Face tag teams need a comeback

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Jeff Deliverer of Mail, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I love tag team wrestling, always have and always will, Steiner Brothers are my all time favorite tag team. Even when Teddy Long tried to make us completely sick of tag team matches I still liked it. I remember a time when WWF used to have superstar tag team main event matches that would seem huge. Hogan and Machoman, Savage/Warrior, superfaces joining forces for a massive tag team. Now WWE is too scared to have big tag team match main events at PPVs. They can't even execute more than a couple good face tag teams really.

    American Alpha looked to be the next Steiner Brothers, got called up to the Main roster and got 1/3rd the cheers they did in NXT (usually the case) and didn't last.

    Breezedango is a fun tag team but can't be taken seriously for tag team gold, they are comparable to The Bushwackers.

    New Day is one success story.

    Enzo and Cass, broken up a bit too soon. Needed them on the face side.

    Hardy Boyz are starting to fade away already after being extremely over for a nostalgic return. A split and/or character changes will come sooner rather than later.

    That's it. That's all the face tag teams in WWE, one comedy team, one good team that has been together forever, one fading nostalgia team and one that has broken up already and another one broken up. I'm not even counting Goldust and R Truth because they were never taken seriously, ever.

    Time to make some new face tag teams man! Even have a couple of mega faces join forces if they have to. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins could tag for a bit, both have a similar style and the fans would invest in them as a super team. I know it wouldn't last too long but there's one team with guys who aren't really doing anything special right now.

    Big Show and Enzo for bit, try and relive a little of the Cass/Enzo dynamic. Give Show something to do if the plan isn't Big Show to make Cass golden then leave WWE.

    Tye Dillenger (who's ALREADY jobbing to Champion Jobber Mahal) tag him up with Kalisto or somebody.

    Randy Orton can take a youngster under his wing and become tag champs with him, somebody like Pete Dunn for a bit.

    Anyway, there's a couple of bad ideas for some face tag teams to try and put a bandaid on the squirting jugular injury that is called the face tag team problem.
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    I know what you mean they seem to dont know what to do with tag teams in wrestling anymore basically the Hardy's are the only face team on Raw, so who battles with Cesero/Sheamus now?

    I like idea on Enzo and Big Show for the short term maybe away to get Enzo the titles and Big Cass gets jealous or Enzo rubs it in to Cass you have a storyline you can work with.

    American Alpha i think would have eventually got over if they would have brought them now with Angle as there advisor or something like that they are to talented to not atleast get fans behind them at some point.

    Rumors Sanity could be coming up but likely to be a heel team, also talks of Rowan/Harper re-teaming but i think they should be face team as Rowan seems to get a pretty good face reaction.

    Maybe you get two cruiserweights to team up like Alexander and Swann
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    The only possible new face team that comes to mind is Enzo and The Big Show. Everyone else is doing more important things in singles action or are heels. Enzo and Big Show did the whole "SAWFT" thing together in a promo that one week and as much as I rant about Big Show on here, it was surprisingly funny. They could be a good team even though I really wanted Enzo and Cass to remain together. That ship has sailed for now. They'll be allies again one day, just not for a very long time. There are really no other options right now on Raw at all unless you put a bunch of the cruiserweights into tag teams. This is something I really do want to see them do. No one cares about 205 Live anyway. They could get rid of that show and put the cruiserweights either into tag teams or into the Intercontinental Championship scene. Plenty of the faces from there could be put into fun teams, teams similar to Air Boom from back in the day that could really get the crowd excited. Smackdown is in a similar boat, no one comes to mind. Even if they put Harper and Rowan back together (which would be very good for those two) they are better off as heels. It's good for Breezango, they are the #2 face team after The New Day. They could put Gentleman Jack on Smackdown and team him up with Aiden English or something. Use the 205 Live guys. It's not that difficult.
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    I for one love tag team wrestling. Rock n Roll Express, British Bulldogs, Road Warriors, Rockers, the Killer Bs, Hardys, etc.

    I have a couple pairings I think could get over in WWE:

    Dillinger and Ziggler. I could see them combining forces and being a little reminiscent of the rockers, Hollywood blonds, and the young bucks. Tye's stuck in the call up from NXT blues and Ziggler needs something other than mid card status.

