K.C. IX: Callie Clark © vs Lynx vs Randy Studd vs Wren-Elite Openweight Championship

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday June 19th at 11:59pm PST

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    3 days after Meltdown 150

    It had been just over 36 hours since my match with Callie. Theron and I had continued our discipleship relationship and began meeting at an undisclosed location. One that was unsafe to give out its exact whereabouts. Telling the world could put long-term workers on Theron's team in danger. These meetings were helping me to focus on my inner growth and have hope for a better tomorrow, which was something I had always strived for. Preventing the Apocalypse would logically create the better future that everyone benefits from. Theron never talks about things like this in our meetings though. Even WZCW has been coming up less. It's always about praying to these three deities and him asking me what these deities have been telling me. I'm going to try to see if it's possible to still get the conversations back onto a focus of my WZCW career and how it can improve my in-ring ability. We'll be starting our next meeting soon. More to come.

    5 days after Meltdown 150​

    I had given Becky Serra my notice that I would be unable to compete at Meltdown 151 or Ascension 128. Instead I needed some time away. Time to reflect on my future. I needed what Theron and Josh call "fresh vision". They get this when they pray to their deities. I don't understand what they mean by this. I have 20:20 vision. I see just fine. There's a nice waterfall by the hotel at the undisclosed location we have been meeting at. I took a personal retreat to try to obtain this "fresh vision". The loss to Callie made me doubt myself. This was something I hadn't felt before and I hoped the time away would do me some good.

    10 days after Meltdown 150

    This morning I got an email back from Becky Serra. While my time away was granted, I did still need to make an appearance in a segment on the show. The silver lining was not having to do any promotional statements regarding any matches. My mind was simply not in the right place for it. I wanted to place my focus on Kingdom Come 9, the biggest show of them all. I made preparations to travel to the Meltdown 151 venue so that I could honor what was asked of me. I asked Doreen to find out what my potential opponents for Kingdom Come 9 were doing in the meantime.

    3 days before Meltdown 151

    Received a message from Doreen that my fanmail portal email was getting clogged up due to so many incoming messages that not been answered. I couldn't keep up with it anymore and had also told her to not answer any messages either until I gave the clearance to do so. I had not answered a single message from a fan since losing the title to Callie.

    44 minutes after Meltdown 151

    I had found out that Randy Studd would be joining Callie and myself in our match at Kingdom Come 9. Something seemed off about that. It wasn't just Studd's involvement that irked me. I still didn't feel I was in the right mindset for competing again. That night I opened my inbox, ignoring the 1827 pieces of fanmail still unread, and sent an email to Mr "Get These Hands" from the Talent Relations team to let him know of my concerns. It then hit me that this time I needed to do something different. Something that I hadn't really done before.

    12 days after Meltdown 151

    I had called the members of The Grand Dream together for a meeting. It would have to be a quick one, as I had another one on one discipleship session with Theron that evening. Doreen, Cousin Willy, and Masamune all arrived puncually to my home apartment. None of them said a word until I broke the silence.

    Lynx: You're probably wondering why I called this meeting. Moving forward, I needed something different. A change for the better. Something that even Theron had never done.

    Doreen: She noticed you sound a bit different, Lynx. Come to think of it, Doreen sounds different too. What gives?

    Willy: He's talking in blue instead of red. And Doreen's talking in orange. I've retained my olive color it would seem.

    Doreen: Olive?

    Willy: This color that I'm talkin' in now. This is olive. Blue's a good fit for you, Lynx!

    Lynx: Glad you like it. Enough was enough and it was time for a change. Also, Masamune? You're fired. Your services are no longer needed. Out!

    Masamune nods his head and exits the apartment. He had a look of disappointment, but we all knew it was coming. What followed after that was some planning for what was to come next. Well, Doreen and I planned. Willy mostly just sat there eating a salad. I gave Doreen permission to go ahead and let the fans know about why I had been away and so quiet. The meetings with Theron at the undisclosed site, needing time to find myself, and my genuine concerns. Part of me wondered if I would even make it to Kingdom Come 9.

    4 days later....

    I now knew who all of my opponents at Kingdom Come 9 would be. Callie Clark, Wren, and Randy Studd. The rest of us had an opportunity to win the Elite Openweight Championship and the one who won the match would surely have the bright future we all desired for our own reasons. That night Theron and I met in the jungle at a campfire. We were supposed to meet two days earlier, but I ran into various issues with having to renew my passport (which is always a colossal pain) and sleeping in due to a huge migraine the day after that. I made it at least. That's the important part.

    Theron: Are you scared, Panther?

