At What Point Will WWE Realize that Roman is Not Good Enough?

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by CyberPunk, Sep 5, 2017.

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    I also said this at the Roman vs Cena thread.

    Roman can't carry big matches or big feuds. Give him Strowman, Styles, Balor, Bryan, Big Show and somehow they turn into magic. Give him Cena, Undertaker and Triple H and the match turns to shit. I don't know what happens.

    Maybe he's better at wrestling the "new style" of wrestling. The fast paced wrestling instead of the style those legends wrestle. Still though, it leaves a bad stain on Roman. His big matches so far have been underwhelming.
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    Again, I said this on the cena vs reigns thread but to each is own I guess.

    What I saw tonight was reigns and cena put on a great match full of drama and intrigue and prove that you didn't need to have fifty thounsand move to hook the fans in the story they we're telling. The fans that we're booeing reigns we're cheerig for him when he won then they realise what they we're doing and when they did the respect angle they they're a small part that went back to booeing him.

    I think that some fans are so into the new style of wrestling that anything that is booked like an old school match, they will shit on it no matter what. This was booked like an old school match and told a great story plus the crowd was mor into that match hat any other that came before it or after it. Thats for me, is what makes a great match, when you are able to hook the fans and control they're emotions and this match did that.

    Sad to see that fans still think that you need to have alot of high spot to make a great match and that you can't have a great match just by tlling a great story in the rig.

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