    Ambrose and Harper. Put them together. Let them both play a little crazy. I could see the two of them really, really getting over as a team. I see them being a great fit for a run at the Usos or bring Harper over to raw and let them go after cesaro and Sheamus.
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    WWE should definitely invest more time and effort into the tag team division. Tag team wrestling used to be very fun, and up until not too many years ago, we still got quite a few, purposely designed teams focussed around cheesy gimmicks, which a lot of the classic teams were, but I enjoy that. Realistically though, I don't really see any answers to the problem, except maybe one scenario.

    Perhaps it is cheating considering the group had already existed beforehand, and two guys are currently heels, but I feel the day that AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows finally get together will be a joyous occasion. And even if the whole group doesn't get together, I for one would enjoy a Styles/Bálor tag team. Whether or not WWE could cope with taking Styles away from the main event for the necessary time is debatable. But their styles mesh really well and they have the power, especially Styles, to really get the crowd going for them. I suppose the issue would be that I couldn't possibly believe that any other team could beat them, but that's one problem for another time.

    Now they might not be faces necessarily, but I would certainly route for a reunion of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Harper was especially gaining momentum before WrestleMania and so has proven his abilities in drawing attention from the fans. I think it would be welcomed by fans, but maybe that's just me gushing over how much I enjoyed their teaming before. And while I do think that Harper deserves a strong singles run, there just isn't enough room. I think they would work well in 2017, and while they are probably natural heels, I say why not? Realistically this is just me sounding off on a fantasy but there you go.
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    I think part of the problem, at least from a fan perspective, is that a lot of the top babyfaces are guys who internet fans especially prefer to see in singles feuds. For instance, let's say that Ambrose & Rollins form a team once Ambrose's feud with Miz is over; WWE would get bitched out by many online fans, as usual, because, and this is something that's become a constant complaint among great babyface teams, want to see the team split up so that they can embark on a big singles push. That's especially true if it looks like one or both members of the team has the potential to be a main eventer. We saw it with the Shield, we'll see it with the Hardy Boyz if they stick together long enough, you'll see such comments about members of New Day every so often, we already were seeing it on a fairly regular basis with Enzo and Big Cass, we'd eventually see it with Gargano & Ciampa if they were still a team that made it to the main roster. IF the Young Bucks ever came to WWE and had a lot of success as a team, we'd eventually see the threads/posts from fans who'd want to see them split up so one or both could be pushed to the main event.

    A lot of the really huge tag teams of the past like Hogan & Savage, to me, weren't "real" tag teams as they just happened to be two of the top babyfaces who were allied for a while. They weren't doing anything for tag team wrestling so much as setting up the eventual turn of Savage on Hogan so Hogan could win his 2nd WWF Championship from Savage.
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    I get why Enzo and Cass broke up.. nut why American Alpha? Why did they had to break up? Such a shame... I thought SD needed them and the WWE as a whole. Maybe they never got as over as Vince wanted them, but they were booked awfuly anyways. I don't even remember their tag reign to be frank. Maybe with Fashion Police being pushed as the second babyface tag team, WWE didn't want American Alpha to be under New Day. I get it.

    Enzo & Show could work, but who's going to care about the Big Show and Enzo as a team?

    An idea I had was to team up Balor and Wyatt after their feud as a face tag team. Both men are lost in the suffle right now and they are about to feud soon enough, but what comes after that? I don't really see anything important on the horizon. The position of Balor and Wyatt is similar to the position of Orton and Edge back in 2006.
    The Demon King and the Eater of Worlds could be a great team. And their rivals? Semi-Broken Hardys. Everyone wanted to see Wyatt vs Matt and Balor and Jeff are the masters of face paint. This feud could become a commercial success for the WWE.
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    I am a big fan of tag team wrestling, but the past few months have caused me to give up hope of it ever getting back to it's glory days.
    Enzo and Cass, as well as New Day, were the most consistently over guys each week for the last year or two.
    The Revival and American Alpha can wrestle anyone and put on MOTW. Then you look at the veteran teams in the Hardys and the Usos, and it's painful to think about just how badly wwe/Vince continues to screw over the tag team division.
    Wwe could easily create a few face teams out of the stories going on at the moment.

    1. Titus Worldwide: Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa (or even Titus in the place of Tozawa)

    2. Rich Swann and TJP (they are currently in a friendly one upmanship feud)

    Possible returns;
    3.Lucha Dragons: Kalisto and Sin Cara (forgot all about Sin Cara, doubt anyone would care if he was randomly switch to Raw)

    4. Prime time players: Titus and Darren Young (They had a good thing going as a team, and it would be something different if Titus still worked with the team of Crews and Tozawa, while tagging with Young.)

    5. Harper and Rowan

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