    Lynx: Of what?

    Theron: Competing at Empire Rally 9.

    Lynx: I want to say no, but the honest answer is I am just not sure right now. About anything. After the loss to Callie I contemplated taking an extended leave of absence.

    Theron: What would you have done if you did leave?

    I struggled to answer that question. My response was the absolute truth.

    Lynx: I have NO idea. Literally the only thing keeping me going was that this is Kingdom Come. The big one. I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to compete there. That was when my confidence came back.

    Theron: What would you say is your goal then?

    Lynx: The purpose of this discipleship relationship you and I have was to help me achieve a higher level of success in WZCW. For you to help me get to where you are, and then to EXCEED that level to heights I never dreamed possible. My goal at Kingdom Come 9 is to do not one, but two things that you never could. First and foremost, you've never won at the event. Secondly, I plan on winning the Elite Openweight Championship back for a second reign. Actually, make that three things because you never held that belt.

    Neither of us speak for a bit. I looked away for a moment, listened to the crackling of the fire, and then looked at Theron.

    Theron: Any thoughts on your opponents? The one currently holding the title has had quite the impressive year.

    Lynx: Callie was the first one I defeated for a championship. She would have been my first retention had I mentally been in the right place. I'm not sure if it was the visit to my childhood friend before the match, or something else, but I wasn't mentally there. I'm going to give it my all at Kingdom Come. Not to mention there's also the odds being against Callie. She doesn't have to get pinned. If I pin Wren or Studd, both of which I have defeated before, then the title is back in my hands.

    Theron: And what of the other two opponents?

    Lynx: Studd shouldn't even be in the match. I could get into technicalities of how his account manager is the same as somebody else in a different match on the card. Kind of like how that one guy handles both my account and your legends contract. How's he doing anyway?

    Theron: Really tired from what I hear. He's about to go overseas with his church for a few weeks and will miss Kingdom Come. He gives his regards.

    Lynx: Anyway, ignoring the technicality.... Studd's got an obstacle much bigger than trying to get a date. This is the Elite Openweight Championship we're after. Wren, Callie, and I are all way out of his league.

    We both laughed about this. I hadn't laughed so hard in a very long time.

    Lynx: Then we have Wren. Remember how she came so close to defeating Titus for the Eurasian Championship? I see something similar happening. She may come close again in our match, but I don't see championship gold in her future. Not this time around anyway. The future of WZCW is me. It's always been. I'll prove it at Kingdom Come 9 when I walk out having regained the Elite Openweight Championship.

    I felt an adrenaline rush after that last statement. Theron had a serious look on his face. Some rustling was heard in the bushes behind us. A figure with a long beard emerged from the bushes. When he got to the campfire we were sitting at, I realized it was Josh Browning. The man I had spent so long searching earlier this year.

    Josh: Did you ask him?

    Theron: Not yet.

    Lynx: Ask me what?

    Theron nodded and Josh walked over beside him, placing a hand on Theron's shoulder.

    Theron: If worse comes to worse, would you join us out here?

    Lynx: As in like.... Missionary work?

    Theron: On a more long-term basis.

    Josh: We have an opening on the team. One of our long-term workers had to return to the states. Lynx, you mentioned contemplating a leave of absence. I reached out to Theron after last year's Kingdom Come when he was going through such a tough time. At least take the time to pray about it. We would love to have you serving on the field with us.

    Lynx: I'll take it into consideration, but I have a championship to win back. When I do regain the title from Callie, I plan on holding it long enough to break Eve's record.

    Theron: Best of luck, Panther.

    Both Theron and Josh left the campfire and I was there all alone. I remained there for almost an hour thinking over the offer that was presented to me. My career in WZCW takes priority over all else. What if I did take them up on it though?

    22 hours, 52 minutes, and 14 seconds before Kingdom Come 9

    I had received word that my only remaining opportunity to make any promotional statements regarding my match before the big event was to do it tonight. I hated feeling rushed. It was either now or never though.

    Lynx: Fans, I apologize for being less available than usual in recent weeks. I've been meeting with my mentor Theron and have not had as much time for social media interaction and these promotional statements. I appreciate how much all of you have followed me up until this point. I had hoped to achieve more success than Theron and even those greater than him. Perhaps one day that can still happen. I can promise you this. At Kingdom Come I will do everything I can to get that title back. It's time for something new and the future of WZCW is the man who came FROM the future. I'll see you at Kingdom Come and hopefully after that I will be in a better state of mind to take this company into a greater tomorrow.
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    Randy Studd’s Guide to Romance Volume 4: Playing the Numbers

    So far we’ve looked at your one on one situations. We’ve played a little negging, we’ve talked about being commitment free, and just as I’ve rolled through the month since the Lethal Lottery like an unstoppable boulder, we’ve seen how my influence has thrown off the faceless, the feckless and the frazzled. I blazed Tiger, I harangued Harald and I low hanged Logan. You see, I’m unstoppable when it comes to a one on one situation, I’ve not found it difficult at all. But the fact of the matter is that just as with the ladies, the situation can get a little trickier.

