Phoenix Region, Dallas Subregion: First Round: (1)Shawn Michaels vs. (32)Robert Roode

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Who Wins This Match

  1. Shawn Michaels

  2. Robert Roode

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  1. Peoples_Champ

    Peoples_Champ Bra & Panties match winner & NEW...

    Feb 20, 2011
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    I've always been a Bret Hart fan and have enjoyed hating Shawn Michaels. But I've gone back on youtube and watched some of Michaels' old matches online. When he was at his best, I truly can't think of anyone who was better (Bret, Hogan, Flair included).

    Shawn Michaels by elbow drop then Superkick.
  2. El Rev sXe

    El Rev sXe If you have ghosts...

    Apr 8, 2010
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    It was kinda of shocking to read the first page, all the hate towards HBK... Anyway, while RR had a great 2010 with very good matches, you can't compare a guy who's (IMO) career has just taken off while Michaels has one hell of career. I'm not too familiar with the 90's, however since he came back in 02 until his retirement match at Mania, HBK has proven why he is one the best. Basically he stole the show every year at Mania. He even had a memorable (NOT classic) match with VKM. I mean having a classic match per year at the biggest event of wrestling HAS to mean something...
  3. Fizzy

    Fizzy Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Aug 7, 2007
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    This isn't a tournament on who you like more as a wrestler. it's who would win in a match. Nothing suggests that Roode would beat in my opinion the 2nd greatest wrestler of all time behind Hogan. Roode COULD be a TNA champion. He COULD be a WWE champion. It's all up to speculation for him. On the opposite side Shawn HAS been a champion in the WWE on numerous occasions. He has main evented Wrestlemania. He has been where Robert Roode wants to be, and he has been there multiple times. Shawn has beaten bigger, and better wrestlers than Roode. Absolutely no way he loses this.
  4. Ferbian

    Ferbian Has Returned.

    Nov 26, 2009
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    This seriously have to go to Shawn Michaels without the shadow of a doubt. As many people have pointed out, Shawn has accomplished much more in a shorter period of time than Roode has ever done in his entire career. Roode is a great talent in the ring, there's no mistake in that, but he's just not Shawn Michaels.

    Shawn excels with the spotlight on him, and he's one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step inside the squared circle. So it's more or less a no-brainer that Shawn Michaels takes this one home rather easily.
  5. Serious Mozzarella

    Serious Mozzarella Special Victims Unit

    Sep 9, 2007
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    Robert Roode in a wrestling match with Shawn Michaels might as well be me in a match with Shawn Michaels.

    20 years of Wrestling, Hall of Famer, main evented Wrestlemania, and stole the show when he wasn't main eventing, up against... a 34 year old guy who everyone is claiming is before his prime, in a second-rate promotion.

    It would be a 30 minute match with Shawn doing absolutely nothing but no-selling everything Roode throws at him, followed by a SCM out of nowhere to win.
  6. hatehabsforever

    hatehabsforever Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Let's see, a match between one of the best professional wrestlers of all time, versus a guy who can barely get over, with regards to singles competition, in the minor leagues. The showstopper, the main eventer, versus someone who would be lucky to crack the roster in WWE. That's not to criticize Roode, who I actually like, especially in BMI. But come on, it's Shawn freaking Michaels. The only thing I cannot understand is, now did Robert Roode manage to get 20 votes? This one should have been unanimous.

    HBK. Easily
  7. Jason Scene

    Jason Scene Classically Charismatic

    Jan 15, 2011
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    Robert Roode's talent has really been underestimated in this thread by some.

    He isn't anything near Michaels, but that doesn't take away from Robert Roode's wrestling ability. He is a good wrestler, not that exciting but he can cut a good promo and he has good ring skills.

    Voted for HBK, Sweet Chin Music for the win, in a match where Roode showed he can go, but Shawn showed him how its done with the big boys.
  8. Muffin Top Merkley

    Muffin Top Merkley Be a man!

    Mar 14, 2008
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    Voting for Robert Roode because you want to be "funny" is fine, because you know that Shawn Michaels would have no problems with beating Roode clean on any day of the week. Voting for Roode because you think he could actually beat HBK in a match, is laughable.

    Shawn Michaels has experiencing wrestling and beating the who's who of wrestling and has one of the most impressive resumes in wrestling history. There is nothing that Roode could bring to the table that Michaels hasn't faced before.

    I have always liked Robert Roode, but when it comes to wrestling Shawn Michaels, there is no question.

    Shawn Michaels.
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  9. LitasRevenge79

    LitasRevenge79 Mrs. John Constantine

    Jan 8, 2010
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    Muffin has quite valid points. I have nothing against Roode. He has shown himself to be quite a solid performer, and some would say he's a proven vet in his own company as well and played a huge part in their own history. He's a formidable opponent as well.

    I, however, will be giving my allegiance to Shawn "HBK" Michaels. Not only for the historical, and skills, but for nostalgia. Anytime you see anything worthy of history-making performances, there is the name "Shawn Michaels" not too far behind. I've read the book, seen the dvd's, and studied him before, and admired him, and was brought up watching his earliest fights when he was part of the UWF company as the early version of "The Rockers." He's always proved that its not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight in you.

    Sure, he's not the biggest or baddest, but his determination and heart knows no boundaries. He's been to the top of the mountain and to the lowest of valleys and come out a better person. He's managed to come back from a possibly career ending back injury after a 5 year hiatus, and with a refreshed outlook. He continued to alter the face of the wrestling community to this very day. Shawn Michaels proves that you can certainly continue to keep inciting the crowd even into the twilight of your career. He's been one of the few who could manage to maintain a career as long as he has and still be truly loved the world over and get as huge a reception as when he first started breaking into the big scene. For me, I'm a HBK girl all the way.

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