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Discussion in 'The Bar Room' started by klunderbunker, May 2, 2016.

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    We had a different relationship than most of the guys on the forum had with her. After she found out I was a woman, we used to talk back and forth in rep with comments that only females would understand. She told me once that it made her feel good that she had another female around who posted regularly, that made us sisters in arms. The only health problem I knew she had was her hearing, which was another thing we have in common.

    I had been wondering where she was, used to see her everyday posting, but hadn't seen her for awhile. Just thought she was taking a break from the product as some do every once in awhile.

    So sad to think that we will never see one of her posts again, and those smiley face reps that used to brighten your day. There is a saying only the good die young and it applies here in spades.

    Message of light to her husband and family. May your memories of her keep her alive in your hearts and minds forever. So sad. Rest in peace Sally.
  2. Dirk

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    Sally took a genuine interest in people she would likely never meet. She was tough enough to withstand all the alienation that went with a mostly male forum. She was sincere and kind and not once treated anybody with anything but sweetness and respect.
  3. Stormtrooper

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    I don't know what to say, I feel like I was just punched in the stomach. In my 7 years on this forum there has only been one person who literally no one could say a bad word about. That was Mustang Sally. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable but she was always kind (even when it being mean was warranted) and had an innate gift to say the right thing at the right time.

    One day last year I was in a really bad way. My depression was hitting me on all ends, and I was looking for things to just keep me down. I came on here (which lets face it is normally a good place to go for keeping oneself depressed) and I look at my rep, and I get a rep from her with a nice message, almost as if she somehow knew what I was dealing with. Sure enough things started to turn around.

    I don't normally shed tears when people I haven't met die. I'm wiping tears away now. She was a magnificent person and will be missed. My condolences go out to her family, spouse, and all the people lucky enough to know her.

    This forum is a dark place with very few bright spots. It has now lost it's brightest.
  4. klunderbunker

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    Also to be clear, this is Sally. Of course she would be beautiful.

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  5. Stone Cold Tea

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    Dec 4, 2014
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    This is just awful. I remember when I put a post jokingly disrespecting myself and she replied back with a nice rep saying the opposite. You just don't come across people like that on the internet. She is the genuine 1% on here. It feels strange to have a horrible feeling in my stomach over someone I never met but you could just feel he kindness and her warmth. A bad word never came out of her.

    R.I.P Sally. Gone but never forgotten.
  6. Hyorinmaru

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    You're not the only one.
  7. George Steele's Barber

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    Is it possible to change the Forums coding so that anytime anyone types a colon closed parenthesis or clicks on the smile icon the language displays the smile and a message like " Mustang Sally was here".

    I think it would be a fitting tribute and keep her memory around for a long time.
  8. Kodo Sawaki

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    Aug 30, 2012
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    Wow, just wow. :(

    She was always sweet and never seen her even say something bad about someone or even in "word fight" with anyone here. One of the persons who's posts always loved to read and in 95% of cases agreed on her. You will be missed Sally, RIP. :(
  9. ShinChan

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    Sep 9, 2015
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    This was a shocking painful news for me. On 29 April, I lost my good friend through breat cancer and on the same day, Sally died because of brain cancer.

    I read this about 24 hours ago and I didn't have words to tell about this unfortunate incident. Now I am gonna do with heavy heart.

    Sally was and will remain the nicest poster on thus forum. She is one of those posters whose posts were surely read by me be it any topic. If I have less time, Still she is one of the posters whose posts I would always read.

    We never talked via PM, yet we are always doing so through rep comments. We both shared the love for Drew Galloway. She had been non-active since 24 Feb and I thought that like some others, She might be taking a break. I can feel her happiness when Drew became the World Champion. Her all posts were deep and nice enough and I never saw her being rude with anyone.

    She was a great soul and a true epitome of a HUMAN BEING.

    Rest In Peace, Sally. I know that you would be up there in heaven, still loving Drew and be proud of yourself for such a great life.

    Thanks for your presence in our life. We learnt a lot from you.
  10. Slash-LN

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    She's one of the very few posters I talked to in private messages on here every once in a while.

