The diaster called Summerfest- Part II.

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    It was Jeremy Piven who mistakingly called Summerslam as "Summerfest" during his guest host presence on Raw. It was hilarious. More hilarious was an article that followed the incident, by Mark Madden in which he frequently addresses summerslam as Summerfest. This title includes "Summerfest" only to show homage to Jeremy Piven and Mark Madden.

    The year was 2006. That year's Summerfest was even a bigger disasterfest.

    In the opening contest, Chavo Guerrero defeated Rey Mysterio in possibly their 500th encounter in a decade. The match itself was a mess, and shouldn't main event a smackdown on a normal day, leave aside be featured on Summerfest unless if it's a ladder match or features some cruiserweight drama. (Where was the cruiserweight title in those days anyway?)

    In the second bout, The Big Show defended his ECW championship against Sabu. A big unmoving bum against a tiny bum who can't stay in a place. Sabu wasn't even a big star to be featured in a Summerfest card. Had it not been for the suspension of Van Dam, it should've been Rob Van Dam vs Big Show. Would've been an amazing contest. (I liked their match on ECW, even with the bingo hall environment). Needless to say, this match was unworthy of a Summerfest.

    In a tormentingly boring match, grandpa Hogan returned at Summerfest to steal another quick paycheck. What's disgusting is that he refused to job to an even younger, smarter and not-so established star than Shawn Michaels. Refusing to lose to Shawn Michaels is understandable from a selfish phoney like Hogan. But Orton? He had just on the previous summerfest defeated a full-timer, and arguably a greater Legend than Hogan. He had the Legend Killer gimmick . He was still only a 1-time former WHC. He was hot . And yet papa Hogan won with his same old big boot and leg drop, and left. The match itself was worthless.

    Ric Flair and Mick Foley were two legends going into Summerfest. If they'd personal real-life animosity played out into a storyline and a big match-up, that's fine. But to mix Melina into the picture, and have Foley fired. Disgusting.

    King Booker vs Batista was average, but then, not every performer is a Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels so it's understandable. And yet another smackdown championship match from Summerfest ends with a DQ and is lacklustre( Same happened with JBL vs Undertaker at Summerfest '04)

    The main events featured John Cena vs Edge for the WWE championship. I've never been able to endure John Cena or his matches so I won't even comment. This match was not special. Edge retains via cheating? That's how a champtionship match needs to be on Summerfest isn't it!

    Finally, newly rejuvenated and renewed juvenility but lacking all juvenescence was D-generation X featuring all the green merchandise faced off against Mcmahons. Raw on 2006 with Mcmahons had many hilarious moments, and DX segments were funny, for a while. But to prolong an old improperly muscled man's feud with one of the greatest performers is not funny. It's a grave mistake. This isn't 1999. The best they can do with Summerfest is have DX defeat Mcmahons inserted into a totally lacklustre card, bad booking through and through. Where the hell was Kurt Angle? And Chris Benoit?

    The only way this event wouldn't have been another Summer disasterfest would be if:-

    1)The undertaker vs Khali (in Khali's one and only interesting really athletic battle) in a last man standing took place just as it was scheduled, and not on Smackdown taping.
    2)Rob Van Dam was featured on the card, preferrably either versus Big Show for ECW title, or as champion defending against Edge and John Cena
    3)There was Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit, and not a bunch of juvenile delinquents defeating a pair of corporate bastards like Mcmahons.
    4)Randy Orton beat Papa Hogan clean, with an RKO, and then forcibly kissed Brooke, and beat Hogan to the mat again.

    This Summerfest was a total and true disaster. Jeremy Piven would've tweeted it too, had he been a summerfest fan and had twitter existed then.

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