WWE's Top 25 Matches Of 2018

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    As they do around this time every year, seeing as how the year is virtually over, WWE.com has announced its top 25 WWE matches for 2018. The matches were taken from Raw, SmackDown Live, 205 Live, NXT and various ppvs:

    25. "Woken" Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt - The Ultimate Deletion (Raw, March 19)

    24. Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - Champion vs. Champion (Survivor Series)

    23. Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream - Singles Match (NXT TakeOver: Chicago)

    22. Kalisto vs. Buddy Murphy - Singles Match (205 Live, April 3)

    21. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match (Raw, January 1)

    20. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match (Money in the Bank)

    19. EC3 vs. The Velveteen Dream vs. Ricochet vs. Adam Cole vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Killian Dain - NXT North American Championship Ladder Match (NXT TakeOver: New Orleans)

    18. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz - Singles Match (SummerSlam)

    17. Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match (205 Live, May 29)

    16. Meiko Satomura vs. Mercedes Martinez - Singles Match (Mae Young Classic, Round 2)

    15. Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor - WWE Universal Championship Match (Raw, August 20)

    14. Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy - No Disqualification Match (205 Live, July 3)

    13. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka - WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Triple Threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match (WWE TLC)

    12. Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane - NXT Women's Championship Match (NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn)

    11. Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole - NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match (NXT, October 10)

    10. The Bludgeon Brothers vs. New Day - WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship No Disqualification Match (SmackDown Live, August 21)

    09. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (WrestleMania)

    08. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Elias vs. Braun Strowman - Gauntlet Match (Raw, February 19)

    07. Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Johnny Gargano - NXT Championship Match (NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia)

    06. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match (Hell In A Cell)

    05. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match (Backlash)

    04. Mustache Mountain vs. The Undisputed Era - NXT Tag Team Championship Match (NXT, July 11)

    03. Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar - Champion vs. Champion Match (Survivor Series)

    02. Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa - Chicago Street Fight (NXT TakeOver: Chicago)

    01. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch - WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Last Woman Standing Match (WWE Evolution)

    As is always the case, there are some matches that weren't included that some feel should have been, some were ranked too high, some not ranked high enough, some shouldn't have been on the list at all, etc.. For instance, a strong argument can be made that all of the Gargano vs. Ciampa matches should've been on the list. Satomura vs. Martinez is a controversial pick, not that it wasn't a good match but more so because it's so unexpected. Hardy vs. Wyatt shouldn't even be on the list, in my opinion. I wouldn't have ranked the gauntlet match so high on the list given that Rollins is the one who gave the memorable performance but didn't win the match.

    At any rate, this is WWE.com's pick for the 25 best matches in all of WWE during the past 12 months.
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    looking at the list, for the most part, i've got to agree with it. The reason i feel they didn't included every gargano vs ciampa or for that matter alll the becky vs charlotte match was because it would have taken matches that deserve to be on the list and it would have made them look like they we're showing favoritism to certain feud.

    Personally i feel like they choose the right match to represent both feud as i really wasn't into that feud at all and in a way, this was the feud that turn me off NXT as for me, all they're matches were way over produce and look the same plus i'm not a fans of gargano at all since i think like while he's a great wrestler, is personality is lacking and i'm less about the in ring and more about then the personality. So to me Gargano feel like a midcard guy feuding with a main event guy and it takes me out of it.
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    I thought Daniel Bryan vs The Miz was horrible....

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