Does AJ Styles need to debut at Rumble at this point?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by FightOwensFight, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. FightOwensFight

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    First off, I know nothing has been confirmed by WWE, but what are your thoughts on AJ Styles needing to make his debut at the Rumble this weekend? Just seems to me too much is being said within WWE for it to not be a done deal. You have:

    Balor with the picture wearing the Bullet Club t-shirt holding the door open to the WWE Performance Center with the caption "they should be here by now".

    Samoa Joe posting pics of himself with Nakamura (not related to Styles, but same story)

    WWE running an article about the rumor they were all coming to WWE.

    Styles referencing the Rumble in an indie appearance over the weekend.

    Styles last ROH appearance being the night before the Rumble.

    I just think, with all the hype this seems to be generating, they are letting the fans run with the assumption he will be there, and while not confirming, they certainly aren't dismissing it. I would think the reaction would be fairly harsh (especially in Orlando where Styles made his name with TNA) if he is a no-show.

  2. J.J.

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    I'd send him straight to NXT until after WM season and I'm firm on that. Debuting him at the RR in an obvious losing effort(unless he's going to ruin someone else's chances) ruins his debut. Notice you said Balor was holding the door open to the Performance Center - which is exactly where he should be(no pun intended). I think he's a great signing and great worker but I can wait. But given the recent reports that WWE doesn't want Styles competing in his final ROH date I'm unsure what to make of it.
  3. Papa Pillman

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    This report from the main page would seem to indicate that the plan is for Styles to be the only new signing to show up immediately on the main roster, but that debut will occur the night after the Rumble. The report speculates that the company doesn't trust it's fans to be familiar enough with Styles to make a surprise Rumble appearance garner the type of reaction that would be hoped. With a Raw debut, the report proposes that vignettes would air earlier in the night to familiarize the audience with Styles prior to his on-screen premier.
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  4. ShinChan

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    I will be happy on AJ Styles debuting at Royal Rumble just to initiate his first Wrestlemania feud!

    But please no need to send the guy to NxT. Balor, Crews, Corbin, Itami, Joe and Zayn are enough for NxT. Not to forget Shinsuke Nakamura. He should definitely go straight to the main roster!

  5. Navi

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    That's basically what I'm hearing as well from other dirtsheets. I also read last week that they wanted to put him in the Rumble but the news about the signing's leaked out and that sort of ruined their plans.

    I think out of the four Styles will be the one to make a main roster debut right away, don't see much for him to do in NXT, unless he feuds with Balor but that probably won't happen. Aren't they on the same side. Anyway if he shows up on the RAW after the Rumble it will be interesting.

    You never know though the WWE could be running a swerve on us, he could show up, win the damm thing, and well there you go.
  6. whoopin' ass

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    wwe fans will have no idea who he is because they don't know anything outside of wwe. Unless they are going to let him win the Rumble, which we know won't happen, no use in having him debut at the Rumble as the crowd will not react as wwe wants and this could hurt AJ in the wwe. If they were going to let him win, it would be a different story as the fans don't need to know who he is in that case - unknown wrestler comes in and wins the Rumble is a storyline in itself but we know wwe won't give him that kind of push.
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  7. OYDK

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    I don't think anything "needs" to happen. When we start using the word need, we seem to get it into our heads that anything other than that scenario is dumb and illogical. Would it be cool if AJ Styles debuted at the Rumble? I say yes. But does it need to happen? No, and why would it? It's not like he's going to win it, his debut would be cool for 2 minutes and than everybody would forget about it, he'd be debuting in an event where he's already lost in the shuffle, and it's much less impactful than debuting him the proper way. Personally, I thought wasting an AJ Styles debut on the Rumble would have been a very, very stupid idea. Cool, but stupid nonetheless.

    It's actually better for him to debut the Raw after the Rumble. That way his appearance can actually be used to set something up, and he comes in as a much more legitimate factor to the casuals.
  8. Sexcellence of Sexecution

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    I also don't want to see him just as one of the thirty in the Rumble. I think they shold build him up first with vignettes and let the anticipation build. For fans that aren't familiar with AJ Styles it introduces him and showcases why he's awesome, and for fans who are already in the know it will just get them more excited. Overall, it just makes the moment when he debuts on Raw that much bigger. Make no mistake about it, AJ Styles isn't just some indy guy, he is probably one of if not the best wrestler in the world. The same goes for Nakamura. These aren't spot monkey guys who will just give you a nice match you'll ultimately forget about. AJ Styles and Nakamura were at different points the top heel and top face in Japan, delivering some of the greatest wrestling matches to ever take place on any continent. They are master storytellers in the ring and they can truly bring something special to the WWE.