    She was probably one of the friendliest posters on here and we often shared rep. She always posted with a smiley face.

    She's going to be missed as a poster and as a wonderful person in general.

    Rest In Peace
  11. Skairipa Matrix

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Holy shit, just seeing this now and man this is sad news. Anytime I interacted with her she was such a nice person and I always enjoyed reading her posts. This explains why I hadn't seen any posts from her lately. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

    R.I.P. Sally.
  12. Hollywood Naitch

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    I'm truly saddened by this, it's just such terrible news.

    It shows what an amazing person Sally was that so many posters on here are posting such lovely tributes to her, even those who didn't know her well. Her personality, humour and just overall niceness was clear through her posts and she'll be sadly missed :(

    It's so unfair that someone like Sally should pass away at such a young age, and I hope her family and friends can find the strength to get through this terrible time. She'll never be forgotten here, that's for sure. I'll miss her a lot. It's lovely to be able to put a face to a name, and Sally was an extremely beautiful woman, on top of being one of the genuinely nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to and getting to know.

    R.I.P Mustang Sally, heaven has just welcomed it's next Women's Champion.

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  13. FunKay the Inevitable

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    May 11, 2008
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    Heartbreaking. Completely and utterly. As many have said an incredibly pleasant person in what is traditionally not the most pleasant of places. And she knew her stuff to boot. Good poster, an even better person (from what little of her life that we, or at least I, saw) and truly saddened by her passing.
  14. Starkist

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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Very sad news. Noticed she wasn't posting as much so this sadly makes sense. Rest in peace.
  15. smizzy

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    May 13, 2012
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    While there are some very kind people who post here, no one is in the same league of Sally's purely pleasant personality. I can't even begin to list off the wonderful encounters I had with her.

    Not just that, but what an asset to the forums she was. No matter the topic; wrestling, sports, music, or in the symposium, a Sally post was a post worth reading. I always believed, along with many of you, that she would have made a great moderator.

    It's a sad day for me, because while she may have just been a poster we knew from WrestleZone, she was also a human being and family member, a spouse, a daughter, likely a sister, and considering the pleasantness she had to offer all us strangers, it's safe to assume those who knew her have lost a one-of-a-kind woman.

    Fuck Cancer

    Rest in paradise, Sally
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  16. Viola Moonlight

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    RIP Sally. Always a very sweet, intelligent person.

    My heart and best wishes go out to family and friends close to Sally. Thank you for Sally's spouse for letting us know what happened. Hopefully, this gives Sally's spouse some sort of closure and I hope these responses from us can deliver whatever closure we can provide as a community.
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  17. Shotaro

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    RIP Sally,

    I didn't know her well (who really knows anyone on a forum like this) but she was clearly an intelligent and articulate woman with a real passion for our fandom. Always encouraging people and giving rep to newer posters to encourage them to stay.

    Sally was one of the most genuine people on the forums, and she will be deeply missed.

    I'll be thinking of those she's left behind. You didn't deserve to lose someone to something so merciless and callous. Know you'll always be welcome to share memories of her here.
  18. Reflection

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Oh God! This the most painful news that I have read on Wrestlezone forums in over 5 and a half years. When I read the thread title, I wondered what was the reason behind it; maybe it was her birthday or just a shout out for doing something awesome. For a second, I remembered the thread on CM's passing as the page was loading, but quickly brushed that thought away. It is a sad, sad moment for me as I read KB's post... and the sadness is strange but real, she was not a famous personality or a someone I knew personally, yet there is this feeling of great loss, like I have lost someone very close... I guess many of my fellow members can relate to this.

    I never had much of a conversation with her, mostly words like "Good post," "I agree," and "Thanks!" but she was such a good person. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she was the nicest and most likeable person on WZF. I remember how she would add much-needed civility to threads when arguments got heated up and people started abusing each other. She always added something constructive to the conversation, something that made you think... not just saying something for the sake of saying. And she was never mean to anyone; she always encouraged the rookies and younger posters via rep. She didn't have to, but she did so anyway. And those encouragements and green bars always motivated me to post more, discuss more wrestling, and try to be better than I was the previous day.

