Who I think should be AJ Styles' opponent at Wrestlemania 33

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    I will tell you the ONLY way I will be excited for a Shane vs Aj match. Next week AJ attacks Daniel Bryan who has to leave soon any way cause Brie going to have the baby soon. AJ brutally attacks Bryan and Shane McMahon comes out to defend Bryan .
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    Randy Orton got a great match out of Harper at "Elimination Chamber". So did Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. Yet none of them are A.J. Styles.

    Maybe Harper is a better big-man worker than you give him credit for.

    Look, I know a lot of you like riding A.J.'s cock. But he can be in the match, in the middle of the card, against Harper. Would you prefer A.J. fighting Shane instead?

    You would rather see Styles v Cena match 6,208888, 2501. yes, they have some great matches, but we have seen it, many many times.

    A.J. has had NOTHING to do with Bray or Orton in this storyline before EC. Why suddenly make him part of it, just because you have a man crush on the guy.

    A.J. is a great worker, and deserves better than Shane at WM. But so did Taker last year, and I didn't hear as many people complaining about Shane v Taker HIAC at WM32.

    BTW, I think A.J. v Harper would be a better match, than A.J. v Desmond Tutu.

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