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    Connor: Welcome everyone back to the hottest professional wrestling show around today. This is Ascension and as always, I’m Cat Connor joined by my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen. We’re in for a big show tonight with some huge matches with potential championship implications.

    Cohen: Apocalypse is fast approaching and as of right now we know barely anything about the card. Who is going to challenge for the Elite Openweight Championship or the World Championship? So many unanswered questions but I think tonight we may finally get some answers. Especially after that amazing World Title match last week between Cooper and Black.

    Connor: They tore the house down on Aftershock but it was Justin Cooper who came away as the winner. That does open up questions as to who is next in line to challenge for the belt. Mikey Stormage? Eve Taylor? Flex Mussel? Somebody else perhaps? We’ve got a big triple threat match later tonight between Black, Stormrage and Mussel so maybe that could sort out the World Title confusion?

    Cohen: By the end of the night we should have a clear direction heading into the pay-per-view. Exciting times nonetheless, CC.

    Suddenly the lights in the arena go out. A drum roll begins to play and spotlights shine down onto the entrance ramp to reveal a large marching band, all dressed in green and gold. Not only that but several people dressed as kangaroos are bouncing around the ramp as the band begins to play. All the attention of the crowd is on this large band, taking up the entire ramp and most of the stage. The tune they are playing causes a large cheer and people begin nodding their heads.


    Pyro begins to go off around the big screen and from the ceiling green and gold confetti begins to fall. The lights in the arena begin to spin, flashing green and gold as the titantron zooms all over the arena at the fans dancing around. The band continues to play, beating the drums louder and louder. Over the madness in the arena, we switch to a view of the backstage area which receives a massive pop.

    Making his way through the hallways is the World Champion, Justin Cooper, dressed in golden robes with a green top hat and a smile from ear to ear. His title is around the waist and Cooper has a bottle of champagne in his hand, opened of course. He takes a big sip of the bubbly and runs through the curtain onto the stage. Appearing on stage, the crowd cheers and Cooper takes a bow. He begins dancing with some of the band, grabs one of the drum sticks and smacks it to the beat of the song. One of the kangaroos approaches him and Cooper pretends to box with it, ultimately high fiving the kangaroo before dancing his way down the ramp to the beat of the song.

    He approaches the ringside area and dives into a pool of confetti. The crowd continues to cheer as Cooper makes a confetti angel, pops back to his feet and pours more champagne down his throat, spitting some of it out as fans in the front row open their mouths. The Champ slides into the ring and does a full spin, almost tripping, and unclips the World Title. The belt sparkles as Cooper holds it proudly over his head, receiving yet again a loud response. The celebrations seem to settle as Cooper steps over to the edge of the ring and picks up a microphone. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts, kicking some of the confetti away, dropping down to his knees and looking at the World Championship.

    Cooper: I heard a lot of people complaining about the lack of celebration last week. Look, I might be an arrogant ass sometimes but I’ve got too much respect for this business and what this title means to go partying when I’ve got to defend the title that same week. I might not like Garth Black but the man is a warrior and last week he pushed me to the limit and I’d never disrespect him to go out a celebrate before a title match.

    A round of applause is given, Cooper acknowledges with a nod.

    Cooper: That was last week. This week I don’t see any title defence. I don’t see this title, MY title, going anywhere. I knew that if I couldn’t party last week that there was no better place to party than right here in the city of champions, BOSTON!

    Cheap pop and Cooper smiles, jumping to his feet.

    Cooper: I knew that if any city would know how to celebrate a title victory it would be Boston. Am I right or what?

    A loud cheer from the crowd.

    Cooper: Now you all heard that song. The champ is here! Six years it took me and they thought I was going to give it up three shows later? Never! If you want this belt you’re going to have to damn near kill me to get it. Doubt my skill all you want but never, for one second, doubt how much of an ass kicking I can take and still come out as the winner.

    He slings the title over his shoulder and looks around the arena.

    Cooper: I’ve been knocked down more times than I can remember. I’ve been to war with the greats. I’ve faced a Super Saiyan and come out on top. I duelled the White Knight and I stepped over his corpse when I was finished. I promised the world I’d beat Mikey Stormrage in the main event of Kingdom Come and with you supporting me I did just that.

    Once again the crowd cheers, Cooper says thank you and continues.

    Cooper: From Eve Taylor, Austin Reynolds, Constantine and Garth Black. I’ve beaten the top contenders on my way to the grandest prize in professional wrestling. It’s time for a new day. It’s time for a new era of excellence in this company. I promised to be a fighting champion. Someone you can be proud of so let me make this official right now.

    He turns to face the ramp. The band has cleared out at this point and all that remains is the fallen confetti.

    Cooper: I’m right here! The Champ, I’m not moving and I never hide from a fight. You want a shot, come get a shot! Come on, step up right now. Apocalypse is calling and I need an opponent, anybody, whoever wants it, bring your ass out here right now!


    Connor: Well, this is unexpected I must say. I thought we’d seen the last of Garth Black interrupting World Champions after falling short last week.

    Cohen: Cooper did say it was a challenge to anyone. Garth would qualify for the challenge. He’s a former champion and you should show some more respect, CC.

    Garth Black appears at the top of the ramp and quickly makes his way down to the ring. His eyes locked on Justin Cooper, and soon enough they are face to face. Cooper shakes his head and seems visibly disappointed in the response to his open challenge. Black isn’t worried, his jaw clenched as he snatches the microphone from Cooper’s hand.

    Black: You look like a fool! Coming out here dressed like an idiot with all these green and golden rubbish. A band playing for you, really? Did you pay for that? Of course not, the company did. How quickly the puppet master becomes the puppet.

    On the far side of the ring Cooper is handed another microphone.

    Cooper: What do you want? I just beat you. Not once but for the third time in a row. 3-0, Garth. Doesn’t get much worse than that, mate. So, if you wouldn’t mind getting out of the ring and letting someone new have a chance that would be fantastic.

    Black: You think this is a joke? That title belongs to me, damn it. I should’ve been in the main event of Kingdom Come not you or Mikey Stormage. I was the superstar of the year but I was overlooked by a guy who is in the middle of the card. I main evented pay-per-views and yet I didn’t get a single award.

    The Champ can’t help but laugh.

    Black: Oh, it’s a barrel of laughs. We will see how funny it is when I knock that smirk off your stupid face. I never lost last week. Go look at the footage. The referee stopped me from following up after the Black Out. You would have been pinned if not for that. Then I got multiple slow counts. I had experts analyse the footage and it was obvious that the referee counted faster for you than they did for me.

