How to rebook WWE from WM 27 to WM 28

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    The WWE had a few periods in 2011 with 3 stars that were their main focus to get to the top (with a 4th and 5th ones coming in the end of the year) and they were: Wade Barrett & Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus & Daniel Bryan and of course CM Punk.

    My question to you is how would you rebook one of this competitors in 2011 in order to have all of them in a good upper mid-card or main event spot on the way to Wrestle Mania 28.

    I would book Cm Punk out of those five man. Also keep thinking that at the time you need to elevate the other 4 man that you won't pick so don't overpush the one that you book more than he needed.

    Cm Punk:

    First of all there will be no New Nexus crap and that would be explained in the Wade Barrett section as Punk would enter 2011 in a world title feud with Edge (Punk wins the title at Summer Slam from Edge and puts him out of action until after Bragging Rights- meanwhile he is feuding with The Undertaker and Kane. At Survivor Series Team Edge defeats Team Punk with Edge pinning Punk for the win. At TLC Punk loses the title to Edge in a TLC match only to have The Miz cash in the MITB contract on Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship).Then Punk faced Edge on the first Raw of 2011 in a match to determinate the No.1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble with the loser entering in the No.1 Spot in the Rumble match. Punk lost in a hard fought 20 minute match to enter the rumble.

    Royal Rumble - He entered the Royal Rumble match in the No.1 spot lasting all the way into the final 2 until he was eliminated by a returning John Cena (who entered in the #11 spot).

    Over The Limit (Replacing Elimination Chamber) - Punk was a part of a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match to determinate the No.1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Mania a match that also featured John Morrison & Randy Orton & Edge. Orton was eliminated by Punk first in the match only to viciously attack Punk from behind with a Steel Chair and put him threw the announcers table with a RKO allowing Morrison to pin him and eliminate him from the match. (Then Christian who returned to be in Edge's corner for the match betrayled him allowing Morrison to win the match and go on to face The Miz for the WHC title at Wrestle Mania).

    Wrestle Mania 27 - Punk and Orton faced off with Punk winning the match after he hit him with a chair shot to the head when the ref was down and winning the match.

    Extreme Rules - Punk and Orton have a rematch in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with Punk going over. During the match (which was the first on the card) the two man dissapeared into a car (like with Ambrose and Harper this year) only with a footage of them fighting in a different place on Tampa (ER host) all over the night until right before the WWE Championship main event when Punk threw Orton right threw the window car and GTS'd him on the top of it to pin him.

    No Way Out - Punk and Orton's feud was ending at NWO which would be a PPV with a similar concept to TNA's Lockdown with every match inside a Steel Cage. Orton defeats Punk clean (finally).

    Capitol Punishtment - Punk was off on this PPV only to attack John Cena in the end of his WWE Championship main event match with Christian. Then he taunted Cena and walked out.

    * The next night on Raw Punk won a Triple Threat No.1 Contenders match for the WWE title at KOTR by defeating Del Rio and Mysterio.

    King Of The Ring (replacing MITB) - The same exact thing that happened at MITB 11' between Cena and Punk. KEEP IT THE SAME.

    * Then Punk walked out and the next time that we saw him was at Vengeance 2011.Meanwhile an Elimination Chamber match for the Vacant title was booked for Summer Slam which was won by Rey Mysterio. At night of champions Rey retained the title against Cena only to lose it to him in a Hell In A Cell match at HIAC. During that time Punk really defended the WWE title in other promotions like ROH & NJPW against their respective world champions at the time - Davey Richards & Hiroshi Tanahashi. He also faced in some of their top talents in dream indy matches with the title on the line - for example against the likes of Minoru Suzuki & Tesuyta Naito & Keiji Mutoh (in NJPW) & Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin & Jimmy Jacobs (in ROH).
    He will also appear on 2 big PPV's: For NJPW he will succesfully defend his title against Justin Thunder Liger at Wrestle Kingdom 6 & will co-headline Ring Of Honor Death Before Dishonor 9 against El Generico.

    Vengeance - The show ended with Cena retaining the championship against Mysterio & Sheamus & Christian in a Fatal 4 Way Match only to have cult of personality start playing and Punk was standing on the ramp taunting Cena with his title.

