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    The crowd boos as the current reigning Mayhem champion Justin Cooper walks out alone to the ring, ignoring the fans as he grins sinisterly. He uses the stairs to get into the ring and yells at a stagehand to get a microphone. He snatches it off the person as the music dies down. He looks around the arena as the crowd continues booing, slowly transitioning into a "Cooper sucks" chant.

    Cooper: It has come to my attention that I have been automatically entered into this year's Lethal Lottery due to me holding this beautiful championship.

    The crowd boos as Cooper kiss his belt before continuing.

    Cooper: It is about time I gained the respect that I deserve. I've been slugging myself over this belt and opportunities like this should be handed to me on a silver platter.

    The crowd boos louder as Cooper is looking dead serious.

    Cooper: Which got me thinking... I don't seem to recall anything being announced concerning the Mayhem title for the Lottery. While I do appreciate being given the entire night to prepare for my inevitable victory of the Lottery, I am a fighting champion and I will not be heading into the Lottery without an opponent for this title.

    So, since I know I can beat anyone in this company under Mayhem rules, I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back who has been cast aside from the Lethal Lottery PPV card to a match for my championship. It doesn't matter who you are or how long you've been here... if you want to fight me, I'll be willing to take you down with the Mayhem title at stake.

    For the first time in a long time, the crowd cheers at something Justin Cooper has said. Cooper smiles as he brings up the microphone again.

    Cooper: The High Society will be waiting...

    He drops the microphone and heads out to the back, leaving immediately to get ready for his match.

    Serra: Well it looks like Cooper has laid down the challenge. Anyone not involved at the Lethal Lottery will have a chance to take him on for the Mayhem title.

    Klamor: Cooper has always been a great champion when it comes to the Mayhem title and he needs a challenge for himself by facing an unexpected competitor.

    Serra: Speaking of unexpected competitors we have five new wrestlers debuting here tonight and it should be excited to see what they can all do... so let's start the show!

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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Some of the fans groove to the Mario theme as Mikey Stormrage jumps out from behind the curtain with a smile on his face, turning back to see his titantron before doing his pose for the crowd. He walks down the ramp, hi-fiving some fans who are willing to clap the newcomers hand.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at 315 pounds; Mikey Stormrage!

    Serra: Here is the first of five new wrestlers to join the ranks of WZCW and he says that he is an avid gamer.

    Klamor: Ha. What, did he decide to become a professional wrestler after playing some video games.

    Serra: Actually... that is the case Johnny.

    Klamor: ... He made a life choice from a game?

    Stormrage is on the second rope and shouts "Game Over" before running the ropes a few times to get warmed up.


    James Howard walks out with a simple black hoodie on, limbering up his neck and cracking his knuckles. People in the audience recognise him from his previous days and cheer for him whilst others have no idea who he is.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 223 pounds; James Howard!

    Klamor: Yeah, I remember this guy. Former MMA fighter who got banned for brutally assaulting his opponent and the referee. I didn't know he crossed over to wrestling.

    Serra: Well, he's looking to make a fresh start here in WZCW and we welcome all talents across the board.

    Howard has made his way in the ring and raises his fist into the air whilst standing on the second rope. Howard takes off his hoodie as Stormrage does a couple of stretches before the match begins. The referee signals for the bell and the two men shake hands.

    Howard and Stormrage tie up but the former fighter gets an easy advantage and pushes him into the corner. Stormrage tries to cover up but Howard manages to get a few good shots in before he backs away willingly. They slap hands sportingly before tying up again. Stormrage takes him down with a scoop slam and he tries to drop an elbow but Howard gets back up quickly. Howard hits a snapmare and then gets a running start on a kick to the back. Stormrage yells in pain as it hits. Howard picks him up and hits a bridged German suplex, cover, 1......2.....Stormrage just about rolls out.

    Serra: The experienced cage fighter has got the upper hand here.

    Klamor: What did you expect? This isn't Bully Beatdown.

    Howard grabs an arm and twists it before whipping Stormrage into the corner. Howard charges but Stormrage counters with a boot and then a knee lift! Howard is off balance, Stormrage takes him down again with a backbreaker, cover by Stormrage, 1....2....Howard kicks out. Stormrage whips Howard to the ropes and hits a dropkick that sends Howard outside. Stormrage follows him before lifting him onto the bottom rope with a stun gun!

    Klamor: He can't use the ropes, it's illegal. He must have cheat codes enabled to stop the referee from caring.

    Serra: Yes because you and gamers care so much about the rules.

