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    Name of Tag Team: Vis Imperium

    Name of Wrestler’s who are in the Tag Team: Constantine, Abel Hunnicutt (w/ Steven Holmes) and Austin Reynolds

    Entrance Theme: Dies Irae / Libera Me - Requiem (Verdi)


    Entrance Description: As Verdi begins, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. As the music begins to settle, Austin Reynolds makes his modest appearance, his head bowed and silent. As the music picks up once more, Constantine appears through the curtain. He stretches his arms out to his sides as the music continues; the drums crashing like thunder through the lightning. Soon after, Abel (With Steven Holmes) soon appears. Whoever is tagging in the match then stand united on the stage before making their way down the ramp. Once inside the ring, the tag team stands united in the middle of the ring, waiting for their opponents.

    Combined Weight: Constantine and Hunnicutt (532 pounds), Constantine and Reynolds (455 pounds), Reynolds and Hunnicutt (457 pounds), Constantine and Hunnicutt and Reynolds (722 pounds)

    Tag Team Finisher:

    Elimination (Spike Tombstone Piledriver from Hunnicutt, with either Reynolds coming off the top or Constantine off the second rope)

    Eradication (Magic Killer with Reynolds looking to hit his ‘End’ finisher and Constantine or Hunnicutt assisting before executing the spin)

    Extinction (Shatter Machine with Abel and/or Constantine taking a leg each, executing a flapjack that drops into Reynolds knees (ala Codebreaker) – works as a secondary finisher for either Reynolds combinations, could even be used to play into his psychology regarding leg injuries. Maybe Holmes and Constantine force him into doing the move when desperate?)

    Tag Team combination moves:

    Backbreaker from Constantine with Reynolds coming off the top (turnbuckle or springboard) either via legdrop or knee drop
    Abel has opponent on his shoulders, Reynolds executes a running double legged dropkick, spinning opponent round into a flapjack from Abel or Constantine has the opponent up and Abel hits the big boot, spinning them into a flapjack (Anderson & Gallows’ Boot of Doom)

    Double flapjack from Constantine and Abel

    Repeated Tags in and Out after striking beatdown in the corner by any combination

    Collateral Damage (Twisting Spinebuster)
    The Axis (Angle Slam)

    Recompense (Mounted Punches)
    Isolation (Fallaway Slam)
    Repeated Backbreakers

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Drop toe hold
    Flowing DDT
    Knee drop to downed opponent
    Sleeper hold
    Vertical Suplex
    Sidewalk slam
    Swinging backbreaker
    Stomps to downed opponent

    Abel Hunnicutt:
    Aristocracy Reigns (Camel Clutch – Adopted from Steven Holmes)
    World’s End (Tombstone Piledriver)

    Flapjack into a Hangman
    STO into Clawhold
    Superiority Reflex (Pop-Up European Uppercut - Adapted from Steven Holmes)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Abdominal Stretch
    Big Boot
    Body Avalanche
    Double Foot Stomp
    European Uppercut
    Fists and Forearms in the Corner (ala Vader)
    Pointed Elbow Drop (Sometimes Repeated, Occasionally from the Middle Rope)
    Running Double Axehandle
    Snake Eyes
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Various Punch, Stomp, Chop Combinations

    Austin Reynolds:
    End Of (1916/Bloody Sunday)
    Silence (Lasso from El Paso)

    Backpack Stunner
    Figure four around ring post
    Backslide Driver

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Rope trap knee stomps
    Chop block
    Crucifix Pin
    Belly to belly throw
    Atomic drop
    Knee breaker
    Running backsplash
    Diving Elbow Drop from second rope
    Arm trap headbutts
    Step onto forehead
    Texas Cloverleaf
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