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Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Playmanaig, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Playmanaig

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    Jan 18, 2019
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    Let's have a run down of all the championship belts that WWE has right now:

    - Universal championship (RAW)
    - WWE championship (Smackdown)
    - Cruiserweight championship (205 Live)
    - NXT championship (NXT)
    - NXT UK championship (NXT UK)
    - RAW women's championship (RAW)
    - Smackdown women's championship (Smackdown)
    - NXT women's championship (NXT)
    - NXT UK women's championship (NXT UK)
    - Intercontinental championship (RAW)
    - US championship (Smackdown)
    - North American championship (NXT)
    - RAW Tag Team championships (RAW)
    - Smackdown Tag Team championships (Smackdown)
    - Soon to have Women's Tag Team championships
    - NXT Tag Team championships (NXT)
    - NXT UK Tag Team championships (NXT UK)

    That's a total of 17 championships held by what it could be 22 champions. Isn't 22 like, too many?
  2. Jack-Hammer


    Mar 26, 2009
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    That's 17 championships divided up into four different TV shows on 4 different brands so no, not really. The various NXT and NXT UK Championships aren't on Raw or SmackDown Live, the Raw titles aren't on SmackDown Live or vice versa so the numbers aren't the issue, at least not for me. If you tried to fit all that hardware onto one or two shows then it'd definitely be too much. Although, you could ultimately say 16 titles considering that Raw hasn't had a steady main event title picture for the better part of 2 years since Lesnar only shows up every few months to wrestle a single match at a PPV before disappearing again for another few months. Sure, he makes a few TV appearances to help build up the match and all but it's generally the same old song and dance.

    What is the issue is the fact that some titles and champions aren't being and/or having been used particularly well. For pretty much all of 2018, the Raw Tag Team Championship saw the shittiest year of their existence while the United States Championship's 2018 was the worst year the title has had since the final days of WCW. Things could be looking up for the US title but the red brand's tag titles are probably gonna be in this purgatory state until probably after WrestleMania.

    The WWE Women's Tag Team Championship is up in the air at this point. As of right now, it can at least be something that can be a focal point for feuds for some of the women on the roster; you know, instead of fighting over nonsense like a pair of sunglasses or what have you. It'll take time for the women's tag division to get up and running to where it's truly viable. Of course, the title could easily devolve into ultimately being nothing more than just a couple of belts two women carry around for a while before it's someone else's turn.
  3. Dagger Dias

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    Sep 22, 2008
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    I don't think they have too many championships. I may be in the minority amongst our forum on this, but I would support the addition of more titles. There are 4 brands right now. 5 if you count 205 Live as its own thing, which is a whole other topic. You have two main roster brands in Raw and Smackdown as well as two developmental brands in the original NXT and the newest being NXT UK. Each brand needs a top male title, a top female title, a tag team title, and a midcard title at the very least. The addition of the Women's Tag Team Championship is going to cause divided opinions. I personally think both Raw and Smackdown both need a set. The brand split is needed and I firmly believe each brand needs its own title tier. The titles give the wrestlers something to aim for as a goal. Otherwise they are just there and there's no reason to care. Brock as a nonexistent champion is part of the problem. The two main brands are fine as they are with their title structures with the addition of a Women's Tag Team Championship to both being something I would welcome. I'd also want to see the Cruiserweights being integrated back into Raw instead of having their own show. That gives Raw 6 titles and Smackdown 5 titles. It's a little tougher to support more titles added to either of the developmental brands. NXT and NXT UK are fine as they are, however with continued growth one could argue they could add Women's Tag Team Championships in the future if the divisions continue to grow. I wouldn't change much else and I dang sure would not remove any titles. I do like the current title structure for the most part.
  4. Spidey Revivey

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    Apr 1, 2010
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    Too many tag team championships for sure. One can only watch The Bar/Usos/New Day so many times before being completely numb to the show they used to love. And I'm still not over Raw requiring a pissed on robe to fuel a feud either. Cut back on some of these useless tag titles, have a pair pop in one week on Smackdown, one week on Raw, and have a few NXT/NXT UK/Whatever teams drop in on the main shows and that could perk up interest.

    Also, more titles doesn't make a show better. If anything less is more.
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  5. Psykohurricane55

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    May 13, 2011
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    The problem especially with the tag title was that last year they put all the big teams on the same brand because they needed teams to feed to the bludgeon brothers, then Rowan got injured and they got stuck with the top 3 team on smackdown while raw didn'T have anybody ready.

