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Discussion in 'ABC Party' started by LegendKiller716, Dec 1, 2011.

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    This. He is absolutely right. Now for some thoughts of my own regarding this:

    Remember that we need to offer the alternative to Coco in order to gain the support of all those who are against him as well as those who remain unsure. What we need is a hero figure.... hint hint. (I can do it too, habs ;) lol) who stands up to the villain (that would be Coco) or any third party obstacle (whoever La Resistance nominates).

    Coco is a toll who is out to become the King of Trolls by modding the spam friendly Bar Room which has a list of rules shorter than any other section. That section can be looked after by anyone. I realize that Sly, KB, X, JMT, and D-Man all have other priorities. We have plenty of other mods though. The spam zone should be a team effort. What NEEDS a mod is the non-wrestling non-spam sections. Three sections have no mod. Two of those three are sections I frequently post in. Plus WWE might need a 4th mod with Wrestlemania season coming up.

    I have every intention of being a mod who makes his section his highest priority, above post count, above rep, and above any debates that might have going on in other sections. I am in the WWE forum daily anyhow and check in on the Video Games sections pretty much every day too, so not much would change in regards to my activity other than I might post less if I'll be doing things like maintaining threads or helping others. I want newcomers to feel comfortable coming to me knowing they will receive help rather than being flamed, which some candidates of the other parties would likely do to them.

    So.... Much like how Cloud finally defeated Sephiroth at the end of Final Fantasy 7 with the help of a united team of friends standing behind him, I can defeat the other candidates with the support of all 60 ABC Party members rallying behind me.

    Then I can become your next Video Games (and Movies if given the opportunity to run multiple sections) or WWE mod.

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