Mount Rushmore of Summerslam's

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by HBKperfect23, Aug 19, 2018.

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    With summer slam upon us, I thought I'd bring up a topic for past Summerslam's. This has always been my favorite ppv. So, what Summerslam's would you include on your Mount Rushmore (top4)? and why?

    Mine would be:
    1992: My favorite PPV ever. Bret and Bulldog is arguably the greatest match of all time. The atmosphere was electric for the whole pay per view. While Savage/Warrior could have been better, I really enjoyed the angle with Flair/Perfect.

    1991: Solid card from top to bottom. Bret starts his singles run here. The wcw title shows up with Hennan. LOD/nastys match was extremely rare for its time. I even enjoyed Bossman/Mountie.

    2002: The return of Shawn Michaels. Match of the year against HHH. Brock takes the title. Not a bad match on the card.

    1998: Austin/Taker was built perfectly. The ic title match is probably my favorite ladder match ever (excluding WMX)
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    1992 for Bret/Bulldog alone

    1998 for HHH/Rock and Austin/Taker... Highway to Hell man!!

    2002 for HBK/HHH, Brock/Rock, Edge/Eddie, RVD/Benoit, Flair/Jericho and Angle/Rey... so basically as stacked a card as you'll find

    aaand thats it for me; only 3 deserve to be on this mountain
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    In chronological order.

    1988: It's the first one and had so many memorable moment on it like this is where the ultimate warrior was really starting to accent to the next level of the wwf and the would Liz taking her skirt off which wasn't done at the time.

    1991: great card from top to bottom, multiple title change and great ending angle with Jake and savage.

    2002: mostly for the hhh/hbk match

    Since this was posted after this year's summerslam I have to put this year's summerslam in my top 4. From top to bottom not a bad match on the card, this was how vince's would book a show back when he first started WWE. Everything had either ended a feud or told a great story for a upcoming feud. The booking for the main event was brilliant and it was the first time in the current era that I didn't see the time past.
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    1991 - almost every match was at least good (Disasters/Bushwhackers the lone bad one)

    1998 - only poor match was the comedy 8 man but even that was fun

    2000 - enjoyed every match except the stupid terri/kat one

    2002 - enjoy each match on it

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