The Shield is Back; Now What?

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    **Mods, I feel this is specific enough to warrant its own thread, if you disagree, my bad and I’ll move it.**

    So now they are back, but we all know they have to eventually break up again. How long you think they last? And how would you, in a way that’s actually possible, Fantasy book them

    If they do something big, I could see 18 months, give or take, at or through WM 35 in 2019. Things are great until the Rumble 18. Roman tosses Seth and Dean like he did at Rumble 13 or 14 (I forget)to tease a break going in to WM34. That night they screw Brock and turn all 3 heel. Have them just dominate, even more than 2013 including PPV 6-mans (I personally like the fact the UV title isn’t defended at every Ppv, it’s predictable and so formulaic. Eventually they demand the Cena free agent status. Raw Tag, US, IC and UV titles spread amongst them. Finally when there’s no baby faces left, the only one left that can stop them?
    The slowly turning Kevin Owens, I think his heat as a heel he’s getting now will pale in comparison to his inevitable face run.

    Have Vince, Steph, Shane, HHH, Angle and Bryan (or his replacement if he’s left) asking, bargaining, pleading with him, could you imagine?

    Wrestlemania 35 Main Event, for the WWE or UV title
    Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns
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    WWE wants to get over Reigns right??? When was he the most over??? When he was the dominant force on the tweener almost heel faction of THE SHIELD. I would have the Uso's go over Ambrose/Rollins at Survivor Series and have Reigns get pinned by Styles or Orton in the big match. Then on Raw they come out and say clearly the Shield has gotten a little soft since they split up. It's clearly time we get back to more beatdowns and less talking. Reigns "character" needs to be more of a Goldberg type destroyer. Rollins & Ambrose need to get back to being a little rougher to. Give him some big spots in the Lesnar match at Mania and the crowd may start moving to his direction more.
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    The Shield reunion is in part a play to get Roman over, it's also to sell network subs while Lesnar is absent with the Raw world title.

    Selling TLC without Brock needed something special. The Shield reunited was meant to fulfill this role, prior to Roman's illness.

    They need to do a bit more than stick The Shield back together. Roman looks much better and more badass in the plain Shield gear than his stupid logo gear, which got even hokier when they added the flying Roman outline.

    Simply putting The Shield back together won't get Reigns over, but it's a start. He was still smattered with boos when he faced Strowman the night they returned in The Shield gear.

    They need to keep Reigns out of the stupid bright colour ring gear. Dropping the Roman Empire graphic would be great as will giving him his own theme music finally. Even if they did something lazy like remixing the Shield theme with lyrics, something to make singles Roman separate.

    The Shield will stay together clear into WrestleMania. This reunion may even last longer than the year with the Shield guys facing off at Mania 35 being a strong possibility.

    If Roman is scheduled to face Brock, and Cena is facing Jinder, then one of Cena or Roman are winning the Royal Rumble. Putting The Shield in the Rumble match has the potential to be good, but this Rumble is in Philadelphia where Reigns doesn't have a great relationship with the crowd while winning Rumbles.

    For that reason, I would book the Shield outside the Rumble match instead. They'll have 6 man tags at the Rumble and Fastlane. Then Reigns wins the title at Mania.

    From there they will still be the Shield, but that may take a backseat to Reigns world title win. They could break them up for SummerSlam, but what would be the point?

    We still need to see Shield vs The Club (either with Finn or AJ). Shield vs New Day would be enjoyable as well. Then there's Sanity and Undisputed Era in NXT.

    They'll push them as a unit until at least WrestleMania. Afterwards they might call it off and consider it to have gotten Roman as over as possible. There's most likely a superstar shakeup next year and the inevitable return to singles action, which is what WWE knows draws more.
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    Im with you 100% on the shield needing to call out being "soft". its because they are all full blown faces (or trying to be..roman..) when they were bent on destruction they were cheered heels beating up faces ryback cena cm punk etc. they need to make a statement, i dont know what though thats creatives job. have them take out Angle? invade both shows and beat up everyone on raw and smackdown. show up at NXT and take out sanity or undisputed era.
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    I think that now, WWE needs to have a couple of factions for Shield. At that time, Shield had great feuds with Evolution and Wyatt Family. Now, there's no faction to compete with. Miztourage isn't credible. However, you could make Bálor Club or a faction with AJ Styles. You have to unless you don't want to focus on whole of the Shield.

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