    The Champ rolls his eyes.

    Black: You said you were a fighting champion. Well, I’m standing right here and I want my rematch. Give me another shot and I’ll take back the World Championship. Give me what I earned at Kingdom Come and I’ll prove that this is no laughing matter.

    Cooper: You crack me up, Garth. I beat you three times, dude. How many times do you have to be pinned before you realise that you just suck? You keep losing repeatedly to me and yet here you are crying for another shot. I’d beat you again but you’d just blame the referee. What’s the point? Run along, you’re wasting my time.

    Frustrated oozes from the face of Black. He runs his hand over his head and moves closer to Justin.

    Black: Listen up, you ignorant little fool. I’ll say this nice and slow. I’m not leaving this ring until you give me another match with the title on the line. Now, either you can agree now or I’ll beat you so badly that they’ll be forced to strip you of the belt.

    Justin refuses to back down, he locks eyes with Black and goes nose to nose with him.

    Cooper: I think you’re forgetting who you’re dealing with, Garth. I like to have fun, celebrate and have a laugh but I’ve looked into the eyes of the greatest superstar of all time, those piercing red eyes, and lived to tell the tale. Do not think I am some boy who doesn’t belong. I am the World Champ and you are standing in MY ring, bitch!


    With a hop in her step, Becky Serra hurries onto the stage. Inside the ring, Garth and Justin have separated, Cooper throwing off his robe and ready to fight as is Black. Becky quickly signals for her music to be cut off.

    Serra: Gentlemen, if I could have your attention! I said gentlemen, please stop this right now.

    Very slow both begin to turn to face Serra.

    Serra: Good. Now, a lot is happening tonight. Business has been booming after Kingdom Come and decisions must be made. Last week you two had an amazing match for the World Championship. I myself was very impressed until I started getting phone calls early in the morning, 1 am, 2 am and such from you, Garth Black.

    The camera zooms in on Garth, he simply shrugs.

    Serra: Blaming the referee for your loss. The same excuses you always have and I’m sick of it. We all are sick of your attitude. This is a privilege to challenge for the World Championship, not a right. You don’t get to blame us whenever you lose.

    The crowd cheers, Cooper claps his hands and Black shakes his head furiously.

    Serra: However, after looking at the footage we have determined that the referee made a mistake by not allowing you to immediately go after Justin Cooper following the Black Out. Therefore, we are granting you one final chance, one last match for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship, against Justin Cooper at Apocalypse.

    Inside the ring, Black turns back to Cooper and points to the gold. He has a huge smirk on his face and an air of arrogance. Cooper meanwhile is less than thrilled, shouting out to Becky that he has won this contest three times before.

    Serra: One more thing, due to the constant complaining and attacking WZCW like we have something against you, Mr. Black, we have decided regarding the title match. This match will put all the pressure on you and Justin. To win, all you have to do is have more will than the other guy. No submissions, no pinfalls, no count outs or disqualifications. In other words, no way for you to blame the referee or the company. Whoever loses this match can only blame themselves. It’ll be up to both of you to decide who wins, and only you, because this match is all about how much do you have left in the tank. How far will your body go? What would keep you down when everything is on the line.

    The crowd begin to cheer as they figure out the stipulation.

    Serra: Justin Cooper defends the World Championship against Garth Black at Apocalypse in a Last Man Standing Match!

    Monster pop from the crowd! Serra smiles and heads backstage, the camera focuses on the two men inside the ring and they looked shocked. Cooper clutches the title belt close to him while Black just stares at the floor. They suddenly turn to each other, Black glancing at the belt he wants so badly and Cooper holds up four fingers signalling that the fourth time will not be the charm.

    Cohen: Can you believe it? Cooper vs. Black in a Last Man Standing Match on pay-per-view. I never saw this coming. To think, what will probably be the final encounter between these two men for a long time. If Back wants the title he must win. I can’t see him getting another shot if he is beaten by Cooper for the fourth time in a row.

    Connor: It removes the referee from the situation. All they do is count to ten. This match will be decided by the wrestlers. Nobody else to blame. If you lose it’s your own fault. Who will stay down while the other fights to his feet. I cannot wait to see that match.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Beverly Hills, California, Preston Scott Cunningham The Third!

    Preston appears on the stage and throws his arms up, claiming to be the best. The crowd offer no reaction to his appearance. None. It’s completely silent as PSC3 walks down the ramp and is visibly frustrated nobody cares about him at all.

    Cohen: A wild reaction for Preston here tonight, CC! Listen to the fans going wild for one of the top stars in WZCW.

    Connor: Oh, it’s rocking in here right now. You could hear a pin drop at this point. We’ve seen nothing for Preston since he arrived in WZCW. I think the fans aren’t taking him seriously at this point.

    Cohen: I’ve got tickets to the new Beauty and the Beast movie for the weekend, CC. You interested?


    Anderson: Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Lights go out as soon as the entrance theme starts playing. A dark-orchid colored light starts flickering around all over the entire arena. After a while, it converts into a single spotlight on the entrance ramp when Yemrez runs towards the ring.

    Connor: Here comes one of the fresh faces in WZCW. I’ve heard a lot about this woman and she has had a very successful weightlifting career. It’ll be interesting to see how her wrestling career goes and if she can reach the same heights.

    Cohen: Women’s weightlifting… do they carry baskets of dirty clothes?

    Connor: She could probably lift more than you, Jack.

    Cohen: Doubt it.

    Reqonic removes her hoodie after entering the ring and makes a "heart" sign with her hands to the audience which results in a cheer from them. The referee moves into the middle of the ring and signals for both wrestlers to ready themselves as he calls for the bell.


    Preston charges forward at full speed and yells wildly but Reqonic leans back with the Matrix Evasion. The shift counter by Reqonic leaves Preston stumbling forward and he smacks his head on the turnbuckle, falling back to the ground on his backside. Reqonic sprints towards the ropes and comes charging back with a dropkick to the back of PSC’s head. No cover is made as Reqonic grabs PSC by the head and strikes with a few forearms before lifting him up and connecting with Eerie Blitz! Rolling forward off the fireman’s carry and quickly she ascends the top rope, diving off with a moonsault thereafter. Preston grabs his ribs and kicks his legs as the crowd cheers Reqonic, who stands in the middle of the ring and takes a quick bow. On the far side of the ring Preston is pulling himself back to his feet and has his back on the turnbuckle. The crowd watches on as Reqonic points across the ring, runs forward and nails a double knee strike - Nigh The Bliss!

