Should they merge the tag divisions?

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D., Jan 31, 2018.

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    Because quite frankly, they don't really work out, mostly on the RAW side of things.

    Rollins was demoted to the tag team scene with Ambrose, which was fine, but then he got paired up with Jason Jordan. I know he'll be back to the main event picture soon, but isn't that stupid? Rollins won't be staying in that division long, which means that the team of Rollins and Jordan is short-lived, as we all expected. Plus, the Hardys are just bound to break up, since WWE can double their money, if they have Woken/Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy in solo roles, rather than in a team. Jeff Hardy taking on the likes Roman, Rollins, Balor, Cena, Styles and Nakamura is a huge deal that's waiting to happen, while Matt can have great midcard feuds. Rusev is also better suited in a solo role and they should push that "Rusev Day" thing as hard as they can push it, because Rusev is really a great talent.

    With that being said, the real tag teams are:
    The Bar
    The Revival
    The Club
    Epico & Primo (when Primo returns)
    The Usos
    The New Day
    AA 2.0
    Slater & Rhyno
    Titus Worldwide

    That's 11 teams, half of which are jobbers. That's why I think that instead of having two seperate divisions, why not have one? A REAL division. Club, ND, Bar and Usos can be the top talent of the division.

    For example, take a look at Wrestlemania. There's never space for two tag team matches. Not even with the Pre-Show. The Usos were left out of the show entirely. But what if there was one division? Then the Bar vs Enzo&Cass vs Hardys vs Club match, could also include AA and The Usos and just like that, you get AA and the Usos on the main show.

    I now that I've been talking about this for a long time, but ffs, Seth Rollins has been feuding with The Bar since the summer. How many times have Rollins and Ambrose/Jordan exchanged titles with The Bar? And in the meantime, SD writers were struggling to find something that can create interest for the Usos to do.
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    Other than the story and character focused Raw tag team Rumble match, the Raw tag matches have been some of the best action the Raw brand has produced over the past nine months or so.

    What about any of that is stupid? Rollins needed a reset while still performing. The tag division gave him a place to shine while he resets.

    Technically, if he were on a brand where there was no tag division he may have had to take time off or continue lowering his stock as a singles star. This tag run he is on is great for his longevity.

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    Unless you completely revamp the entire division and get rid of most of the jobber teams in the division, i feel that it'S not necessary to merge the division right now, i look at how the book the tag teams on both raw and smackdown and the focus are pretty much on the champions and whoever is the challengers everybody else are either completely forgotten (The colons) or in comedy feuds that lead nowhere really so what makes you think that would change if the divisions was merge? It won't, they will still focus on the same four or five team that will rotate around the title and everybody else will be forgotten. At less that way, Some teams seem to be able to get TV times most week, so i think it's a good thing to keep them separate for now.
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    Nah. Keep them how they are. There are issues with all the current championships, but with the current brand split and amount of people out due to injury or great talent still stuck in NXT it's just not the time to completely revamp a division. There are things that need much more attention.

    Literally half of the teams don't do anything anyway. You have like 6 legitimate teams on both Raw and Smackdown. Sheamus is going to retire sooner than later due to health issues and I can't see Cesaro sinking in their permanently. New Day has kind of run it's course already whether they remain entertaining to many people or not. The Club are accessories for a small boy with a nice jacket named Finn Balor. Lol @ Epico & Primo. Slater and Rhyno haven't done anything in months. They could change that, but they won't.

    Literally, every team except The Uso's has a catch. They have two failed teams with Chad Gable now. They're fine with what they're doing now. They have just enough to have fresh year-round feuds and have them last longer than the annoyingly short standard main rosters feuds abide by.
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    First, there are more teams on the shows for example Rusev Day, The Bludgeon Brothers, The Ascension The Singh Brothers and The Miztourage that you haven't mentioned... So there a lot more teams, and it's coming down to 7-8 teams for each brand, which is really enough, the question is how WWE books each of them. But back to the question and to what you have written in your post...
    You need to keep them apart. Both shows have good tag teams, but they don't have depth in the division - and that is what hurts it. But if you are looking long term you know that teams like Authors of Pain, SaniTy, Undisputed Era and TM-61 are all going to be called within a year from now, I don't think that it will be a problem. Add to that a return from the Woken Hardys, and that's a fine division.
    Also WWE has a lot of singles talent that can just be paired into decent teams if needed, for example: Tye Dillinger and Zack Ryder, Elias and Bray Wyatt & so on..

