Push Him Or Cut Him?

Discussion in 'Live Discussions Archives' started by Nj Fan 04, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. BooCocky

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    Jul 27, 2007
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    Balls Mahoney~ i think he still has some thing to offer to the WWE so i will keep him around in his jobber rule and nothing more. So i say he should stay with a little push.

    Mike Knox~ I was never a big fan of him so i say cut him because he has no role play on ECW, and has never ever impressed me. So i say cut him

    Snitsky~ Terrible i say cut him he is basically like excess fat, a pain no matter where it is. He cant work a match and the fans cant stand him so i say he should take his business somewhere else.

    Stay with the same Snitsky Balls Mahoney and Mike Knox
  2. kenchoe

    kenchoe Dark Match Winner

    Mar 17, 2007
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    Let's start fresh...

    Mr. Kennedy

    I'd say...CUT him! His gimmick is already played out, his in-ring work is subpar at best, and every time the WWE tries to push him to the top, either he gets injured, or he does something dumb (Signature Pharmacy).

    Fate keeps knocking on WWE's head...it wasn't meant to be. Let him go...looks like another Love TKO...

    Next up: Marcus Cor Von.
  3. leewallace13

    leewallace13 Guest

    By Love of god Cut Super Crazy and Carlito i dont see the point of carlitogetting a push hes so boring

    i think kenny dykstra should be drafted to ecw new champion :):D and i think Maria should get a go at the womans championship
  4. leewallace13

    leewallace13 Guest

    Ok Lets Get Onto the diva's

    What do you think about Victoria and Maria
  5. ImpactPlayer27

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    Okay. A lot of names getting thrown here.

    Mike Knox-I forgot all about him. And now that I remember him, I wish I didn't. Boring in the ring. Crazy boyfriend of Kelly Kelly gimmick was stupid. Cut him.

    Balls Mahoney- One of the last of the ECW originals and has something to offer so I say keep him. Plus, he's in a lot better shape than he was when the real ECW was around.

    Snitsky- Already vented about the guy but once again, Cut him.

    Monty Brown (refuse to call him Marcus Cor Von)- Cut him. I know I'm hating on him for leaving TNA but he hasn't been on since June. Cut him loose. He doesn't have the heart or committment to stay in pro wrestling.

    Kennedy- Keep him. He's like a new version of the Rock to me and I think he's funny.

    Super Crazy- Doesn't fit on Raw. At least in Smackdown, you had the cruiserweight division but Crazy hasn't been what he was since the Tajiri/Super Crazy days in ECW. Hard as it is for me to say, cut him.

    As for the divas

    Melina- Cut her loose. One good entrance and that's all she's got. her voice is annoying and there is no way you'll get me to say she's a better women wrestler than Mickie James.

    Victoria- Better wrestler and never seems to get the right push. Keep her and give her a good push.

    Maria- Love that girl and you know she's trying and the crowd is into her. Keep her.

    To add some more to this topic here: Jillian Hall, Michelle McCool
  6. Papa Shango

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    Jan 7, 2007
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    OK, I'm fixing this:
    Push Super Crazy and Carlito, WWE is real hort on talent right now this is thier time to shine. Push Kenny Dykstra on SD either in the US title Picture or in a tag team. Push Victoria, ship Maria to SM. Cut Jillian, too annoying, and push Michelle SOOOO Hot and talented.
    Now circling back to Marcus Cor Von:
    PUSH THE HELL OUT OF HIM! He got the shaft in TNA, he wants this badly. He can run with a ECW title reign and then ship him to RAW. He's a future star in the making.
    Push or cut: Jesse and Festus
  7. codeamode

    codeamode Guest

    cut jillian, keep michelle

    next-john morrison, i know management likes him, but the people dont seem to, what do YOU think
  8. leewallace13

    leewallace13 Guest

    Cut John Morrison !!

    He Is No Way Talanted
  9. headake151

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    does someone seriously think kennedy should be cut? I just find it hard to believe someone said his has no in ring ability. This guy managed to make even Batista and Carlito look good in singles matches. His gimmick is hilarious and this guy is gonna be around for a while.

    What do yo guys think about getting chavo into the US title picture?
  10. No way. The only cruiserweight I would have wrestle outside the division (not including Mysterio since he already has) is a returnign Gregory Helms. Also after what happened to Eddie, you'd think Chavo would've stopped taking drugs but since he has just been suspended it looks like all hes interested in is money. Back to the thread i'd cut Chavo. Next up - Hornswoggle McMahon!
  11. etw2007

    etw2007 Guest

    Hornswoggle...thats hard. i think he should be cut cos he's really starting to exceed the limit of what he can do in the ring.
    next up - Kane
  12. Ratedt

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    Aug 19, 2007
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    I agree with you 100% on the Kennedy point.
    Marcus Cor Von i say push him. I feel his in ring work is solid an with proper mic time he could cut a decent promo
  13. Freedom 35

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    Jan 9, 2007
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    wait a minure John Morrison is pretty good he is getting good on the mic and his work in the ring has been pretty good too defenitely dont cut him

    next up-Kevin Thorne
  14. ImpactPlayer27

    ImpactPlayer27 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Aug 15, 2007
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    Kane- Keep him. He still has some stuff left in him. I wouldn't cut him.
    Hornswoggle- The joke has run it's course in my opinion. cut him.

    Chavo- Not ready for the US title much less the world title and I'm tired of him in the cruiserweight. But at the same time, I wouldn't cut him.

    John Morrison- People are either booing him because his gimmick is nothing short of a Jim Morrison rip off or because he's supposed to be a heel. But he does have talent so you gotta keep him.

    Randy Orton- He's lucky he has talent otherwise I'd cut him. However, talent aside, I'd call this his last chance because if I was in charge and he acted up or did anythinhg wrong, then he'd be gone because this guy has been on thin ice for a long time. So I'd keep Orton but it'd be probationary

    Okay here's some more here. Chris Masters, Umaga, Charlie Haas

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