    Preston slumps down to the ground as Reqonic kicks him repeatedly with hard strikes. She brushes the hair out of her face and lifts PSC by the arm over into the middle of the ring. Both competitors end up standing and Preston swings wildly with punches only for Reqonic to dodge each and every shot. It’s like the encounter is in slow motion as Reqonic doesn’t move her feet but just leans in and out, twists and turns her body and is never touched by a single punch. Without warning Reqonic stops this madness with a headbutt, sending Preston to his knees and follows it up with a double palm strike.

    Cohen: Preston is getting his butt whooped by this woman.

    Connor: I think it’s safe to same it’s going to be the last time we see PSC in WZCW for a long time after this performance.

    The crowd are fully behind Reqonic as she stalks her opponent. PSC has a bloody nose and crawls towards the ropes. The camera shows his face and he is crying. Tears pouring down his face. He turns around and Reqonic lifts him up with ease and nails the Spinning Backbreaker Rack! Again, no cover as PSC continues to cry in the middle of the ring. He begins sucking his thumb and the crowd laughs at him. Reqonic can take no more and she ascends the middle rope, clapping her hands together as does the crowd.

    The wait is long as Preston stumbles to a vertical base. His thumb still in his mouth and tears continue to fall, forming a puddle in the ring. He turns around and Reqonic leaps forward, grabbing his head and hitting the Diving Corkscrew Stunner – Upshot! The crowd cheers like mad as PSC is out cold and Reqonic hooks the leg for the cover. 1… 2… 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner Yemrez Reqonic!

    Connor: An impressive debut for the women’s weightlifting champion. She has taken out PSC in a fashion I haven’t seen before. He made the man cry in the middle of the ring.

    Cohen: WZCW is no place for people like Preston. Crying in the ring! It makes me sick. Get out of the damn company, you have no place with you wasting our time like that.

    Connor: It’s going to be a hard time for Preston getting work after that performance.

    Cohen: One door is closed but another has opened as Yemrez Reqonic makes a statement in her first WZCW match. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

    In the ring Yemrez has her hand raised by the official and the crowd cheer. She takes a bow and exits the ring to the applause of the audience. She has a smile on her face and must be very pleased with her opening match in WZCW. Meanwhile PSC is still down, the ref gives him a sharp kick to make sure he isn’t dead and a small tear rushes down his face.
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    Backstage Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle are standing with Stacey Madison.

    Stacey: So last night on Meltdown we saw you in Banks' office with VI. Is it safe to assume that you're now a....

    Adonis: Stacey that is not a question that will be answered right now. You'll find out by the end of the evening his decision. For now we want to go on record to say it's a great opportunity to be back in the ring.

    Xander LeBelle smiles and looks at his Elite Openweight championship with pride.

    Adonis: Tonight Xander will show the world what he can do on another level. He will not be wasting his time or efforts in the ring with a woman but will be fighting a man.

    Stacey: Some would say THE man.

    Adonis: Some would say that statement is a conflict of interests Miss Maddison. Some would also say that this interview is over.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Yonkers, NY, weighing 275 pounds, Tony Mancini!

    As the music hits, Tony Mancini makes his way out to the top of the entrance stage, a smattering of cheers and boos following the former gangster. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans before walking up the steel steps and enters the ring, stretching his neck as he looks back waiting for his opponent.

    Connor: Tony Mancini looks to rebound here tonight after a loss to Flex Mussel last Ascension. What does Tony need to to do get back on the winning path Jack?

    Cohen: He's needs to get his head on straight and focus on his career Cat. He's more worried about these idiot fans think about him rather then getting results in the ring.


    Anderson And his opponent from Dublin Ireland, weighing in at 225 pounds, Vox!

    The lights go out in the arena as a video plays of the world's problems. Vox soon makes his way out as a spotlight shines down on him. As he makes his way down he stops to speak to a few members of the audience, a lovely young woman in particular as he holds her hand while talking. Eventually he moves away, making his way down to the ring and slides into the ring, grabbing a microphone while the crowd immediately begins booing.

    Vox: Thank you, thank you! I need to just take a moment and speak to you all about a serious issue near and dear to my heart, just as it should be to you the people of Boston! Many of you are ancestors of the great country of Ireland, in fact your professional basketball team uses the great Irish mascot, the leprechaun! But do you all realize the problems that plague Ireland to this day? We are in need of caring people to donate to this worthy cause, to alleviate the Troubles of Ireland! Do it for your ancestors, do it for the cultural appropriation you have all fed into in this fine city and donate to my fine organization! Thank you, beautiful people, and God Bless each and every one of you!

    Vox holds the microphone up to boos from the crowd as Tony can't help but shake his head as referee Elizabeth Prince calls both wrestlers to the center of the ring.

    Connor: Vox trying to endear himself to the fans in Boston here less than expected results.

    Cohen: These people claim Irish descent yet can't even find a few dollars to donate to such a worthy cause. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Referee Prince signals for the bell and the two lock up, Tony being able to push Vox into the corner. Vox immediately slides under the top rope, forcing Prince to back Tony away from the corner. Vox slides back into the ring, yelling at Tony which causes the more muscular man to rush forward towards Vox. Vox backs under the ropes again, Prince trying to get between the two competitors but Vox reaches over and gets a thumb to Tony's eye. Tony stumbles back holding his eye as Vox makes his move, taking Tony down with a double leg takedown. He goes for the ground and pound, throwing rights and lefts as Tony tries to cover up. Vox switches positions and is able to get a headlock on Tony, driving him face first into the mat. He looks out at the people, finding a few sympathetic faces as he drags Tony in a half circle so Vox can properly face one woman in particular. He begins chatting towards her casually between wrenching the headlock tighter around Tony. Suddenly Tony is able to wrap his arms around Vox's waist, getting to his feet and delivering a back suplex to break the hold.

    Connor: Vox seems more interested in finding people to chat up then actually wrestle Tony tonight.

    Cohen: He's a busy man and needs people for his charities CC! Do you expect Vox to travel to Sudan and make a difference on his own?

