WWE: Calgary: Round 1, Match 2: #32 Abyss vs. #33. Haku

Discussion in 'WWE Region' started by Shocky, Mar 21, 2009.


Abyss vs. Haku

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  1. Cena's Little Helper

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Two questions here. When does losing to the World Heavyweight Champion in just a little over two minutes count as being said champion's toughest test to that date? Also, what legitimacy did The Faces Of Fear bring to The Dungeon Of Doom? The only reason why people even think Meng is so great is because of The Tongan Death Grip. Furthermore, if he hadn't used this move to get wins for him and The Barbarian over Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers on Nitro episodes in the latter half of 1997, then no one would think that Meng is all that badass. I've never seen someone get so much credit for doing so little. Also, doesn't losing to Wrath and Mortis kind of equalize those wins over the aforementioned esteemed tag teams?
  2. Shocky

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    As echelon pointed out, Abyss enjoys the pain, and pretty much anything Menku could dish out, Abyss would probably enjoy. The Faces of Fear were a decent tag team, but that didn't translate to anything as a singles wrestler. While I enjoy his work, Menku is a one trick pony when it comes to wrestling monsters, and that's his finisher. Abyss's finisher is an easy counter to the Tongan Death Grip and Heng leaving his side completely exposed to it.
  3. pyrusane

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    Jan 20, 2009
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    I remember watching Haku as Meng and thinking he was pratically unstoppable. I never felt that way about Abyss, I pretty much have always seen him as a slightly bigger rip-off of Mankind.

    That being said, I see Haku winning this match by a DQ. I think he will tear into Abyss for awhile, frustrating the monster to the point where he brings out his bag of tacks (did I mention Mankind rip-off?) and earns the DQ.
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