    It is so important that these guys stand out in the midcard era. They can't just be lost in th shuffle with everyone else, they have too much to offer.

    If Anderosn and Gallows debut on NXT that's fine. They can show up in the main event at Takeover: Dallas and align with Finn Balor. Have the Bullet Club stand tall to end the show. Then put the Bullet Club over everybody. Balor continues his run as NXT Champion, Anderson and Gallows beocme NXT Tag Team Champions. Sending Styles to the main roster immediately makes sense. Balor, Anderson and Gallows can eventuallly follow later on, where they will join forces with Styles to turn him heel and fucking take everything over. The Bullet Club got over big time without any kind of WWE marketing machine behind them. In a WWE ring they could become something truly mainstream, but they need to be booked like the original NWO which means that for months the babyfaces can't get ahead. The heat needs to be overwhelming. Eventually if the Shield were to reunite out of desperation to battle the Bullet Club it could be a major draw.
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  9. Cena Is A Punk Rocker

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    If I'm going to debut AJ at the Rumble, I debut Joe with him. Have them come out around 25-26. Eliminate a couple jobbers and have the ring to themselves for about two minutes.
  10. evildicey

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    I would say it depends on how the wwe want to use him. Do they want yet another person to come in and pad out the mid card or do they go all in and have him be 'phenomenal'.

    I'm a big Styles mark so this is how I would have it go down...

    Roman enters at number 1, to really piss the crowd off I'd even have him eliminate 26 other men. Have Lesnar eliminated by the Wyatt Family. They look to do the same to Roman but he summons the strength of super cena and eliminates them, same with the league of nation. Finally, with the crowd shitting on the rumble worse than the previous 2, out comes no. 29...HHH.

    Roman makes short work of him and stands there lapping up the boo's if there are any and everyone waits for no. 30. Then out comes Styles, he and Roman battle it out with Styles eventually winning (with or without help).

    I think that would make the most headlines in mainstream media, on the net etc has anyone ever won the WWE championship on their debut??

    From there...Roman and HHH continues to Mania, I'd set up Wyatt v Lesnar there too. With Sting & Cens looking out I'd have Taker come out on Raw after rumble and challenge AJ to a retirement match at mania because he's faced everyone else.

    Taker retires at mania by putting Styles over and there's you go. AJ Styles, WWE champion and a Saturn V rocket up his ass.

    But hey ho...that's just me fantasy booking ✌ out.
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  11. Jack-Hammer

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    If reports are accurate, Styles will be heading to the main roster, Gallows and Anderson are headed to NXT and Nakamura doesn't undergo the medical tests and screenings until next month.

    Does Styles "need" to debut at the Royal Rumble? Not necessarily, though it's a possibility he does. If WWE is set on Reigns, one way or another, being in the WWE Championship match for WrestleMania, I'd do something different with Styles. For instance, if they've decided on what Styles will be doing for WrestleMania and who it'll be against, I'd do this: Styles music hits and he comes out not wearing ring gear or anything and have him climb into the ring. He stands there for a few seconds before suddenly going after whomever it is he's going to be wrestling for WrestleMania and eliminates that person. Maybe he attacks and eliminates a couple of more guys, due to defending himself, along the way. He then calmly steps through the ropes, not over the top as this is an important little detail, and begins beating the guy up on the floor, stomping, kicking, ramming him into the steps, the steel post, etc. doesn't say a word to anyone, then calmly strolls back up the ramp. In this little scenario, my idea is that he's not an "official" participant in the Rumble match, maybe he's ambushed Curtis Axel and taken him out much as what happened last year. I wouldn't have Styles go near Reigns, maybe have it scripted that Reigns is busy with other guys in the corner and Styles couldn't get to him if he wanted; after all, if Styles isn't going to win the title, don't worry about a confrontation with Reigns right now and have him leave under his own steam, his own terms having made an impactful statement. Again, all this is based on whether or not Reigns will walk out with the title Sunday as it gives Styles an impactful debut and doesn't spoil any of the momentum by having him be eliminated during the match as he wasn't "officially" part of it and wasn't "officially" eliminated as he didn't go over the top rope. For a Rumble debut, I'd wait until about 19 or 20 guys have entered the ring

