K.C. IX: Eve Taylor © vs Tyrone Blades - WZCW Championship

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    One solitary spotlight hung from the roof of a room surrounded by complete darkness. The light was bright enough to illuminate a large free-standing mirror, allowing for reflections to stare back at those who dared to peer inside the looking glass. The mirror, the light and the darkness were not alone in this room: the woman formerly known as the fabulous one Eve Taylor knelt on both knees on the ground with stringy hair and un-kept clothes, looking down at the World Heavyweight championship she held in her hands. The hair she had failed to care for created a barrier between her eyes and the glass, averting the gaze of seeing herself in a dishevelled heap as she had found herself in. The spotlight above managed to keep away the darkness from reaching Eve Taylor but it was only holding on by a thread. The light was flickering in and out, much like someone attempting to remain conscious. It was enough to keep the spotlight shining down upon Eve Taylor... but it was only on Eve Taylor. There was no-one else in the spotlight. Just Eve Taylor. Alone. Lonely.

    Eve Taylor placed down the World Heavyweight championship on the ground before her, letting the title lay majestically on the floor. Seductively. Lovingly. Beautifully. Eve Taylor smiled as she saw just how gorgeous the World title really was. She reached out with her fingers and slowly caressed the golden plates. Her smile grew wider. Too wide. Eve managed to see her reflection through the shine of the light cascading off the belt. It was an unnerving look that most would turn away. Not Eve Taylor though. She wanted to see herself. Eve lifted her head slowly with her hair dangling in front of her face, daring to peer through the looking glass. Beyond the hair that acted as a barrier between the Eve Taylor in the mirror and the real Eve Taylor, she saw the smile she had on her face. Yet, it was not the wicked and sadistic smile that adorned her scarred face. It was a wholesome smile from a beautifully smooth face. It was not the face of Eve Taylor. It was the face of her other self. The good that still remained inside Eve Taylor. The little girl who had haunted her dreams. The real person behind the Eve Taylor moniker, without the make-up and the character: Eva Pellegrini.

    As Eve peered through the looking glass, she saw this happy and delighted Eva Pellegrini. On her side, the light was everywhere. The room was not dark. She was not alone. She had friends surrounding her. She had her family by her side. She had her lover holding her in their arms. It was everything that Eve had ever wanted to have on the other side of the looking glass. It was the first time Eve Taylor saw the other version of herself happy and not scared for her life. Eve Taylor wanted to reach out to the mirror to see if what she was seeing was real. Eva Pellegrini on the other side reached out, too... but no matter how much either tried, all they could do was touch each other's fingertips. There was a barrier disabling them from ever connecting. It was then that Eve Taylor had remembered that everything she was seeing was an illusion; dreams of what she wanted to see herself as many times in her life: happy.

    "Hello Eve." It spoke from the other side. "Remember me?"

    Eve heard the voice as if it were real. She quickly looked around but she did not see anyone else in the room. It was just her and her alone. She slowly turned back to the mirror. Eva was waving from the other side.

    "Don't be afraid, Eve. There is no-one else here, Eve. It is only you and I."

    Confused, Eve did the only thing she could so: respond.

    "You were the one who was always scared, Eva."

    "The tables have turned, Eve. It is now you who is scared. It is now you who is alone. It is you who has to face your demons alone in the darkness. The literal demon Tyrone Blades. He seeks you, Eve. You have toyed with the devil and he comes to claim his vengeance upon you. When the reaper comes to claim your soul, the whole world will be watching and whole world will sit back to watch you lose everything. Nobody is coming to help you, Eve."

    Eva looks around at everyone who is surrounding her. Everyone that has ever mattered in Eve's life is there and they all look at Eva with pride and joy.

    "You have to ask yourself Eve: was it all worth it? Was it worth losing everything? Was it worth losing your family, your friends, your lover and everyone in the world who watches you perform under the spotlight just to say you were the World Heavyweight champion and the best wrestling in the world for a brief moment in time? Was it worth it to say Eve Taylor had done it?"

    Eve Taylor slighted her gaze from the mirror: her head was still facing the mirror but her vision was focused elsewhere. Surrounded by darkness, there was nothing else to focus on but Eve could not face herself in the mirror. It hurt too much to see everyone she had let go be standing by Eva's side because she was right. Was it all worth it? Was it worth everything just to hold some gold belt when she could've had a happy and fulfilling life with the human connection she had striven to find her entire life?

    Eve looked at the mirror again to see her alternate reality. Eve remembered the day she walked out on her family to start her career as a fashion model. What if she never left her family? What if she stayed at home? What if she kept her friends? What if she found someone who could love Eve for the way she was and settle down with her? Make a happy life with Eve? What if... it was Eve could think about as she began to question herself. She looked down at her championship belt and caressed it once again before looking up at the mirror once more.

