Second Round: Greensboro - Stan Hansen vs. Rob Van Dam

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    This is a second round matchup in the Greensboro Subregion. The ring and arena are universal throughout the first round and the organization is not a factor. There is a 20 minute time limit. Vote using any criteria you like. Most votes in the poll at the end of the time period wins. In the case of a tie we will go off of the number of written votes. In the case of a second tie, both are eliminated. Assume one week has passed since the first match.

    Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina.


    Stan Hansen



    Rob Van Dan


    Voting is open for 4 days.
  2. Hulkamaniac

    Hulkamaniac Vote Hogan, Savage, Rocky and Thesz

    Sep 14, 2009
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    Before I explain my vote, let me be clear: I love me some RVD. As a matter of fact, I much prefer RVD to Stan Hansen. But in this match up, Hansen takes it. Most likely, Rob tries some high-risk, very entertaining move, and Hansen counters it and hits the big Lariat for the win. Non-Kayfabe speaking, both are good workers, though very different styles. Van Dam cuts a better promo, IMO, but Hansen is a better historical draw, and has held many very prestigious world titles.

    Reluctantly, I say Vote Hansen.
  3. jmt225

    jmt225 Global Moderator

    Feb 6, 2008
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    Rob Van Dam, easily.

    In every company RVD has wrestled for, he became a main focal point in the company, and one of the most over wrestlers on the entire roster. He's one of the most charismatic wrestlers throughout the history of the business, and has put on some of the greatest matches the business has ever seen. He is truly one of the greatest period to ever step through those ropes, in my opinion. I think when his career is all said and done, more people will agree with that assessment.

    Stan Hansen... very good professional wrestler, and he's had some very good matches throughout his career as well. However, his body of work simply does not match up against Rob Van Dam's. RVD is better in pretty much every category if you ask me.

    As far as kayfabe, I'm certain RVD would take it. No clothesline is going to put this main down (IF Hansen could hit it in the first place), and there's plenty of shit in RVD's arsenal that could put Hansen away. RVD's just too fast and hits too hard for Hansen to ever get a real upper hand in the match and put RVD away.

    And on a side note... these guys have actually worked with each other before, but not as opponents, but as tag partners against two of the greatest Japan has ever had to offer. I'll post the match not to prove anything in my side of the argument, just for people to enjoy.

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  4. PsychoBlack

    PsychoBlack Damn it feels good to be a Taylor!!

    Apr 6, 2010
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    I love both of these two and this post is very convincing to me but i know lariat is going to have his arguments for hansen so on that note my vote will have to wait even though after jmt's post im leaning towards rvd
  5. Loveless

    Loveless A Life In Monochrome

    Mar 28, 2009
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    Hansen murderises RVD and leaves him a bloody mess in the ring. The last person RVD would ever want to face is a no-nonsense tough like Hansen, who won't lay around waiting for RVD's flippy and ineffective offence and will instead just batter him into submission.
  6. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    JMT, I'm going to get to you. Trust me on that one. But here's my diatribe on Why Stan Hansen can beat anyone in this tournament.

    Why Stan Hansen Wins the WrestleZone Tournament

    To me, it seems much easier to make the case as to why Stan “the Lariat” Hansen can win the entire tournament as opposed to just breaking down each wrestler. Now, for me to say Hansen’s the perfect wrestler would be asinine. Because no one’s perfect…not even Mr. Perfect. But I can tell you that on any given night, under any circumstances, Stan Hansen can beat anyone in this tournament. And what I’ll do is break down those reasons as best as I can.

    1) Stan Hansen dishes out a lot of punishment.

    I’m aware that his stiffness in the ring and his nature as a bully may rub people the wrong way, but you can’t dispute how much Hansen punishes people in that ring. And we’re not talking about 5’1 Japanese people; we’re talking a who’s who in the wrestling world. Hansen doesn’t change strategy, and Hansen doesn’t try to look cute in the ring. He goes out, locks up, pounds away at you with forearms, shoulder tackles, knees to the face, and just throwing someone around. And for heavier guys, he tries to wear them out. Hansen is a man who is notorious for his nature as a guy who doesn’t have mercy and will wear you down until he hits the Lariat for a 1-2-3.

    2) Stan Hansen is a tough son of a gun!

