Rock Region, Minneapolis SubRegion, 2nd Round: (6) AJ Styles v. (11) Ultimate Warrior

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A.J. Styles vs The Ultimate Warrior

  1. A.J. Styles

  2. The Ultimate Warrior

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    Warrior was by far the bigger draw, he was HUGE in his day, and the WWE Title win at WM far outweighs AJ's massive list of accomplishments. No-one beat Hogan back then, it was a BIG deal.

    But on pure talent, it's a walkover for Styles. The man has been arguably the best in ring performer for the last decade of pro wrestling. Fans have been dying to see him in WWE for years and finally he's here and hasn't disappointed. He was TNA's Golden Boy with a massive list of MOTY candidates, while Warrior has had like, 3 good matches in his career? AJ took over Japan and he's all set to make his well-deserved charge to the WWE Title.

    Don't vote for steroids and rage, vote for talent. Vote for AJ Styles
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