    The first thing you’ve got to do is survey the scene, look around at the players and pawns in the room. Assess the situation, and try to come up with the best possible outcome.

    Imagine you walk into the bar, there’s two beautiful ladies and a guy who’s a bit of a chump. You’d think that the success would be to walk out with the more attractive of the two women, right? Wrong. This is why you are reading this guide, and I am writing it. The real man goes home with both women and an appletini to go. As luck would have it, I’m facing a similar situation when I get to Kingdom Come. The only difference is the women aren’t that beautiful and the guy is a lot of a chump.

    A lot of people will say to me, ‘Randy, you’re a lover not a fighter’ and frankly, a lot of people would be mistaken. I’m a lover AND a fighter. I’m a romancer and a destroyer. I’m a seducer and an eviscerater. I do what I do all of the time because I’m the best. I can win the match at Kingdom Come by using both of these skills. You see the women will swoon as I swipe at Lynx and there’s nothing they or anyone else can do about it. Powerless to resist, in both senses of the expression.

    Lynx has one things going for him in this match – he shares his name with the finest line of men’s fragrances I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, and I know my female friends would agree. Lynx Africa is the smell of the success in the bedroom. The trouble is, whilst Lynx thinks he’s Marty McFly, he’s really Biff Tannen and the stench of fresh manure accompanies all he does. If you’re from the future, if your timeline is floating, then you know how the outcome of this story ends. I don’t need to be able to see the billions of different timelines that could develop, to know that the outcome in every single one is Lynx in the shit and Studd with the belt. Lynx can then take all the time he needs to reflect on the fact that the real champion is here. It’s the time for heroes, the time for zeroes has passed. Randy Studd is here to save the world from the monotony of Lynx’s metronomy.

    And speaking of boredom, is there anything less exciting than Callie winning the Elite Openweight Championship? She wears it like a badge of honour ‘I’ve won it three times’ but you’re gonna lose it for the third time too. Nobody wants to see the same thing over and over, and yet Callie does it time and again. There’s nothing less sexy than a total lack of ambition. I won two Mayhem titles and then I moved on, try to reach some new pastures. What does Callie do? Stay put. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but Callie Clark is absolutely covered in moss. Plain girls often pretend to be someone else to get a little bit of attention from a guy like me. That’s what cosplay is. It may as well be called display because that’s what she’s doing. Strutting a false impression around like a peacock desperately trying to be interesting. But the lack of ambition is there again. Stick to what you know, Callie, that’s nice and safe that way. What you know, better than anyone else, is how to lose the Elite Openweight championship, and I’ve no doubt we’ll see that again.

    And who else do we have? Wren? Wren may be the person I respect most in this match. Excluding myself. And the referee, ring crew and commentators. But out of the competitors, she’s the one I respect the most. Being my most respected person in this match is an honour as worthy as being the world’s tallest dwarf. Impressively pointless, with little else impressive at all. Wren came through the league, just like me, and she did very well there, just like me. Winning the tournament will set her up well, but obviously not a single smile. A girl like Wren doesn’t give much away, but the way to remedy this is to send ‘ol Randy Studd in to give her something of his own.

    Now we know who’s going to be in the club, it comes down to strategy. What are the moves? The first Usually, Randy Studd says no to dudes, but the first port of call has to be to neutralise any male threat. This has two benefits. One, you can take out the biggest opponent. But the second is that by focusing your efforts on a man, you warm the ladies present to your charms and they will start to fight for your attention amongst themselves, exposing their own weaknesses. So Lynx will be taken out of the equation while I set about working on the girls.

    Setting the girls against each other on a night out will lead to them trying to impress a hot stud like me and this match is no different. Only difference is instead of tying a knot with their tongue on a cherry stalk, they’ll be taking big time risks. Once one of them has taken a risk too many, I’ll take the other one from behind, and be crowned the new champ.

