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    Real Name: Abel Hunnicutt

    Gimmick Name: Abel Hunnicutt

    Announced As: Abel Hunnicutt

    Height: 6’10

    Weight: 267 Pounds

    Hometown: Sweetwater, Texas

    Billed From: Deadhorse, Alaska

    Alignment: Heel

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!

    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Black, shoulder length

    ----------------Eye Colour: Blue

    ----------------Facial Hair: Large, dishevelled beard

    ----------------Ring attire: Blue jeans, black wrist-tape, black workman boots, white vest

    ----------------Backstage Attire: The same as above

    ----------------Physical Features: Burns on the left side of his face, scars cover his left arm, tall, stocky frame

    ----------------Tattoos: N/A

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick: A pessimistic, violent, loner being trained and coached by former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Steven Holmes.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    - Violent Pessimist
    - Apprentice of Steven Holmes

    Brief Bio/History: Born to a violent father, Hunnicutt has inherited MAO-A, also known as the warrior gene. Taking himself to the world’s very edge (Deadhorse), Abel has sealed himself off from society as to avoid fits of rage. Sometimes they inevitably creep out and alongside that comes a philosophical view that the world is nothing but one big great gaping abyss and while we look at it, it looks back into us.
    Seeing potential after a chance meeting, former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Steven Holmes, himself no longer capable of getting in the ring due a severe back injury sustained following Kingdom Come VI, has decided to train Hunnicutt seeking to wreak havoc on WZCW once more.

    Entrance Music: First few chords of Beethoven’s 5th interrupted by The Immigrant Song by Karen O (with Trent Reznor & Atticus Rose)

    Entrance Description: A spotlight shines down as Beethoven blasts out and Steven Holmes enters first, complete with cane. He signals at the entrance way where the music turns to The Immigrant Song. Then Hunnicutt emerges, a sneering smirk on his face. He marches to the ring, following Holmes before overtaking him to hold the ring ropes open for his master. He then enters by stepping over the top ropes and bows to the crowd as Holmes presents him.

    Fighting Style: Power Brawler

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Scars on arm from childhood incidents, burns to face a result of oil rig accident. Various broken bones in hand, fractures to jaw (general fighting injuries, etc…)

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    - Aristocracy Reigns (Camel Clutch – Adopted from Steven Holmes)
    - World’s End (Tombstone Piledriver)

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    - Flapjack into a Hangman
    - STO into Clawhold
    - Superiority Reflex (Pop-Up European Uppercut - Adapted from Steven Holmes)

    12 Most Used Moves:
    - Abdominal Stretch
    - Big Boot
    - Body Avalanche
    - Double Foot Stomp
    - European Uppercut
    - Fists and Forearms in the Corner (ala Vader)
    - Flapjack
    - Pointed Elbow Drop (Sometimes Repeated, Occasionally from the Middle Rope)
    - Running Double Axehandle
    - Snake Eyes
    - Swinging Neckbreaker
    - Various Punch, Stomp, Chop Combinations

    Sample RP:
    A naked light bulb dangles above a pitch black room. It omits a slight, dingy light. Below it sits a dishevelled figure. A large, scraggily beard adorns his face and a black hair oozes from his head over his face. In turn, his face casts shadows of an unholy quality over these and his other features.

    ???: My name is Abel Hunnicutt. I’m 30 years old, born in Sweetwater, Texas and lived my last 13 years in Deadhorse, Alaska at the edge of existence itself.

    My pa’ was ex-military, and he never fit into civilisation, y’know? He was always ready for war and he brought those demons home with him.

    Hunnicutt lifts his left arm into shadow, revealing scar tissue all the way up and down the arm. He examines it.

    Hunnicutt: I like to think this is just an outward expression of what I feel inside. Y’see my daddy carried a burden inside him. Science calls it MAO-A. A simpler way to label it would be ‘the warrior gene’. It’s hereditary. ‘The sins of the father’ and all that jazz, man.

    Chuckling, Hunnicutt lowers his arm. He abruptly stops laughing.

    Hunnicutt: A storm brews inside me and it rages like the dying against the light. Darkness threatens to take my very soul, my very existence. So when I was 17 I packed up and left deepest Texas for Deadhorse, my home away from home. I figured moving to the very last place this planet can establish civilisation made the most sense. There ain’t gonna’ be no one in Deadhorse I said, no one worth keeping up with.

    I worked oil mostly for the past 13 years. That’s where I got these.

    Now he turns his head to the right to reveal burns across the left side of his face.

    Hunnicutt: A bit of symmetry, know what I mean?

    Again he chuckles, turning his head back to the starting position. This time he continues to laugh.

    Hunnicutt: You know what’s real funny though? I was wrong. Deadhorse was my kind of town. What I didn’t reckon on was other lost souls like yours truly wandering. I didn’t see it as a gathering place, a precipice on the edge of an abyss. And we all looked into that abyss, and you know what? It looked back into us. And when it looked into me all it saw was rage and anger and a shadow cast by my pops. A fire burns in me, one that can only be dulled, but never extinguished.

    The laughing has stopped, only a serious look comes across Hunnicutt’s face now.

    Hunnicutt: My inner demons come out and play from time to time, but I keep them mostly in check. Lately though I’ve been having problems. I was let go from the oil. Foreman said something he shouldn’t so now he’s missing pieces of him that he shouldn’t. So no income. I’ve been blackballed from the only game in town.

    Now I don’t believe in fate or none of that, but it was one hell of a coincidence that you just happened to saddle up into town when my anger was just about to overcome and devour me whole, bones and all, ya’ hear?

    On the opposite side of the room, where Hunnicutt himself stares at, an outline of a figure can be seen and alongside it is a red dot – a camera recording this conversation.

    ???: Oh, I hear you.

    Hunnicutt: Two guys like us, we’re like oil and water. We shouldn’t mix, but strange things happen sometimes. When you told me your story and I told you mine, well it would be a damn shame not to capitalise on this opportunity in front of our noses. Me, looking to go on a reign of terror, from time to time of course, and you, simply looking to reign. Now that would be a shame to pass up…

    Hunnicutt stands, for the first time we realise his height. His face and upper body disappear into darkness as only his midsection and below is now illuminated.

    Hunnicutt: So, what do you say, partner?

    His mammoth hand now enters the light. It lingers there for a moment when another hand, from another individual shares the light. They shake.

    ???: I think we have ourselves a deal.

    From Hunnicutt’s point of view, the face of the gentlemen opposite is shown for the first time. It’s Steven Holmes, former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, and he smiles like the devil himself.
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