    Stormrage tries to pickup Howard but he is dead weight so he struggles to drag him into the ring. He does eventually and goes for a cover, 1....2....but Howard gets an arm underneath the rope! Stormrage signals for the end of the match as he climbs to the top rope. He dives off but Howard moves out in time, quickly getting up and ascending to the top himself. Stormrage lands on his feet, happy about not falling and turns around. Howard hits the Chaos Theory with the pin following... 1... 2... 3!

    The bell rings and Howard's music begins playing as the referee raises his hand.

    Anderson: Here is your winner; James Howard

    Serra: Congratulations to James for his debut victory and that was a solid performance by Stormrage to keep up with a professional.

    Klamor: These kids have got potential if they keep training hard and learn the ropes with the other guys.

    Howard sees Stormrage getting up and he extends a hand to him. Mikey obliges and the two shake hands with Howard raising Mikey's hand. The crowd applauds the great display of sportsmanship and the two talk to each as they head up the ramp, talking and clearly complimenting each other on their wrestling styles.

    Serra: Hmm... these two may have a lot in common. Could this be the beginning of a potential tag team?

    Klamor: "That's admirable Becky. Two losers sticking together."
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    Anderson: The following is an "Over The Top Rope" Lethal Lottery Qualifier! All four men will start out in the ring and you can only eliminate your opponent by throwing him over the top rope! The last man in the ring will move on and compete in the Lethal Lottery match!


    Out comes Darren Bull onto the stage, in his jacket & wrestling trunks. He struts down the ramp, pointing at his face & smirking as he shows off his good looks. He slides into the ring, standing up to unzip his jacket. Bull raises his arms smugly, thinking he may be in with a shot in this match.


    The crowd continue their boos from Bull on as Joe West appears on the stage. He walks down on the ramp, giving off dirty looks to everyone he can before stepping up into the ring. He backs the referee up into the corner, trying to scare him off, but is put off as his music stops, turning into-


    The crowd change their tune and start cheering as Triple X comes out. Holding his arms up in an "X" symbol, the crowd follow suit as X starts to jog down the ramp, high-fiving members of the crowd who want it. Walking over to one of the two vacant corners, he climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd go wild.


    The cheers turn to yet more boos as Armando Paradyse comes out onto the stage, jogging straight down to the ring. He slides under the ropes, nodding at Darren Bull as he enters. He stands in the last available corner, where we now have Darren Bull and Armando Paradyse on the opposite side to Triple X and Joe West.

    Klamor: Look at these four guys! One of them will qualify for the Lethal Lottery, but which one?!

    Serra: This could be a long match or a very short one! It all depends on the resiliency of the men!

    Klamor: I...didn't know you knew that word.

    The bell rings and all four men look around at each other, wondering how they will make their first moves. Bull and Paradyse are looking over at each other smiling, as West and Triple X watch on. Once more they nod to each other and all of a sudden, Bull and Paradyse charge at the other two men. They sense the initiative as Triple X and Joe West grab the top rope, pulling it down! Paradyse and Bull spill over the ropes and out to the floor, crashing down hard. West and X look out on the two men they've eliminated right off the bat.

    Anderson: Armando Paradyse and Darren Bull have been eliminated!

    Serra: Wow! That happened so quickly, if you blinked you would've missed it!

    Klamor: Well, we're already down to two! I know who I want to win this. Joe West. He's just... got what it takes!

    Triple X and Joe West stop from looking over the edge and begin staring at each other. West moves away from the ropes, to the centre of the ring as Triple X's eyes are fixated on him, not moving his vision once. The two men lock up as X overpowers West, pushing him off towards the ropes. As West comes back towards him, X hits him with an elbow smash right into the face! West jumps straight back up, but X grabs the arm and Irish whips him over to the corner. X puts up his arms in an "X" signal, charging to the corner, but West moves! X hits the turnbuckle pads and West goes right for his legs, trying to throw him over the top. West puts his legs over, but X is holding onto the top rope. West starts celebrating, believing he's won the match, but Triple X has managed to seat himself on the apron, then rolling under the ropes and back into the ring!

    Serra: Triple X is holding on in here!

    Klamor: West had that won! He should've just kicked X in the head and that would've been his match right there!

    West is resting on the ropes as X bounces up and charges towards him, knocking both men over the ropes! West is just holding on, but Triple X has both of his feet on the apron! X throws a punch as West manages to get his feet on the apron, but West just throws his own punches as both men begin trading blows. West gets the upper hand on X as X's falls back first onto the apron, rolling immediately into the ring. The crowd are hot on this one as West jumps over the top rope, back into the ring. He mounts X on the mat and starts throwing a fast barrage of punches to the head of X.

    Klamor: West throwing a classic temper tantrum!

    West gets up off of Triple X and throws his arms up as the crowd boo him intently. Triple X gets up as he's not looking and the crowd start to cheer. West takes the hint as X attempts to approach him from behind, only to be met with a huge fist to the face!

