Iron Man

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    Iron Man


    Tony Stark is an impressive man. He enrolled in MIT at the age of 15, and after inheriting his father’s company at the age of 21 he was able to turn it into a multi-billion dollar empire that influenced the entire world in just about every area imaginable. However, what Tony Stark is best known for is fighting the world’s greatest villains as the armored superhero Iron Man.

    After suffering a severe damage in the jungles of Vietnam that resulted in his capture by Viet Cong, Tony Stark built an impenetrable suit of armor that helped him defeat his captors as well as keep his fragile body alive. He made it back to the United States where he refined his armor and made it more suitable for battle.

    Ironman’s true identity quickly became known to the public, but Stark’s outgoing personality makes this an ideal situation for him. Tony Stark was able to handle the fame of being a superhero quite well, and he soon became a national icon and a man that the country often turned to in times of need.

    Tony Stark’s genius makes him a formidable enemy, but it’s his Iron Man suit that makes him an unstoppable force to the average man. With the ability to fly, lift heavy loads, fire repulsor beams, missiles, or flames, and being nearly invulnerable to any damage, Iron Man is one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Univese.


    • Genius-level Intellect- Tony Stark is considered to be one of the smartest humans in the Marvel Universe, rivaled only perhaps by the likes of Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Professor X, and Dr. Doom. He has extensive knowledge in all areas of science, as well as art, combat, and history.
    • Combat master- Having worked alongside such great minds as Nick Fury and Captain America, Tony Stark has learned a thing or two about how to plan an attack in the heat of battle.


    • Iron Man Suit- Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit is what makes him a formidable opponent in any fight. It has a variety of support capabilities, including augmented strength (he can lift over 100 tons), super speed (he can fly faster than the speed of sound), flight, and an onboard computer that can provide Stark with a full reading of his surroundings. The suit is also equipped with many weapons, including lasers, a repulsor ray, smart missiles, and a flamethrower. His armor is also tremendously powerful in any defensive scenarios. It can withstand high caliber bullets, intense heat, lasers, and explosions. His armor is not without weaknesses, but it certainly gives him the upper hand in most conflicts.

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