Gold Rush 2016: Titus Avison vs Flex Mussel - Mayhem Rules EurAsian Championship

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    RP deadline is Friday 8th of April at 23:59pm
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Titus Avison, one of the most decorated superstars in WZCW, had stayed up late. A silly thing to do as he has to be up early to hit the gym. Before he slept he listened to the WZCW podcast and was struck by the quote “What's he going to do when he loses his belt?” The thought hadn't even crossed his mind yet now he sits up in bed thinking of what ifs.

    Titus: Seattle is such a bitter-sweet place for me.

    Titus' words cut through the darkness of his outlandish hotel room. He presses the light on and we see how extravagant it is. The décor fits in with a five time Oscar winner yet he steps out of bed and walks into the corner, he sits on the floor facing a door. He's wearing shorts and a rather old Titus t-shirt, it has him holding the Elite X title so it's showing its age.

    Titus: What if I do lose the belt? Would that put me back to square one? It was in Seattle that I decided I would be a champion.

    Here's a story for you, a flashback if you will. Let's head back to the first ever WZCW show. Meltdown One. I was in a six man tag. Names such as Strife, Brian Michaels, Downward Spiral, DC and Paramount Joe T. You may be asking yourself, who? You know what, that's the right thing to do.

    Anyway I lost the match, I was pinned by Brian Michaels. Again, who? I went backstage as Aaron Craig and Aries fought yet what happened to the then four time Oscar winner? I was shouted at, laughed at, mocked. I still remember people telling me I didn't belong, that an actor like myself had no place in the ring. I wanted to keep my head down but when I got to the locker room I couldn't get in. My stuff was in a bag outside the room with a note “For the actor, f**k off”.

    I could go “You know what? They're right” and clear off or I could storm back in there and lay the smack down. I did, however, try not to laugh that they starred the word out on the paper. Outside of the locker was a list of the card for the next show and I was not on it. I was furious so I stormed down to the office of Chuck Myles. He refused to answer the door when I was knocking so I sat outside, crossed legs and facing the door. Just as I am now.

    The next hour is probably the longest hour of my life. What if they never used me on WZCW again? When could I join the guys in the locker room again? Is this it? The words kept rolling round my head and then the door opened. There was Chuck Myles. He said “alright kid, you're on the next show, you don't need to win but I need to see some effort”.

    I stood up, looked him in the eyes and said “As God is my witness, I will have more of an impact on this company than anyone else”. Then I walked off.

    I re-watched the show the other day and the names of people in it? Good grief. Chemical Blue, Will Josephs, Sincade, Gus, Rios, Levy, AJ. Crimson and Rios are the only two you'd remember, heck even Chuck Myles is nowhere to be seen.

    So after I walked off I bumped into Becky Serra and I told her that I would hold the grandest prize in company history. At the time there was no EurAsian title, which I hold, nor the Lethal Lottery, which I won, or a hall of fame, which I'm in. There were the rumours of the world and Elite X championships, which I both held.

    I now have my own locker room which allows people to realise just how much better than them I am. The alleged pioneers are long gone from the company yet here I am. The legend you've all heard about.

    Whilst still sat on the floor, legs crossed, Titus Avison reaches to switch the light off. You can hear him clamber to bed. There would be a fade to black but the lights are already switched off.

    ALARM BUZZ BLEEP Titus shouts at the alarm as if he couldn't believe the time already ALARM BUZZ BLEEP

    Titus: Fine! I'm up! 4 am, I am stupid. Throw in the time difference from Keystone and it's 2am. It'll be worth it.

    Titus Avison switches the light on and walks to the middle of the room, there on the table is the EurAsian championship. Titus looks at it and smiles with a grin.

    Titus: All worth it for this. Why the EurAsian belt though? It was the prize that evaded me. Two chances to get the belt, one from Big Dave and one from Chris KO. I failed but when I returned it's what I wanted. By default that allowed the belt to become the most prestigious prize in company history.

    Titus walks into the bathroom and you can hear the shower running, the camera still focuses on the EurAsian championship and you can hear Titus Avison over the running water.

    Titus: Theron Daggershield. Dr. Zeus. They've both held and lost the title in the time I've had this belt. I've beaten both men in the time I've had this belt. The world championship is being passed around and now there's a ladder match for it? Really? Can you imagine fat Mikey Stormrage climbing a ladder? I'm sure John's climbed one before to paint the ceiling or something but to win the world title?