    Serra: It's like Joe West has a spidey-sense or something!

    Klamor: I think you'll find that the crowd gave it away to West, he's got brains Becky. Brains.

    X is groggy and West lifts him up onto his shoulders, locking him into the torture rack. He holds Triple X and then...BANG! A booming neckbreaker on Triple X as his head bounces down. West looks down on X as he grabs his head and picks him up from the floor. Placing Triple X's head between his legs, he lifts him up and onto his back, looking for the "West Airlines". He walks closer to the ropes, looking to throw Triple X right out onto the floor! X manages to hit West in the back of the head with an elbow, dropping down his feet onto the mat. As West turns around, Triple X hits him with a dropkick, once again spilling him over the top! West is groggy and very slowly, head first looks to come back into the ring between the ropes. Triple X doesn't waste anytime here though, as he sees West's head creeping in and coming off of the ropes, he jumps and... X-Rated! Triple X's legs crash down on the back of West's head and he falls backwards as his head bounces off the ropes and lands on the mat outside!

    Anderson: Joe West has been eliminated, which means that your winner...and progressing to the Lethal Lottery... TRIPLE! X!

    Klamor: No! That's not fair!

    Serra: West never got back into the ring! He was eliminated clean there Klamor, no doubt about it!

    Triple X climbs the rope and celebrates his victory. He applauds the fans and pumps the air happily.


    We see Armando Paradyse storming through the backstage area with his bags packed and still in his wrestling attire. Leon Kensworth sees him walking off and catches up to him.

    Kensworth: Hey Armando, what happened out there tonight?

    Paradyse just keeps walking off, not answering the question.

    Kensworth: Hey Armando... Armando?

    Paradyse: What do you expect from me Leon, huh? Do you expect me to be in the mid-card already and not wrestling alongside those noobs out there? Well you know what, I'm not going to be a bother to anyone's time anymore... I'm going.

    Leon looks confused.

    Kensworth: Where are you going?

    Paradyse continues walking and does not answer. Leon gives up, leaving Armando to walk out of the building.
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    The following Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall!


    Hiro Kota Koji runs out, plays to the crowd on the side of the stage before running to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Chicago IL, weighing in at 220 lbs, Hiro Kota Koji!

    He jumps up on the apron and flips over the ropes before posing on the turnbuckle.


    Stevenson Marquel limps out onto the stage, he limps down the ramp rapping along to his theme music.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Brooklyn NY, weighing in at 282 lbs, Stevenson Marquel!

    Marquel hops up onto the apron before getting into the ring and throwing up some kind of sign towards the crowd.


    A man appears to be walking backwards to the ring, pumping his fist to the drumbeat of the song. Just as the mighty Bruce starts to sing Ace turns around and struts to the ring.

    Anderson: And their opponent, from Brooklyn New York, weighing in at 228 lbs, Ace Stevens!

    Ace climbs in the ring, adjusting his hair and jacket to seem as cool as possible.

    This is a great chance for these three WZCW newcomers to show management what they’ve got.

    So we’ve got a white guy dressed up like a Japanese wrestler, a wannabe rapper called Stevenson and a comedian called Stevens? This is going to be a train wreck.

    Come now Johnny, try to be positive.

    Well, I guess that comedian shows some promise.

    The match starts with all three men circling each other warily, Stevenson Marquel is noticeably trying to hide his limp but with little effect, Ace starts to laugh and does a mock limp of his own, pointing at Marquel while doing it obviously trying to rile the big man up. It works, as Marquel surges across the ring and clotheslines Ace over the ropes, leaving only himself and Hiro in the match. The two men waste little time going after each other with strikes, however Hiro quickly gains the advantage with kicks to Marquel’s poor leg, almost bringing the big man to his knee’s, Marquel retaliates by shoving Hiro across the ring but Hiro simply does a backwards roll and goes after Marquel again hitting a spinning heel kick straight to Marquel’s face. Marquel drops but recovers surprisingly quickly, rising back to his feet.

    Looks like this match is going to continue without Ace Stevens.

    He’s just taking a tactical break outside and letting the other two beat the hell out of each other. Smart move.

    He’s still lying on the floor.

    Hiro goes to counteract this by bouncing off the ropes and coming at Marquel again only this time Marquel reacts quickly and hits a huge shoulder block, knocking Hiro over to the other side of the ring. Ace, having recovered outside, sees both men struggling and quickly slides into the ring, thinking the same as Hiro Ace hits multiple kicks to Marquel’s injured leg, causing his bigger opponent to stumble backwards, all the while ducking wild swings from Marquel. Ace finally forces Marquel back into the corner and sets up for a running splash, all the while Hiro is climbing back to his feet, Ace begins his run towards Marquel but is caught suddenly with a hurricanrana from Hiro, sending both men down to the mat. Hiro tries to end the match quickly by covering Ace but the other man kicks out with little trouble.