    It’s very simple, I’m a Total Studd. And after this weekend, I’m going to be Elite too.
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    Backstage After Meltdown 151: St James Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

    So, that was a nice surprise. I came out for my match, expecting the haters to hate like usual but instead of booing me, they showed me the respect I deserve, for the first time in forevs, probably since the last time I wrestled in New York, the fans realized my greatness and didn't boo me, they simply applauded, I mean it took long enough. I mean my third time making history and that was the charm to finally getting some respect? But maybe the rest of the world will take after Newcastle, and realize Callie Clark is the hero they need, even if they don't deserve me. Maybe I shouldn't have dreaded coming here after all.

    But the match didn't go as planned, my first match since becoming the record setting three time Elite Champion and it was my chance to prove my dominance before Kingdom Come, but surprise surprise, Kagura choked. Just like she did after cashing in King For A Day. I really should get a clause put in my contract about no tag team matches, after all the only partner I've had since Gabi that wasn't completely useless was Vox, and he was an idiot who drove me nuts! On top of losing the match, I also managed to smash heads with that buffoon Big Bad Roadie, thanks to Keaton pushing me into him. Ugh. I had a headache now from that and went to get some aspirin from the doctor and he couldn't just give me the aspirin, noooo instead he had to check me for a concussion first, and delay me getting out of here! I knew I was fine, but I took his little tests anyway, after all if I was concussed then I guess I'd just have to make my challengers fight it out for the honor of facing me, there could be some benefits to a minor injury like that. But then again I'd much rather have the spotlight on me at the biggest show of the year then on those losers.

    How many fingers am I holding up?

    I rolled my eyes, did he think I was blind now too? I clearly saw he was holding up three fingers.

    Three. The same amount of times I've won the Elite Openweight Championship! Did you know that's more than anybody in history?

    I smirked proudly, I will never not enjoy bragging about that.

    And where are you?

    Newcastle, England, Backstage at Meltdown, talking to an annoying doctor who won't just give me the aspirin I asked for twenty minutes ago!

    I shot him a glare as I made my annoyance clear. He shook his head, probably at my attitude but oh well too bad for him.

    Okay okay you don't have a concussion, here's your aspirin.

    The doctor finally handed me the two aspirin tablets I asked for, and I popped them with a swig of my water bottle. Finally this headache will go away. I stood up, picked up my championship off the table and walked out the door. The next stop on the European tour was the final one, the big one, Barcelona, Spain for Kingdom Come. But I wasn't ready to go there yet, I had a trip home to make first. After all, what would my first Kingdom Come match be without my sister there with me? She might not be able to wrestle anymore, but we started this journey together a year ago and I'll be damned if she's not gonna be able to share a moment with me there.

    Three Days Later: The Clark's Mansion, New York, New York

    I had arrived home last night, and informed Gabi of my plans to bring her to Spain with me, she was thrilled and the travel arrangements were made. First class flights obvi and thankfully, a 5 star hotel this time. After all I needed the best if I was going to be fully prepared for the challenge at Kingdom Come of 3 challengers. But before I worried about anything with Spain, I had to find the absolute perfect cosplay for the biggest show of the year! I had even convinced Gabi to cosplay with me, so I was totes excited to find the perfect outfit. I was digging through my closet as Gabi walked into my room.

    Still can't find anything?

    I turned around to look at her.

    Ugh I can, but I need something totes amazeballs I mean this is Kingdom Come! I need to go all out! I need to look great! I can't let anybody have better gear than me after all. Plus I've been stuck on if we're doing matching cosplays, different cosplays but from the same thing or just whatever. I need to figure this out so I know if I need Bates to get me something or if I have everything.

    Gabi laughed a bit as she sat down on my bed.

    Girl please you could wrestle in a trash bag and you'd still look better than the rest of the roster. And I'll go with whatever you wanna do for cosplays, after all this is your moment.

    We both laughed, she wasn't wrong. I mean have you looked around the locker room lately? There's a whole lot of uggos back there.

    Okay true, but I'm not wrestling in a trash bag, and I still need to leave everybody in awe, like more than usual. But if I'm deciding the cosplays...

    I walked into the walk in closet, and came out a minute later with two costumes.

    Let's be a couple Guardians of the Galaxy, you can be Mantis and I'll be Gamora. After all, I'm pretty sure the title of "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy" isn't far off for me.

    I grinned, as Gabi nodded in approval.

    Oh that's a great idea sis! Plus how handy would that sword be in your match? After all it is a fatal four way, and you have to take advantage of that.

    I nodded as I put the Mantis costume down on the bed next to Gabi, then picked up the sword and swung it lightly.

    Yeah this could be handy, even if I can't exactly go cutting people's arms off like their Groot.

    I chuckled.

