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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by ramblinroy682, Jan 6, 2017.

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    So, Jeff Hardy was my boy. I'm from North Carolina and I watched him in Omega. I watched him through college when he was wrestling in SCW as Willow and with his brother. Watched them go to WWE as youngsters. Followed them through the ladder matches and fighting off the demons later on. Super excited when Jeff came to TNA originally.

    I always thought Jeff was the more talented Hardy. Had more Charisma in the ring than Matt. Obviously, talking was never a strong point for really either of the Hardy's. Until, now with the Broken Matt character. Matt seems to be oozing charisma and his broken brilliance seems to be the vessel in which Matt Hardy can be truly comfortable in his own skin. I don't love the Final Deletion stuff filmed at their house. It's just not my cup of tea.

    With all that said, I find Jeff Hardy as a willing Brother Nero terrible. His acting is horrible. He seems to have one tone and it comes across as the same Jeff Hardy who weirdly screams creatures to the crowd. I cannot see a difference between how he talks now and what he was before.

    Am I the only one who feels like Jeff shouldn't be a broken hardy? Jeff just needs to be Jeff. Does anyone else feel like Matt's character is coming across naturally, but Jeff seems extremely forced? Thoughts?
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    I feel he does need to be Brother Nero. It gives him direction and a better character he can portray. He is usually himself so this has been nice to watch. He seems to be very creative and I have to say, the coats that the Broken Hardy's wear are really badass.
  3. The Samoan Heritage

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    It seems like Matt comes up with all the ideas and Jeff just goes along with them.
    If you notice, there's a difference between how Jeff has played other characters in the past that he's created like Immortal/Willow/itchweeed vs how he has portrayed broken Nero.
    As broken Nero he seems to just be there, he really doesn't do or add anything to Matt's "broken brilliance". I could understand Jeff's character being quiet and reserved after Matt took the Hardy brand name from him, but he's since gave it back, and Jeff's character is still just a side piece.
    With the "new direction" TNA is taking, Jeff is needed much more than brother Nero, so I would love to see Jeff break away from Matt and go his own route. Matt is doing such an awesome job, that broken Nero is not needed for his continued success.
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    I don't think we'll see The Hardys stay together for the majority of 2017. Most likely they will begin to focus on singles competition in the near future. There's only been one Impact and a One night only since Matt "gave" Jeff back his identity. We'll likely see Jeff play a mixture of his Broken character and himself, which is organic character development.

    I can't imagine Jeff fans really appreciate him playing second fiddle. That's what this is, but it's not negative, he's putting over Matt's character. The older Hardy has struggled to really connect over the years, a struggle that lead him down a similar path at Jeff when it comes to outside the ring activities.

    Why wouldn't he want to help get Matt over? It's not permanent. I can't imagine they'll stay together after this tag title run. Hopefully they stay in Impact, but they're way too popular to stay away from the world title scene.

    I wouldn't be surprised if both Hardys were world champions this year, though hopefully not feuding with each other again - it's been done.
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    I like this Jeff Hardy. He hasn't really changed his character his entire career and this is fun to watch. It helps get Matt over, it gives him something new to do.

    All in all like others have said I don't see it going to much longer past this tag title run but it's been fun to watch while it's lasted.
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    The thing is that I feel like matt cames up with this idea and jeff is just costing along until his contract ends so that he can try and get a better deal from wwe.

    Jeff has always said, if the right deal came along, he would love to end his career in wwe and this could be just that.
  7. stingray11214

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    This is the best work of Hardy Boyz career. Matt and Jeff probably have a permanent home in TNA if they want it. As for Jeff coasting long: Negative. I think he sees what will happen to him if he goes back to WWE. He will be little more than a "Jobber to the Stars". He can handle the short stuff in TNA, and go around the country doing Indy shows for $10-15K a pop. Neither one will give that up.
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    I have been loving Jeff Hardy since long. Never thought that Matt is as talented in the ring as Jeff is. On mic, they both were mostly par. Jeff used to be more interesting Hardy.

    Now it's all opposite. Matt is the one in the front. He's the one who is an original Broken character, not Jeff. Jeff, as mentioned already, is playing second fiddle to Matt Hardy. That too for the first time. He's being overshadowed by Matt.

    That's not to say that it's ridiculous. Matt is the best Matt I have ever seen. He was never interesting for me but now is. So, playing the second fiddle to an interesting character isn't that bad.

    Of course, I'll prefer the other Jeff Hardy over this one.

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