Gold Rush 2016: Logan McAllister vs ???

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    RP deadline is Friday 8th of April at 23:59pm
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    Shortly after Ascension 105​

    Logan McAllister is finishing loading up the rental car with all his gear, proceeding to open the door and help his son, Hayden into the car. He turns and gives a quick kiss to his girlfriend, Brittany O'Shea.

    Logan:Go ahead and staht the cah babe, I forgot my phone back in the lockah room. I'll be right back.

    Logan heads off to the locker room, quickly grabbing his phone, checking for any messages before making a quick call. After a few rings he gets an answer.

    Logan hangs up the phone, and as he walks to the car he tries to hide his excitement. Brittany has no clue what's coming...and Hayden, well it was Hayden's idea...

    Monday April 11th, Fenway Park​

    Logan and his family were all dressed up in their Red Sox gear. It was the home opener, and Logan would be throwing out the first pitch. All three were wearing David Ortiz jerseys, as this would be the iconic sluggers last home opener. Hayden was taking in all the sights and sounds as they walked around the stadium, looking at all the banners and posters plastered everywhere.

    Hayden: Dad, Fenway is the greatest stadium ever!! I can't believe we get to go on the field, and you get to throw the first pitch! Think they'll let me have the ball after you throw it?

    Logan looks at his son and smiles, shrugging his shoulders.

    Logan: Guess you'll just have to ask huh buddy? We should probably head down to the spot David told me to meet him at. Gotta get ready haha!

    The trio head off to go down to the field, where David Ortiz is there waiting for them. Hayden runs and sits in the dugout while Brittany starts taking snaps for her Snapchat. Logan and David walk off to the side to discuss last minute details.

    Logan: So everything is good to go then? Scoreboard and all?

    David: I told you, Papi will handle it. My man, that woman is gonna flip when it goes down.

    Logan:That's assuming she says yes though.

    David Ortiz laughs loudly, shaking his head before responding.

    David: Man, if she don't, I think you'll have quite a few alternatives that will haha. Well, it's about the time. You got ten minutes, go get your family.

    Logan walks over to Brittany and Hayden, wrapping his arm around her, and giving Hayden a high five. The national anthem began, and as it finished, the PA announcer went through the typical introductions, before getting to the first pitch.

    PA Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Boston's own, and current WZCW superstar Logan McAllister, his manager Brittany O'Shea and his son Hayden, as they throw out the first pitch for your Red Sox home opener!

    Logan and Brittany wave to the crowd as they stand on the mound. Logan insisted he throw from the mound, rather than in front of it like most. Hayden was beaming from ear to ear, looking at the sold out crowd.

    Logan took the ball, and prepared to fire a pitch right down the middle to David Ortiz. Logan grips it, and throws a heater that crosses the plate, right into David's glove. The crowd cheers, as Ortiz jogs over to Logan, he pulls out a microphone.

    David: Give it up for Logan!! Now folks, before the game starts, my man Logan has something he needs to say.

    David hands the mic to Logan, smiling at him and mouthing "good luck" Logan takes the mic, turning towards Brittany and grabbing her hand.

    Logan: know me bettah than anybody. You know what makes me angry, what makes me sad, and what makes me happy. We've had some extreme highs and lows in owah 20yr history going all the way back to our childhood. Othah than my boy, there isn't anybody else I care about more than I do for you. So what I'm getting to Britt, is....

    Logan proceeds to reach into his pocket, as he drops to one knee, Brittany turning bright red as tears begin welling up, now finally grasping what was coming next.

    Logan: Brittany O'Shea, I love you with everything I've got, and there ain't no othah woman for me. Will you do me the honah of marrying me?

    Brittany starts to cry hysterically, while nodding her head yes, and hugging her now fiance. Logan places the ring on her finger, and points up to the scoreboard, where "SHE SAID YES" is flashing. A small display of fireworks go off, as the crowd in attendance begin chanting.

    She said yes!​

    She said yes!​

    She said yes!​

    Logan smiled and acknowledged the crowd, as they walked over to their seats by the dugout. The rest of the evening would be a blur.

    Morning of Gold Rush

    Logan and Brittany were in the already set up ring, something they did pretty regularly lately as Britt wanted to get some training in the ring. They were finishing up, and Brittany decided to ask Logan his thoughts about tonight.

    Brittany: Are you ready for tonight babe? We don't even know who the opponent will be.

    Logan looks at her before shaking his head.

    Logan: It doesn't mattah who it is. I've been here now almost a whole year, and my greatest accomplishment is still debuting at Unscripted versus Stormrage. A whole fucking year, and I haven't accomplished shit. You know how frustrating it is, to go out there, say "I'm gonna win" only to lose match aftah match aftah match? WZCW has allowed me to provide for Hayden, they allowed me to reconnect with you. It's time I gave them something for their investment in me.

    Logan grabs Brittany, irish whipping her into the ropes, catching her in a big hug and kissing her soft lips.

