Stipulation Added To NWA 70th Anniversary Main Event

Discussion in 'Wrestling News' started by ABMorales787, Sep 29, 2018.

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    Following ROH's 'Death Before Dishonor' Pay-Per-View last night, a stipulation was added to the NWA '70th Anniversary' show main event involving NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Cody & former Champion Nick Aldis.

    Nick Aldis, who as a guest commentator during the CHAOS vs Bullet Club 5v5 match, challenged Cody to a 2/3 Falls match. Following the match, Cody accepted the stipulation following the semi-main event match of the PPV.

    Cody is first slated to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship today in ROH's post-'Death Before Dishonor' TV tapings from the Orleans Arena where the PPV was held. He will defend the title against Willie Mack of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood/Lucha Underground.

    Nick Aldis won the right to challenge for the title after defeating former British Invasion tag team partner Douglas Williams at the 'Wrestling Media-Con' event following his loss of the title at 'ALL IN'.

    The NWA '70 Anniversary' event is scheduled for October 21 from the Nashville Fairgrounds and slated for broadcast on FITE TV. Tony Schiavone and Jim Cornette are slated to call the main event match for the Championship. The event will also look to crown a new NWA National Champion.


    Any thoughts on the new stipulation added to the match? Sound off below!
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    Can't really say that it does much for me. For one thing, there's no real heat to this in my opinion as whatever heat there was, little as there was, from their first match has dissipated. Nobody believed that Mr. Mickie James would win their first match just like nobody believes he'll win this one as putting the title back on him serves no purpose. Aldis' career has been in limbo for some time and carrying around what was essentially, and in many ways still is, a dead championship didn't do much of anything to remedy that. Cody is the draw, Cody is the bigger star, Cody is the one who's brought any relevance back to the championship so if he loses it, then Corgan really is just an overly enthusiastic fan rather than a businessman.

    I've no interest in this match being dragged out for longer than it needs to be, which is really all this will do. Still, it does present an opportunity for Cody to s how that he's capable of working really long matches, I have little doubt that this match will go a minimum of 45 minutes considering this is the first time in over a decade that the NWA WHC has meant anything. It'll probably be overrated as a classic, Meltzer will give it 4.5 stars or more and all that kind of stuff.
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    I am surprised they didn't make a bigger deal of Brandy taking a bump in the Aldis/Cody match. That could have given this a bit more flavor. But I will say one thing about the build and various other videos promoting NWA as of late - they're going for realism and I can dig that. It's not just Aldis is some maverick who has won big against AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, etc. There's no good vs. evil here. It's all on who we want to see win, and who we hope to God doesn't. I can dig that. Maybe I'm just tired of seeing fans cheer villains because they're booked to be more interesting, and NWA cuts out that middle man.

    Hope this isn't the end of Willie Mack chasing the title though. Love that guy.

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