    I'm not a big one on weapons, but I'd rather not get too close to that sleaze ball Randy Studd, so you know hitting him with this could be a good way to take care of him. Plus my opponents are obviously gonna know I'm their biggest threat, if they try to gang up on me I need an equalizer!

    Good thinking, better to be prepared just in case. So now that that's taken care of, wanna go get a coffee?

    Do you even have to ask? Have I ever said no to that question?

    Gabi laughed.

    Sorry, forgot who I was talking to. Let's go then.

    Later That Day: A Starbucks In New York

    We had arrived at our favorite Starbucks in the city, and I was in desperate need of a recharge after the busy day I had getting things ready for Kingdom Come. Gabi had just placed her order and it was my turn, I noticed there was a new guy behind the counter, and decided to test him with my favorite order. After all, what better way to break in the new guy then with a complicated order?

    I'll have a Venti no foam six shot half-caf no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at two hundred and ten degrees.

    I saw the confused look on the barista's face as he tried to process what I just ordered, why does this place continue to hire stupid people?

    You know that's really hot right? Like two degrees below boiling? And I don't think we have pumpkin spice until the fall...

    Ughhh! Does it look like I care? Find a way to make it happen, even if you have to find the nearest pumpkin patch and make the spice yourself!

    That's not how....

    I raised my hand and cut him off, who does he think he is talking back to me!?

    I'm sorry did I enter an alternate universe where this coffee house does not posses the technology to heat my favorite drink to the temperature I want?!


    Does your job description entail arguing with the customer and delaying the moment where they get the sweet satisfaction of the nutmeggy amazingness of their favorite drink the one time they are in town!? I know the manager saves pumpkin spice just for me! Now get back there, find it, and make it!

    I shot him a glare, as he shrugged and walked away. Finally he was going to make my drink. As he went to make the drinks for Gabi and I, I turned to Gabi.

    Ugh I hate dealing with newbs here.

    You're telling me, this is like the fifth new person they've had in the last couple months. Maybe if they learned to hire intelligent people I wouldn't have to keep getting them fired!

    I laughed as the barista brought the coffees over, Gabi took hers and walked away, I grabbed mine.

    Thank you coffee donkey! Now, was that so hard?

    I shook my head and took a sip of my coffee, and instantly spit it out and tossed the cup in the trash.

    It's too hot, you burned it! Good job donkey!

    I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

    Manager! Manager!

    An Hour Later:

    After waiting for the manager to make my latte correctly, Gabi and I left to head to our mani pedi appointment, it was the perfect thing to destress me before my big match, along with my Swedish massage scheduled for tomorrow. As we arrived, and instantly got taken back, obvi. We took our seats in the chairs and continued our conversation from earlier.

    So Callie, what do you know about Wren and Randy Studd anyway? I know you know Lynx well, after all you've faced him enough and beat him multiple times. But it's been a long time since you faced Wren, surely she's improved since then. And you only mentioned Studd being creepy, which is true, but not enough to go off of for facing him.

    I thought about it, she was right. It's been awhile since I faced Wren and since then she challenged Titus for his championship, and won her block to get into this match, and the Wren I faced months ago surely wouldn't be good enough to get through as many people as she did. But what did she change? She's still a coward hiding behind a mask, she still hasn't learned to speak, and from what I've seen she hasn't changed her in ring style. Maybe it was just a matter of more experience. Maybe she developed a mean streak I haven't noticed? Whatever it is, I can't see it being enough, after all her best trait is her agility, and no doubt I can match her just fine there.

    Then there's Randy Studd, sure he's a creepy bastard, but he knows it, embraces it and uses it to his advantage. But what's under the creepy outside? Does he secretly have no self confidence? Is he the way he is as an excuse for why he can't get women? I don't know but I see past his persona and see him for the danger to my championship he is.

    Well I can't think of anything different with Wren, she's still a mute coward hiding her face behind a mask, and still can't win when there's gold on the line. But Studd is a former Mayhem Champion, this four way match could play right into his hands. He can use weapons and turn it into a Mayhem Match, which he's been in more than any of us.

    Yeah but you went through a Mayhem Match with Matt freaking Tastic! And you almost beat him in it too! I think you could handle yourself just fine when it comes to weapons sis.

    Well of course.

    I did a little hair flip in my seat.

    But it doesn't mean it's to my advantage for that to happen.

    Gabi nodded in agreement.

    What about that little nerd Lynx? You and I both know he's gonna come after you in the match. After all he knows it was a fluke when he beat you originally.

    Oh please, I'm not worried about that little pest. I'm going to exterminate him once and for all on the biggest show of the year.

    I grinned proudly.

