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    Name of Tag Team: Cooper and Keaton

    Name of Wrestler’s who are in the Tag Team: Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton

    Entrance Theme:

    Entrance Description: The crowd’s attention turns to the titantron as “RMK” appears on the screen. The lights dim and a spotlight shines down onto the entrance ramp revealing Mark Keaton. He is soon joined by Justin Cooper and both men move towards centre stage, with Keaton getting there first causing Cooper to clench his fist. Keaton proceeds to play his electric air guitar down to the ring, taunting fans as he does so, while Cooper walks behind him looking visibly frustrated by the antics of his rookie tag partner. Keaton and Cooper both slide into the ring, Cooper heads for the turnbuckle on the right side as he always does for his pose but Keaton cuts him off and ascends it himself! Cooper shakes his head and stomps the ground, his pose now ruined he turns to the referee demanding he make Keaton get down off his corner before the match begins.

    Combined Weight: 435 pounds

    Tag Team Finisher (Maximum 2):

    Dysfunctionality: Cooper holds the opponent in a squat bear hug position while Keaton jumps off the top rope with a leg drop. (Basically AMW Death Sentence)

    Tag Team combination moves (Minimum 2):
    Double Single Leg Boston Crab - Cooper and Keaton both take a leg
    Airplane Spin (Keaton) followed by a European Uppercut (Cooper) finished off by a Samoan Drop (Keaton)
    Dropkick (Keaton) followed by Triple Elbow Drops (Cooper)

    Regular move list:

    Justin Cooper:

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Primary: Your Final Verse (Mic Check)
    Secondary: Remix (Rainmaker)

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    Flapjack - rolled over into a single leg Boston crab
    European Uppercut
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Flying Shoulder Block
    Triple elbow drop
    Boston Crab
    Three stiff kicks to the back of a seated opponent, followed up by a running off the ropes and connecting with a drop kick.
    Devil Lock DDT (Hammerlock legsweep DDT)
    Hip Toss
    Double leg takedown into a crucifix for hard elbow strikes to the head.
    Fisherman Suplex (with a bridge)
    Foot stomps to an opponent in a seated position in the corner - done while holding the top rope and pulling himself above the opponent.

    Mark Keaton:

    Finishing moves : The Very Rude Awakening ( A Rude Awakening but with a jumping, snap finish ) Last Ticket ( A Guillotine choke with legs wrapped around body to grapevine it )

    Signature moves : The PPV Dropkick ( only done at PPV’s, a suicide dive but turned into a missle dropkick down the ramp ) Preshow launcher ( PPV dropkick set up, wrestler is launched over the top rope with a catapult throw )

    Signature moves : Airplane spin - samoan drop combo. Inverted atomic drop - snap suplex into the turnbuckles combo.

    12 most used moves : Multiple snap jabs , windmill headbanging uppercut. Scoop body slam, classic arm drag , single leg boston crab , standing dropkick , rake to the eyes , back body drop , side suplex , classic backbreaker , thumb to the eye, rope assisted cloverleaf.
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