    As for the title situation, let's face it they did this more for the live event then for the actual tv product. While the U.S and I.C title are not always the main focus especially the U.S. belt, it serve a purpose when it come to live event as it give another title match on the card for the few fans that still goes to live events.

    So in that aspect, you need to have a series of championship for each brand so that you can have the same number of title matches for the non televised events.
  6. Click Bait

    Click Bait Dark Match Jobber

    Nov 9, 2018
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    The reason why it seems like WWE has too many champions is because their title divisions aren't layered properly.
    WWE championships and its contenders are scattered all over the place and the brands are to identical to tell them apart to truly give each brand its own identify. Just my take on it.
  7. jholcomb22

    jholcomb22 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 26, 2010
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    A main champion, a womens champion, a tag champion, a 2nd tier title for each brand. Im with Dagger in thinking we could use more. It feels like a ton of superstars are under utilized without anything on the line. But I have to ask, if you think they have too many, what do you suggest they get rid of?
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  8. Sammi

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    Jan 15, 2018
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    I think RAW and Smackdown need to be more different, have women on one show, the men tag teams one one show, here is how i would do it

    Women Tag

    Tag Team.
  9. the_peoples_adam

    the_peoples_adam heROCKules

    Feb 21, 2013
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    It's okay. The only problem I have is them calling it Raw tag team championship and Smackdown tag team championship..Also Raw women's championship and Smackdown women's championship.. It sounds less appealing and important to me..
  10. Ceen

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    Feb 18, 2018
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    Only there are too many World Champs. One company, one World Champion.
    And you can book all the championships right, even adding maybe one and modifying a brand (205) to become part of the active SD.

    Both Brands:
    WWE Champion (World Champion)
    WWE Women’s Champion
    IC Women’s Champion (always on different show than the WWE Women’s)
    WWE Women’s Tag Titles
    -IC Champion (top tier)
    -Singles Champion (midcard)
    -World Tag Team Champions
    -US Champion
    -CW Champion
    -WWE Tag Team Champions
    -NXT Champion (top)
    -North America Champion (indy/mid)
    -NXT Tag Champions
    -NXT Women’s Champion
    NXT UK (EU brand):
    -UK Champion
    -UK Tag Champions
    -UK Women’s Champion

    NJPW actually have 5 singles champions (World, IC, US, Open and Junior), plus 2 Tag Titles (Heavy and Junior) and the 6 man Open. Without women, 12 in a single brand. Less than RAW+SD+205 (only male championships).
  11. George Steele's Barber

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    Titles, titles, titles.

    Sure feels like too many. But everything about WWE feels saturated. Titles are what you get when you don't want or can't be creative in writing and booking. But what does anyone expect? WWE has so many programs and hours to fill.

    So yes, it is too many. The ones they have tend not mean as much as they should due to the abundance. I can only imagine how little the women's tag titles are going to mean. Are they going to bring in actual tag specialists or just fit women together because they aren't doing much anything else? But that's another topic.

    What has become more important to me are spots than titles. We keep wondering who is getting the Mania match with Lesnar? Who will replace Cena and Reigns as the top guy? Who will get called up next from NXT? How consistently on the card can the women be pushed? What brand gets the last match of a PPV?

    Titles are not just props but they are pretty close.
  12. CrazyBobBacklund

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    Jan 22, 2019
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    I think champions should work both raw/smackdown with there being 1 wwe champ, 1 women’s champ, 1 set of tag team champs, intercontinental champ (no U.S.), a tv title and a hardcore champ all for depth so everyone could find their niche and not be lost in the huge roster.

    I also think I’d like to introduce a internet championship where fans get to choose the no1 contender each week out of 4 choices with you not being eligible to be in the choice picks for 4 weeks after each week of being up for nomination. It would give fan favourites that don’t normally get pushed a chance to shine.
  13. Aquaman6686

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    Count again. Developmental titles are irrelevant. There's 9 championships, soon to be 10. It's the perfect number if they were to bring back the long-missed Night of Champions, which was irrelevant after 2010 but now could be amazing again.
  14. Wrestlingaholic

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I agree with Sammi - I’ve said since the brand split the women and tag divisions should be unified and each on a desperate brand. There just aren’t enough of each to fill two separate divisions.

    I would certainly keep the two ‘mid card’ belts, even though WWE clearly has no interest in the US title at the moment.

    I was concerned when NXT introduced their North American title but they have actually booked it very well thus far.

    But no more, please, WWE. We are at peak now, in my opinion.

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