    "For the better part of four years, I have busted my ass every single day to become known as the best professional wrestler in the world. From the moment I arrived in WZCW, the girl known as Eve Taylor went out in front of the live capacity crowds, stepped inside the squared circle and put on a performance the fans would always remember. In my very first match, I entered the ring as a surprise tag team partner for Jonathan Hyada. I came out to the worst theme music, was wearing the cheesiest ring gear - akin to many 'local' or 'enhancement' talents that came to work for a night or two for WZCW - and took to a Judo fighting stance, staring across the ring from my soon-to-be Cerberus stablemates. I looked ridiculous and out of place. Even though I had admitted on multiple occasions that I signed a contract with WZCW to re-launch my modelling career, I knew from the moment I stepped inside that ring I needed to be serious about my new line of work. I recognised how bad I must've looked in the moment and every time I studied the tapes of my professional wrestling debut, I confirmed that very notion... but those first few seconds of agonising embarrassment went away when I hit my first ever wrestling move. The popping of the hips in my Judo throw, the grace of the execution and the fire I had in my eyes after I hit the move was the only thing anyone ever needed to know about Eve Taylor as a professional wrestler moving forward. I was serious about this business and I was to make a career out of it. I was to take the squared circle by storm and destroy the competition.

    Eve Taylor had done it.

    It was not long before Eve Taylor had her first championship match. Despite the loss, she showed she had potential. This potential would not be fully realised until the day she joined up Flex Mussel and Ramparte, becoming the Third Head of Cerberus and helping them start their legacy as the arguably greatest tag team of all-time. The first of many Lethal Lottery moments for Eve Taylor. Her allegiances with the wolf caused Aubrey Sloan, her best friend, to stray away from the pack and it was up to Eve to put her down. That was the first of many victories at Kingdom Come. It was also the first of many sacrifices that I had to make to get to the top. As much as I did not want to end the career of the only woman who had ever truly understand her and the only woman that I had ever loved, Aubrey Sloan refused to go down. Aubrey Sloan was no longer someone she could trust. Aubrey Sloan was a nuisance that had to be permanently removed. The only person who could do that was Eve Taylor.

    Eve Taylor had done it."

    It was at this moment that Aubrey Sloan, who had been present in the reflection where Eva Pellegrini currently resided began to fade and was replaced with darkness. Eva turned around frantically to see this happen, watching her best friend disappear before her very eyes. Eve Taylor saw this happen and began staring a hole through Eva Pellegrini.

    "Flying the Cerberus banner high in the sky, Eve Taylor - not you - managed to capture both the Eurasian and Elite Openweight championships, becoming the first-ever female competitor to win a singles title, as well as the first female to win multiple championships. She won the only female champion vs. female champion match in WZCW history. Despite the great reign of Flex Mussel and Ramparte as tag team champions, it was Eve Taylor who soared to super stardom when she created another Lethal Lottery moment by defeating James Howard for the Elite title. This was the moment her Cerberus brethren turned their backs on Eve Taylor, destroying the faction for the chance of siphoning the success that Eve had created for herself. Despite her best efforts to keep the group alive, it was jealousy, frustration and selfishness that caused Cerberus to disband. The friendships that Eve made with Ramparte and Flex were destroyed in one fell swoop all because they wanted to call themselves the Elite Openweight champion. At the second Kingdom Come, Eve Taylor put the nail in the coffin that was Cerberus and walked out still holding the championship. The second straight Kingdom Come victory whereby Eve walked out with an undefeated record at the event and left with the title around her waist. It was the only thing she left with that night. She had destroyed actual human connections just to further her career as a professional wrestler. Even though Eve did not want to sever any more friendships, after everything she did to Aubrey, in the name of becoming successful..."

    Just as Aubrey disappeared from the picture, Flex Mussel and Ramparte faded to black and was replaced by the darkness. The smooth skin of Eva Pellegrini began to slow change. Scars were beginning to form.

    "... Eve Taylor had done it.

    The Fabulous One would go on to have one of the greatest years of any wrestler could ever dream of experiencing. Challenger after challenger, opponent after opponent, and World champion after World champion... all of them fell before Eve Taylor as she cemented herself as the longest reigning Elite Openweight champion in history. The exclamation point of her reign came when she defeated long-time rival and possibly mortal enemy John Constantine to surpass the record. It was a great moment in time when Eve Taylor placed herself into the history books and will always be remembered as the woman who broke the record.

    Eve Taylor had done it.

    But as with any career, then came the downward swing of her career. Losing the Lethal Lottery she had promised to win, creating yet another Lethal Lottery moment and one that would stick with her for many months. Although Eve managed to defeat her idol and dream opponent Celeste Crimson at Kingdom Come, becoming 3-0 at the event, she experienced a number of losses that caused the crowd who had once warmed up to Eve begin slowly losing their belief in her. She lost to Flex Mussel for a chance at the World title. She lost to John Constantine in the finals of the Gold Rush tournament to challenge for the World title. Eve could not even qualify for the King for a Day Elimination Chamber match that would guarantee her an opportunity any time to face the champion... she even lost the man she was in love with, Mikey Stormrage, all because she was too selfish to go through the pain of seeing someone else she knew and loved become a successful World champion."

    The lover that was holding Eva Pellegrini in her arms faded to black, leaving Eva to stand on her own. She was confused and could not do so. She was becoming more desperate looking as she was beginning to see everything fade away in front of her.