    Most prominent memory of Sally... I remember that time when she went up against KB in the final of WZF's best poster tournament. And even though I had received a fair amount of bribe from KB in two of the earlier rounds, I couldn't help but campaign for her in the final. She ultimately lost the final by two or three votes, and graciously congratulated KB on his win, showing absolutely no disappointment over losing a close contest. I felt good about which way my vote went, even though my candidate didn't win. She had that effect on people.

    My heart goes out to her spouse and family. This is no doubt, a time of sorrow and tears for you, but know that you are fortunate to have someone as amazing as her in your life... and each time her memories strike your mind, may it motivate you to progress ahead, to be strong, to be happy, and to know that you are special, as it did for a countless number of us.

    Rest in peace, Sally. There will never be another one.
    See you in the next life. +1 :)
  19. Logisticalbooker86

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    I never had the pleasure of interacting with Mustang Sally on this forum. So for those that knew her best, forgive me if I overstep my bounds here.

    So many people make the mistake of measuring life based on individual accomplishment. I am a driven person, but I want my legacy to live on in the people I interact with and the lives I am lucky enough to touch.

    This is precisely what Mustang Sally has done. This is a wrestling forum, where asinine arguments and stupid word fights happen on a daily basis. Still, this thread is filled with nothing but class about a woman who genuinely cared about her fellow human beings, as she spent time posting about wrestling. Congratulations Mustang Sally on a life well lived. My deepest of sympathies go out to her family, friends, and everyone on this forum who is hurting.

    I have watched this thread since it was created. Sally was never anything but polite and supportive, even when she disagreed, she went about it in the classiest way possible. Rest in power, Mustang Sally. I hope that when I die, I leave behind a similar impression to the one you did.
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  20. Diet Soda

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    Jan 3, 2012
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    I know that I'm more or less a stranger these days on this forum, but whenever I did return for the odd post I would always get a rep from Sally welcoming me back.

    She is by far the kindest, most considerate, caring and friendliest person I've ever interacted with not only on WZ forums but online altogether.

    My thoughts are with her "one and only", as she always referred to him as, at this time.

    Rest in peace Sally, we will all miss you.
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  21. Cereal Killer

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    I just read this. This really is a bit of a shock. Sally was one of the kindest posters I have ever come across here. Whenever scrolling down a thread and I saw the avatar with that girl with long black hair, I would instantly stopped to read her posts. She was always sweet to me. I remember when when I was 15 and she got me pumped with a green rep saying something along the lines of being really literate and formal for my age and was questioning if I was even 15.

    Sally was a real kind hearted woman and my condolences go to her family.

    Looking at all these posts and the way this has me feeling at the moment, it's reminded me to keep it REALLY cool and positive with everyone around me, even with those I don't really know. That's what made Sally a really loveable person.
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  22. Radical Canadian Goose

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    I'm just reading this now. R.IP. Sally. Easily my favourite poster on here (No offence everyone else). I loved the positive rep that I would get from her with smiley faces, or even if she disagreed with some little part of your post, she would say "Great post, even though I called you out on your last line." I never really got to know her, but can say she will truly be misse
  23. Good Golly It's Ollie

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    I am only just reading about this now and can't believe I missed it. Everyone's summed up a lot of nice sentiments on this already so I will say only this:

    Rest in Peace Sal. You were the forum's big sister.
  24. TJ Matics

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    Just stumbled across this scrolling through the RAW LD... barely catching $$'s small tribute under his/her sig. Blinking away tears remembering all the smiley faces she's left me in the past and wishing I had reached out to get to know her better. You always think you have more time to do these things.

    I agree with an above poster in that I don't recall ever crying over someone I never physically met, but I didn't need to chat with her over a cup of coffee to know that she was this board's very best; essentially our very own Bayley.

    May she rest in eternal peace. :)
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  25. MrHashasheen

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    ... Uh, woah.

    I've not been around a lot and I'm definitely one of the regulars, but MS was always solid and seeing a WZ eternal leave is always a shock.

    My condolences to her spouse if he's still reading the thread, and to those among us who knew her better.

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