    I mean his mentor is Theron Daggershield, you know what he's famous for doing at Kingdom Come? Losing. Plus he was a bigger dork than Lynx is, I mean he lived in some fantasy world for christs sake!

    I shook my head in disgust.

    I'm sick of talking about Lynx, after Kingdom Come I hope I never have to see him or talk about him ever again. He took my championship once, but I won't let it happen again. The title means more to me than it ever possibly could to him.

    Besides the fact you're a much better champion than he was, you're an honorable champion, he's a coward who ducked you as long as he possibly could. I'm still surprised he didn't attempt to get disqualified or counted out to avoid you beating him.

    I don't think he's smart enough to think of doing something like that. Not that I would have allowed that anyway.

    I laughed and we continued our conversation for awhile longer while getting our nails done. I went with green, figured it would work well for my cosplay at Kingdom Come. Plus it matched the envy that all of my opponents have for the fact they aren't the champion, and never will be as long as I'm holding it, or in Lynx's case never will be again. It was a perfect way to destress from the long day of planning for Kingdom Come, and now we were ready for heading to Spain in a couple days.

    Two Days Before Kingdom Come: Callie and Gabi's Hotel Room, Barcelona, Spain

    Gabi and I had been in Spain for a few days now, and had done a little sight seeing, but had decided to talk to our fans before Kingdom Come now that we had a day with nothing planned. We posted a half hour ago about going live on Instagram to make sure our fans would know to tune in, and now we had just gone live, and of course there was already a couple hundred fans tuning in within a matter of a minute.

    Hellllo everybody, I know for some of you it's a weird time, but thanks for tuning in. In two days my sister and your Elite Queen, Callie is gonna be in the biggest match of her career yet when she defends her Elite Openweight Championship against Lynx, Randy Studd and Wren.

    And I figured before I did that I would talk to you guys and get some questions from you. But keep in mind if you ask stupid questions you'll get ignored, and later blocked! So let's get those questions rolling in!

    I flashed my million dollar smile at the camera, as did Gabi. While we waited for questions to roll in, I reached over to pet Sid, who was sleeping on the other side of the bed. Finally some questions we're rolling in, and I found a good one to answer.

    First off, great username.

    I gave a thumbs up to the camera and a little wink.

    Second, IF I lose, and that's a big if, of course I would break my own record and become a 4 time Elite Openweight Champion! Without me, this title is worthless.

    I held up my championship to the camera.

    I made this title into something worth fighting for, I broke the curse on it, I made headlines with this title! Because of me, the Elite Championship is prestigious once again and finally I'm getting the respect I deserve for it. But will I lose this title? Nope, not happening.

    I laughed and looked back at the screen for the next question.

    Ohh here's a good one Gabi, someone wants to know who we're cosplaying as for Kingdom Come, do you think we should tell them?

    Gabi shook her head.

    Nahhh why should we ruin the surprise? Even for our fans we can't give away the surprise ahead of time.

    Good thinking, but let's just say it's...out of this world.

    I winked at the camera and moved onto the next question, finding one that interested me to answer.

    That was a good one, most think this is just an accessory to me, but it isn't. I picked up my championship and placed it on my shoulder.

    What does this Elite Championship mean to me? It means I'm one of the very best this company has to offer, it means I can look down at all the haters who say I have no talent, and tell them to suck it. This championship is proof that I busted my ass to get to this point, and the fact I've won it 3 times, which by the way is more than ANYBODY has won it, means I'm just that much better than my competition. Batti and Matt Tastic both tried to stop me, I vanquished both of them, and where are they now? Batti's off having relationship drama and fighting her ex boyfriends, ex tag team partner in a totes irrelevant match, and Tastic? I scared him so much he didn't even want his rematch! Instead he's off having a reunion with that fat nerd Stormrage in a pointless tag match! From day one everybody doubted me and said I'd never amount to anything, but winning this baby three times proved them wrong. But you know what tops all of that? Beating 3 challengers at once at Kingdom Come. Let's move onto the next question, which by the way is going to be the last one.

    I looked back at the screen as the questions once again came rolling in, but before I could pick one, Gabi pointed one out to me as I was putting my championship back down on the pillow next to me.

    Look at this one sis.

    Think that's okay to reveal?

    I thought about it quickly, on one hand I could risk my opponents knowing why I'll beat them, but then I realized my advantage is something they can't make up for.

    Yup, because I have one key advantage, I'm smarter than all of them. Lynx is a crazy person who thinks he's from the future, Studd is too focused on being a womanizing pig, Wren is too worried about being honorable, and I could distract her in a second by ripping that stupid mask right off her ugly face!