    *The next night on Raw it was decided by Vince McMahon that the 2 will face off at Survivor Series in a Ladder Champion vs Champion Match to unify both titles into the Undisputed WWE Championship. Then they had another contract signing between Cm Punk and the WWE (like they had on the July 11th episode of Raw - even though this will still happen as it was an awesome thing). Punk signed a one match contract with the WWE at Survivor Series but then it was said that if he loses he will be gone but if he wins he gets an Iron Claud contract with a check bigger then Cena's. Then the week after that Vince announced that the referee in the match will be non other then The Rock (by the way HHH won't be able to be the referee like at Summer Slam 11' as he will be a part of a Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match facing Team Barrett - I took his Vengeance appearence in a wrestling match and put it at SS).

    Survivor Series - Punk wins the title clean then The Rock hit the Rock Bottom on Cena only to get GTS'd by Punk to end the show.

    Armageddon (replacing TLC) - At Armageddon Punk retains the title against Cena and Wade Barrett in a Triple Threat match by pinning Cena who was distracted by Kane (like in the Slammy Awards Raw in reality).

    Royal Rumble - Punk continued his feud with Wade Barrett (and it was revealed that during The Nexus's days Punk was the one who brought the idea of the Nexus to Barrett and was the mastermind of Barrett). In the match Punk retained the title against Barrett in a hard fought 20 minute match. (Barrett was out due to an injury after ER 12' but he will be scheduled to win MITB at WM 28 in my booking if he wouldn't have been injured so I do not devalue or depush him in this feud).

    Elimination Chamber 2012 - Punk succesfully defended his WWE title in a chamber match against John Cena & Kane & Zack Ryder & Wade Barrett & Chris Jericho by last eliminating Jericho to retain the title.

    Wrestle Mania 28 - Punk vs Jericho. KEEP THE SAME with the exception of this match being a No Disqualification No Count Out Match.
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    Wow, you should work for WWE. I love almost everything about the way you booked CM Punk.
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    Wade Barrett:

    Barrett enteres 2011 as the WWE Champion as he won the title in the Six Pac Challenge Elimination Match at Night Of Champions 2010. He (and the Nexus) injured Cena in the end of the match - giving him a broken neck (kayfabe) and he is out for the rest of 2010. Then he feuded with John Morrrison & Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio for the title until the end of 2010.

    Royal Rumble - Barrett entered 2011 as the WWE Champion feuding with Randy Orton. He defeated Orton in a Steel Cage Match in the 2011 Royal Rumble with the stipulation that if anyone intereferes he will be fired from WWE. Barrett won the match CLEAN (allowing Barrett to get some legitimacy and not only retain the title with the Nexus's help) but after the match Nexus came out and destroyed Orton.On the main event thirty (not fourty) Royal Rumble match won by a returning John Cena (more information in the Cm Punk rebook).

    * On the night after the Royal Rumble Cena announced that he is going after Wade Barrett and his WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania (after a segment like the one Taker had after he won the RR in 07' with both WWE Champ Barrett and WHC champ The Miz in the ring for Cena's decision). Then he attacked Barrett and ran away from the Nexus. Important Note: By that moment Cena and Barrett never squared off in a match (as in both HIAC 10' and TLC 10' Cena is off TV in my booking - unlike in reality when he faced Barrett).

    Over The Limit - The Nexus (Barrett & Otunga & Gabriel & Slater & Ryan) faced Team WWE (Cena & Bryan & Kingston & Santino & Kozlov) in a Ten Man Tag Team Match where the winning team's captain will choose the stipulation for their match at Wrestle Mania.

    *The next night on Raw Cena chooses the stipulation to be a Hell In A Cell Match. Then outcomes The Rock (who was already announced as the host of WrestleMania) and announced himself as the special guest referee for the match. In the weeks leading to the match more and more Nexus members decided to leave it so at WM Barrett is really alone.

    WrestleMania 27 - As you can predict Cena wins the title here. After the match The Rock Rock Bottoms Cena and when you think that the show is over Barrett gets up out of no where - hits Rock with a chair and Wastelands him to finish the show.

