more flights until the flight home and no more hotel beds until they lay in their own.

    Still, it was a humid night and as she woke up in the darkness, she knew that the bed was empty to the side of her without even reaching out her hand to check. Constantine had a lot of trouble sleeping at the best of times but the last week or so was something different entirely. Call it nerves, call it fear – Constantine was acting strangely. Mia wiped the sleep from her eyes and put her feet down on the cold stone floor. Making her way through the luxury apartment, she finally came across her partner parked in front of a laptop screen in a dark office. Leaning on the table, Constantine seems transfixed on what he is reading. Mia moves into the room and puts a hand on his shoulder to reassure him.

    Constantine: Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.

    Mia: You didn't.

    Mia peers at the screen for a moment, long enough to pick out a few of the details. The name of Titus and a few of his accomplishments are enough to inform Mia of what is really going on here.

    Mia: Everything okay?

    Constantine seems distant but gives a little s****** and waves a hand towards, almost waving away her concerning tone and worried eyes.

    Constantine: Yeah, everything is fine, Mia. Don't worry about me, just doing some research, you know me.

    Mia: Yeah, I do know you. And I know that you'll never come to bed if I don't make you.

    Mia offers a wry smile as she takes a seat beside her partner.

    Mia: So, what's bothering you?

    Constantine looks Mia in the eyes for a second but eventually relents – letting out a sigh.

    Constantine: It's just something that Stevie Broon said to me the other night. I know it's stupid to believe anything that someone so raw would say but the look in his eyes when he told me gave me goosebumps. He's no slouch in the ring either, for what it's worth but I never thought for a second that Titus would have affected him so much.

    Mia: What did he say exactly?

    Constantine: He told me to stop treating this like a game because Titus wouldn't be. I don't know why it stuck with me so much but the more I have thought about it, the more I realise that he was absolutely correct.

    Constantine leans back in the office chair and puts his hands behind his head, looking skywards for inspiration.

    Constantine: Maybe I have been treating this like a game, you know? When I held the World Championship heading into the Lethal Lottery, I was so serious about checking off some of the things left on my WZCW bucket list. I so wanted to hold onto the Championship and main event the biggest show in wrestling history. I wanted everyone to see me one last time doing what I loved doing the most. I don't know why it meant so much to me but it really did. When Kagura cashed in her Queen For A Day and made sure that didn't happen, a part of me was kinda relived.

    Constantine continues to look skyward as Mia listen to him intently.

    Constantine: For my whole time in WZCW, I was always looking over my shoulder. The whole 10 years of being here, I was always the hunter and never the prey. I never let myself get abused like Kagura did to me – well, not really. I think, in a lot of ways, I wanted that to happen. The pressure I put on myself to hold onto that Championship and be in the main event of Kingdom Come was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Honestly, Mia, I hated every moment of that final run.

    Mia: It didn't ever seem that way? Honestly, I thought you loved it.

    Constantine finally leans forward in his chair again, meeting Mia's eyes with his.

    Constantine: I never wanted you to know the pressure I felt, Mia. You, more than anyone, know how much this business means to me. But from the moment I announced my retirement, you must have known that I was going to stop at nothing to go out on top. Deep down, you have always known the pressure I put on myself to deliver for all of us. I guess when the opportunity to headline Kingdom Come was ripped away from, the more I could put all of that pressure away and just enjoy whatever life had to throw at me for once. Not looking over my shoulder and fearing the worst, the worst had already happened. For once in my WZCW career, I was looking forward and looking towards something better... Hell, I know I'm not making any sense!

    Mia: No! You are!

    Constantine clicks his tongue and takes a deep breath before letting it out.

    Constantine: The whole time since I announced that I wanted Titus to be my final opponent, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I've not had to wrestle a single minute of a match since the Lethal Lottery but I've loved being around the whole atmosphere. Going to distant countries and seeing all of the fans that have supported me, hated me, cheered me... I don't know, it's been a wonderful experience. That said, I haven't really been focussing on my opponent as much as I should. I've had my fun with Titus over the last few weeks, sure. But do I honestly think that any of that will do me any good against Titus at Kingdom Come? Nope. Broon was right, Mia, I have overlooked Titus and I need to get my head around him real quick.

    Constantine pauses for a second before delivering the final words.

    Constantine: This whole time in WZCW, I have tried my best to go out on top. Everything I worked for was to establish a legacy that Casey could look at and be proud of, long after I'm gone. I got so wrapped up in wanting to enjoy my last run, I lost sight of what and who I am. I can't- No! I won't allow everything I worked for to result in me going out on my back. This isn't just about me any more...

    The Night of Kingdom Come...