    This is why the EurAsian title's the top prize in WZCW. Heck even Even is embarrassed by her title, calling it Senshuken and letting John Doe have it.

    A pause, you hear the water dripping down.

    Titus: What on Earth is wrong with these people? At least the people have me. Perfect, perfect Titus Avison.

    The water stops and he steps out the shower. The camera now goes into the bathroom where Titus is looking in the mirror. He's touching his face and sighs.

    Titus: A Mayhem match. Why did I agree to that? I don't need weapons to win and my face, my lovely face, could get scratched or scarred. This is the face that won Time's Person of the year in 2006. The same face that Taylor Swift said was the best one she had ever seen. Can you imagine that horrible man Flex Mussel getting to touch it? Or worse that fat lardy cheesecake Charles Chesterfield. I shudder to think.

    I could put on a mask, maybe a red one. Nah that would just be silly.

    Titus flashes his trademark grin, the same grin that won smile of the year in Kansas for 7 years straight. He laughs.

    Titus: Maybe I do things my way. The way to show true mayhem in a Mayhem match? It's to not use weapons. It'll throw him off his game and will be worth it.

    Titus walks out of the bathroom, now clothed he picks up a big and shuts the hotel room door. He walks down the corridor passing one or two drunks who are just coming in from a night out. They all stop to shake Titus Avison's hand but the champ carries on. He finally makes it to the hotel gym. I could write about how well it went but instead here's a montage video to get you in the mood. The music is Flex Mussel's favourite song. Enjoy.


    We cut to outside Titus Avison is now running. He's clearly in a race but the other competitors are nowhere to be seen. He passes the camera and waves, you see a few clips like this and finally he makes it to the end.

    At the end is famed Seattle Radio Show host Frasier Crane.

    Frasier: Well I did not expect to see you here.

    Titus: Do you know why I'm here?

    Frasier: I'm listening.

    Titus: Just doing my part to show the so called fittest man in the world that he's not the fittest man. Could he beat Usin Bolt? Could he take on Christiano Ronaldo? LeBron James? Rich Froning Jr.? Titus Avison? Nope. You've just seen me completely destroy the competition and where is Flex? Nowhere to be seen.

    Frasier: Oh WZCW is in town. Of course, are you all prepared for your match against Mr. Mussel?

    Titus: For someone who loves the jobs I hate I thought I'd put the effort in. I know at the back of his mind he wants this so he can show Ramparte he's not the loser of Cerberus. Oh what joys that would be for the EurAsian belt. Ramparte v Flex. However there's one man in that way.

    Frasier: NILES?!

    Titus: Don't be so stupid. It's me.

    Frasier: Off you go.

    Titus wanders off leaving Frasier behind. In the background you can see the banner for the race “The 18th annual special under 16s 10km run”. Titus Avison is oblivious to this but then catches the WZCW camera again.

    Titus: Flex, Cheesecake. I won't need weapons to defeat you. This is me and my cunning and wit. Fitness to the top. You Flex, will rue the day you crossed me. At Gold Rush the focus is on the grandest prize of them all and I will come out victorious.

    Titus runs off again as the camera fades to black.
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    Harrys: Here is your winner, advancing to the next round, Kagura Daikonran !!!

    There Flex Mussel was, stunned in the middle of the ring. Both shocked and frustrated that he let another massive opportunity slip through his fingers. He was so sure a victory was on the horizon, yet it was almost like some awful twist of fate had caused things to go horribly. As he watched Kagura celebrate in victory he needed to go back to the drawing board. No World title shot on the horizon he needed to rethink where he would go next. However, as he exited the ring he soon realized he wouldn’t have a chance to do any of that. Much to his surprise he feels the striking blow hit him from behind knocking him to the ground. Dazed and confused he looks up to see the Eurasian champion Titus Avision standing over him. He doesn’t have much time to react as Titus continues his assault for unknown reasons. Every strike and every blow felt more vicious than before and soon enough Flex was on the receiving end of a Tit drop onto the Eurasian championship. It was a weird sensation for the bodybuilder. Usually an assault of this magnitude would leave the fitness trainer in immense pain but instead he was just numb. He was in no condition to retaliate, hence why the WZCW medical team took him to a nearby hospital, but pain isn’t the right word to describe how Flex Mussel was feeling. Following the assault medical officials made it clear that Flex was in no condition to compete and usually this would outrage Flex. In the past the bodybuilder suffered much worse attacks and despite doctors not clearing him to compete he refused to sit on the sidelines and fought back anyway. However, this time was different. Flex barely talked while in the hospital, he’d give the bare minimum of communication needed to let people know he didn’t have serious brain trauma but he wasn’t his normal self. Despite being able to return his private home he instead opted to recover in the hospital he was originally brought to.