    Tony is back to his feet first as Vox tries to recover from the surprising suplex. As Vox pulls himself up in the corner, Tony comes crashing in with a clothesline, knocking the inspirational one to the ground. Tony pulls him up and whips him into the ropes, spinning him around with a tilt a whirl backbreaker! He quickly goes for the cover, 1..........2... Vox kicks out! Vox holds his lower back as Tony hits him with a forearm to the back before lifting him up and driving him into the corner. Tony begins throwing lefts and rights, with Vox now covering up. Tony backs up and heads for the corner, connecting with a running knee to the gut. Vox doubles over and falls to the mat, but rolls to the outside before Tony can follow up. Vox rolls to the barrier, pulling himself up as Tony stands in the ring, motioning for him to reenter. Vox shakes his head and turns towards a crowd member, grasping their hand and asking for inspiration. With his back turned, Tony rolls out of the ring and spins Vox around, connecting with a hard right that sends Vox tumbling on the outside. Prince has started the count meanwhile inside the ring, already up to two. Tony lifts Vox up and drops him neck first across the barrier, to a cheer from the proud Boston crowd.

    Cohen: This is flat out cheating CC. Vox was trying to find warm words from a member of the WZCW fans and Tony quickly attacked him from behind. Tony hasn't changed one bit! He's still a two bit gangster.

    Connor: Never turn your back while you're in a fight Jack, didn't you teach me that one day?

    Cohen: W....w....well yes but that still doesn't make it right!

    As Prince has the count now up to five, Tony tries to slide back into the ring but Vox grabs his leg, pulling him out and dragging him face first into the steel steps! Vox slowly pulls himself back up along the ring apron, sliding in as he motions for Prince to count Tony out! Tony struggles to his knees, the count continuing as it is up to seven now. Tony grabs the ring apron, pulling himself slowly to his feet as Vox yells out to the crowd which elicits even more boos. As Prince gets to nine Tony is able to pull himself into the ring! Vox finally notices and strikes, connecting with a sliding right jab to the face that keeps Tony down. He pulls Tony up and whips him across the ring, ducking down and connecting with a back body drop as Tony rebounds off the ropes. Vox goes for the cover, 1.........2........Tony kicks out! Tony rolls over onto his stomach, trying to shake the cobwebs out as Vox looks a bit frustrated. He gets to his feet and begins climbing to the top rope, but Tony suddenly springs to life and catches him with a right hand! He keeps punching away, knocking Vox woozy before climbing up to the second rope. He sets him up for a superplex but Vox hits him in the ribs a few times. Tony ignores the strikes and tries to lift Vox up, but Vox counters with a hard shot to the ribs again. Tony loses his grip and Vox kicks him off the rope to the mat. Vox slowly stands up on the top turnbuckle and comes off looking for the double stomp but Tony rolls out of the way as Vox crashes and burns!

    Connor: A struggle on the top rope leads to a big miss from Vox, giving Tony a huge opening here!

    Cohen: That double stomp would have been the end of this match had it hit. Tony should consider himself lucky he got out of the way.

    Tony and Vox begin pulling themselves up, Tony using the ropes while Vox is up to one knee. Vox rushes forward at Tony but Tony ducks under, running and bouncing off the ropes before connecting with a huge Lariat! Vox hits the mat hard, the back of his head bouncing off the ground. Tony motions for Vox to get up, setting up for the Il Siluro Italiano!

    Connor: Tony is so close to victory, he's going to go for his big finisher to make sure he puts a stamp on this win!

    Cohen: No! Vox you need to roll out of the way!

    Vox rolls over onto his stomach, pushing himself up after the devastating Lariat. He pulls himself up just in front of the corner and turns around. Tony comes charging forward but Vox moves to the right, shoving Tony shoulder first into the ring post! Tony slowly stumbles out of the corner, and suddenly gets locked into the Difference Maker! Vox locks in the hold and pulls Tony to the ground, hooking in a body scissors for good measure. Tony struggles against the hold, trying to reach out desperately for the ropes but Vox flips Tony around and cinches in the hold deeper, and Tony has no choice but to tap out!

    Anderson: Here is your winner by submission, Vox!

    Connor: Vox was able to dodge the Il Siluro Italiano, and lock in the Difference Maker here tonight, picking up another impressive victory as this rookie is certainly on the rise.

    Cohen: Vox keeps getting more impressive week after week CC. And his message of hope and improving the world will keep reaching more people.

    Vox keeps the hold locked in as Prince tries to get him to lock, eventually letting go as he sits up, a wide smile on his face as Tony rolls away, coughing heavily from the hold. Vox gets to his feet as Prince raises his hand in victory to another round of boos from the crowd.
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    The camera transitions to the locker room where Vee ADZ is lacing up his wrestling boots. A few moments later Leon Kensworth approaches him and Vee looks up.

    Kensworth: A quick word, Vee?

    Vee: Sure. Take a seat.

    Leon drags a chair over to the locker and sits down next to Vee who stops preparing for his match. They exchange a handshake and Leon glances around the room, it’s empty for the most part with a few other wrestlers doing their own business.

    Kensworth: We all know what a big opportunity you have tonight. It’s a match against the World Champion. Nervous? Excited? Tell us what is going on for you right at this moment.

    Vee: It’s a whirlwind of emotions. It’s well documented my rise and fall over the past year. I battled Titus and nearly won the title but I fell short. I was eliminated first in the Lethal Lottery, that one really hurt. Not physically but mentally. I really started doubting myself. You work so hard in the gym, I’ve come so far from my family and to not have the success I wanted… it’s rough. Tonight, I have the chance to make a change. To beat the World Champion. It opens so many doors if I can win tonight.

    Kensworth: Do you think you’ll get a title shot if you manage to win tonight?

    Vee shakes his head.

    Vee: No. I don’t think you can jump the line that far. This isn’t about the title. It’s about the competitor. The guy holding it; Justin Cooper. He has proven to be one of the best around. I’ve beaten him once and I will do it again. I need to beat him. If I beat him it proves that I’m still able to chase my dreams. That I can make what seems impossible to be possible. I’m not hunting the champion for the title, I’m hunting Justin Cooper for my livelihood.

    Kensworth: Well, good luck. Win or lose, I hope you can use this to help you in the future.

    They both stand and shake hands. Leon exits and Vee takes a seat once again.

    Vee: I can do this. I know I can.

    The screen fades away as Vee continues mutter words of encouragement to himself.
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    Inside the office of Becky Serra, she is doing some paper work when the door bursts open and in walks Flex Mussel. He storms forward, knocking over a chair and stands before the General Manager of Ascension.

    Mussel: What the hell was that? Garth Black gets another shot! He just lost and you’re giving him yet another chance because he bitched and moaned about the referee. I’m the guy who is running through legends. I’ve taken out anyone you put in front of me. I beat Cooper a few weeks back, damn it! What the hell is this game you’re playing, Becky?

    The GM looks up from her paperwork and squints.