    "Eve fell hard and was relegated to facing someone the likes of Logan McAllister, someone who had been around for a similar amount of time as Eve Taylor and the only thing he was known for was being the only champion to lose a championship inside the Lethal Lottery. Imagine being uttered in the same breath as someone like Logan McAllister because they both had negative and embarrassing Lethal Lottery moments. It felt like I was you again, Eva. It was a horrible feeling. Well, Eve Taylor was not going to stand for that. She had to do something to prove to the world that she still mattered. She had to create a performance that would showcase that Eve was still just as dangerous and dedicated as anyone else on the roster. She had to show the world was still a World title contender. With a completely dominant victory inside the depths of a boiler room, in what was literally the lowest point of Eve Taylor's career...

    ... Eve Taylor had done it.

    From crawling out of the pit that was Eve's worst point in her career, she quickly rose up and earned herself another opportunity at the World title. Eve, with all the vile and venom pumping through her veins, struck out against John Constantine once again and delivered a lethal injection to put him down and away from the World championship he had defeated her to earn. And even though she was the one to make the Fashion Statement on Constantine and change the perception she was a choker, it was another woman who took the title and became the first-ever female World champion... all because Eve had failed to qualify for the King for a Day match. Eve saw it flash before her eyes and she was fuming. The comeback story of the century all gone before Kagura was the one who stole the belt away from her. She could not let that happen. She could not let her get away with it. So, at the Lethal Lottery, the fourth time Eve had made an appearance, Miss Taylor once again made a great moment and captured the World Heavyweight championship for the first time in her career. It was the very title she had been working towards ever since she realised as the Elite Openweight champion that she could be the very best in the industry. Eve Taylor had finally captured the spotlight she had been looking for the entire time in her 4 year career with WZCW. This was the biggest moment in her life. Eve Taylor achieved her long-time goal. It was the greatest underdog story of scratching and clawing and slogging it out and experiencing the lowest of the lows to finally, finally become World Heavyweight Champion and the best professional wrestler on the planet.

    Finally... Eve Taylor had done it."

    A golden championship belt appeared in front of Eva in the reflection world. She was holding it in her arms. She tried to let go but she couldn't let it fall from her hands. She couldn't throw it away. The championship stuck to her hands like glue.

    "But as the 36th WZCW World Heavyweight champion, Eve Taylor walked out in front of her hometown crowd of Milan, Italy to give a celebration speech and finally receive the appreciation and applause she deserved, she was met with a lukewarm response from the live crowd. A lukewarm response from MY hometown crowd. The applause she heard was ones of respect not ones of gratitude and appreciation for many sacrifices I had to make to get to that point. No, none of that. I heard none of that. In fact, the cheers and adulation that Eve Taylor should've gotten were given to the one you call the demon Tyrone Blades. MY hometown crowd... OUR hometown crowd were the ones who cheered on Tyrone. They were the ones who supported him and not me, despite the journey that Eve Taylor had undertaken. The amazing feat of personal strength, will and determination was all undermined by the presence of an old hack who is attempting to regain the glory of the old times by presenting himself as a new person with a new face. And the worst part is: everyone is buying into it. The crowd is loving Tyrone. The locker room is supporting Tyrone. The girlfriend who he has a false relationship with to keep someone as talented as Batti away from the World title loves him. Hell, even my own damn friends Stacey Madison and Selena Anderson have abandoned me in favour of a man who tried to destroy their livelihood by bringing WZCW down on more than one occasion. The two girls who I put trust and faith in left me because they did not approve of what Eve Taylor had become, despite me being there for both of them when they had reached their lowest points. They left me, just like that."

    Eve Taylor snaps her fingers. As she does that, Stacey and Selena disappear from the alternate reality of Eva Pellegrini. Tears begin streaming down Eva as she attempts to reach out and stop them from fading away but the weight of the World Heavyweight championship is too much for her to save her friends.

    "Stop it, please! Stop doing this! You're ruining everything!"

    Eve Taylor snickers to herself. She does so quietly in short bursts. She begins chuckling. Her laughing grows louder and more consistent. The sound and tone of Eve's laugh becomes desperate and psychotic as it continues to grow in loudness. Eve's wicked and sadistic smile returns as she belches out a disturbing laugh at the mirror. The reflection of Eva Pellegrini looks frightened of what she has become.

    "I did this?" Eve said whilst still laughing. "I ruined everything?! Eve Taylor has done it?! She has done it to herself? She ruined it all!?"

    Eve takes a moment to compose herself.

    "I am not ruining anything. I am making the world you want to live in, Eva. You want this. You want to be happy. Friends won't make you happy. Love won't make you happy. Family certainly won't make you happy. No matter how hard you try to make them love you, they will always abandon you in the end. Do you know what does not abandon you when you love it back? Success. Glory. Fame. Fortune. They never leave you as long as you never leave it. They won't abandon you. Remember Senshuken? He never abandoned us. He only left us because we wanted the World Heavyweight title."

    "That's not true! I want Selena. I want Stacey. I want Flex. I want Ramparte. I want Aubrey and I want Mikey. I do not want the darkness."

    Eva begins sobbing as all she can see around her is darkness. Eve smirks wickedly.

