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    There's something I've been noticing ever since WM 30 and it's that WWE has been growing every year, little by little. Just look at all the talent the company has. Styles, Owens, Zayn, Cena, Orton, Nakamura, Roode, Wyatt, Miz, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Brock, Cena, Balor, Strowman, Joe plus the guest apps by Angle, Y2J, HHH, Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Goldberg.

    That's 24 wrestlers WWE could crown world champions and nobody would really bat an eye. Nobody would say that they don't deserve it or that they can't carry the main event.

    And not only that, but people from the undercard are also over. Elias, Slater, Jordan, Ziggler, Mahal, Cass when he'll return.

    The tag division is doing great suddently, with The Bar, Hardys, New Day, Usos, Shelton and Gable and of course, Rusev Day!!! And you still have teams that they can do something more, like the Fashion Police, Ascension and The Revival.

    And of course, the women. I was so happy last night, about the heights of the women. They also keep growing every year and now, Ronda's in the house and we have not one, not two, but possibly 3 big WM women's matches in Sasha/Bayley, Asuka/Bliss and Flair/Ronda.

    Just think about the WM card that's coming. Think of all the talent that WWE has right now, and what that card will possibly look like. It looks like one of the biggest WMs of all time. At least to me.

    And to be frank, all of this glory, is because NXT. NXT was the bridge between the WWE and the rest of the world and NXT was the source of all that incredible talent and the reason all that talent came into the WWE.

    I may be overhyping things here, but I don't think it gets better than this. Sure, RAW is dying and so is weekly TV. But WWE has been giving us moment after moment for the past 3-4 years.
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    The cycle has always tended to be that at the end of a decade things peak, and Ronda joining will no doubt bring some mainstream publicity... Quite if it does the same as Tyson/Austin who knows, but in the current #metoo climate, it's not gonna hurt the company to see Women prominently featured in WWE and if the feminists try, pretty sure Steph and Ronda will cut then down publicly pretty quickly... she seems the type.

    To say its all because of NXT is a little disingenuous, a lot of small changes have taken place over the "teens" to get us to where we are today, sorting developmental out is part of it... but nowhere near the whole story.

    There have been changes in management structure, with Trips and Steph taking on different roles, changes in Talent Relations and recruiting, where in the past a "wrasslin'" person had that role, now they have more "sports/college" oriented people. WWE is regularly recruiting large classes from around the globe, not just from the indies or college systems/NFL rejects. They still have them of course, but the roster is actually more diverse than its ever been and same in developmental. The more ethnicities and countries that have a "superstar", the more likely it is that country will buy into the WWE as a whole... even if their guy/gal isn't the top star.

    You have talents like John Cena finally becoming the "Elder Statesman" Vince perhaps always wanted him to be... Watching the Rumble showed that Cena was perhaps more "mature" than ever before in how he acted... he put on the show the fans expected, trash talked Reigns and sold his elimination by Nakamura as was needed. Orton did the same and all the veterans/top stars let younger guys like Cien and stars who are just starting to REALLY get over like Rusev, have the spotlight.

    WWE have also LOST some talents that perhaps would now be in that "wish they'd go away" bracket had they stayed... Someone like Edge had more to do, but that he couldn't forced them to look elsewhere. Likewise when problems like Umaga, Lashley and ADR occured, where talent issues or a backstage problem saw the talent leave.

    The Attitude Era was a boom because EVERYONE was over and had a proper story... you could watch Val Venis v Kaientai with the Choppy Choppy stuff or Test, Albert & Trish feuding with Team Extreme and it mean as much as what was going on at the top of the card. Last night was pleasantly surprising in how many who are newish WERE over huge and well booked... Rusev is looking like he could be the Daniel Bryan, even if they don't want him to be, while Cien looked like he not only belongs on the main roster but in the US/IC title picture now... the fans bought right into him. The fans were all over Balor, Nakamura and Kairi Sane, perhaps more so than Asuka at times... There are some good stories down the card starting to appear again, so we're getting somewhat the same as the Attitude Era, sadly without the attitude...but even Brock, Brawn and Kane went a little oldschool in that match.

    Whether they get the mainstream attention they once got is up for debate, but last night seemed like a major upswing in momentum for a lot of the roster...even if Ronda was a little botched.
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    Never thought of it this way but that's really true. It is surreal to see how strong the roster is today. Arguably the best it's ever been.

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