    Serra: Decisions had to be made. I spoke with Mr. Banks and Vance Bateman, the decision was unanimous to give Garth Black his rematch. You were considered, several people were, however Garth Black was believed to be the best available option.

    A loud thud is heard as Flex slams his fists down on the table.

    Mussel: That’s not good enough! I should be fighting for the World Championship right now. Look at the people I’ve beaten. I crushed Matt Tastic at Kingdom Come and he hasn’t been seen since. I’m sick of jumping through hoops and being passed over.

    Serra: I’m sorry you feel that way but unfortunately the decision is final. You will not be wrestling for the World Championship anytime soon, Flex.

    The paperwork goes flying as Flex slams his arm into the desk and shoves it sideways. Becky moves her chair backwards as Flex yells in frustration.

    Mussel: Anytime soon! What bullshit is that? Nobody deserves a title shot more than me. Nobody!

    Taylor: Now really, would a gentleman mess up a lady’s office like this?

    Like a cold breeze has just entered the room, Flex turns around and sees that Eve Taylor is leaning up against the door frame with a smile on her face.

    Taylor: No need to worry, Becky. My old friend is harmless. A head of Cerberus, a fierce dog they said but the closer you get the more you realise he’s a dog without teeth. All bark and no bite.

    Mussel: Shut your mouth, woman!

    A small chuckle from Eve as she steps into the room and makes her way over to Becky, keeping her eyes on Flex the entire time.

    Taylor: Did somebody not get what they wanted?

    Mussel: How much did you hear?

    Taylor: All of it I’d say. Well, it’s hard not to hear when you’re screaming with the door wide open and the sound echoes down the halls. You always were like a spoiled child. Could never handle it when things didn’t go your way. Remember when I beat you at Kingdom Come, I bet you cried for days.

    The two former Cerberus members come face to face as Flex moves forward. He clenches his right hand into a fist and Eve glances down at it, slowly bringing her eyes back up to meet Flex’s.

    Taylor: Go on. Try it.

    Mussel: You’re…

    He takes a step back and relaxes his hand.

    Mussel: Not worth my time.

    With that Flex turns around and leaves the office without another word. Eve Taylor turns to Becky and gives her a light pat on the back. She begins to help gather the tossed items from around the office.
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    The camera searches for Blades amongst the fans in the arena. Finally, it picks out him out deep in the crowd. Blades pulls down his bandana to reveal his face as he spins his trademark baseball bat in his hands. Ty soaks in the reception of the fans before making his way through the swarms of people and towards the ring. Jones joins him as he approaches.

    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds... Tyrone Blades!!

    Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Elite Openweight champion has requested your silence as he makes his way to the ring.

    LeBelle makes his way out with Adonis. He's smoking a cigar and twirling his golden cane. He struts down as the crowd refuse to be silent. His title is around his waist. Blades looks at him intently from the ring.

    Connor: Nice to see Xander LeBelle actually show up.

    Anderson: And his opponent from The City of Light, and weighing in at 215lbs, he is "The World's Greatest Mind" and the Elite Openweight champion Xander LeBelle!

    Connor: Where even to start with this? When this match was announced last week I'm sure Tyrone Blades thought it would be one of those matches that wouldn't be personal.

    Cohen: It's always personal in wrestling, Cat. LeBelle has made the right call and has joined VI. Whether that will stoke Tyrone's fire or not is a different matter.

    Blades goes straight with a punch to LeBelle who is able to avoid the punch and slaps Blades. Xander goes for a second slap, this one with some force. He goes for a third slap but Tyrone grabs him by the arm. Blades is able to hit a punch back and the crowd go crazy for this. A second punch by Tyrone is followed by a third. LeBelle is able to avoid the fourth punch and quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring.

    Cohen: Smart, get out. Take a breath and readjust your strategy. This is why he has a brilliant mind.

    Andrew Adonis approaches the Elite champion and has a word with him. Referee Katie Shepard begins to count out. The crowd start joining along. Jones looks up at Tyrone who stays in the ring and mouths something to him.

    Xander LeBelle then makes his way back to the ring, the battle plan in place. LeBelle heads over to Blades and gives some knife edge chops to Tyrone. Blades ends up against the ropes and LeBelle gives a few more chops. Xander then starts delivering some strong shin kicks as Blades drops down to his knees.

    Connor: That chat with Adonis has allowed a fresh approach to the match.

    Cohen: Xander's in charge now.

    Shepard forces LeBelle back as Tyrone stands up. He bounces off the ropes looking ready to do a running high knee but he falls flat on his face. Andrew Adonis has grabbed Blades by the ankle. Jones isn't too happy with this and chases Adonis round the other side of the ring.

    LeBelle stands back and watches what is going on outside. Tyrone is able to get back up and heads of the edge of the ring shouting a ton of expletives at Adonis. LeBelle uses this as an opportunity to grab Blades from behind and rolls him up. Katie Shepard counts one and the pin is broken up.

    Connor: ONE! Tyrone needs to be on his guard at all times.

    Cohen: All part of the strategy, Xander is wearing him down.

    Adonis and Jones have now gone to their separate corners. Jones stands on the edge of the ring as Katie Shepard urges him to get back down. Adonis uses this as a perfect opportunity to throw LeBelle's golden cane at him.

    LeBelle goes to swing at Tyrone Blades but misses. Blades clearly furious at this kicks LeBelle in the mid section. He throws the golden cane out of the ring and hits the Mo Murda. He covers but Shepard is still attending to Jones. Jones points her back to the ring as she turns and counts. 1...2...kick out!

    Connor: That should have been a three, if only Katie was paying full attention.

    Cohen: That was Jones' fault for trying to rush the ring.

    Connor: Adonis is so innocent too.

    Cohen: He did nothing wrong! LeBelle missed so it doesn't count.

    Blades punches the mat in frustration and starts to shout at the referee for not counting quick enough. She signs that it was two. Blades picks up LeBelle and sets him up for the Desolate Roads but Adonis pulls LeBelle by the legs out of the ring.

    Jones runs round this time and punches Adonis square in the face. LeBelle starts to slap Jones and in that time Tyrone has got out the ring. He spins LeBelle round to face him and Xander is punched in the face a few times. Tyrone throws him back in the ring and joins. Jones and Adonis have headed back to their respective corners. Adonis goes to approach the ring but the referee has none of this.

    As this is happening Tyrone is stomping on the Elite champion. Jones climbs up the other side and undoes the top turnbuckle cover. Adonis drops back and Katie Shepard is back focused on the match.