    Many workers who were around during Hansen’s time will attest to how tough he is. Terry Funk for one. And Funk is widely considered the toughest wrestler to ever step foot in the squared circle. The punishment that wrestlers can dish out aren’t enough to keep Hansen down. Hansen’s been in the ring with the likes of Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, Antonio Inoki, Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, and many other tough guys and those folks couldn’t get the job done on Hansen. Not even Harley Race, who may have beaten Hansen before, but Hansen’s also gotten him, too. And cleanly at that. Anyone who underestimates toughness in this tournament should be forewarned because it can play a huge factor in the outcome of matches. And I’ll put Hansen up against ANYONE toughness wise.

    3) Superior competition during his time.
    When someone argues for a wrestler like Cena, Edge, or even HHH or Goldberg, they don’t factor in the competition during their times. When Stan Hansen was wrestling full time or at his peak, he faced wrestlers such as Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki, Ric Flair (at his peak), Terry Funk (at his peak), Harley Race (at his peak), Dusty Rhodes (at his peak), Andre the Giant (in his prime), Kenta Kobashi (prime), Misawa (prime), Dr. Death Steve Williams(prime), Jumbo Tsuruta (prime), and many, many more. We could even add the likes of Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Jerry Lawler, Dynamite Kid, Carlos Colon, and much more. The competition he had in his time is matched by very few in this tournament. And Hansen has had more success than all of them, too.

    4) One mistake with Hansen costs you the match.

    What I mean by that is Hansen is a man who has a quick finisher. The Short Arm Lariat has finished some greats in its time, and if that doesn’t work, then his Running Lariat will do the job. And it’s a knockout blow. I know of few who have kicked out from the Lariat when Hansen hit it. And it’s not for ‘kayfabe’ purpose, it’s because the wrestlers were nearly knocked out by the impact. He knocked out ANDRE the GIANT with it. The man had the hardest head in wrestling history and he was knocked unconscious from the impact of that maneuver. It earned Hansen respect because he had a great match with him. And many veteran wrestlers know that if Hansen cocks that arm up and run toward you, there’s not much hope except to hopefully be quick enough to duck or put someone in the way. And that rarely happened, too. Which will lead me to my final case.

    5) Many underestimate Hansen in the ring due to his look.
    When I was younger and watched Hansen beat Luger at Halloween Havoc in 1990, I thought, “How could an out of shape cowboy beat The Total Package?” What I didn’t know is that Hansen was not only in great shape, even though he didn’t look like it, but he had endurance to outlast many wrestlers, too. And Lex Luger underestimated that and ended up losing to the Lariat. Many say it was a distraction or whatever, but we all know that Luger thought he had him wore down and Hansen showed him he still had plenty in the tank to knock him out and give him his first loss in nearly TWO years. Hansen being gassed doesn’t happen. Your wrestler will be gassed way before he will. And sure he was big, but if you think that you can just wear him down due to his size, then you’re sadly mistaken. Hansen is a helluva athlete, even if he doesn’t have a chiseled physique.

    So there you go. I think this case is solid and just know that I want people to see just how great he was in the ring. He could work his ass off, beat the hell out of someone, and grapple with someone. He can do it all. And you know what you can do? Vote Stan Hansen in the Wrestlezone Tournament.
  7. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    You never cease to amaze me.

    What does this have to do with beating a wrestler? Think that's going to impress Hansen and prevent an ass beating like RVD's never seen before? NO. Hansen will spit tobacco, let RVD do his moveset and then catch him taking a risk and beat the shit out of him.

    Going with a no on that. RVD's entertaining, but his matches don't add up to anything Stan Hansen has done. Name a major opponent that RVD beat that Hansen couldn't? Can't do it can you? Cena? No. Taz? No. Anyone else? No. Because Hansen faced much, MUCH tougher opponents and more talented opponents than Rob Van Dam. And I think RVD's a great wrestler because he's unique and can throw you off your game with his offense, but any of RVD's impact moves are not allowed in a regular match, except for his Five Star Frog Splash, which he'll never be able to hit in all likelihood.

    Doubt it. RVD's a top 100 wrestler of all time, but nowhere near elite. Race, Flair, Hogan, Sting, Savage, Hansen, Misawa, Kobashi, and many others will have a say so in that.