    I chuckled, as did Gabi.

    I know when to run, I know when to stand and fight, and I know just what to do to get inside the head of my opponents. I'm not the biggest person in any match, I'm not the strongest person in any match, but I'm always the smartest. And brains beat brawn every single time.

    I winked and smirked at the camera.

    You need smarts to succeed around here, that's why Studd could only win that barbaric Mayhem Championship, which he lost just as quick as he won it, not once but twice. That's why Wren isn't nearly as successful as me and why Lynx only has that one fluke win over me. At Kingdom Come, I'm gonna use my smarts and my natural god given ability to beat all three of my challengers, and send them to the back of the line. If you come for the Elite Queen, you best bring your A+ game, because if you don't, the queen takes your head.

    I smirked and held up my championship to the camera, posing for a moment for my loyal followers, giving them their new phone wallpapers and profile picture for their fan accounts. Gabi and I continued our Instagram live chat for awhile longer, but nothing else of note was talked about. I had done everything I could to prepare for the biggest match of my life, and I was as prepared as I ever was gonna be. Deep down, I wasn't sure if I was going to win, it wasn't going to be easy, but if they wanna take my championship, take my baby away from me, they're gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
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    Doctor’s office.

    “Finally you decided to turn up.”

    The doc sounded so happy to see me. I couldn’t tell if she was genuinely happy or it was just another ruse. I can never tell with happy people.

    “You sounded distressed the last time and wanted medication, but as you know, without actually checking you, I can’t prescribe any.”

    The voices had become louder. I couldn’t take them anymore. They kept piercing through my brain, like a drill through a cardboard box. It was too much to handle. This was the only way.

    “So, tell me everything you want to.”

    “Can I really trust you?”

    “Patient doctor confidentiality is a thing. I won’t tell anybody.”

    My question was more to myself. Can I trust myself with this? I’m on edge and this is the tipping point.


    Camp Nou, Barcelona

    The grand empty arena. Home to FC Barcelona. Home to some of the biggest football stars of all time. Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, some of the biggest names to ever grace the football pitch. And now it’ll host the biggest wrestling show on this planet: Kingdom Come. More importantly, it is going to host me. Leon is supposed to see me here for yet another interview before the grand event, but he’s nowhere to be seen.


    I look behind. It’s Stacey Madison.

    “Stacey? Where’s Leon?”

    “Well, he has some personal business to attend to, but it doesn’t mean the scheduled interview will be put off. I will take care of it. Are you ready?”

    “Yes. I’m always ready.”

    “See, I’m not going to ask you where Wren is. I know she doesn’t do interviews at all these days. But I have to say, I kinda like the new Wren. She is feisty.”

    “She is much more than just feisty. She is your future Elite Openweight Champion.”

    I ask her to sit beside me. From our vantage point, we can see the whole arena bathed in the twilight sun as workers beneath continue to work and get the whole stadium set up for the event.

    “Isn’t this stadium wonderful?”

    “It is. Do you like soccer?”

    “No. I can’t say I do.”

    “You know, this is the home of the La Liga Champions. They did the double this season. So fitting! The champion’s stadium will see another champ being crowned.”

    “How are so sure about this?”

    “I wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for the kinds of opponents Wren’s fighting. Look at them. Every single of them is pathetic.”

    “That’s easy to say. I personally think Callie Clark is a wonderful champion. Wren can’t simply take that title away from her without a fight, not to mention the other two men.”

    “Why don’t you and I take a walk down the aisle?”


    “So tell me why you are stressed out.”

    Should I really tell her? I do need the prescription.

    “I… I…”

    “I understand it’s not easy to talk about these things, but consider me your friend.”

    I was never going to consider her my friend, but whatever the hell it takes for me to get what I want.

    “I hear voices in my head.”

    “I see. For how long has this been happening?”

    “Since my friend died. She was very close to me.”


    There she was again.

    “Hmm… Do have a history of taking antidepressants?”

    “No, actually I haven’t needed them for well over a year. But ever since the incident, I keep hearing her. It’s like she’s always listening in, always watching me. I can’t sleep, I can’t stay awake. When I’m not working, I’m completely useless.”

    “I see. Why don’t you tell me what happened?”

    “She died in my arms. She was stabbed, and she died in my arms.”

    “Why don’t you tell her who stabbed her?”

    “See? I can still hear her talking to me.”

    The doctor looked at me nonchalantly.

    “It can be very difficult to come out like that and talk about the stuff you’ve been through. Thank you for telling me all of this. I need to run, but we’ll do this again next week.”

    No! Not next week. I needed my meds now! I try to stay calm.