    Cohen: She's lost control of the match.

    Connor: Though that uncovered turnbuckle could help out Tyrone.

    Tyrone, aware of the turnbuckle, gives an Irish whip to the other corner. LeBelle hits his face there and Tyrone goes for another Irish whip to the uncovered turnbuckle. Xander reverses and Blades hits himself off this.

    LeBelle heads over and gives a face smash to the turnbuckle. The crowd boo at this and LeBelle milks their reaction. He does another and the same happens. A third but Tyrone puts his arms on the ropes to stop this. He smashes LeBelle's face off this and LeBelle stumbles back.

    Out of nowhere Tyrone is able to hit the Click Clack on Xander. Xander crumbles and Tyrone goes for the cover. 1...2...3

    Connor: Out of nowhere. Never underestimate Tyrone Blades.

    Anderson: Here is your winner Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: He looks like he'll regret that.

    As Tyrone slowly gets to his feet, suddenly Mark Keaton and Constantine jump the rails. Mr. Jones doesn't see them as he starts heading into the ring and Constantine assaults him from behind! Constantine stands over Jones, throwing heavy rights before lifting him and throwing towards Keaton who blasts him in the head with a chair shot. Tyrone pulls himself back up as Vis Imperium circle their prey from the outside.

    Connor: This is starting to become an all too familiar sight for Tyrone Blades. Vis Imperium have added to their numbers while Tyrone's lost an ally, and the one he has is knocked out cold.

    Cohen: It's very clear Mr. Banks wants Vis Imperium to continue beating sense into Tyrone until he gets the point.

    Tyrone tries to catch his breath as Constantine and Keaton get on the apron when suddenly Xander strikes Tyrone from behind with his golden cane! Keaton and Constantine quickly get in and begin stomping away at the downed Hollow One. The crowd begins booing loudly as Keaton and Xander hold Tyrone up, Constantine screaming in Tyrone's face to give up. Tyrone struggles against the two men holding him as Constantine shoves him in the face. Tyrone turns his head around and spits right in Constantine's face! Tyrone laughs as Constantine wipes the spittle off his face, Tyrone yelling out that he's going to have to do worse to him than this. Constantine's face contorts in a fit of rage as he turns around and grabs Tyrone's bat sitting in the corner. He turns back towards The Hollow One, who only smiles wider at the visual of his favorite weapon. Constantine presses it against Tyrone's throat, Tyrone pushing back against it, screaming for him to do it already.

    Connor: This is not going to be for the faint of heart.

    Cohen: If you have children at home...may want to have them leave the room.

    As Constantine pulls the bat back to swing, suddenly Mikey Stormrage comes flying down the entrance ramp, the bat from Meltdown in hand as he slides into the ring. Xander and Keaton drop Tyrone as they turn towards the new threat, the crowd cheering loudly as Mikey drops Xander with a strike of the bat to the gut, before clotheslining Keaton down. Constantine looks beside himself as he stares down Mikey. Suddenly Tyrone spins Constantine around and connects with the Mo Murda DDT! Constantine drops and quickly rolls out of the ring as the crowd cheers loudly. Tyrone picks up the bat Constantine dropped as he turns towards Mikey, the two old rivals staring each other down for a moment.

    Connor: Whether intentional or not, Mikey Stormrage did in fact just save Tyrone Blades from Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: This is insanity. Why would Mikey help out someone that has run him down at every opportunity.

    The a buzz pulses through the crowd as Mikey and Tyrone don't move an inch, bats both hanging from their hand when suddenly Tyrone drops and rolls out of the ring, checking on the stirring Mr. Jones. He helps him up and the two quickly jump the barrier into the crowd as Mikey turns towards the regrouping Vis Imperium on the entrance stage. Tyrone and Jones meanwhile stop halfway up the stairs, looking out at Vis Imperium before they both grin and flip them the bird as the crowd goes crazy.

    Cohen: Why I never!

    Connor: The Hollow Ones survive tonight, but thanks to Mikey Stormrage of all people! But coming up next, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Cooper squares off with Vee A.D.Z!
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    After a few moments of Vee's music playing to signal his arrival, the man himself appears on the stage. Vee looks deathly focussed on the task at hand as he bounces up and down on his heels in preparation. Vee fires off a few punches and kicks into the air before raising both of his hands into the air in celebration. The fans in the arena give him a cheer as he begins making his way down to the ramp.

    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 185 and hailing from Crawley, England... VEE A! D! Z!

    Vee continues down the ramp as he slaps a few hands on the way. Vee reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks around the arena before mounting the steps. Going through the ropes, he moves towards the corner of the ring and mounts the turn-buckles. To the delight of the fans in the arena, he goes all the way to the top before performing a beautiful backflip into the middle of the ring and landing on his feet perfectly.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Sydney, Australia, weighing 210 lbs, he is the current, reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, he is Justin Cooper!!

    Cooper makes his way to the ring with an absolute swagger. He takes a while to get there as his sheer confidence is showing. He stops to speak to fans. Signing autographs and just enjoying himself. The crowd are loving this.

    Connor: Very confident approach by Cooper, he clearly sees this as a routine match.

    Cohen: I think it was Luke Skywalker who said “Your overconfidence is your weakness”.

    Both men are in the ring, Cooper laughs in the face of Vee, oozing of confidence he starts with a slap to the face of Vee. Keith Morse calls for the bell as we get underway. Cooper steps back as Vee hits the ropes. He poses to the crowd who then react to him with mainly cheers.

    Vee runs towards Cooper who manages to doge the attack. Cooper gives another slap to Vee as he crashes into the turnbuckle. The champion laughs again. Vee rushes Cooper again, another dodge. Cooper thinks this is hilarious but Vee is looking rather pissed off.

    Connor: Vee looking like he is ready to step up a gear or two. Coopers confidence should allow him to continue to dominate.

    Cohen: Indeed, he's the world champion Cat. I can see why he's confident, and rightly so.

    Vee rushes Cooper again and Cooper goes for another slap, Vee ducks. Punch to the face by Vee, another, another and then another. Cooper ends up on the ropes and Vee gives him an Irish whup. Cooper is able to grab the ropes and manages to get out the ring.

    He holds his face in shock that Vee had the audacity to punch him. He then stops and talks to someone in the crowd giving them a hi 5. Keith Morse is counting as Cooper walks round the ring. As Morse gets to 5 Vee gets out the ring. He grabs Cooper from behind and throws him in the ring.

    Connor: See that is the Vee that made a name for himself in WZCW. We saw shades of it last week and we're seeing it tonight.