    Extreme Rules - At Extreme Rules Barrett faced Cena in a Last Man Standing Match. He lost the match as a result of interference by the former Nexus members led by Otunga who laid him out allowing Cena to retain.

    No Way Out - Barrett faced David Otunga in a Steel Cage Match with Barrett winning Clean and taunting the rest of the Nexus members.

    Capitol Punishtment - Barrett teamed up with Husky Harris \ Michael McGillicutty and Ezekiel Jackson to face Otunga \ Gabriel \ Slater and Ryan in a. Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match with all Barrett's partners eliminated early he was in a 3 on 1 situation against Otunga \ Gabriel and Ryan. He eliminated all three man to win the match and then light up all of their Nexus armbands.

    King Of The Ring - Barrett won the 16 man King Of The Ring tournament by last defeating Daniel Bryan in the finals of the tournament.

    *In the weeks after KOTR Barrett taunted HHH to be the real King Of Kings - so on and so forth. HHH told him to prove himself and challenged him to a match at Summer Slam with the stipulation that the loser must obey to all commands from the winner for the next 60 days and if he doesn't do as order he will be sent to jail until the end of this time period.

    Summer Slam - Barrett pins HHH in the middle of the ring after Barrett hit HHH with his sledghammer when the referee was laid out.

    * In the 2 months that Barrett was HHH's boss he did horrible things to him and his family each and every week. For example: He forced HHH to attack Road Dogg with a sledghammer : he forced HHH to break his girl's computer : he forced him to have a Wade Barrett Show instead of Raw : he forced Stephanie to kiss him otherwise HHH will be sent to jail as a result of the stipulation.

    Night Of Champions - Barrett forced HHH to put him in an anything goes match against Stephanie McMahon with HHH tied to the ring post. Barrett destroyes Stephanie and pins her for the win. Then he turns to HHH hits him with several sledghammer shots and almost breaks his leg after hitting it with the steel steps. Then when HHH was strechered out of the building Barrett caught him and powerbombed him off the stage threw 2 tables thus breaking his neck.

    *HHH was absent until 2 weeks after Vengeance.During that time Barrett continued his reign of terror on the McMahon-Helmsley family. Then Kevin Nash made his WWE return and challenged Barrett to a match at Hell In A Cell.

    Hell In A Cell - The match between Barrett and Nash never began as the two brawled out of the arena and the brawl ended with Nash getting help from Sean Waltman & Billy Gunn & Road Dogg who all helped to beat down Barrett.

    Vengeance - Barrett faced Nash in a San Antonio Street Fight here (Very similar style to Piper vs Goldust from WM 12). Barrett won the match with a jacknife powerbomb and a wasteland on Nash in the middle of SA. After the match HHH was live on the titantron in the arena saying that today the time period is over and next week on Raw he is coming to get Barrett but until then (as his booking powers are back) they will face in a traditional survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match at Survivor Series with Team Barrett vs Team HHH to end it all.

    *In the weeks leading to SS Kevin Nash turned heel after he joined Barrett's team after Barrett offered him 100 thousand dollars if he will survive in the match at Survivor Series.

    Survivor Series - Team Barrett (Barrett & Rhodes & The Awesome Truth & Kevin Nash) lost to Team HHH (HHH & Randy Orton & Big Show & Bryan & Alex Riley) with HHH last eliminating Barrett to win the match.

    Armageddon (replacing TLC) - After the end of his feud with HHH - Barrett went on to challenge Cm Punk in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship (with Cena as the 3rd man). Punk retained by pinning Cena.

    Royal Rumble - Barrett faced Punk for the title (more information on their feud in the Cm Punk rebook that I already uploaded). Punk barely defeats Barrett and retained the title.

    Elimination Chamber - At Elimination Chamber Barrett won a Battle Royal by last eliminating Miz to be the last entery to the WWE Championship chamber match in the end of the night only to lose after he was distracted by Miz.

    * After that Barrett was injured in reality but in my booking he would have feueded with Miz heading into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Wrestle Mania 28 - which he would have won and cashed it in the fall of 2012 to hold the World Heavyweight Championship heading into Wrestle Mania 29 in a match against Jericho.

