If Not Roman, Who?

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by ztwhite, Jan 29, 2018.

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    To be clear, Roman Reigns doesn't move the emotion needle for me in either direction. I don't care if he's in the main event at Mania, or if he's on the kickoff show fighting Heath Slater.

    But there's a shit ton of vitriol towards him from just about everyone -- much like John Cena has received for years.

    So my question is... if not Roman Reigns, who?

    Keep in mind, that person has to carry the WWE banner in all aspects, from endorsements to appearances to charity work to in ring work. That person essentially becomes the next Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, and John Cena.

    Is there anyone on the roster capable? Is it even necessary? Can several guys take up the mantle and carry the torch?

    A lot of questions summed up in one -- does the WWE need "a guy" or "a gal" in this case?

    We also have to look at longevity or at least consider how many years a person has left. The Miz is doing all things worthy of being looked at as the face of the company, but he's been doing this for a dozen years. He's also blowing up when it comes to mainstream status and I don't expect him to be around for too many more years.

    The same could be said for AJ Styles -- he's been doing this for damn near two decades.

    Shinsuke Nakamura can't cut it because of the language barrier. Same with Asuka.

    If I had to pinpoint a few people who may be able to become the face of the company, I would look at Charlotte Flair (she's got the name and legacy) and Rhonda Rousey (she's already mainstream).

    Sorry, but I don't see anyone of the male side of the roster who becomes that person, unless it's Roman Reigns.
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    Roman Reigns is the right guy and anybody who thinks otherwise is making a fool out of himself. He constantly gets better inside the ring, wrestling wise or promo wise. He's doning it's craft and he has genuine passion for the business and his place in it.

    I just watched Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar I at WrestleMania 31 and it's still, one of my favorite main event singles match ever. That was brutal. That was an amazing brawl that got people on their feet chanting "This Is Awesome", even though in the build everyone hated the fact that Roman was wrestling Brock and not Bryan.

    I watched the match because I read Roman legit punched Brock. I found out Roman said on Talk Is Jericho that he did start the match by laying a set of punches on Brock at the beginning of the match (where he cuts Brock), because The Beast was not really motivated into the idea of putting up a fight (as Brock and Paul preached for a Roman squash).

    As we've all witnessed yesterday Brock does not like to get legit attacked and he just beat the crap out of Reigns, even cracking his ribs with knees. Reigns, who shoul've been like Braun was today (shaking) legit laughed (no sold) to rile him up when Brock was slapping him in the face. Who the hell does that if they are not passionate about it? They were both bleeding in the end of that main event and there was no razors handed by referees.

    I don't know why the hate, seriously, Roman has been delivering great matches every since that 2015 Royal Rumble. He may not be the most flashy kind of all-in character, but he has "it". His presence has "it" and nobody needs to be really funny like Rock and Cena to be a #1 face. Sometimes, you can be just a "I'm gonna drop you where you stand, boy" and still be beliavable and a star. Reigns is that kind and so is Brock.

    All in all, I am excited for a Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar II as the main event of WrestleMania this year and you all should be too. If it's the title that concerns you, I do hope Lesnar drops it to Braun Strowman at Elimination Chamber and instead defends the Women's Title in the Kickoff Show in a rematch against Roman Reigns. Whatever happens, I know I want to see them going at it again and that just goes to show how much Roman Reigns deserves the spot that he's in right now.
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    I don't have an issue with Reigns, so I am prepared to see how far they push him, and if he is up to it.

    However, there is one guy you could build the WWE around, who ticks all the boxes. He has great ring-work, does chairtable things, and is rare in that the WWE pushes him AND the fans get behind him.

    That man is A.J. Styles.

    Styles delivers in a lot of his matches, he is involved in charitable work, and I heard, as a Southern Baptist, that he prides himself on being a good role model.

    Moreover, he was the only guy who has entered the WWE in the last three years (other than Sting or Goldberg) who wasn't put into NXT first, but debuted on the main roster, showing the confidence that Vince has in him. Also, his stint in Japan and his wrestling cred has made him a favourite amongst fans. He is one of the few who the fans don't boo when Vince pushes him to be cheered.

    Styles is the SD Champion and the "face" (who runs the place) on Smackdown, so maybe when the WWE ends the brand extension, they can keep Styles as the top guy. That way, he can be pushed and not get heat from the crowd.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Welp. Roman is the right pick. But not because he's at the level Austin, Rock or Cena were, but because the rest of the roster is inferior or has some step backs.

    Styles is too old.
    Balor isn't really the best on promos.
    Ambrose always has something missing about him, as a face.
    Rollins can't get more over.
    Owens doesn't have the "body type". Plus we've never seen his face work.
    Braun is too fresh.
    Miz can't touch Roman in the ring.

    Maybe Rollins could take the spot, if they invested more in him. He still has growth potential. But I don't really see anybody else. I definitely think that Rollins needs better booking in 2018 than what he's been getting as a face in 2017. A more main-eventish one.
  5. Navi

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    I think the days of having one top guy and everyone else falls under him are over. With two brands touring and a roster the size of the WWE, it only makes sense to have a few wrestlers who could be the flag bearers at all times.

    Not only that, take into account if you make one guy the top guy and he goes out with an injury, wellness violation or something similar. Then the WWE is stuck with trying to elevate someone quickly and we end up with another Jinder Mahal, who the fans never really took too.

    I personally don't see an issue with having many main event players who can carry the strap.
  6. the_peoples_adam

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    I would give it to either Adam Cole or EC3...Both have the looks , charisma, mic skills and all..
    But if we look into history only a WWE made WWE loyal Wrestler will be flag bearer or poster boy for the company..If we look into history from Hogan to Cena it's been like that..
    That's why Roman Reigns will definitely be the one no matter what everyone else's opinion is..
  7. adam

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    I just watched the MMC challenge with Strowman/Bliss beating Zahn/Lynch.

    I've always wondered how a face Strowman would look and the light banter after the match gave everyone a glimpse of what the face Strowman would look like. The crowd might really take to a monster face destroying the heels
  8. Un-Bo-Lievable Jeff

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    It's always going to be hard to have a heel as THE top guy in the company as he has to do PR stuff and not be the same person as he is in WWE.

    Cena can be exactly the same on screen as he is when meeting children for make a wish, or on morning TV in America.

    The Miz could be the top guy, he's incredible, but he can't be doing PR etc as a nice guy and then be the heel in WWE. Well he could, but it would harm the 'Bad Guy' act.

    If you could take anyone now and turn them into the top guy in the company, a few names could jump out. AJ could be but don't see him being around for too long.

    Johnny Gargano could be the next Daniel Bryan if they treat him right and he could go right to the top. Aleistar Black is a good shout, he will probably win NXT title next and then who knows. Velveteen Dream is another one based on how quickly he has gotten over. But the WWE need to be behind someone and build them up the right way, rather than force someone on to the fans

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