    "You must live with the darkness if you want the World championship. Don't you want the World championship, Eva? Doesn't it look real pretty."

    Eva hesitates the answer. She looks down at the title belt before looking at Eve. She wipes away a tear from her eye.

    "... it does look real pretty."

    "Yes, that is right, Eva. It does look real pretty. It looks really good on you. We look really good with the World Heavyweight championship in our arms. We don't need friends. We don't need family. We don't need love. All we need is success, don't we, Eva?"

    Eva's concerned and scared looks slowly disappear. The darkness begins to creep in the reflection. Eva begins scratching her hair. The long blonde flowing curls become as stringy as Eve's, falling in front of her face as well. A smile begins forming on her face as she looks down at her version of the title belt.

    "All we need is success."

    Eve's wicked smirk grows even larger.

    "Yes, that's a good girl. Now you are beginning to understand. We are beginning to understand each other. We are beginning to understand together. We must understand what it means to be champion. We cannot let our darkness hurt us. We must embrace our darkness. We cannot hide from what made us who were are today and live in a dreamworld of everything that could've been. Do you understand?"

    Eva looks up from staring at the title belt. She begins to smile in a similar fashion to Eve, too.

    "Yes, I understand, Eve... but what are we to do about the demon who wants you? Tyrone Blades is still coming after us. He is still coming after our World Heavyweight championship. He is still coming after our precious."

    Eve lets out a laugh.

    "Tyrone Blades is not strong like us, Eva. He is not as strong as he used to be. Tyrone Blades used to be one with the darkness. He used to embrace the darkness because he was the darkness. He was the embodiment of chaos and destruction. He was the feared and revered Ty Burna. A man who brought hell on Earth to the lives of WZCW on multiple occasions. He was the most hated person on the planet because of all the disgusting and detestable things he committed against everyone.

    And yet, for all his sins, he is a WZCW Hall of Fame legend who got to change his name and receive a fresh start and a clean slate. All was forgiven and now, Ty gets to live the life of a normal human being. He has the crowd on his side. He has the approval of the company. He has friends. He has a lover by his side. He has everything... everything except for the World Heavyweight championship we sacrificed everything to gain, and he wants to take that, too. He wants to take the only thing that means anything to us. He wants to take the only thing we have left, Eva. We cannot let him do that. He hasn't the right to do that."

    "But he won the Lethal Lottery. He is entitled."

    "I don't care if he is the best wrestler on the planet. He does not deserve an opportunity at taking our precious championship away. We deserve it for all the hard work we put into our career here in WZCW. We deserve this championship for all the blood, sweat and tears we have given to this business. We deserved all the success. Tyrone Blades deserves nothing. He is the only who still has a debt to pay for all his sins and transgressions he has inflicted upon WZCW. He has a laundry list of evil acts he is still yet to atone for and I will not forget. I will not be tricked into believing that Ty Burna can simply change his name, stop using his demonic powers and put a smile on his face to pretend he is a new man. Tyrone Blades is not a new man; he is still the same sadistic, evil con artist he will always be. Nothing will ever change that... but it seems that Tyrone Blades has convinced the entire world that Ty Burna never existed. It makes me sick to my stomach that the world has sided with him and turned against me.

    Everything I have done to Tyrone Blades is justified. What I did to his relationship with Batti is something I should not have to apologise for. In fact, Batti should be thanking me for saving her. I was trying to bring her salvation by prying her away from the evil that is Ty Burna in disguise. Yet everyone, including my own friend Stacey Madison who got screwed over by the devil himself would rather defend that fiend than aid me in my crusade to remind the world of the true horrors that was Ty Burna? How does the world have the hide to condemn those who deny some of the most horrible acts of human violence we've ever seen in our history, yet they elect to forget what Ty Burna has done and condemn me for my acts? I am a fucking martyr! I am sacrificing myself to remind the world of who Tyrone Blades truly is. I am the good guy! I am the heroine. I am the protagonist of this story. I am the underdog who finally overcome the odds. I am the Cinderella! Not him! He does not deserve such a moment! Tyrone Blades deserves nothing than to be put out to pasture and removed from WZCW for good for everything he has done and I should be heralded for everything I have done to get to this point!

    ... but the world believes us to be the bad guy. Everyone pictures us as the antagonist. We are considered the final boss battle for Tyrone Blades to overcome so he can finally reach the top of the mountain as the repenting sinner. Once again, Eve Taylor is the bad guy. Well, if the world wants to view me like that then so be it. I'll be the bad guy. I'll be the horrible guy. I'll be the most despicable, rancid, putrid and horrifying human being this world has ever seen. The things I will do to Tyrone Blades will not even compare to the things he has done. Tyrone Blades threatens me by saying that the last time someone tried to fuck with his personal life was Showtime and he got his ass handed to him... well, I will make my own threat. Nay, I will make my own promise: I promise to go above and beyond what Showtime Cougar did to you and bring you suffering that you've never experienced before, Tyrone Blades, and I will do so at Kingdom Come IX. I will show you the pain that I live with everyday. I will show you what I had to sacrifice to get to this point. And I will remind you of the suffering and misery you have caused everyone in this company.