    Hiro is trying to finish this one early.

    He’ll need to do more than that to win.

    Hiro and Ace both climb back to their feet, Ace is still woozy however and Hiro quickly springboards off the nearby ropes and hits a crossbody on Ace, knocking the other man down again, back on his feet, Hiro runs towards the ropes and this time hits a springboard moonsault, knocking the wind from his opponent, proud of his work Hiro turns and works the crowd who voice their approval at the masked man before them. This turns out to be his downfall however as Stevenson Marquel hits him with a huge clothesline, knocking him to the mat, wasting no time he picks the masked superstar up again and lifts him for a Spinebuster, then Marquel grabs the mans throat and slams him to the ground, hitting the Prison Break, going for the cover, but Hiro kicks out just as Ace was about to make the save.

    Hiro showing great resilience there.

    Or stupidity, should’ve just stayed down after that big lump hit him.

    The two surviving men face off, Marquel floors Ace with a headbutt and goes to pick him up again, he grabs Ace for a second prison break, but the wily comedian kicks Marquel again in the injured leg, then hits a chop, a European uppercut and grabs the big man for a scoop slam, Marquel again headbutts him sending Ace to the mat. This time he walks back to the corner and stalks Ace, setting up for the Brooklyn Big Boot. Ace sees it coming however and simply rolls out of the ring to huge boo’s from the crowd, which he shrugs off with a grin.

    Is it just me, or is Ace starting to look a little tired under that smirk?

    Nonsense Becky, that young man is as fit as the proverbial flee.

    He looks like he’s wheezing Johnny.

    Marquel grins right back at Ace and walks over to the fallen Hiro, picks him up and lifts him for the Street Cred, Hiro counters at the last second however and hits a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors takedown flooring both men again. Ace seeing his opportunity climbs back into the ring and struts around, showing his full arrogance he slicks his hair back and hits multiple elbow drops on both men. Going for a cover on the smaller Hiro. 1. . . 2. . . Kick out.

    Maybe Ace’s arrogance has cost him here.

    It’s only a matter of time now.

    Frustrated Ace hits Stevenson with multiple punches on the mat, changing his attention he goes to put Hiro in the Y.A.P getting his knee into Hiro’s back, the other man is putting up a fight by refusing to turn over, however inch by inch, Ace is slowly turning him.

    See, that jumped up masked wearing weirdo will tap out in seconds from now.

    Hiro still appears to be fighting the hold, however out of nowhere Marquel hits Ace with a Brooklyn Big Boot, knocking him to the mat, Marquel limps over to the prone body of Hiro and picks him up, this time he connects with the Street Cred, with both of his opponents down Marquel drops and makes the pin on Hiro. 1, 2, 3.

    Here is your winner; Stevenson Marquel!

    The large man gets to his feet and raises his arms, he limps around the ring for a while soaking in the warm reaction from the audience, the referee checks on the other two men for signs of life.

    An impressive first win for Marquel here tonight.

    He got lucky Becky, he capitalised on Ace Stevens hard work in there.

    Whatever you say Johnny, I doubt he cares too much right now.

    Stevenson limps his way to the back while Ace and Hiro start to come around, both realise the outcome of the match and look disappointed.


    We see Stacey Madison walking backstage when she bumps into Justin Cooper.

    Stacey: "Hey champ, care for a word before your match tonight?

    Justin: "Hmm....maybe."

    Stacey: "Are you happy that you don't have to defend your belt tonight ahead of your double duty at the Lottery?"

    Justin: "Actually, you're not worth my time. The High Society means I don't need to talk to you!"

    Stacey looks on agawp, incapable of taking in how she was just treated by the Mayhem Champion.
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    This is a Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall!


    On his way to the ring from New York City, weighing in at 150 pounds, he is Jack Skinner!

    Jack walks out of the apron and quickly makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans before entering the ring.

    Serra: "Jack Skinner is always game, no matter who the opponent!"

    [youtube]BGICU6gKpRo[/youtube] ​

    And coming in from the Suburbs, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the Mayhem Champion, Justin Cooper!

    Klamor: "He's going to have to with our brilliant Mayhem champion in the same ring!"

    Justin Cooper enters the stage with his title draped across his shoulder. He walks a steady pace and then enters the ring. He takes a moment to pose on the turn buckle and flaunt his title to the loud booing of the fans.


    And weighing in at 261 pounds, from the United Kingdom, Brab Bomb!
    Bomb smiles and runs into the ring and slides in. Cooper and Skinner make way for Bomb before Bomb poses on the turn buckle.