    Cohen: Yeah but he has no consistency, therein is the problem. You always think his opponent can turn this round within a second.

    Vee gets a few punches to the face of Cooper. He picks him and throws him off the ropes with another Irish whip. He goes for a second but Cooper reverses. As Vee bounces back he gives him a Karelin Lift Suplex. Cooper then applauds himself as Vee is lay on the floor.

    Cooper then proceeds to head to the corner. He mocks Vee's pose and his cockiness radiates out. He walks over and stomps on Vee. He stomps again and picks him up by the head. He walks over to the turnbuckle and hits his face off the corner.

    Connor: This is why he's the world champion, at any moment he's in charge.

    Cohen: He is making too many sloppy mistakes though, taking Vee for granted.

    Cooper goes for a second but Vee stops it. Coopers face hits the turnbuckle and he bounces back. Out of nowhere Vee gives a hurricarana and cooper goes bang into the turnbuckle. The crowd cheers at this.

    Vee gives a punch to Cooper and gives him another Irish whip. Vee gives a drop-kick to Cooper and the champion goes to the mat. Cover. 1..kick-out at 1. Cooper sits up and laughs. Vee looks frustrated again and runs towards Cooper. A Scoopslam allows Cooper to take charge again.

    Cooper picks up Vee and gives a Devil Lock DDT. Vee goes down and goes for a cover. 1...2...Cooper breaks the hold and laughs again. The crowd begin to cause some noise as Garth Black starts to make his way to the ring.

    Connor: What is he doing here?

    Cohen: I think he's just checking his Apocalypse opponent out. No big deal.

    Cooper doesn't bat an eyelid as he picks up Vee. He hits the Rainmaker bur rather than going for the pin he heads to the other side of the ring to Garth Black. The champion shouts “Have you come to see what a true winner is like?”

    Black returns with a word that is hard to make out. The F and the K of the first word is obvious and it ends is off. Cooper responds by spitting on Garth Black. Black points behind Cooper who was mid turn to approach Vee. A.D.Z. Manages to roll up Cooper and covers him for the pin. Keith Morse counts 1...2...3.

    Connor: Huge win for Vee there!

    Cohen: If I were him I'd get out the ring, and fast.

    Anderson: Here is your winner. Vee A.D.Z.

    Vee quickly leaves the ring celebrating as he rushes up the ramp. Cooper has realised what his arrogance has done and looks distraught as he is down on his knees. He then takes in what the crowd are chanting and flashes a smile.

    Cooper still has a smirk on his face as he stands up and waves to the crowd. His arrogance getting the better of him. Vee has made his way up the ramp and to the back at this point, leaving Cooper alone in the ring. Suddenly, Garth Black charges into the ring and attacks Justin from behind. Cooper is nailed by a forearm to the back of the head and Black begins kick him violently while the champion tries to cover up. The crowd boo heavily as Black grabs onto the top rope and uses it for leverage as he drives his knee into the body of Cooper.

    Connor: Somebody has to do something about this assault! Garth Black was never supposed to be at ringside at all. Get him out of here.

    Cohen: He’s the number one contender and the rightful World Champion. He’s doing what is right. Weaken the champion before the pay-per-view and that’ll make winning the title that much easier.

    Cooper tries to fight, hitting a few punches but Garth tackles him to the ground and gets into the mount position. Unable to protect himself, Cooper is beaten badly. His eyes shut and a small trickle of blood begins to ooze from his nose. The crowd are stunned as Black just keeps hitting him repeatedly even though Cooper is no longer defending himself. Officials at ringside are trying to stop this but Garth batters Cooper again and again, without remorse or a hint of mercy.

    Cohen: He’s not stopping.

    Connor: How much longer is this going to be allowed to go on?

    Cohen: The company is sick of hearing Black complain. I think they may have decided to let these two men tear each other apart and they’ll deal with whoever comes out on top. I honestly don’t think either of them is going to be saved by an official come the pay-per-view or leading up to it.

    With all the attention on him, Garth spins out of the mount and stands over Justin. He looks down at the fallen champion, his face smudged with blood and it looks like the assault is over. That is, until Garth reaches down and rips the knee brace off Cooper’s bad leg! The crowd erupts with heat and even more when Garth holds up the metal knee brace before smashing it into Justin’s head and injured knee! Not once but three times Garth sends the metal brace cracking off the skull of the World Champion. He strikes the bad knee ten straight times with the metal brace.

    The brace goes tumbling over the edge of the ring as Garth tosses it aside. Slowly he begins to walk over to the ring ropes, he steps through and approaches the time keeper. Without warning Black rips the World Championship from his hands and slides back into the ring. His eyes on the golden belt, watching it sparkle under the bright lights. With an air of arrogance Garth holds it up as he stands over Cooper before clipping it around his own waist!

    Connor: That’s down right disrespectful! You’re not the champion. Talk that belt off!

    Cohen: I love it. Garth Black believes he’s the true champion and he’s going to dress like it.

    Finally, the assault is over as Garth stands proudly in the middle of the ring amongst the carnage. Justin Cooper lay beaten and the WZCW World Championship is firmly around the waist of Garth Black once again. He exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp. About halfway up the ramp, Garth shoots a look back to the ring and sees that Justin Cooper hasn’t moved. He smiles and continues walking to the back.
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    The following is the main event of Ascension and it is a 3 Way Match scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    Flex makes his way down to the ring as the crowd boos him but he does not care, he just throws his merch around. At ringside he shuffles, motivating himself and drinks some of his protein shakes before entering the ring.

    Connor: Flex has a big opportunity here tonight being in the ring with 2 former World Champions. Not just one.

    Cohen: And he's developing a track record too. Flex Mussel, legend killer. What do you think? Came up with it myself.

    Connor: ............No.


    The second participant is from the Last Chance Saloon, he weighs 15 Stone, he is Garth Black!

    Garth Black appears on stage with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship placed on his waist. He poses on stage as the fans shower him with boos, claiming he's the real Champion as he makes his way down.

    Connor: Just for anyone tuning in now, that man is not the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Cohen:But he should be. He was screwed by bad officiating and he's not gonna let that go.


    And finally, from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey appears on stage making his game over gesture as he salutes the fans and makes his way to the ring.

    Cohen: How naive is Mikey Stormrage that he seems to be siding with a man who turned on him 2 years ago?

