The dual-branded tag team divisions will collapse, sooner or later.

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    The biggest issue with all this is that for all NXT has done, the "solution" being proposed and the current state of play still involves teams of solos thrown together.

    Sheamus and Cesaro are counter productive, just as that era of endless thrown together teams like Rated RKO, Jerishow and the like were. Putting Sami and Dillinger together is worse... You have The Fashion Police, who are basically the same (although they have at least embraced the idea they are a permanent team now) and these are the teams mainly being featured.

    Meanwhile you have several teams on NXT who can move up now... Authors of Pain, Heavy Machinery and SaNity can all be on the main roster NOW along with The Revival, Club, Hardyz, New Day, Rowan and Harper and Usos...

    The problem is WWE wants NXT as a "brand" of its own, so they won't asset strip it of teams which is again, counter productive. To my mind, if you are a dedicated tag team and good at it then you are "in demand" and thus moved up faster. Solo guys have to wait for the right spot, but teams shouldn't ever need to as there is ALWAYS a spot for feud for them on the main roster.

    It's the age old problem though... Once Bret and Shawn got to be the biggest guys in the company, no one was ever happy being a tag specialist... it's always a stepping stone and every team is more about what star can they spin off from it rather than the team being great.

    For a while it looked like WWE had turned that around, but Enzo and Cass proved that WWE doesn't care about decent teams, they want the star from it. Just as they will put Jeff into singles the first chance they get (and Matt if they can get the gimmick) and sooner rather than later Cesaro and Sheamus will split too... Even with just know they are trying to make Killian Dain something down the line, rather than SaNity the next great team.

    At this point, the titles are almost immaterial...
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    Rants like those in the opening post of this thread never make any sense to me. You guys do know that the WWE is a business, right? They are out to make more money. It is best for business (no pun intended) for the WWE to have more options for their fans in what shows to attend. Raw and Smackdown having their own tag team divisions adds an additional layer to this. If all the tag teams who are Tag Team Championship contenders got put on Smackdown and all the Women's Championship contenders got put on Raw, as people keep suggesing on here, it takes away possible shows for some fans to go to. What if a fan loves tag team wrestling and wants to see a Tag Team Championship match? If there is a Raw event coming up in his area but not a Samckdown one, then he misses out and may not want to go to the Raw event. If each brand has its own set of Tag Team Champions like we do today then that same fan has more options and the WWE makes more money off of that demographic. Everyone wins. Well, everyone but those who whine it seems.

    Even if you ignore the business aspect of it and look from it as a fan, I still prefer the current structure. It gives other teams more opportunities. Do you think teams like Breezango would be anywhere NEAR the titles if there was only one set? No. It would be New Day VS The Hardys or Sheamus & Cesaro. Everyone else would be jobbing to the top tier teams or stuck in pointless filler feuds. I'd much rather see the division stretched across two brands instead of one severely clogged up division. The tag team division is FINE. Both brands have popular tag teams that are getting pushed. Both brands also have given opportunities to wrestlers who deserve them. Yes we older fans remember a decade or so ago when teams like Deuce & Domino or Jesse & Festus were getting pushes they were not ready for. Thanks to NXT and the current structure the WWE has, we do not have to worry about that. Both of the main rosters are full of talent who are good at what they do. The tag team divisions are not in danger of collapsing anytime soon.
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    Why not reunite the PrimeTime Players, Wyatt Family, and the Lucha Dragons? None of them are doing anything.

    Problem solved. Tag teams are there. A little effort and you have a resurgence.

    On Raw, that gives you the Hardys, Cesaro/Sheamus, Slater/Rhyno, PrimeTime Players, Ambrose/Rollins, Lucha Dragons, Miztourage, Revival, and Gallows/Anderson.

    On SD, you have New Day, Usos, Breezango, Wyatts, Zayn/Dillinger, and Breezango. They could pair up Rusev and Owens or Cena and Style for a while.

    Add temporary tag teams (such as the two I mentioned for SD) and NXT call ups (Authors and eventually Sanity).

    The tag team division is doing just fine.

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