    Klamor: Cooper looks like he want to steal the show!

    Serra: Oh I got a good feeling about this match, I just feel it!

    The bell rings loudly and all three competitors stare each other down. They all keep a careful distance from each other as the three circle the ring, waiting for someone to make the first move. Cooper decides to opt to attack Skinner first and goes for a clothesline, but Skinner slides under the Mayhem champ and then turns and throws a wild drop kick to Cooper. Skinner quickly pops up surprised at his own counter, but before Skinner can do any gloating, Bomb rushes Skinner and lands a Big Boot on the frail chest of Skinner! Bomb is now the only one standing in the ring and shouts loudly to the crowd getting pumped up from the match. But Cooper finally recovers from the drop kick and rushes at Bomb dropping him with a bulldog.

    Klamor: It seems like they’re taking turns out there That's unfair to Cooper!

    Serra: "I like that strategy, take the perceived strongest man out the match"

    Bomb gets right back up and turns to attack Cooper but the big man gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Cooper. Bomb is now gripping his back wincing but Cooper gives the big man no rest and goes for a Boston Crab. Cooper locks the Crab in tight with Bomb trying to get to the ropes. Bomb forces his upper body from the mat to stop the pain. He begins making slow strides to the ropes, Bomb nearly reaches the bottom rope but Coopers begins to drag him away. Bomb was on the verge of tapping but Skinner flies in and hits Cooper with a “big boot” of his own. A now flustered Cooper gets up and takes out his aggression on Skinner. He stands up and starts throwing punches at Skinner, but Skinner doesn’t back down and starts exchanging blows with the Mayhem champ. But Skinner can’t meet Cooper’s strength and gets overwhelmed with Coopers punches. He then drops Skinner with a powerful European uppercut. Skinner doesn’t say quit and gets right back up to be met with another European uppercut. Cooper grins as Skinner crawls at Cooper’s feet. He grips Skinner and pulls him in for a Remix. But once again Cooper is prevented from a possible win when Bomb climbs over Skinner and throws Cooper with a belly-to-belly suplex.

    Klamor: That’s the second time Cooper was prevented from the win. He looks like he is going to lose his temper any second.

    Serra: "If he can even fully recover from such a powerful suplex!"

    Skinner looks up to Bomb and couldn’t help but thank him. Bomb laughs and pushes Skinner into the turn buckle and hits a Stinger splash on him. Skinner shambles out of the turnbuckle but is met by Bomb lifting up high for a Stalling Suplex. The crowd cheers loudly as Bomb shows his strength, walking from corner to corner with Skinner hanging lifelessly upside down. Bomb then finally finds a perfect spot to drop Skinner right on top of the Mayhem Champion. Bomb pops up and goes for the De-Activated on Skinner. But just as Bomb lifted Skinner to Bomb’s shoulders, Cooper crawls and clips Bomb’s knee causing Bomb to drop Skinner right on his head. Skinner is now out cold as Bomb tries to walk off the gimped knee. Enraged, at Cooper preventing Bomb from winning, gets up and overwhelms Cooper with raw strength, lifting Cooper high into the air and nails Cooper with a deactivated! Bomb then wildly gets down and wraps Cooper for the pin. 1…2…Ohh and Skinner breaks it up by pushing Bomb off of Cooper. Skinner then places Cooper in a sleeper hold in a last ditch effort to win. Skinner has it locked in tight, but before the ref could call the match. Bomb grapples Skinner and Cooper bails out of the ring instinctively. Bomb drags Skinner to the centre of the ring and wraps Skinner in the De-Activated submission hold! It doesn’t take long for the hold to take effect and Skinner quickly taps out before Bomb releases the hold.

    Here is your winner by Submission, Brad Bomb!

    Serra: "That's a good win for Bomb, he has some good momentum going into the pay-per-view"

    Klamor: "He's going to have to find another way of getting people out of the Lottery match though. He won't be hug people like he did to Skinner just there!"

    The ref gets up and throws Bomb’s hand high in the air as he celebrates with the crowd. He then slides out of the ring and heads towards the stage. His arm wrapped about his chest before brushing his hair off from his eyes.


    We see a split screen image of Alexander Stark who is walking down the corridor and Phoenix who is in a dimly-lit room preparing himself for the match ahead.

    Serra: Coming up next is the last Lethal Lottery qualifying match before we hit the PPV. Only one of these men will have the chance to qualify. The other will have to try again next year.

    Klamor: This is going to be an intense contest... I can't wait Becky!
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Lethal Lottery qualifying match


    Phoenix slowly enters onto the stage. He slowly walks down the ramp with the crowd booing him.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Kobe, Japan weighing in at 223 pounds, Phoenix!