    The Power Trip had gone back and forth in his head about what he was just about to do. The biggest night of the year, and possibly his career was upon him. His final match in WZCW – the match that people would talk about forever and base his entire legacy off of, was upon him. Moreover, the chance to make another piece of history was preying on his mind – consuming him in the same way as multiple Championship reigns had. Tonight was the biggest challenge of his career. He knew that getting the EurAsian Championship from around Titus' waist would be a massive challenge, first and foremost. But Titus had been such a clutch player in the last couple of years, no one had really come close to taking the Championship from him. Yes, Constantine may have gotten the better of him recently but, after listening to advice and his own thoughts, Constantine knew he had making up to do with Titus.

    For that reason, Constantine made his way through the arena one more time – this time looking to end a chapter of his life in the correct way. Upon finding Titus' locker room, Constantine took a deep breath and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, the door swung open and there, in front of Constantine, was the EurAsian Champion dressed in his ring gear – his hair sopping wet and a look of sheer confusion and anger on his face.

    Titus: What the hell do you want?!

    Constantine lifts his hands to show that he doesn't mean any harm before talking.

    Constantine: I'm not here to fight with you, Titus. Nor am I here to give you any grief.

    Titus' look of confusion grows even more as Constantine stands before him with a gentle expression on his aged face.

    Constantine: You probably think I'm here to get under your skin before tonight's match. You probably think that this is some kind of ploy on my behalf to get some advantage on you. But honestly, the only reason I am here is to tell you how much respect and love I have for you.

    Titus continues to look on as Constantine points inside the room. More in shock than anything else, Titus opens the door somewhat – enough for Constantine to make his way past and into the locker room. Constantine looks around the private dressing room before noticing the EurAsian Championship resting upon a gym bag next to Titus' gear.

    Constantine: You know, I've did a lot of thinking over the last few days. Thinking that I wish I had done prior to challenging you for that thing. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that WZCW rubber stamped this match and I am glad that I am having my last match against someone like you. But honestly, I was immature in the way I went about challenging you. Everything you have done with that Championship, everything you continue to do for WZCW? You deserved much better. People say that I am a legend in this business but you are the measuring stick that people compare others to. For as long as WZCW continues, Titus will forever be the main man. There have been others; Ty Burna, Showtime Cougar, Everest. But for me, none of them will ever go beyond what you've accomplished.

    Titus: Listen! If you came here to-

    Constantine raises his hands again, cutting Titus off before he got going.

    Constantine: Just... Listen...

    The words of The Power Trip fall away as Constantine searches for his train of thought. After a few seconds of silence, Constantine begins again.

    Constantine: This whole time leading up to the match, I've toyed with you, I've given you no respect and I have completely underestimated what I am stepping into the ring with. I wanted to have fun in my last run in the company and in doing so, I totally lost sight of everything else. You are the finest wrestler to step through a WZCW ring, no matter what anyone says. The way you have completely reignited your legacy and career when everyone wrote you off is something special. Only the best of us have the power to do that and, honestly, you make it look simple. Everything that I hoped and dreamed I could accomplish in this ring and this business, you have already accomplished with ease.

    Constantine stops pacing around the locker room and walks towards Titus, looking him deep in the eye and demanding his attention.

    Constantine: Tonight, before our match, I am going to offer you a handshake that I hope you will accept. Everything else that has gone on before this match will mean nothing and all that will remains is two WZCW legends facing each other in the real main event of the biggest show in WZCW history. I don't want the man who's angry at the world and angry at his opponent. I don't want the Titus that feels as though he's a victim.

    Constantine stops one final time, putting a hand on Titus' shoulder.

    Constantine: I'm sorry about everything that happened, it wasn't my real intention. However, I want the Titus who lit the world on fire when he won the Lethal Lottery. I want the Titus who proved the world wrong in the main event of Kingdom Come 2. Titus, I want the man who I've heard legends about...

    With that, Constantine gives Titus a pat on the shoulder and walks towards the door. He opens it, turns around to give Titus a nod, and leaves. All the talk on a whirlwind career was over. All the arrogance and ego that had blighted his mind and his career had been dropped. All that remained was a man who loved his work, heading into the office for one final time – the hardest shift he'd ever face. The truth was though, he wasn't anxious or frightened at all. For once in his entire career, he wasn't looking over his shoulder hoping that no one was chasing him. For once, he could look forward to sharing the ring with a true WZCW icon and enjoying his last dance.
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    Barcelona, Spain. The Nou Camp is the second greatest football stadium in the world (after St. James' Park) and Kingdom Come makes its way there. Backstage Leon Kensworth is with Hall of Famer Titus Avison. With him is his assistant, Rosie.

    Rosie: A reminder, Leon, just the one question is all we have time for. The champ is tired and he needs to prepare for Kingdom Come.

