Cody's First NWA Title Defense Announced

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    Following his victory at 'All In' Cody "The American Nightmare" now has his first challenger set. Announced in recent tapings of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood as well as during the most recent edition of '10 Pounds Of Gold', Cody will defend the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship against SoCal mainstay Willie Mack at ROH tapings the day after their 'Death Before Dishonor' Pay-Per-View on September 29 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Despite it being the first defense slated for Cody, it is actually his second announced. The winner of the match at the ROH TV Tapings will then face off against the former Champion, Nick Aldis, at the NWA 70th Anniversary show on October 21st at the Nashville Fairgrounds.


    Any thoughts and opinions? Sounds off below!
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    I'm optimistic. Corgan and Cody are obviously serious about bringing the title back to relevance if their first defense is against Willie Mack in a legit promotion like ROH. It may not be contested at "the biggest indy event" big, but it's still bigger than where that title has been in recent memory. The Mack is awesome - I've seen him a bit on Lucha Underground and the dude is great. I'd want him on my roster. It may be a foregone conclusion that Cody retains, but at least the NWA is getting the focus it hasn't had in a long time. Willie Mack is leagues above guys like Tim Storm and Jocephus, too. This may not be "put the title on Cody Rhodes" big, but it is definitely big for the company.

    May be early in the experiment, but so far I think this NWA resurrection has been one of the more interesting things to happen in wrestling in a while. I hope Cody and Mack have a good fight and elevate that title/brand some more.

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