    Connor: Have you looked at Vis Imperium? Sides have been drawn and as the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Mikey picked a side. He can worry about the consequences afterwards.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The bell rings and all three men stand in a circle, staring each other down. Looking to intimidate the other two. Garth raises the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship proudly over his head, as if he's already won it and trash talks Stormrage & Mussel. Time seemingly stands still as the other two stare at Garth and themselves. But in a split second, Flex snatches the title right out of Garth's hands and hits Mikey square in the face with it, knocking him down. Both Garth and Flex put the boots to Mikey, stomping him and rolling him out of the ring. Both men seem pleased with their work but suddenly, they realize their current situation. They come to blows, trading heavy fists and forearm shots, looking for an edge. Flex dodges a shot, getting behind Garth and waistlocks him, elevating him from the canvas with his Flexulian Strength, but suddenly, Mikey appears on screen, dashing across the ring and Boots the elevated Garth, Flex just drops him, as if he's dead weight. Drops to the ground like it too. He starts hitting Mikey with a series of Uppercuts, whips him across the ring but Mikey stops his plans with a Kitchen Sink.

    Connor:Fast action here in our main event!

    Cohen: Big one too. Garth the #1 contender. Mieky a former Champion wanting to get back in the hunt. And Flex coming off a major win, could get an arguably bigger one here.

    Mikey stops to catch his breath for a second as Flex clutches his fit ribs but Garth is back up. He hits Mikey with an Enzuigiri and quickly goes for a cover. 1........ 2-But right away Flex is there. Garth tries to throw him outside but it's reversed and he is sent to the apron. Flex tries a Clothesline, Garth ducks avoiding disaster. He hangs Flex from the ropes, ricocheting him off and is surprised by Stormrage who hits him with a Samoan Drop. Quickly going for the cover. 1........ 2.......- Garth leaps to break it up, Mikey gets out of the way and Flex has Garth crash on him. Mikey then lays on top of both. A Garth sandwich you could say with Mikey and Flex as the bread. 1......... 2.......... 3-But Flex grabs the ropes to stop it.

    Cohen: I personally don't want Mikey to win, but still. It's 3 Way rules. There's no rope break. There's No DQ! Just what we need! More bad officiating!

    Mikey gets up arguing just that to the official, a more inexperienced one rather than senior Jurou Akiyama bu Flex is quick to his feet, taking advantage of the distraction and tossing Mikey with a German Suplex. He snaps his neck for show, locks a front facelock and raises Mikey up for a Vertical Suplex, holding him up as he paces the ring but as he turns, there's Garth. Flex doesn't know what to do, but Garth does. And kicks Flex in the gut. Flex lowers Mikey, but not all the way as the big guy kicks his feet to reach the ground. Instead, Flex raises him back up again, looking at Garth with bug eyes as Garth doesn't know what to do. He kicks Flex again, again Mikey is lowered, but his feet do not hit the ground as Flex raises him back up again. Garth now annoyed, this time kicks Mikey in the face, and Flex drops hitting the Suplex. Not wasting time, Garth bounces off the ropes and leaps, landing on both men with a Body Press and staying on top. 1.......... 2............3-But both men toss him over and out of the ring.

    *That Was Awesome! That Was Awesome! That Was Awesome!*

    That's some incredible strength by Flex there. I guess he's not all show.

    Cohen: Of course not! You could say he's Flextastic!

    Connor: .........No.

    Flex is the first to his feet and grabs Mikey by his feet but is pulled in. Legs fetused in, he hits a pair of forearm shots before shoving Flex off. Mikey gets to his feet and hits a pair of Running Body Blocks, mounting some offense. He goes for a Uranage but Flex elbows his way free. He tries a Belly To Belly, bearhugging Mikey but the Gamer claps his hands to free himself. A second attempt and now Mikey hits the Uranage, planting Flex to the ground. He dashes across the ring and leaps, crashing back first on Mussel with the Seated Senton and the pin 1........... 2...........But Flex kicks out. Mikey sits a bit frustrated but there's no rest for the wicked as Flex quickly tries a Crucifix. 1............. 2.........3-But Mikey gets out at 2. Flex gets back to his feet and wastes no time. Lifting the big guy up. He goes for the Buckle Bomb. Hoisting Mikey up and depositing against the corner but as soon as he does, Garth reappears, Clotheslining him over the ropes and to the ground. Seeing his change, Garth dashes to the opposing corner before returning and Getting On The Wagon. Mikey staggers so Garth decides to double the dosage but as he approaches, Mikey clasps him with a bearhug, drags him to the center of the ring and hits the Live Mas Slam! 1............. 2.......... 3-But Garth kicks out.

    Connor: Oh, my. These three are going full speed and have barely slowed down since the bell rung.

    Cohen: The star-power. The implications of who wins. They all want it and will do anything for it.

    Mikey gets up and Flex charges in, but it's happened several times already and Mikey see's it coming. He catches Flex and throws him with a Fallaway Slam. Garth charges him, but he's also caught and also thrown with a Fallaway Slam, him landing right on Flex. Garth bouncing off Flex, clutching himself as he staggers off human flesh. Mikey grabs him and hits the Headshot. He pushes Garth out of the ring and measures Flex who begins to stagger. Mikey raises him for the Game Over but Flex knees his way out of it. He drops Mikey by the legs and attempts to go for Spin & Win. He manages a few rotations but Mikey frees his leg stopping the move, then kicks the hand. Flex swings for Flexicution but Mikey ducks and -BAM!!- Garth hits Mikey with the World Heavyweight Championship. Right away, Flex hits the Flexicution and rolls Garth out of the ring and hooks Mikey's leg. 1........... 2............ 3!!!

    Cohen: Oh, wow!!

    Here is your winner, Flex Mussel!!

    The referee raises Flex's arm in victory as Garth is outside in the ground, clutching the World title he used. Mikey is clutching his head as assistants tend to him.

    Connor: Garth had a plan. He's managed to draw the ire of the World Champion but it seems his plan in the match did not pan out as Flex was almost literally one second too fast.

    Cohen: Things are becoming so chaotic around here. Flex managed this big win. Garth Black has stolen the World title and Mikey Stormrage took Championship gold to the face. That seems to be it for us. We'll see you next time.

    Flex gets on the top rope celebrating his victory as Garth holds the title looking unsatisfied to close the show.
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    Flex Mussel versus Garth Black versus Mikey Stormrage - KJ
    Justin Cooper versus Vee A.D.Z, Xander LeBelle versus Tyrone Blades, segments - Lee
    Tony Mancini versus Vox, segments - Ty
    Yemrez Reqonic versus PSC III, segments - Prophet
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