    As much as this world paints me as the bad guy and I will be more than happy to indulge them in its fantasy, know this Tyrone Blades: I am the hero this place needs and I will do everything in my power to showcase to the world that you are nothing more than the most vile villain this company has ever seen... and you do not deserve to repent. You do not deserve to be forgiven. And you do not deserve to be World Heavyweight champion. Because this is my underdog story. This is my special moment. This is my legacy that is being forged into the history books. And you, Tyrone Blades, are nothing more than a black mark that needs to be erased for good... and I will be the one to do so in front of a sold-out crowd with millions of people watching at home as they watch the main event of Kingdom Come IX for the World Heavyweight championship... my World Heavyweight championship."

    "No, Eve..."

    Eve turns to see Eva in the mirror. The pretty world with friends and family is now replaced with the exact mirror image that Eve sees of herself. Eva is no longer there. It is Eve staring back at her. With a wicked smile on her face. A twisted look ingrained in her cheeks.

    "We will be the ones to destroy Tyrone Blades."

    "Yes, we will. And when the bell rings to finish off the night, there will be one thing that everyone will say. The climax to our story. They'll see that we have defeated Tyrone Blades. We have exposed Tyrone Blades. We have destroyed Tyrone Blades. And we have cemented our names in history. They will say...

    Eve Taylor has done it."

    Eve Taylor laughs maniacally to herself in the mirror as the light begins flickering heavily. The darkness around Eve begins to consume her but Eve does not flinch. She continues to laugh as the light slowly fades around Eve. The mirror goes out of vision. The spotlight remains on Eve but the darkness soon envelopes her until the room turns completely black. As the scene fades the black on whatever light was left with Eve Taylor, all that is left is the hideous laughing of Eve Taylor still going. Laughing... laughing...

    ... laughing.

    - With Hate.
    The Real Hollowed Ones.
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    The scene opens after Ascension goes off the air. Tyrone and Batti walk into the backstage area, their arms around one another as Tyrone winces in slight pain. She looks up at him concerned but he shakes his head, his eyes focused straight forward as Stacey Madison watches silently from a distance. He nods his head slowly to her, and she nods in return, her own redemption story coming to a close. He turns his head to Mr. Jones who walks up to the two. Batti goes to hug Jones, who returns the gesture in kind. Jones looks up at Tyrone, and the two share a similar look. Hatred burning in their eyes, revenge on their minds, fangs ready to bare and strike. Tyrone holds his hand out, and the two deliver their intricate handshake before Tyrone pulls his bandana up over his face, his voice gravelly and sinister.

    Tyrone: Time to get to fucking work.

    Batti looks up at the two Hollow Ones and nods her head, her face taking on a focused look as the three turn and begin walking down the hallway, Tyrone's girl and his brother on each side of him. The team was complete once more. The scene fades away as it returns to the streets of Cleveland. People are lined up all the way down the street, waiting eagerly as several large moving trucks pull up. The center truck's door slides open as Mr. Jones hops out to the road below, a wide grin on his face as he holds his arms out.

    Mr. Jones: Yooooo who's hungry round here?

    The people cheer loudly as Tyrone and Batti emerge from the truck as well, each holding a box. The rest of the trucks have their doors opened, other people streaming out of them, many of them tattooed up with bandanas covering their faces. They all converge around Tyrone, who looks around at the faces of the people of Cleveland, his people that he fights for. He walks to the front and slowly sets the box down before slowly reaching up and pulling his bandana down from his face, a solemn look in his eyes.

    Tyrone: There exists something in all of us here today. We all are tied together by the same will, the fight to fucking survive. We all have struggled to make ends meet. How we gonna feed our sons and daughters when we can't even keep the lights on at home? We grind harder. We hustle smarter. We stare adversity down and spit right in it's god damn face. But most importantly, we look to one another. We lean on the next person's shoulder, even if they leaning just as much as you are. Because of that we keep each other upright. Even in the darkest of times we find ourselves in, no one here hesitates to hold a hand out. It didn't always used to be that way, it took many years to get the selfishness out of our streets. Today, we take that next step. Today, while everyone else sits on their ivory fucking towers and schemes out to squeeze that next dollar out of us, we make our stand. We begin to make our hood better. A beacon of hope in this chaos that has gripped our world by the throat.

    The people cheer loudly, many children clapping as the atmosphere almost takes on a festival like feel. Tyrone smiles for the first time in what feels like years. He gazes out through the crowd, spotting Ms. Constance standing in the crowd, a warm smile on her face as she nods towards him.

    Tyrone: The concrete under our feet is cracked and crumbling, but our spirit will endure. We are not defined by the walls that enclose around us, we are defined by what we fill within those walls. And so today, we start filling those walls with a positive force in our neighborhood. And it starts with this.

    Tyrone motions towards the building he stands in front of, a tarp pulled down to the ground, revealing a large renovated building. A sign sits on top of it reading "Ms. Constance's Community Center". The crowd cheers loudly as Tyrone watches Ms. Constance's reaction in the crowd, her face showing surprise and shock before tears fall from her eyes. Tyrone motions for everyone to quiet down.