    Charles visited on a daily basis but even his antics would get no response from Flex. All the fitness freak would do was stare aimlessly at the WZCW network watching live feeds of the current shows along with reruns of past broadcasts. Charles tried his best to will Flex out of his depressive state and give him hope that he’ll get better and eventually go after Titus but Flex gave no sign of emotion one way or the other. He watched Ramparte advance past the first round of the Gold Rush tourney, he watched Eve Taylor continue to dominate with the Elite championship. It was like everything was passing him by and he no longer had the motivation to catch up. That all changed however on Ascension 105

    For the first time in weeks Flex showed emotion. And it wasn’t just an expression of shock, it was rage. For weeks he watched Titus antagonize him at WZCW events and mock him, but physically assaulting one of the few friends he had left was a different situation entirely. Without talking to Flex Charles challenged Titus on his behalf and the championed accepted. After the show went to commercial break Flex immediately got of his hospital bed and gingerly made his way to a phone where he made a call to Becky Serra.

    Becky: Can I help you Mr. Mussel?

    Flex: Tell me that match is official!

    Becky: What match?

    Flex: Me vs Titus, Mayhem Rules.

    Becky: You mean your overweight friend jumping into the ring and interrupting a WZCW production? He’s lucky he’s not getting a fine on top of that beating Titus gave him.

    Flex: You heard Titus, he’s got no challengers, give me the match.

    Becky: Let’s get a few things clear Flex. You have done nothing to earn a championship match besides lose in the first round of the Gold Rush tournament. There are also various other superstars who deserve a shot before you’re even given a contender’s match. And lastly, despite what Charles may have said I know for a fact you haven’t been “training hard every day”. We’ve been in contact with the hospital, you’ve barely moved out of your bed these last few weeks. You may be barely physically cleared for a regular match, but Mayhem Rules is not an option.

    Flex: I don’t care what you have to do, make it happen.

    Becky: Did you not hear a word I said?

    Flex: Don’t act like you care about my well-being Becky, I’m sure you and Bateman would be glad to have Titus do your dirty work and put me out for good. Give him the chance to do so, make the match.

    Becky: I think you overestimate how much we care about your existence.

    Flex: Yet interestingly enough you’ve been keeping tabs on what I’ve been doing.

    A dead silence fills the phone call until Becky chuckles a bit and resumes the conversation.

    Becky: Fine, if you want it so bad you got it Flex. At Gold Rush 2016 you’ll be challenging Titus Avision for the Eurasian title, in a Mayhem Rules match. I want you at WZCW headquarters in a few days to sign the official contract because remember this, whatever physical atrocities may happen to you is not on our hands Flex, they’re on yours.

    The Ascension general manager then hangs up the phone leaving those final words to sit with Flex. He didn’t want to admit it but she was right. These last few weeks he hasn’t been training hard. He hasn’t lifted, he hasn’t ran, and he’s barely even eaten. Trying to go up against a legend such as Titus in a Mayhem Rules match is a tall order for any man let alone one who hasn’t stayed active in recent weeks. All these factors were swirling around Flex’s head yet the first place the bodybuilder was heading wasn’t the gym, but to see his friend Charles.


    About a day later Flex is finally able to find out the hospital Charles is staying at and is visiting him. A sizeable knot on the independent wrestler’s forehead can be seen as Flex enters the room.

    Charles: Flex! You’re finally out of that gown and hospital bed.

    Flex: Well I had to come and make sure you weren’t too banged up.

    Charles: Pfft please, if that coward Titus hadn’t hit me with a cheap shot I would have taken him down like it was nothing.

    Flex: Sure you would have buddy.

    Charles: Enough about me though, you ready for this Mayhem match? You’re going to beat that son of a bitch right?

    Flex: About that…I’m not sure you challenging Titus on my behalf was a good idea.

    Charles: Why? Are you not healed yet?

    Flex: It’s not only that but I haven’t been training at all. I haven’t been stretching, lifting, jumping, anything at all. I’ve just been watching life past me by. To be perfectly honest I’ve been feeling this way before Titus even put me on the shelf. I should have won that match against Kagura, I know I had it won yet I still couldn’t get the job done. Just like at Kingdom Come I let another opportunity slip through my hands and once again I go nowhere on the ladder to success. The last few weeks that I’ve just sat on the sidelines, watching everyone go forward in their careers, earn title shots, make accomplishments, get better and grow stronger, I’ve just slowly lost motivation.

