WWE Calgary: Round 1, Match 3: #16 Brian Pillman vs. #49 Yoshihiro Tajiri

Discussion in 'WWE Region' started by Shocky, Mar 21, 2009.


Brian Pillman vs. Tajiri

  1. Flyin Brian

  2. Tajiri

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    It's a shame that Brian Pillman wound up the way he did; addicted to drugs and with numerous injuries. In terms of in-ring work, he could have wound up one of the best, and by the time he passed, he was quite good on the mic as well.

    This match goes to Pillman. Tajiri, to me, was completely a "meh", while Pillman has put on some of the best matches I can ever remember watching. His work with Liger will always remain some of my favorite matches.
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