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    In the Human bracket of this tournament there can be only one winner, and his name is Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. All competition better be afraid as Iron Man is ready to bring all of his weapons to win this prestigous tournament. Stark Industries has recently purchased sevreal cans of whoop ass that will be used to defeat all other opponents. However in case you are unaware of the many ways Iron Man can kill you here is just a brief explanation of his entire weapon repetoire.

    -Mechanical genious
    -Can hit you with missiles
    -Superhuman strenght
    -You scared yet?
    -Supersonic flight
    -Energy repulsors aka Energy Beams
    -Tell me you're scared
    -Regenerative Life Support.
    -Several cans of whoop ass.

    So whether you have a large sword forged in from the shards of Narsil, or one pissed of attitude about having your family killed, or you wear a red hat and shoot fireballs, it just isn't good enough because frankly Iron Man will beat you. As powerful as you think you are Iron Man will always one up you. Yes, even you Batman....
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    If I said Magneto would I win by KO instantly? human surrounded by metal 1 squeeze before Iron-man could possibly even counter...I mean 1 squeeze of a brain cell would mess up controls and were left with a crushed body.

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