[HQ] It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait, it actually is a bird! It's QUAIL-MAN!

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    The Adventures of Quail-Man: The Super-Hero Battlezone Tournament!

    Commissioned by the Planet Bob's Council of Elders, Quail-Man came to Earth and found a home, living in the top, TOP secret hiding place: THE THICKET OF SOLITUDE.

    With his mighty powers of speed and strength, Quail-Man teamed up with his his trusty companion, Quail-Dog, to defeat the diabolical Dr. Klotzenstein, Robo-Bone, The Rulemeister, and Klotzilla.

    But Quail-Man faces a new threat!

    The Super-Hero Battlezone Tournament!

    How can Quail-Man defeat the likes of the greatest superheroes the universe has ever seen?

    Ladies and gentlemen, shit just got real. Quail-Man has been entered into the Battlezone Tournament, and it's up to us to help him win.

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