    So the tag divisions definently need to stay split.
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    Maybe 4 years ago when there were like 2 teams but definitely not now. The tag division is the best it’s been since the very early 2000s, there are plenty of teams that could be at the top. Teams like Breezango are very over and talented but are jobbers, that is going to happen to a lot of more good teams if you merge the division. Mainly though for me there is too many good teams and you hamper it if you put it all on one brand. It’s good how it is and I definitely am a if it’s not broke don’t fix it person.
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    The AoP should definitely disband and have Rezar be the next Brock Lesnar of WWE. This guy have a great potential, is very young, former MMA fighter with victory against UFC fighter, has the size, can have a manager like Heyman or why not Paul Ellering. I would make Rezar attack Akam and then move Rezar to RAW and destroy everybody and book him like Lesnar in 2002-2004.
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    There isn't a problem here... While Smackdown appears weaker at the moment, it's also got some teams picking up momentum like Rusev Day. The Rumble match was clearly a timing issue for the show as a whole rather than anything Gable/Shelton or the Uso's were being punished for.

    There is a churn coming for the tag ranks as some of the talents get released over this year or retire... Truth will be gone soon, as will The Colon's and likely Rusev Day will be more short term as Rusev gets more over as a singles. The other MAJOR problem WWE has right now is that two of their top RAW tag stars are both having SERIOUS neck issues. Sheamus seems a lock to be forced to retire by the end of the year and if Jordan is having grip issues, he's also potentially gone. It may be why they've suddenly looked at people like War Machine.

    Authors of Pain will likely come up next, with War Machine replacing them as the "monsters" of NXT. SaniTy may or may not come up but the name change for TM61 to The Mighty certainly is a step towards being on the main roster sooner rather than later.

    I'm not a fan of "throwing" singles together, but recent examples have shown it CAN work with the right talents. For every Jeri-show or New Day however you get a Golden Truth or Kofi and Bourne where it just doesn't work. Elias and Bray would be interesting but I think both still deserve time as singles.

    Remember IF Sheamus was forced to retire they could always bring Chris Hero/Kassius Onho up and reform The Kings of Wrestling with Cesaro. Johnny Gargano appears to be leaving NXT so he could be another guy "drafted in" to The Shield to team with Rollins and have it make sense. Tommasso Ciampa is another guy who can slot in to teaming with Cesaro, or he and Gargano work out their issues and re-team.

    Merging the divisions would take away any scope for that "refresh" and would put some teams like the New Day and Uso's permanently into the division, as WWE could not take the risk on new teams. As it stands, there is enough potential that a Big E. could go back to singles for a spell and Matt and Jeff can have singles careers rather than be stuck as the Hardyz.

    As good as the Uso's have been, Jey's indiscretion may cause some problems, but even so, it's almost time for them to have a break/singles anyway. They don't have to do the feud thing, but every team needs to "go away" sometimes to seem fresh.
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    Absolutely not. Both brands need a tag team division. If there was only one set of tag titles and a fan wants to attend a Smackdown show but the Tag Team Champions are working that week's Raw event but not Smackdown, this fan misses out. Both brands having separate title tiers allows more options for fans who would attend more shows if the kind of matches they want to see such as Tag Team Championship matches, are featured. It also allows more opportunities for the wrestlers. Do you honestly expect Breezango, Rusev Day, or even The Revival to get much of anything if there was only one tag division? We have roughly 10 teams right now on the main roster. I would hate to see 7 or 8 of those 10 teams getting stuck with nothing to do. Both brands have championship contender teams and jobber teams. The WWE are fully justified in keeping two different sets of tag titles.
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    Draft Jay or Jimmy Uso to Raw and start their singles runs on different shows.
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    Why would you break up one of the best if not the best tag team in the division. That's not a good idea. Even when Jey was injured a couple of years ago, we never saw Jimmy in single matches. Occasionally he would appear with another tag team or team up with someone else, but never in a singles match that I can remember. The Uso's belong together not on different brands.

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    Of course they should, just like the woman they should never been seperate to begin with. This is why we keep getting either the same or a variation of the same matches for half a year.

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