    Tell me if you liked this rebook and tell me who you want me to rebook next (Del Rio \ Sheamus \ Bryan).
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    Really liked the way you booked Punk. I do dig him defending the title in other promotions. The only problem is you have the current biggest star in your company off your TV programming. I know it's long term booking and I really do like that but Im kinda of torn booking it that way because of all the main stream media attention it caused.
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    It's not completely off. During that time every week there will be videos showing highlights from his defenses and some wrestlers from the roster will try and follow his way,

    If that is not enough in the main event of NOC Punk can come out of the crowd and nail Cena with his WWE Title to distract Cena during his match with Mysterio allowing Mysterio to 619 him and retain the title. Then you will have Cena chasing after Punk out of the arena (with Punk kissing him goodbye when Mysterio gets the 3 count) and we see the chase until the parking lot with Punk running away in his car.

    Also to have the story even more complicated you will have 2 major things happen:

    1.Cena will go to Ring Of Honor events (as a result of Vince saying to him that I he won't do so he will not get a spot in the chamber match at Summer Slam) when Punk defended the title since MITB until Summer Slam to try and attack him with him succesfully getting into a brawl with him after a title defense against Michael Elgin on the August 13th 2011 (the night before Summer Slam) with Cena getting arrested for assult. Then at Summer Slam there will be a story if Cena can get into the chamber match for the Vacant WWE Title in time and he was released from jail right before the match (to make this realistic lets say that both the ROH event and Summer Slam were both on Los Angeles - as the ROH event was really in Chicago but lets say that it was moved to LA to make this angle belivable).

    2.Vince will force Alberto Del Rio to follow Punk after Night Of Champions to Japan and try to cash in his Money In The Bank Contract on him during his NJPW appearence at NJPW Hiroyoshi Tenzan 20th Anniversary Show on october 3rd 2011 when he faced Michinoku (who he defeated with the Anaconda Vice - Tenzan's finisher - just for the tribute). And on his Ring Of Honor appearence on October 1st 2011 when he faced El Generico for the title.

    3.After that Vince was so desperate that he offered 1 million dollars to who ever is going to succeed to steal the title from Punk during his trips.In the next two weeks before Vengeance we see a lot of superstars following Punk (like a Gold Rush) with Punk tricking and beating each of them who try to steal the title from him. For example: we see The Awesome Truth trying to steal his title when he was a sleep : Rhodes tried to do so when he was in the shower : Del Rio tried to do it during a few of his matches and a few others tried to steal it from him in other unconventional places but all of them were unsucsessful in doing so.

    4.Finally on the Vengeance PPV it was shown that Vince McMahon himself came to a Ring Of Honor event the day before to try and get Punk when he defended the title against Colt Cabana. After Punk won the match Vince came out and punched Colt. That allowed Cabana to kick the hell out of Vince : have Punk kiss Vince goodbye and leave the arenawith Colt.

    I think that way with each week the journeys of either Cena or Del Rio shown to the WWE audience and highlights from Punk's defenses also shown he is still on TV but the quiting angle is still alive.

    One more note: If possible I always would have liked to see Colt Cabana & Drew Gallows & Serena re-instated to the WWE as a result of Punk's return so I would have made it the first thing that Punk demands on his new contract on the October 24th edition of Raw (the Raw after Vengeance).

    Also I believe that when you have that you basically have the best angle in the world.
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    By the way this is my Wrestle Mania 27 rebooked card:

    Hell In A Cell Match for the WWE Championship with The Rock as the Special Guest Referee
    Wade Barrett (C) vs 2011 Royal Rumble Winner John Cena

    No Holds Barred Match
    The Undertaker vs Triple H

    Extreme Rules Career vs Career Match
    Edge vs Christian

    Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    The Miz (C) vs John Morrison

    Singles Match
    Randy Orton vs Cm Punk

    Singles Match
    Mark Henry vs Sheamus

    Singles Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Rey Mysterio (C) vs Cody Rhodes

    Tag Team Match
    Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly vs LayCool

    Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
    The Nexus (David Otunga and Mason Ryan) (C) vs The Hart Dynasty

    Eight Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match
    Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Drew Mclntyre vs Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne.

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