    THE most untrue statement I've ever heard on here. Hansen is far superior to RVD in nearly every category. High flying aside, Hansen would have no trouble with RVD, and even with RVD's high flying, it wouldn't phase Hansen.

    Do what? NO clothesline is going to take RVD down? You serious? I don't care who you are. If Hansen hits the Western Lariat, it's all but over. Even if RVD kicked out, it'd be a spasm as opposed to him knowingly kick out of the move.

    Malarky. Rolling Thunder? LOL. Hansen would laugh at him for using that. His roundhouse kick while having his leg held would daze Hansen, but wouldn't put him away by no means. NOTHING in RVD's arsenal would put Hansen down. Well, legally anyway. Of course the Van Terminator and Van Daminator would, but those aren't allowed in a regular match. So it's either get an ass kicking, or take a DQ and Hansen wins either way.

    Much appreciated. This is when RVD was cutting his teeth in the biz. And in Japan no less. And you know what that means? RVD knows how bad Hansen is. He knows that he's in for a world of pain when he walks in that ring. RVD would make a tough opponent for Hansen, but to me, I don't see RVD hitting the Five Star and even if he did, Hansen's gut would do more damage to RVD than to Hansen. And other than that, nothing in RVD's arsenal would phase The Lariat.

    And this should be Stan Hansen in a 10-15 classic that ends with RVD going for a high risk move after a two count from the Five Star. RVD gets frustrated, goes for another high risk move with his back to Hansen. Hansen cocks the arm for The Lariat. And NAILS RVD as he jumps from the Top Rope, knocking into a mini-coma, and being pinned for a 1-2-3.
  8. dd23beatlesfan1

    dd23beatlesfan1 Getting Noticed By Management

    Aug 27, 2007
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    Wow. I can't believe Rob Van Dam is beating Stan Hansen. I'm shocked honestly.

    I hope poor Lariat doesn't have a heart attack on us here lol.

    I'm don't think it's a major travesty or anything, as I like RVD and think he's a very good wrestler, certainly very exciting.

    But Stan Hansen's career produced far more success. He's wrestled across the globe and became one of the biggest American stars over in Japanese wrestling, thus helping to establish a market over there for American stars (not saying he was the first of course, but there's no denying he's one of the most successful American stars ever in Japan).

    Van Dam has certainly had a successful career in his own right no doubt, but I just don't think his place in wrestling history is as big as Stan Hansen's.

    And in a kayfabe match, I think Hansen would win. It'd be a good match as Van Dam would hit him with some innovative stuff, but I Hansen was one tough son of a bitch and would eventually get a hold of Van Dam and put him away.

    Gotta go with Hansen here.
  9. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    What's pissing me off is that there's not one logical argument for RVD winning over Hansen. The one argument that was made was debunked real fast by yours truly. In all seriousness, Hansen would have little trouble with a wrestler like RVD. And to me, the only reason he's being voted over Hansen is popularity, which upsets me, but is the way things go in a tourney like this.

    I know that Hansen's better than RVD. And most of the people who've posted know this too, but it is what it is. Do yourself a favor and watch a match with Stan Hansen, then watch a match with RVD... THEN you'll see just how awesome Hansen is in the ring.

    Not to mention that RVD has had ZERO five star matches in his career. Stan Hansen has had many. He's also wrestled the best of the best in his career, while RVD's had competition, but nothing like what Hansen has beaten and faced.

    My closest example of how a match with RVD and Hansen would go would be this match between Hansen and Dynamite Kid. DK has similar quickness and high octane offense that RVD has, yet Hansen beats him. Interesting.



    And yes, I'm aware this was near retirement for the Dynamite Kid. But you know good and well that DK was going full bore in this match and gave his all, and still came up short against Hansen. The same outcome would happen with RVD. In the end, Hansen's a better overall wrestler and should beat RVD within 15 minutes, and maybe, MAYBE this would be RVD's first five star match. Probably not though.

    Vote Hansen. ;)
  10. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    Look at the name of the guy who originally posted the video that JMT posted for a cheap laugh. Anyway, I think this is Hansen's. If RVD has a characteristic wrestler to lose to, it is powerhouses that are about Hansen's size. In his greatest ever WWE run, in 06-07, his losses included Marcus Cor Von, Lashley, Umaga, Test. You might say, well, those guys are all muscley and Lariat is a fat cunt. To that I say, it doesn't matter. Hansen's style was hard hitting, and Kayfabewise, so where all of those aforementioned people. If you hit him hard, you ground him.