    “See, doc, the thing is, I have a very important piece of business to attend to next week, and I need my meds before that. Please do me a favor this once. Just write me that prescription.”

    “Gale, I know how difficult this is. But honestly, without any prior medical records, I need to assess you fully before I can prescribe anything.”


    I shriek in a moment of desperation.

    “I don’t think you get the gravity of this situation. I need this, and if I don’t get it, I’ll be screwed. You told me to consider you my friend. As a friend who’s in need of help, please write that prescription to me.”

    “I’m sorry. I just can’t do it.”

    She got up to leave. Just as she started walking, I grabbed her hand from behind.

    “I… am… begging… you. Don’t leave me like this.” I was down on my knees, tears rolling down. She turned, and held me by the shoulders.

    “I’m doing this for your own good. Trust me.”

    She left. And I was left hanging, again.

    “Well, well, well! Seems like we’re going to be together for a while.”


    The ring has already been tied and prepared. The workers around us continue to prep the area for more ring side seating. I stand with Stacey in the middle of the ring.

    “You didn’t speak a single word through our walk down the aisle. Do you even have anything to say about your opponents?”

    “Stacey, don’t you ever just stop and soak in everything around you? You should be in awe! This is the place for the champions, and Wren is going to be one very soon.”

    “How do you even know that? She has three competitors, everyone gunning for the same prize. As much as you like doing these interviews in the ring, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.”

    “I don’t think you get it. These opponents you talk of, every single of them is a pretender. They are caricatures of the world we live in. Superficial, devoid of any substance.”

    “What are you even talking about?”

    “You see Stacey. These people you see, your Lynxs and your Randys and Callies, they love to show off.”

    “And Wren doesn’t? You think she is above all of these?”

    “She doesn’t show off. She doesn’t need to. For starters she wears a veil because she believes in substance over looks. I mean look at this Randy guy. Why was he in this tournament? Why is he even in wrestling business to begin with? Look at everything he does and tell me if it isn’t cringe worthy.”

    “But he still is a former Mayhem champion. Just like you he won the Meltdown group to get here.”

    I look away from her to try and hide my mild laughter.

    “Yes, but this isn’t the Mayhem championship and this isn’t Meltdown, is it? He isn’t fighting rookies here, is he?”

    “May be. What about Lynx? As much as I hate his whole persona, he is a former Elite Openweight Champion.”

    “Ah Lynx! The fan favorite. The righteous Lynx. The same man who was so devastated by his loss to Callie that he didn’t even compete at the next Meltdown. He wouldn’t even be in this match if it wasn’t for the stupid rematch clause. He should go back to whatever time he believes he belongs to. How does WZCW even find these guys? Time travelers, board game players, politicians, movie stars, cosplayers, these people have no business in the ring. Yet, here they are.”

    “I kind of agree. Speaking of cosplayers…”

    “Oh Yes, Callie Clark. 3 time Elite Openweight Champion, and the would-be three time Elite Openweight loser. I’m kind of glad she’s the champion.”

    “Are you?”

    “Absolutely. I mean, as baffling this is, a frail little cosplayer being the champion is the best thing that could’ve happened to Wren. Of all the pretenders, she is the biggest one. And she is so small. I actually have an advice for Callie. Would you pass it on to her?”

    “Uh.. Okay?”

    “Thanks! Hey Callie, why don’t you leave WZCW just like your sister because she couldn’t take it anymore? I know you want to. You can insta all you want from your little mansion. Hell, may be I’ll follow you if you do just that. But the harsher truth that you need to realize is when you get in the ring, you aren’t going to meet the self-righteous, honorable Wren that anybody could push around. You’re going to meet a ruthless killer who single handedly destroyed Vee’s career in last few weeks, so much so that he no longer even exists in this dimension. I’d like you to Insta, tweet and post the moment you lose the Elite Openweight championship to Wren. In 24 hours, your time’s up.”

    “Woah! That is some…”

    My phone distracts both of us. I see a message… from Horigoshi.

    “You not only disrespect me, but Horigoshi?”

    I close my eyes as if it’ll hide me.

    “You do not exist.”


    “Nothing. It seems we’re all set for the show.”

    I can still hear her in the back of my head. The more I ignore her, the more she bores a hole in me. But I’m not going to let her take this away from me. Not this time. Meds or not, I can fight her. And I can fight everyone else who stands in my way. I can and will be Elite Openweight Champion.


    Unknown place

    “She hasn’t moved ever since you’ve brought her here. She hasn’t shown any signs of recovery. Why do you even insist on this?”

    “Because… I have faith.”
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