    Charles: What are you saying?

    Flex: After I saw Titus assault you I was furious and angry and ready for our Mayhem match right then and there but soon after I realized I may just not have what it takes to make it in WZCW. I have all the potential and promise in the world but when it comes right down to it I can’t win when it counts. Not the Elite championship, not the Gold Rush tourney, so why do I think I would have a chance against Titus when I’m not even at 100%?

    Charles: Because you’re Flex fucking Mussel that’s why! Do you know why I idolize you? Why I believe in you more than I do any other WZCW star? Because no matter how many times you get knocked down you keep getting up. Even before you were on your own no matter how many times Cerberus failed you kept coming back until you were completely dominant. And even before that as I child no matter how many people told you you’d never amount to anything more than a fat homeless kid you proved them wrong and became a world renowned fitness guru. Sure things haven’t gone exactly how you would have planned since splitting up on your own but that’s just how life is man. I’m in my mid-twenties and I thought I’d be ripped like you and in WZCW but instead I live with my parents and I’m barely getting paid from independent shows. Do you know why I continue to follow my dream though? Because you never gave up on yours, and to think that I took an ass-whooping just so I could watch you give up this late in the game is atrocious.

    Flex: What if I can’t beat him?

    Charles: You never will if you keep asking questions like that. You see people may have heard legends about Titus. But I know facts about Flex Mussel. I know that you are still pound for pound the strongest man in WZCW, I know you are the most athletically gifted man to ever grace a wrestling ring, and I know that no matter what any detractors may say in the end you are destined to be consider one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. So are you willing to give that all up because you’re scared?

    Flex has no words for Charles’ impassioned speech. The bodybuilder is almost stunned silent as the two men stare at each other for the duration of their meeting.


    Becky Serra can be seen in her office at WZCW headquarters. She seems to be irritated as she’s waiting on Flex who is almost an hour late for their meetings. She’s almost seconds away from ripping up the contract before Flex power walks through the door.

    Becky: And here I thought you weren’t going to show up. Getting cold feet are we Flex?

    Flex: I’ll be perfectly honest Becky, for a little bit I did reconsider whether or not this match was a good idea. I contemplated whether or not my health and safety was worth it. I even began questioning whether or not I had the talent to continue in WZCW. Truth is however everything I’ve been doing the last few months have been for the wrong reasons. You see I adopted the Flex vs The World mantra because after Kingdom Come I believed I was completely on my own. Nobody watching my back, nobody caring about my well-being, and I thought alienating any potential friends would only make me stronger in the long run. Doing so however turned all of my wants and needs into selfish goals and foolish pride. I thought the only things that mattered were wins and championships and while those are still important I can’t let that consume me.

    Becky: Look I love that you’re suddenly a more inspired person but what the hell does this have to do with Gold Rush?

    Flex: I’ve realized that the things I’m fighting for are more than just material objects such as championships and trophies. For weeks I sat in a hospital bed watching Titus mock me in front of millions and I didn’t even lift a finger. But when he hurt my friend, when he targeted someone I cared about I felt more passion that I did in weeks. No longer am I fighting just for accomplishments in a record book I’m fighting for the people I care about. And not just the people I know like Charles, not just the fans who support me week in and week out, but the people who were just like me as a child living with disadvantages wanting to live their dreams. I did a lot of thinking in that hospital bed, and I did a lot of watching as well. For weeks now Titus has walked out of all his matches. Now I don’t if it’s because he didn’t think he could win, whether he was scared to lose, or he’s just gotten so cocky that he thinks he’s above those matches, but it’s become obviously clear that he values that Eurasian championship more than anything. When it comes time for Gold Rush however there will be nowhere to run, and there will be no count outs, no disqualifications. He went after someone I cared about so now I’m going to take away something he cares about. And it’s not only just about that, regardless if I walk out victorious or not I’m going to make sure Titus realizes that win or lose he’ll never be the same, and if things go my way it’ll be a long time before he ever stars in another major motion picture, let alone win an Oscar for one.

    Flex then emphatically signs the contract and leaves Becky’s office. The general manager interestingly enough seems impressed by Flex’s words. And waits till her door is completely closed before making a call to Vance Bateman.
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