    If we look back further into RVD's career, we see guys like Lesnar, Rhino and Batista corroborating this evidence, hard hitting wrestlers take him down. My final piece of support is tenuous, but as far as I'm aware, Dory Funk is the only old timer to have wrestled RVD, and he lost against him. I'd say that shows some degree of difficulty with older wrestlers.
  11. 8thwotwATG

    8thwotwATG The Big Boss

    Jan 1, 2008
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    I am having a little trouble believing that RVD is actually ahead in this matchup. While "Mr. Monday Night" is always entertaining, I just don't think that he is capable of defeating one of the baddest dudes in ring history. Kayfabe wise, this is a pretty good matchup between two guys of much different styles. I see that RVD's unorthodox moveset would give Hansen some difficulty, and Hansen would have to find a way to stop him from his constant movement. RVD is no slouch, but eventually, if he were to try something a bit more high risk, such as a spot off the top strand, then Hansen, who would have to be patient and bide his time, exploits RVD's vunerable position,and sends him to the mat where Hansen can grind him and pound him without mercy. Doubtless, RVD would mount a comeback, but during this comeback, while coming off the ropes is where Hansen hits him with the lariat for the win. It's close, but he goes over.
    Non Kayfabe, I think that Hansen has had more impact on the business than RVD, but RVD still loses even in Kayfabe fashion. Hansen is just too tough and too experienced to caught completely offguard by RVD's unorthodox moveset.

    Vote Hansen.
  12. Coco

    Coco Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Apr 20, 2009
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    Not arguing either way. Just setting a few things straight for the RVD camp.

    Van Dam never lost clean to Test, Lashley only beat Van Dam in a triple threat, Umaga was better protected than most wrestlers have ever been (possibly more than Hansen?), and you'll need to cite the loss to Cor Von for me.

    Even still, this was post-30 day layoff and he was in the dog house. In that dark time, he was still winning rather often and looking better than an more powerful man, that being Big Show.

    If you're looking for his actual "greatest ever WWE run," try 2001 and 2002 when he looked like he was on par with Austin, Rock, Lesnar, Hunter, and Michaels.

    It also should be pointed out, Van Dam always had an impressive win-loss record in the big leagues at his peak. Even in the dog house, he won many matches he wasn't expected to win. Counting him out is never a good idea.

    Just some random stuff I wanted to say in favor (or not?) of Van Dam. I really know nothing about Hansen.

    Lesnar needed Heyman for that one win. In their other two singles matches, Van Dam looked to be on the verge of clean wins before DQs ended the bout.

    Rhino... Under ECW rules? Well, that's not the situation here.

    Batista and Van Dam had one singles match that I remember, ending in a DQ. Remind me if I'm forgetting something, Tasty.

    There's not information available to say what you said confidently.
  13. Mighty NorCal

    Mighty NorCal SHALL WE BEGIN?

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Fuck it, im going Hansen. Aye, RVD is immensely entertaining. Awesome wrestler when working with someone who can lead him, and someone I have always enjoyed. However, Stan Hansen is truly legendary, if not underrated. The man has won tons of titles and made tons of money all over the world.

    I am sorry to say, but in my opinion, RVD's accomplishments cant even sniff Hansens. His offense plays right into getting fucking decimated by a lariat out of nowere, off a rope flippy
  14. Megadeth

    Megadeth AKA Asm92784

    Apr 21, 2007
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    I admit to not being as familiar with The Lariat as some of the people on this board, so I looked up a few of his matches and after watching them, I have to go with Mr Monday Night in this one. Most of the Stan Hansen matches I saw ended up being brawls with a lot of time outside the ring. No one can go on the floor like RVD can. Everyone keeps talking about RVD’s “flippy moves”, but the thing I have always appreciated about his “flippy moves” are for the most part, they don’t require a great deal of setup and actually seem to add to the effectiveness of the move, instead of being flashy but looking like they don’t really hurt like most “spot monkeys”, for lack of a better term out there. Like his monkey flip or Rolling Thunder. They just seem to add momentum to his move, while not requiring any more time to set up than most other moves in the same situation. If anything, RVD’s biggest weakness going into this match would be the amount of time he spends taunting his opponents.