    Tyrone: This is the jewel that starts our ascension. Ms Constance's Community Center will help all that needs it. A safe place for our children. A place for our homeless to find rest and food. Food programs to help those trying to stretch that nickel a bit more, and assistance programs for housing, heating, and lighting. We will do everything we can for everyone in our slice of the world. Where others take away, we will provide. Together, we will make this center better with each set of arms willing to help. So today I ask of you all, will you help christen the community center right with me? My crew here has brought food and clothing to hand out to everyone in need today that helps. So without further ado, welcome to Ms Constance's Community Center!

    The crowd roars as Tyrone opens the door, Batti and Mr. Jones bringing their boxes into the building as the crowd lines up in front of the trucks, Tyrone's crew handing boxes out as everything goes smoothly. Soon Tyrone, Batti, and Mr. Jones are as busy as everyone else, bringing in boxes of food and clothing in until suddenly Tyrone's arm is grabbed gently. He turns and finds Ms. Constance standing there, wiping her tears away gently.

    Ms. Constance: And how long have you been planning this foolish boy?

    Tyrone smirks as the two embrace in a hug before Constance pulls away, holding his hands tightly with hers.

    Tyrone: Since the night in the park. Though I had to do it quietly for a minute there since I was public enemy number one for something I didn't do.

    Ms. Constance: What you are doing here, it will change lives 'Rone.

    Tyrone: Including yours Ms. Constance. I can't be here to run the center day to day, and I need someone I can trust. And that someone is you, if you're willing to accept the position of Head Coordinator.

    Ms. Constance: Dear I couldn't possibly do that. I don't even have a home to call my own.

    Tyrone reaches into his pocket, pulling out a set of keys that he places in Constance's hands and closing her fingers over them, a smile on his face.

    Tyrone: You do now. Along with your own office, it also has a small apartment that is all yours Ms. Constance. Remember what you said in the park that night? You provide help where you can on the streets, and I use my money to help where I can. I got the money to help, and there is no one better to help everyone in our hood than you. This is how we give back. Your kindness and my backing.

    Ms. Constance looks down at the keys in her hand, fighting back tears once more as she nods her head. She slowly places her head against his chest as he hugs her once more.

    Ms. Constance: Thank you 'Rone. I accept.

    Tyrone: Good, then we can negotiate your salary lonce we get all set up.

    The two share a laugh as she lightly smacks him on the cheek before she begins walking back towards the building. Tyrone turns around to survey what was left, finding all boxes unloaded and his crew beginning to hand out packages of food and clothing. He wipes the sweat away from his face as Jones walks past him, slapping him on the back.

    Mr. Jones: Quit slackin' mo'fucka! We need all hands on deck to hand all this shit out.

    Tyrone: Yeah yeah, I'll be there in a bit homie. Hey Jones.

    Mr. Jones: What up?

    Tyrone: Thanks man....y'all were the only hand reaching to grab me from my own pit of fucking misery.

    Mr. Jones: No thanks necessary mo'fucka. Y'all kept me alive in prison and got me the fuck out. And all I gotta do to repay is pull your emo bitch ass up out the gutter? I got the better end of that deal fo sho.

    Tyrone laughs as Jones walks back towards the building himself now. Tyrone sits down on the end of one of the trucks, pulling a cigarette out and lighting up as he inhales deeply when suddenly Batti sits down next to him, a wide smile on her face.

    Tyrone: Hey baby girl. Thanks for coming today. I know we got a lot of shit to prep for Kingdom Come, but win or lose, I got this at least.

    Batti: Just want to say I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I should have known that lying bitch Eve was up to something.

    Tyrone: Nah, no need to apologize, hell I barely believed myself. I'm just glad I didn't lose y'all. Without you, none of this would even be possible Batti. You inspired me to create this, to better everything around me, and for that I'll always be grateful.

    Tyrone reaches down and takes her hand in his, lifting it up and kissing it gently as Batti blushes lightly. She leans her head onto his shoulder, Tyrone finishing his cigarette quickly before flicking it away.

    Tyrone: I mean every word I said. I'm truly sorry for even being in that position Batti. Even if I didn't do anything, the fact I found my dumbass in that spot shouldn't have happened. It's not fair to you to be thinking that will come up again. I've caused you to worry about me far too many times.

    Batti: I won't lie to you Tyrone. I'm glad that what she said wasn't true, but finding out you were drinking with her instead of spending time with me, it still hurt.

    Tyrone casts his eyes down, becoming real intrigued at the state of the laces on his boots as Batti closes her eyes. They both go silent for several moments until Batti slowly reaches up and puts her hand under his chin, lifting his head up and kissing him softly.

    Batti: I also know you are trying to turn over a new leaf. Finding the good in people, and so that's what you tried to do. I can't be angry at you for doing that. It's not your fault she really was a conniving witch.

    Tyrone: Eve and I, man she's been pissed off at anyone that's been around for awhile that's got success. I thought since we came from a similar background...maybe that would lead to common ground. I swung too far the other way, and forgot the survival instincts that got me here. Find the middle ground, be cautious yet hopeful right?