    The crowd continues to boo as Alexander Stark heads straight to the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Oxford University, weighing in at 225 pounds, Alexander Stark!

    Klamour: Earlier tonight I talked to Alexander Stark, and he believes his intellect will give him the edge not only tonight but also come Lethal Lottery.

    Serra: Well first he has to qualify for the Lethal Lottery, and that certainly won’t be an easy task against the returning Phoenix. He is hungry to get a World Title shot and will not stop till he does so.

    The two men lock up with Phoenix getting the upper hand, and pushes Stark into the corner. Stark falls to the ground and Phoenix doesn’t hesitate to continuously kick Stark in the face. After about 6 or 7 kicks, the ref decides to back Phoenix off of Stark. After Phoenix shrugs off the ref he tries to go after Stark, but Stark is able to poke Phoenix in the eyes and throws him into the turnbuckle. Phoenix slowly gets up and as he does Stark runs off the ropes and nails a clothesline. Stark goes for the cover. 1… 2…… Phoenix raises his right shoulder to kick out.

    Klamour: Stark is just too smart of Phoenix right now

    Serra: Phoenix isn’t going to give up that easy with so much on the line though.

    As Phoenix gets up he tries to charge Stark, but Stark lands an arm drag and then hangs on and locks in an arm bar. Stark has it locked in, but Phoenix continues to fight and tries to get to a vertical base. After a long struggle, Phoenix is able to stand up and hits Stark in the midsection with a few elbows, causing Stark to break the hold. Phoenix then runs off the ropes, and lands a clothesline. As Phoenix begins to taunt the crowd, Stark decides to roll out of the ring and catch his breath.

    Klamour: Phoenix got too cocky, and the genius that is Stark gets out of danger.

    Becky: I wouldn’t say he is out of danger just yet.

    Phoenix decides not to wait for Stark to get back into the ring and begins to chase after Stark. Stark realizes Phoenix is in hot pursuit and begins to run around the outside of the ring. After taking a lap, Stark decides to roll into the ring, and as Phoenix follows him he lands a clothesline. He picks Phoenix up once more and hits a hammerlock DDT. Stark is signaling for the IQ Drop, and as he goes for it Phoenix counters and hits a few punches, and then follows up with a drop kick. Stark is laid out by the corner, and as Phoenix notices he goes to the top rope and connects with The Final Flight. Instead of going for the cover, Phoenix lifts up Stark and hits the Rebith! Phoenix then drags Stark to the middle of the ring and goes for the cover. 1…….2……..3!!!!!!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Phoenix!

    Serra: An impressive win for Phoenix here tonight, as the veteran will now be in the Lethal Lottery match.

    Klamour: I am sure the Oxford Genius will find something else to do at the Lottery!

    Serra: He's going to have to, we are days away from the pay-per-view!


    We see Matt Tastic alongside Leon Kensworthy backstage.

    Leon: "Matt, you are approaching a huge challenge here tonight as you face Mr Baller. You are the two opposites at the end of the Lethal Lottery!"

    Matt: "Yes I am ready Leon but I am sick of hearing words like impossible and challenge! Tonight, I create a reality that will drive Mr Baller to insanity until he relives it in front of the world! Cowabunga!
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event match!


    The crowd cheers as Matt Tastic walks out to the entrance ramp. He walks back and forth between the sides of the stage before stopping in the middle of the entrance ramp. He walks down towards the ring and rolls in before climbing to the middle rope and stares out to the crowd.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 225lbs, from Southwester, Puerto Rico Matt Tastic!

    Serra: Matt Tastic looking to get some momentum here tonight as he prepares for the Lethal Lottery.

    Klamor: He’s going to need divine intervention to win from Number 1!

    The crowd lets out a chorus of boos as Mr. Baller emerges with his back to the crowd. He turns around to reveal customised warm up which has the number 30 emblazoned underneath his name. He points at the number as he jumps up and around. He rushes towards the ring and slides in. Baller rips off his entrance gear and goes to the top rope to pose.

    Anderson: And his opponent, weighing in at 220lbs, from Miami, Florida… Mr Baller!

    Klamor: Now here’s my pick to win the Lethal Lottery!

    Serra: There’s no denying Mr. Baller has the best entrance spot in the Lottery but can he get the job done here tonight against Matt Tastic?

    The referee signals for the bell and as he does, Baller offers Matt Tastic a handshake. Bemused, Tastic goes to shake his hand but before he can Baller pulls it away and laughs at Tastic. He turns around and goes to the top rope, asking the crowd if they just saw that.

