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    Name of Tag Team: Vis Imperium

    Team Members: Justin Cooper, Xander LeBelle (w/ Andrew Adonis) and Mark Keaton

    Entrance Theme: Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First


    Entrance Description: The music begins to play, louder than any other, drowning out the crowd and piercing their eardrums. Throughout the arena, the lights have dimmed and now spray gold and red as they spin. The steel of the entrance ramp now golden as Mark Keaton emerges onto the stage, his hair matching that which lies beneath his feet. A smug smirk appears on his face as he is soon joined by Xander LeBelle, accompanied by Andrew Adonis, and the three men stand proudly. Last to appear is their leader, Justin Cooper and his appearance boils the blood of the fans, yet he shows no sign of giving a damn. His eyes trace the outline of the arena, a huge smile on his face, and he begins to laugh at how thousands curse his name. Vis Imperium begins their slow walk down to the ring, fans shout and throw things at them, yet throughout their walk they remain united. Keaton reacts, the only one, shouting back at fans while the remaining members ignore the taunts. Once in the ring, Cooper stands in the middle of the ring, Keaton to the left on the turnbuckle and LeBelle on the right, with Adonis in the background. They all cross their arms as a burst of pyro, golden sparks, goes off behind them.

    Combined Weight: Cooper and Keaton (435 pounds), Cooper and LeBelle (425 pounds), Keaton and LeBelle (440 pounds), Cooper and Keaton and LeBelle (650 pounds)

    Tag Team Finisher (Maximum 2):
    Blank Cheque (One member places the opponent in an Electric Chair position and falls backwards allowing another team member to grab the opponent's head for a neckbreaker)

    Dysfunctionality (One member holds the opponent in a bear squat position while another, or both, jumps off the top rope with a leg drop/elbow)

    Tag Team combination moves (Minimum 2):
    Airplane Spin (Keaton) followed by a European Uppercut (Cooper) finished off by a Samoan Drop (Keaton).

    Flapjack into a Boston Crab (Cooper) followed by The Rose's Thorn (LeBelle).

    Delayed Piledriver (Keaton) with each partner grabbing a leg of the opponent and adding force on the push down.

    Step Up Knee Thrust (Cooper) drops opponent to their knees, Knee Smash (LeBelle) follows up to put them down.

    Leapfrog by Keaton over LeBelle/Cooper into a foot stomp on their opponent.

    Justin Cooper:
    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Primary: Final Verse (Mic Check)
    Secondary: Remix (Rainmaker)

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    Mic Drop: Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver onto the knee
    Sitout crucifix powerbomb
    Flapjack (rolled over into a single leg Boston crab)

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Fireman's carry neckbreaker
    Step Up Knee Thrust (with the knee brace)
    Three stiff kicks to the back of a seated opponent, followed up by a running off the ropes and connecting with a drop kick.
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
    Devil Lock DDT (Hammerlock legsweep DDT)
    European Uppercut
    Flying Shoulder Block
    Karelin Lift Suplex
    Rolling fireman's carry slam followed by a moonsault
    Fisherman Suplex (with a bridge)
    Foot stomps to an opponent in a seated position in the corner - done while holding the top rope and pulling himself above the opponent.

    Xander LeBelle:
    Finishing Moves:
    The Rose's Thorn (Curb Stomp)
    A Touch of Class (An Illegal Strike to the head with his golden cane while the referee isn't looking)

    3 Signature Moves:
    Guillotine Leg Drop
    Butterfly Suplex
    Turnbuckle Face Smash

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Knife Edge Chops
    Strong shin kicks
    Elbow to the back of the head
    Sleeper hold
    Knee Smash to the face (to a person on their knees)
    Throat Thrust (ala Goldust)
    Koji Clutch
    Running Big Boot
    Snap DDT

    Mark Keaton:
    Finishing moves : The Canadian Clutch! (Cobra Clutch with body scissors) The Voltron Suplex! (Jackhammer Suplex)

    Signature moves : The PPV Dropkick ( only done at PPV’s, a suicide dive but turned into a missle dropkick down the ramp ) Preshow launcher ( PPV dropkick set up, wrestler is launched over the top rope with a catapult throw )

    Signature moves : Airplane spin - samoan drop combo. Figure 4 Leg lock.

    12 most used moves : Multiple snap jabs , backpack sleeper hold Scoop body slam, classic delay piledriver, single leg boston crab , standing dropkick , rake to the eyes , back body drop , side suplex , classic backbreaker.
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