    Batti nods her head towards him and smiles widely as she slowly shifts onto his lap, her legs draped over the edge of the truck as she wraps her arms around his neck. Tyrone holds her close to him, taking in her scent as if it were the only thing holding him together.

    Tyrone: Batti, I need you. I can't be fucking around being the drunk idiot that puts himself in bad situations anymore. I drank to drown the sorrows and the pains. I drank to escape whenever I was angry. And then shit goes to hell real quick ya feel me? I thought I had opened my eyes when y'all found me in a god damn alley but old habits keep creeping back up on me. Not anymore. Batti, you're far too god damn important to me than all the whiskey in the world. Even more important than the World Title, if I happen to lose at Kingdom Come, I won't fall down that spiral again because I still got you. I got Jones to crack jokes with, and I got that work here to focus on. Life doesn't end if Kingdom Come doesn't go our way. We can always fight our way back to the top, but there's no replacing you in my life. So what I'm trying to get at, I won't taste another drop of alcohol. None. I won't let it hold power over me ever again. I want my mind to be correct, I want to know that I made the right decisions every night, and that's to end every night by your side in bed with whatever naughty thought that comes into your mind or mine. I wanna be that rock for you just as you are to me. Like I said to everyone, we can lean on each other to make sure we stay upright. The likes of Ramparte, Flex, and Eve, they mean nothing and melt to the wayside when it's the two of us together. I won't ever put that into jeopardy again, this I can promise you.

    Batti gazes into his eyes, listening intently as tears form in her eyes as she wraps her arms tighter around his neck, pulling herself to him. He holds her close, he himself taking a deep breath as Batti slowly pulls away, wiping her tears off her face.

    Batti: You don't know what that means to me Tyrone. The past few weeks have been painful without you there. I'm so sorry I didn't answer your calls, I should have just picked up. I love you, and I was stupid enough to listen to everything Eve was saying. The images she was putting in my head while Flex was busy making it worse, it was too much. I should have just listened.

    Tyrone: Don't blame yourself, you had every right to be mad at me. Like I said, I barely believed what I was saying I had my mental all sorts of fucked up. But it's in the past now Batti, we're together again, and we're not gonna let people break us apart again.

    Batti nods her head, sniffling a bit before she looks up at Tyrone, a slight smile forming on her face.

    Batti: Would it be ok if I still drank on occasion though?

    Tyrone smirks at her and leans in, kissing her once more before, his hands holding her firmly in place as they leaned over the truck's edge.

    Tyrone: By all means baby girl. That just means we finna have far less Uber costs in the budget if I drive every night. Besides, I heard this drink called a Blue Dolphin is pretty damn good.

    Batti can't help but giggle as Tyrone laughs as well. She rests her head on his chest, her smile widening before looking up at him again.

    Batti: Are you worried about Kingdom Come?

    Tyrone: I worry about every event Batti. Despite the bravado, right before I go through that curtain I'm a nervous wreck. I want to perform every night at my best. But that's my trick, if I treat every night like it's Kingdom Come, then everything's on the level. Ain't no further stressing on my part.

    Batti: I get it. I'm excited usually more than anything. I want to put smiles on people's faces when I go out there. And then knock the smile off my opponent in the process.

    Tyrone: And we gon' do exactly that Batti. Eve and Flex ain't got shit on us except pent up sexual frustrations and ego problems.

    Batti tries to contain her laughter but can't as Tyrone joins in with her. He smiles down at her and kisses her lightly and she returns the favor.

    Tyrone: Crazy how shit comes full circle. A year ago I was fighting for a world title shot, and one year later I finally got it. Got tied up in barbed wire, tore down a dictatorship, won the Lethal Lottery, found the perfect girl all along the way, so you know, pretty eventful.

    Batti: Was it all worth it?

    Tyrone looks to the side for a moment before he suddenly scoops her into his arms and hops off the end of the truck, Batti giving a bit of a shocked gasp at the quick movement as Tyrone kisses her deeply before letting her down slowly, the two not letting the passionate moment go until Tyrone slowly pulls away and grins widely.

    Tyrone: You bet your sweet sweet sweet ass it was. I love you Batti, and we ain't gon let this shit get in the way ever again. Now let's go get this done, we got a flight to Spain to catch.

    Batti nods and smiles as they begin the walk to the Community Center, their fingers interlacing tightly together as the scene fades out. It soon returns to inside Camp Nou, the ginormous stadium where Kingdom Come would take place in a few short days. The lights are on, illuminating the partially constructed stage before the camera finds Tyrone sitting up in the stands, his feet stretched out over the seat in front of him. His signature bat rests across one of his legs, and his bandana and hood covering his face and head respectively. He looks all around, taking in the scenery as it was clear over a hundred thousand people would be here.

