What should be the matches to headline Wrestlemania 33?

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    Now I know this sounds a bit unrealistic but what if WWE is building towards the huge implosion of the entire Wyatt a family by having the four members square off at Mania for the World title? I know Rowan doesn't belong anywhere near the world title picture and I'm probably clutching at straws (Not even sure if Rowan is cleared to compete) but I just think it works on so many levels. This whole angle began when the Wyatt family consisted of just Bray and Rowan. Orton manages to sort of take care of Rowan who goes into obscurity and then we get the return of Harper who has issues with Orton to begin with. I think booked well this could be a great end to the Orton/Wyatt angle and maybe the BIG swerve is Orton actually helps WWE champion Bray retain at Mania?

    Just an idea of where WWE could go with this other than the inevitable Wyatt/Orton match we're going to get. Thoughts?
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    Here is all the matches I tip for Wrestlemania 33


    Andre The Giant Invitational Battle Royal

    WWE Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match

    Main Card

    RAW Matches

    WWE Tag-Team Title Match
    Triple-Threat Match
    The Club (c) v Enzo & Cass v Cesaro & Sheamus

    WWE RAW Women's Title Match
    Fatal-4-Way Match
    Charlotte (c) v Bayley v Sasha Banks v Nia Jax

    WWE U.S. Title Match
    Chris Jericho (c) v Kevin Owens

    Seth Rollins v Triple H

    Roman Reigns v The Undertaker

    WWE Universal Title Match
    Goldberg (c) v Brock Lesnar

    SMACKDOWN Matches

    WWE Tag-Team Title Match
    American Alpha (c) v The Usos

    WWE SD Women's Title Match
    Triple-Threat Match
    Alexa Bliss (c) v Becky Lynch v Mickie James

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match
    Dean Ambrose (c) v Baron Corbin

    Shane McMahon v A.J. Styles

    Mixed Tag-Team Match
    John Cena & Nikki Bella v The Miz & Maryse

    WWE Title Match
    Bray Wyatt (c) v Randy Orton
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    I don't know if i already wrote this on this thread and i don'T want to go through all the post to find it so i will write it again here.

    I think we has fans and even some wrestlers put to much important in being the last match at mania. The fact is with the length that mania is each here with over 4 hours for the main show, i think that you can have a headlining match at mania without being the last match at mania. If you look at this year's mania card, here the list of headlining matches:

    Seth Rollins vs HHH
    Undertaker Vs Roman Reigns
    Randy Orton Vs Bray Wyatt
    Kevin Owens Vs Chris Jericho
    Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar
    A j Styles vs shane McMahon
    and depending on what they got plan for the aftermath of the mixed tag match, i could see that match as a headliners also.

    The point is mania is and as always been about the spectacle of the event more then the actual wrestling. This year, you got 7 out of a possible 15 matches that can be considered main event matches in my opinion, you will need at less 4 of these matches to main event each hour of the event so that leaves you with one match as an opener and one as a mid point match. The last one can be put near the end before the battle royal and it won't cause a problem.

    In the end, Goldberg vs lesnar might be the last match on the show but it's part of multiple main events for wrestlemania.

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