    As he’s shouting, Tastic rushes at him from behind and drills him with a springboard kick to the head! The crowd then cheer as Baller falls to the floor on the outside, landing next to his ring gear. The referee begins to count for Baller.

    Serra: The number 1 entrant in the Lethal Lottery just dumped out the number 30 entrant!

    Klamor: That was a cowardly attack on a defenceless man!

    Serra: You have to be aware of where your opponents are at all times, especially in the Lethal Lottery Johnny.

    Baller gets in at the count of 9, taking as much as time as he possibly can before having to re-enter the ring. Tastic and Baller lock up in the centre of the ring and Baller manages to get a headlock in on Tastic. Tastic delivers punches to Ballers stomach, looking to break up the hold, he’s able to push Baller off but Baller bounces back off the ropes and hits Tastic with a dropkick just as raises his head. Quick cover from Baller, 1… 2… kick out by Tastic. Baller gets up and stomps away at the midriff of Tastic. He lifts him and goes for a bulldog but Tastic manages to push him off into the ropes and hits Baller with a dropkick of his own as he comes back off the ropes. Cover by Tastic, 1… 2… kick out by Baller.

    Serra: Both guys matching each other evenly so far.

    Klamor: It’s only a matter of time before Baller excels above this punk again though.

    Both men get to their feet and circle each other, they lock up in the middle of the ring but Baller delivers a knee to the stomach of Tastic, he backs off to pander to the crowd for a moment, before noticing Tastic is rushing at him. He quickly grabs Tastic’s arm and hits an arm drag wasting no time, Baller grabs Tastic’s arm and applies an arm bar on the downed Tastic. Tastic however manages to squirm out of it just before he applies the lock fully. He pushes Baller back towards the ropes and then whips across the ring, as Baller bounces back off the ropes, Tastic is there to meet hum and lifts him up, hitting a flapjack on Baller.

    Serra: Neither man has gained any substantial amount of control so far this match.

    Tastic gets up before Baller and rushes to kick him in the stomach as he tries to get up. He beats on Baller with stomps as he’s down as Baller tries to retreat towards the corner. Tastic gets Baller seated in the corner and then proceeds to stomp on Baller more and more. He backs off for a moment to play to the crowd. He goes to the opposite side of the ring and then runs towards Baller. He jumps up and uses the top rope for leverage, as he swings back down delivering a powerful dropkick to the face of Baller. He drags Baller out of the corner to go for a pin, 1… kick out by Baller! Tastic goes up to the top rope, sizing Baller up, he jumps and connects with the top rope clothesline! He goes back into the cover, 1… 2… kick out again by Baller! Tastic gets up and grabs Baller up. He kicks him in the stomach and goes for a vertical suplex but can’t get him over as Baller reverses it into a DDT, leaving both men laying on the mat.

    Serra: An effective counter by Baller may give him the foothold in the match.

    Klamor: Baller is going to take control and beat this punk down, Becky.

    The referee’s count is up to 4 as both men begin to stir. 5……. 6…… 7…… ei- the referee stops his count as he sees both are now up in the corner and Tastic gets the first burst of energy as he runs towards Baller. He goes for a dropkick in the corner but Baller ducks out of the way, leaving Tastic upside down in the corner. Baller immediately takes shots at the defenceless Tastic, kicking his chest and stomach repeatedly. He then ushers back a few steps, then runs and delivers a dropsault to Tastic in the corner allowing him to immediately get back up and deliver some shoulder charges to Tastic, which finally release him from the confines of the ropes. He drops down to the mat as Baller walks around the ring shouting 30 to the crowd repeatedly.

    Serra: Baller needs to focus on the match at hand here.

    Klamor: Why? He knows he can beat this guy again like he has in the past few weeks!

    Baller stops shouting to go to the top rope, there he sizes up a recovering Matt Tastic for a huge crossbody off the top rope! He goes for the cover, 1… 2…… kick out by Tastic!

    Serra: Tastic just staying alive in this match.

    Baller lifts up Tastic and sets to whip him into the corner but Tastic manages to reverse it but Baller springs up and off the ropes to deliver a perfect Whisper in the Wind to Tastic. He has a moment to catch his breath before covering Tastic, 1… 2……… kick out again by Tastic!

    Klamor: Tastic is showing some great resolve here.

    Baller gets up and argues with the referee about the count, allowing Tastic to get up and recover. Baller is still arguing with the ref as Tastic gets behind him and nails him with a hairpull backbreaker. Baller gets up to be met with a dropkick to face and another one following that. After the second one, he ducks out the ring to recover, while Tastic plays to the crowd.

    Serra: Tastic has recovered well here but he has to get Baller back into the ring to win the match.