    Leon puts his hand in his pocket, pulls out a sheet of paper with notes on. Rips it up and throws it on the floor. He shakes his head as though he should expect this.

    Leon: Fine. Of everyone in WZCW, why John Constantine? Why did you pick him as an opponent?

    The camera zooms on Titus which allows a flashback. Titus and Rosie are talking. Both sat down, Titus is pretty relaxed but Rosie has a set of files with various papers in them.

    Rosie: This is the big one. I've done my research and have various options here for an opponent. I think you should settle for...

    Titus: John Constantine.

    Rosie looks flustered as she settles through her papers. There's no file for Constantine.

    Rosie: But he's retired.

    Titus: No he's not. He said that and came back for the Lethal Lottery. I eliminated him there. I will just go out and challenge him and he'll accept. He loves the limelight more than I do, he can't say no on the grandest stage of them all.

    Rosie: But why?

    Titus: Ah Rosie. Sweet, sweet Rosie. What was my goal before you became my assistant?

    Rosie: You had just defeated VI forcing them to be disbanded and Justin Cooper to take his ball and go home?

    Titus: Montana always said you were good. Correct.

    Rosie: So why Constantine? Why now?

    Titus: It's all his fault. Everything that group did to this company was his fault. He started it. He couldn't finish it but damn did he start it. For months and months and months they were there. Everywhere. Putting Cooper front and centre. Reynolds. Holmes. Hunnicut. Xander. Keaton. It all leads back to John Constantine.

    Titus sits up straight and leans towards Rosie.

    Titus: He thinks by putting on a happy face, claiming about injuries and getting sympathy because he lost his world title the people will forget that? He's right, they did. However I don't forget. Beyond that very fake façade is a bitter, twisted and horrible man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    Rosie: Then Constantine it is.

    The flashback cuts, this time to Titus watching WZCW24 presents “John Constantine” this aired on the WZCW Network a few years back. If you want to subscribe you can, for the low price of $9.99 AND new subscribers get 30 days free (just in time for Kingdom Come)!

    Titus is sat in the dark as the glare from the screen shows on his face. He shakes his head, almost in disgust.

    On screen pops up a younger looking Titus.

    Titus: Eww. I sound like an absolute dweeb. Obviously my mind changed when Mia decided to hate me. Her first WZCW appearance was attempting to make me feel like a dick.

    Titus: She forgets she was disowned by him before, there's one better man in this match and it's not him.

    The scene cuts again to Rosie talking to Titus.

    Rosie: So what's the strategy?

    Titus: Usually that's your job to come up with that but not this time. The timing is perfect for the match.

    Rosie: Why's that?

    Titus: Who's in his corner? No one. No VI. No Elite. No Holmes. No nothing. Him alone in the ring. He's a brute so you know what we need to do?

    Rosie: Get him to challenge you to a Pure Rules match?

    Titus: I like that better than the idea I had. Why should we run with that?

    Rosie: He's a brawler who always takes it to the extreme. A Pure rules is your speciality, we'll ignore Triple X, but he's the sort that will challenge you to it. To prove he can beat you at your own game. The cherry on the top. Yet come on, you allowed Triple X to get cocky, you learned from it and beat him for your belt. There's no way you will lose another Pure Rules match.

    Titus: Especially not to that brute. Now to play him at his own game, I'll be throwing a hand shake out to him before the match. That will throw him off like nothing.

    Rosie: Ha. I like it!

    Titus: The thing is Rosie, I need this match. I need to prove I can beat him. I need to show the world I can beat him. I need to cement the EurAsian era with the greatest win of my reign.

    The scene cuts back. Leon Kensworth has just asked his question.

    Titus: Why not?

    Leon looks to Titus to expand.

    Titus: Look Leon, I've held this belt for 938 days! In that time we've seen Space X launch their first rocket. The Zika outbreak. The Russian Orthodox and Catholic church leaders met for the first time since 1054. Obama visited Cuba. The Panama papers. Brexit. A new Prime Minister. Pokémon Go is released. The Olympics in Brazil. The US joins, and leaves, the Paris agreement. The bloody Cubs win the world series. Trump is elected. North Korea tests bombs over the sea of Japan. Three UK terrorist attacks. London. Manchester. London. Then there's Grenfell. There's a UK general election. Otto Warmbier's sent home and then dies. The Charlottesville protests. The Vegas shootings. FOUR Star Wars movies. Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and countless others died before they could see the end of the EurAvison era. I believe I am able to pick who I want, Leon.

    Titus pauses. Breathes.

    Titus: I've heard legends. You've heard legends. The fans have heard legends. Now to pit two WZCW legends against each other. There's only one winner though.

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