    Someone earlier posted a video of a match between Stan and the Dynamite Kid, and that match in particular made me think RVD would take it. The Lariat kept going to the outside to take a break, and while The Dynamite Kid just let him, RVD would not have let up. He would have taken the fight to Stan, not letting him catch his breath. Plus RVD is much more use to a hardcore style than Dynamite was, and could have taken a chair shot without it effecting him as much.

    I think this match would end up a lot like RVD’s match against Bam Bam Bigelow, who RVD beat for the ECW TV title. From what I have seen, Stan was somewhat similar in style to the beast from the east, but in my opinion, not as fast or agile, despite Bam Bam being heaver than Stan. So if RVD could take out Bigelow I don’t seem him having any problem with the Lariat.

    And by the way, for anyone saying RVD never had a five star match, look up his matches against Jerry Lynn from the original ECW.
  15. RVDgurl

    RVDgurl Mrs. Danielson

    Dec 4, 2006
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    Stan Hansen was one tough sone of a bitch and criminally underrated as a wrestler. However, he never had the level of success that RVD had in the past and now has once again. RVD has been a main event guy and a champion where ever he has wrestled. He was the face of ECW for several years yet captured more gold during his time in the WWE, something Hansen has never done- and I've been told that all accomplishments outside the WWE mean far less (please see Bryan Danielson vs. DDP for reference).
  16. gd

    gd Plump, Juicy User

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Probably the toughest matchup thus far, other than Bruiser/Roberts where the only way to decide was to look at a murder in the shower. I went with RVD, but honestly this could go either way and I wouldn't be the least bit upset. Hansen likely has the edge kayfabe wise, being a big freaking monster he'd pound RVD for most of the most. Then again, RVD is known to win a match after getting crushed for most of it, so who knows?

    RVD got the edge mostly for the entertainment factor. Wherever he's been his quickly risen to the top and made an impact (like in TNA. hahahahah. get it???). The Cena match was one of the best WWE matches of the decade, mostly because the connection between RVD and the fans was tremendous. You don't see thatn with many wrestlers. The flippys and such are all good stuff too. Vote RVD, unless you think Hansen's better. Then you can vote for him.
  17. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    It was Hansen's choice not to go to the WWE for long spurts because he was making more money in Japan. And yes, Hansen lost to Backlund in a Cage Match, only because Backlund ran for his fucking LIFE out of that cage. Hansen was throwing him around like a rag doll and the only way Backlund won was by escaping.

    RVD's accomplishments pale in comparison to Stan Hansen and many wrestlers for that matter. And Hansen's main evented nearly EVERY match he's been in... even on the WWF's tour of Japan where he wrestled Hulk Hogan in the Main Event... when Hogan wasn't even champion.
  18. Steamboat Ricky

    Steamboat Ricky WZCW's Living Legend

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Watching Hansen v. Hogan. Stan knocked down Fink when he was going nutso with his lasso.

    Thus, I vote Hansen.
  19. Mr. Truth

    Mr. Truth Real American Hero

    Jun 29, 2009
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    For me, a reason Hansen goes over RVD is that RVD is prone to mistakes, and Hansen capitalizes on them. RVD knocks Hansen down, goes up for a frog splash which Hansen would counter into a short-armed lariat. Easy choice for me here.
  20. Papa Shango

    Papa Shango Frontman of the WZ Band!!

    Jan 7, 2007
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    Truthiness pretty much hit the nail right on the head. RVD can be careless. Hansen is meticulous, smart, and knows how to win big matches. As Lariat said, Stan Hansen was a main event attraction for almost his entire career. And he won... A LOT. RVD, as popular as he is, hasn't had all that much success at the very top of the ladder. Remember, RVD couldn't even go a month at the top of the WWE food chain without screwing up. But it's not RVD's fault. It's in his nature; When he's on the top of the ladder, he has to jump off.

    EDIT: I tied it up btw :)
  21. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    This basically sums up any thoughts I have in this matchup. People are so obsessed with RVD. He said it best in his promo on Impact last week... "Many people will never understand the connection I have with the crowd." You're right, RVD, because I'm one of them.