    Tastic sees Baller is in no hurry on the outside so goes outside and starts chasing Baller, who also begins to run. They go all around the ring once before Baller slides into the ring. He looks over his shoulder and sees Tastic right behind him. He runs across to the other side of the ring and then springboards himself off the middle rope, turning around to nail Tastic in the face with a Game Changer!

    Klamor: Baller had a plan all along! Now finish him!

    Baller moves his stricken foe closer to the corner as he lines himself up for the Buzzerbeater. He motions to the crowd who boo at his taunting. He goes up for the Buzzerbeater but Tastic moves! As Baller holds his stomach in pain, Tastic scrambles towards him, gets his arm and locks in the Cross Buster! Baller manages to sustain the pain for a couple of seconds before Tastic wrenches back even harder, leaving his opponent no choice but to submit.

    Tastic keeps it locked in for a second before finally letting go. Ballers rolls out of the ring as the referee raises Tastic’s hand and the fans cheers

    Anderson: Here is your winner via submission; MATT TASTIC!

    Serra: Tastic managed to survive here tonight against Baller, just what he’ll need to do next week when he enters at number one in the 2012 Lethal Lottery!

    Baller is up to his feet already although his arm is hurt and hangs to one side. He sees Mat celebrating his win on the middle rope and an angry scowl crosses his face. He runs towards the ropes and bundles Tastic over the ropes to the floor. He begins pointing to himself and declares the one to win the Lottery from number thirty. Suddenly Brad Bomb appears from behind Baller and locks in the De-Activated! Baller struggles and flails about and before he can get rid of Baller, Justin Cooper hits Brad Bomb with a running axe handle.

    Serra: "We are getting a taster of the Chaos that is coming at the Lottery!"

    Klamor: "And our divine leader Ty Burna isn't even in the building. This is brilliant! Let's go Baller, clear the ring!"

    Bomb releases the hold and just as more members of the roster arrive, Cooper just chucks him over the top rope. Jack Skinner and Alexander Steele hit the ring and double team Cooper while Baller is still recovering in the corner. Cooper is draped across the top as Skinner and Steele try and push him over the ropes. Hammond and Overlast appear through the crowd and bundle all three men over the top rope! Skinner and Steele crash to the floor but Cooper just about hangs on! Ricky Runn and Austin Reynolds run down and slide straight into the ring and charge into their future opponents and tackle them through the ropes to the ringside floor! Baller begins to get to his feet and Cooper rolls into the ring slowly but before they can face off, Phoenix runs down to the ring and is followed by Triple X. They face off against Cooper and Baller respectively and both men are being pounded by their fresh foes. A flood of referees rush down to clear the Sons of Destiny and Runn Reynolds Runn from ringside as well as various members of the roster. The four men in the ring are preoccupied and tangled up in the ropes.

    Klamor: "What are all these runts doing here! This is plain carnage!"

    Serra: "I would say we need to establish some order but why bother!"

    Phoenix breaks free, reverses a Remix attempt and drops Cooper with the Incinerator and climbs to the top rope but as he prepares to hit the Final Flight, Triple X whips Baller into the ropes and that crotches Phoenix! Cooper gets to his feet and pushes Phoenix off the ropes and he falls onto a pair of refs at ringside! Triple X tries to take Baller out but Baller is able to back body drop him over the ropes, he barely manages to hang on! Cooper whips Baller but Baller reverses it. He ducks Cooper as he comes back and Triple X lowers the ropes and Cooper falls out of the ring but ends up taking Triple X to the floor with him! Baller is the last man standing in the ring and although it takes time for him to realise, the crowd soon lets him know their thoughts on the matter.

    Serra: "This may be quite symbolic!"

    Klamor: "Yes Yes Yes Becky. This is a sign! Mr Baller is going to win the Lethal Lottery. This is his time!!"

    Serra: "Will this be the sight at the end of the Lethal Lottery. Mr Baller is standing at Aftershock, will he be able to achieve the same at the end of the Lethal Lottery?! I can't wait to see the answer! We'll see you at the pay-per-view!"

    Baller stands on the turnbuckle and raises his arms and he points to the large Kingdom Come IV sign that looms large in the background!

    And now, the official song for the Lethal Lottery pay-per-view...

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    FalKon: Howard/Stormrage, Opening & Backstage segments
    Rob Dam Van: Over The Top Rope Battle Royale
    Pancake: Bomb/Skinner/Cooper
    Baller: Stark/Phoenix
    Miko: Koji/Marquel/Stevens
    Newc: Baller/Tastic
    Numbers: Backstage & Ending segments

    Congratulate these gentlemen for their fine work as we are now heading straight into the Lethal Lottery PPV. Make sure to check out the WZCW Magazine which shall be released before the Lottery.

    Good luck everyone.
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