    Tyrone: Been a long motherfucking year. A long year of struggle, fighting to set things right in WZCW. Corruption bled through the walls, it's sick blood infecting everyone around it. In the end they all rallied around me. Well, everyone except you Eve Taylor. Our precocious World Heavyweight Champion was a supporter of those that held her the fuck down, fearful of her abilities in the ring. While we put up with Justin Cooper and his lackluster title defenses, you squandered what few opportunities they gave you. You came up short in the Gold Rush Tournament. No titles to speak of and an afterthought. And yet, the moment I kicked Banks to the fucking curb, you rose up and finally got your chance at the World Title. And you were victorious, much to the chagrin of my significant other, who despite your best efforts, is still the sexier half of my dynamic duo. Now you get the biggest spotlight, the largest of your career. The Main Event. Another walkway to strut down, your head held high in superiority to those gawking at your beauty, and a man waiting in the ring to knock the fucking ugly out of your personality.

    Tyrone slowly stands up from his chair, spinning his bat around in his hand as he makes his way to the aisle, leaning against the guard rail as he looks down at his wrist for a moment, unstrapping and tightening his gloves.

    Tyrone: It's a shame Eve, that night at the bar I thought we had finally found a common ground to bury the hatchet. Guess you forgot to include in your sob story about your family disowning you is the fact that you didn't try all that hard to get back in touch with them. You were the superior model that made it to the top. They were fucking peasants that you hated with every ounce of your body. There ain't no sob story there, just the story of someone that made it big and said fuck you to what molded her. Why don't you speak the truth about Mikey? Oh that's right, y'all didn't think it would work out with the both of you? Or was it because he made you soft? The story is always the same with you ain't it Eve? Y'all flipped and ran away from Aubrey and Mikey, leaving them out in the cold. We all see why now. Y'all ain't commitment issues, y'all just a selfish bitch. It wasn't because I was your opponent, it was because you hated that Batti and I are doing. Two fighters that love just as fiercely as they kick people's craniums in. Because we got each other, we exposed your ego. All about Eve Taylor, all about that model turned wrestler. Go ahead and try to act like you fucking humble with your bullshit no makeup videos. That was the real you? Nah the real you is what we saw on Ascension. Throwing a god damn fit when shit ain't going your way.

    Tyrone suddenly lifts his legs up and slides down the guard rail, jumping off the barricade onto the field in one fluid motion. He dusts off his jeans as he walks around the chairs set up at ringside. He stops and turns towards the camera, the ring just over his shoulder in the shot.

    Tyrone: So now here we are. Your little plan ruined by those you trusted most. Lost and unsure of what to do now, you ain't got an advantage over me any fucking more. Meanwhile I got my team at full strength. I got their full support, while yours is walking away rather quickly ain't they? Your drinking crew that talked shit about me now seeing maybe I wasn't so god damn bad? Talking ain't gonna get you fucking anywhere now Eve. You can spout all the bullshit you want about me. I hold motherfuckers down. I crowd the spotlight. You god damn right I get that spotlight. Because I ain't sitting here complaining about others getting their shots. They earned them, it makes me work harder to earn mine. Garth Black bested me in Kingdom Come last year and he got his shot. Justin Cooper despite all the shit we talk about him, he won the Lethal Lottery last year. I came up short on both occasions, and so I went back to the lab, I scratched and clawed through an entire year, just to get to this point. I'm not gonna let some petty egotistical narcissist stop me now. But this ain't just for me, this is for making Batti cry. This is for Jones' ba.....Jones' pride. This is for everyone back in Cleveland that's got my back. I'm taking that god damn title home with me, and I'm going to show it to everyone that there's hope. You want your motivation? It's you against the whole god damn world. Because I carry the city of Cleveland on my back. I wave the Hollow Ones flag high, and I fight for the downtrodden to have someone to look up to. The ivory tower fell once on Banks, and I'm acid blasting yours in just a few days.

    Tyrone turns and walks over to the barricade, hopping over it and sliding into the ring. He stands in the center, his eyes closing briefly as he soaks it in. This was his other home, the only other place he felt comfortable. The chaos and destruction over the years flashing through his mind as he spreads his arms out wide, taking a deep breath before lowering his head. He reaches out and pulls the camera in close to his face.

    Tyrone: Character assassination. Sneak attacks. Mind games. In the end the only thing that matters is what happens between these ropes. And between these ropes, I'm the fucking best. Blood, sweat, and fucking tears. Y'all know how it goes. I came from the fucking streets. I've been left dead and forgotten so many times in the past. Like the Ghost of Christmas fucking Past I'm gonna bring out every sin in your life in this ring. The story gets told with each agonizing detail. Each strike, another lie you've told exposed, each submission, an admission of guilt. We finna be in a soccer stadium....football stadium my apologies to Titus, but there ain't gonna be balls being kicked this time around. But my foot gonna find your face like a penalty kick, ain't no flopping allowed in my game. Retribution, revenge, whatever y'all wanna call it, I'm getting it like a red card. And when it's all said and done, that title is coming with me. Quiver your lip, find some fucking sap to cry into their shoulder to, because the rest of us ain't hearing your bullshit anymore. And neither are you, because the last thing you're gonna hear is the sound of that Click.

    Tyrone points his bat towards the camera, holding it up with both arms as if it were a rifle.


    He suddenly shoves the camera around, pointing at the seating with the MES QUE UN CLUB yellow painted seats. Or would be yellow as it reveals a crosshairs symbol painted, covering from the upper section to the lower section.

    With Love,

    The Hollow Ones
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