    The dude smokes pot. He flips a lot in the ring. He's flexible. He looks like an action movie actor that fell from grace. And he has a top rope splash as a finisher. Got it.

    But how does this make him defeat a man like Stan Hansen? You know, the guy that would slit his mother's throat and spit chewing tobacco on her to gain a victory in a match. Even though RVD's speed and agility would allow him to land some high-flying strikes and blows, there's nothing in his arsenal that could hold down the brick wall that is Stan Hansen.

    I can see RVD landing the majority of his strikes and constantly stunning Hansen, but once Hansen connects with that Western Lariat, it's goodnight Irene. This matchup reminds me of Big Show versus Rey Mysterio. If you vote for RVD in this matchup, you basically think Rey Rey can beat the Big Show in a match. Keep dreaming.

    Stop being fucking fanboys and vote for the real winner here... Stan Hansen.
  22. Elijah W

    Elijah W New Member

    Feb 11, 2010
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    I love some RVD. Always entertained by his matches and his style. And the mane is a tough SOB, I mean the man went toe to toe with Sabu and he's the biggest whackjob in the Sport.

    But Hansen has that sure kill finisher in The Lariat, arguably the best move in this entire tourney.

    Hansen Ko's via lariat Rob when Van Dam tries a springbord of the top rope.
  23. DirtyJosé

    DirtyJosé Best angle of all: retirement

    Dec 12, 2009
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    Kayfabe: Rob Van Dam (the whole fuckin' show) vs Stan Hansen. RVD made the TV title relevant for ECW, even rivaling the World title. Stan Hansen takes people's heads off. RVD has the tools needed to win in this match, but Hansen only needs one open window to end it, and RVD's style leaves lots of windows open.

    Performance: RVD is great in the ring, botching far less often than his contemporaries like Sabu. Stan Hansen is legend in the ring. Not to take away much from RVD, but his popularity is based also on his gimmick of a cool but tough stoner type. Stan Hansen used a much more simple gimmick, but played it to all aces. And, oh yeah, Stan Hansen takes people's heads off. Knocking out Andre the Giant, a man who at will could derail men like The Ultimate Warrior. Out of kayfabe, Hansen would legitimately destroy RVD.

    Personal: I might be the only stoner who isn't head over heels in love with RVD. I've enjoyed some of his work, sure, but I've never quite bought him as a top guy. He's usually the go to for the face of ECW, but I tend to prefer the older days before he was around. I am voting Hansen here because I feel he would win this fight in and out of kayfabe, and I have no deep attachment to RVD.
  24. 48.7 is Approximately 49 Times Better Than You

    Jun 30, 2008
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    I won't try to take anything away from Stan Hansen. I respect that he has accomplished more than many ever will in wrestling, but RVD gets my vote.

    This was simply a personal preference vote. I have a special attachment to RVD that I don't have to Hansen. I've grown up watching RVD in the WWE. His style of wrestling was so much more exciting to me than that of Triple H and the like, so he was a favorite of mine. I remember that he was the only person who ever made me cheer against John Cena. I can't even begin to explain the let down and disappointment I felt when he was suspended as champion.

    Hansen would certainly threaten RVD here, and it's entirely possible that one Lariat could spell the end for his tournament run. But I look to RVD's matches against Brock Lesnar and see that he fared much better against someone much stronger, faster, and more dominant than Hansen than many of you think he would do here. Van Dam is a great striker, and his kicks are the most dangerous that I can remember seeing recently. Hansen can't put nearly as much power into a Lariat standing on one good knee. It isn't as though there is nothing RVD can do to put Hansen down, either. I know his skull is thick and there isn't much in there, but a kick to the back of the head will spell trouble for anyone. Don't try to pull the garbage that Hansen would stand up in time to execute a Lariat while Van Dam is in the air.

    This could go either way. I prefer RVD.
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  25. Suneeboy

    Suneeboy Big Boot, Leg Drop, 1....2....3

    Jul 8, 2008
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    I voted RVD, just because I like him better. Hansen should win though, and probably would completely dominate. Hansen is one tough son of a bitch, and can hang with the best of them. I just like RVD, and I would root for him if this match were to actually happen. That's the beauty of this tournament.

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