    Another way to go would be for Styles to show up for the post Royal Rumble Raw to make his intentions known. He could still attack whomever WWE has plans for him to face at WrestleMania, though it wouldn't be as impactful as a Royal Rumble debut that potentially cost his target the WWE World Championship.
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  12. Azane

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    AJ as a surprise entrant would make me feel like I got my money's worth at Rumble.
    I would love something bizarre, like after #30, the Buzzer goes off for #31 and has him come out and say he's ready to take over.
  13. dsotm5150

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    Personally, I'd debut him at the Rumble to create buzz for Raw the next night. What better way to debut someone than at the Rumble, have him come in and dominate for 3 or 4 rounds before getting eliminated. Debuts him strong and makes him look legitamate to the fans who may not be familiar with him, and then you go from there. Unfortunately this is WWE and AJ made his name elsewhere so I would imagine WWE pride will make sure he gets taken down a few pegs before getting to really get anywhere
  14. hatehabsforever

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    Personally, I would love to see AJ Styles debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble PPV, but not in the Royal Rumble match itself. I would love to see one of the NXT guys make an appearance in the Royal Rumble match. Could be Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, even Sami Zayn. Have one of them enter somewhere in the middle of the pack and have a good showing, eliminating a bunch of guys that no one cares about. Then all of a sudden, AJ Styles appears, possibly even from out of the crowd. He interferes in the match and causes the NXT guy to be eliminated, and then he leaves. Sets up an instant feud with whoever that guy is and AJ Styles, in NXT.

    That way, Styles debuts at one of the biggest PPV's of the year, without debuting in the Rumble match itself. The announcers can chat him up and put him over, maybe even some vignettes to help with the cause. His in ring debut is in NXT, where pretty much everyone else not named Sting debuts nowadays. We get to see some stellar matches from him in NXT, before his timely move up to the main roster.

    There is no way in the world he is going to win the Royal Rumble in his first night, and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, especially considering that plenty of casual fans will barely know who he is, if at all. That's delusional. But he can be made look strong and impactful, while still going through appropriate channels, until he eventually becomes a fixture on RAW.
  15. rbv13

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    I was upset to see WWE announce Reigns as the number on entrant. It would've been amazing to see a Demon style entrance by Baylor at number one w/a Styles debut at number two. The Orlando crowd would've went nuts. From there I would've built the two towards a title bout at NXT TO: Dallas.

    I hope they some how adjust idea.
  16. FightOwensFight

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    Thanks for all the input everyone.

    I will disagree with the people (including WWE, if the report referenced is correct) that Styles wouldn't get a good reaction at the Rumble. There is literally not a better place to debut him due to him essentially making his name in Orlando with TNA. If he isn't going to get a good reaction there I would have to think it would be an issue anywhere.
  17. TDFG

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    I would prefer to have Balor in the Rumble. Maybe do an interview with Balor during the PPV were Styles shows up and they say they'll be at RAW.
  18. George Steele's Barber

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    It is a lose-lose situation to debut him at the Rumble. WWE gets no benefit because they haven't promoted him properly and AJ doesn't get much benefit unless he wins. I guess it might help Raw's rating for the show after but if you are going to have him have a first match (yes I know he worked shortly for WWE years ago) I suspect they will make people pay to see it.

    My suspicion is that this is all rumor to get a few more people to buy.

    My other suspicion has been that he is going to NXT to give Balor chance to move up.

    But we will see. It is hard to know what Vince wants in a guy like Styles.
  19. BillAlfonsos_Whistle

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    See I never understood this way of thinking.
    Are we never ever getting a surprise WWE debut again?
    Do we HAVE to follow the stale process of NXT first > WWE main roster for guys who have been in the business for decades??

    Styles should come in as #3 or #4 in the Rumble and dazzle with his noted in ring ability, have a long sustained run where he is acknowledged by commentary a lot and eventually get tossed out or toss someone out that will start his first feud in WWE.

    I mean who are the "surprise" entrants going to be this year if not some of these new signees?

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