    Logan: Evah since I've been here, I run my mouth about how I'm gonna win, or how I'm bettah than my opponent. But it nevah works. Tonight, I talk to nobody. Tonight I simply let my actions speak for me. It doesn't mattah if my opponent is Cassanova, or Ricky Runn. It doesn't mattah if it's elegANT, Chris K.O. or even Dorian Slaughtah. Whoevah decides to answah my Boston Suplex Party, will receive just that. Suplex, aftah suplex aftah suplex, before they get hit with the Boston Massacre for my first PPV victory. I'm tired of being just a solid hand on the roster, I am not someone that is only there to make othahs look good. Brittany, with you by my side, tonight we finally make owah breakthrough, we finally show WZCW management that we're ready for that big push, ready to lead the new wave of stahs. The fans are ready for the McAllistah era, and tonight I stop being a losah Britt.

    Logan lets go of Brittany, and the two roll out of the ring, slowly walking up the ramp. Brittany is for once speechless, her man seemingly beyond focused for tonight. Knowing WZCW, it's almost certain Logan will be facing a returning veteran. From the way Logan talked, Brittany has no worries about tonight. It's like he said, the people are ready for the McAllister they just have to execute.

    She wraps her arms around Logan's waist and the newly engaged couple head back to the locker room, where Logan will prepare to host his Boston Suplex Party.
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    A dense white smog hovers above the barren Earth, stirring, unsettling the forsaken dust beneath its weight.

    ???: Fools rush in.

    Beyond the smog, His figure approaches. Staggering purposefully onward, His heavy footsteps displacing the scorched grounds.

    ???: Thus it had been written that in the wake of destruction, fools shall inherit this Earth, and rebuild their displaced hierarchy. Reconstructing their shattered thrones upon which sit new heroes, those reborn beyond the realms of olden times.

    The shadowed figure takes form, The Angel of Death Dorian Slaughter, grasping The Book of Slaughter with a dirty hand, close to His chest, His figure illuminated by the smoldering ground at His feet.

    Slaughter: And thus, in the wake of Ragnarok, reconstruction did occur. A new era of darkness descended upon this world, the onslaught started on this very ground, but was carried forth by a new group of soldiers.

    The Great Deceiver arches His neck, peering into the grayish sky overhead.

    Slaughter: Their grasp of revolt, while strong in theory, was weak in force. And now, on these very grounds which sparked revolution, regression is imminent. For two heroes seek to resurrect the throne, two adorned mortals seek to become themselves, gods.

    The Angel of Death begins to pace, His voice carrying through the barren landscape.

    Slaughter: And now The Great Deceiver returns. While vengeance weighs heavily on His soul, retribution against the false prophet Constantine must only be sought once the new King has become comfortable upon his throne.

    His pacing becomes frantic as He runs His fingers sharply across His scalp.

    Slaughter: Retribution shall not blind the true directive, a tormented King without a crown bears no objective for a worthy scorning. Constantine, King or peasant, shall reap the wrath of his deceit, but only when He deems it is fitting. Rather, Gold Rush will serve as a reminder to the world of its true liberator.

    As the smog dissipates, a dull red glow forms upon the horizon, creeping slowly toward the foreground as light regresses to darkness.

    Slaughter: An arrogant warrior, unproven, yet boastful, has unknowingly taken the name of The Deceiver upon his vain tongue. When the fires cease, Logan, recall that you beckoned your own punishment.

    The Angel of Death quickly collapses to the ground, His arms outstretched as His palms caress the dusty soil.

    Slaughter: Does your rage fuel your foolishness? Does a childhood of disappointment prevent you from rationalization?

    I am your reality, Logan.

    I am every drink your selfish father poured into his seething gullet. I am the tarnished needle which magnetized to your mother's veins.

    I am the darkness.

    His sheepish grin turns cold, the whites of His eyes displaced with a cloudy grayness.

    Slaughter: When you fled your personal hell as a child, Logan, when you hid in alleyways and slept under neighbor's porches to avoid stepping foot into the den of liars you called home, I was with you.

    The comforting voice from within the darkness, assuring you that everything would be fine, that you had the strength to somehow escape your miserable existence, that you somehow mattered to someone, that someone would rely on you someday, and that you would not let them down.

    These were the seeds of deception from which your life blossomed.

    He sits up swiftly, thumping the Book of Slaughter to the ground in front of His crossed legs, spraying dust to either side.

    : And what will Hayden think, when he realizes that it was all a lie?

    Just as his father before him groveled in mediocrity, so too will he, and his own son.

    Your vanity allows you to believe that you have succeeded. That you have beat the odds, that you came from nothing and fought your way to notoriety, to a meaningful existence.

    The Angel of Death leans forward, His eyes devoid of life as the transformation begins.

    Slaughter: When you peer into these eyes at Gold Rush, Logan, you are peering into the eyes of Death. You are peering into your own mortality, and My omnipotence.

    His body quivers as The Angel regresses within Himself. His voice echoes through the darkness.

    : I am your Liberator, I am your Deceiver, I am The Serpent whose forked tongue shall carve a new future for your son, a future devoid of failure and false hope, but rather filled with the power of malice. For when Hayden witnesses his father's mortality, it won't be a bottle or a needle acting as the catalyst...

    The Serpent slithers into focus, His brazen scales illuminating the abysmal darkness. His mighty head displacing the Earth as He carves out a new path.

    Slaughter: It will be The Great Deceiver, rising from the ashes of a conquered world with the fury of a thousand armies, hell bent on destruction.

    The Earth shudders beneath the weight of the mighty Serpent as He slithers into the darkness.

    Ragnarok had come to pass and the Earth had been rebuilt in a new light. But Death, remains forever near.
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