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    How can we incentivise people to give feedback for shows and rps? I feel this has really fell off the mat recently.

    What would you like to get you to feedback?
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    I would like people who say they're going to give feedback to actually do it.

    There has been quite a few times people have told me they would and never do. I know things come up but to never do it after you said you would?

    Not cool
  3. Rainbow Yaz

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    I think from time to time creative could come up with a fun contest with the reward of creative feedback or give RP feedback for those who help creative, but the biggest issue is people won't give feedback unless someone else gives them something in return. If you want feedback on an RP, creative or not, you need to be willing to return the offer.

    Creative already take on a lot of work, so getting their feedback should be special. Regular members should operate on the feedback for feedback basis. If someone promises you feedback and you don't get it, don't be an asshole and refuse to help them, things come up. If it becomes an issue of them never repaying the favor, eventually it becomes your fault for trusting them.

    Show feedback is a bit different. I speak from experience, I don't want a bunch of people like Meeks who would just post, great show keep it up. I also don't need people who do nothing but go in and trash everything. If you read the show, drop a few lines of "hey this match was good because of...." or "hey I felt this match could make better use of the character because...." from time to time. If you don't tell creative what you feel they are doing wrong, they will never have an opportunity to correct it. Just don't go the Prophet route of pointing out how everything is shit and offering no suggestions on how to fix it other than "getting better."

    Believe me, guys on creative do care about the work they are giving you. Yeah, shit comes up and sometimes guys will half ass a match, but if someone asks for feedback on a match or segment, help them out. They are trying to get better and unless you help them out, it likely won't happen. Yeah, if you shit on their work and offer no points on how they could improve, they will be mad, but if you are legit trying to help, they won't mind if you don't love all their work.

    You have to help them, so they can in turn help you by putting out a better product.
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  4. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    Well said Yaz. I swear you must've been head of creative at one point.

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