"If there's a smell what The Rock is cooking"-The Rock HQ

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    The Most electrifying man in all of entertainment-The Rock.He is better than any of the candy ass wrestlers you have out there.His accomplishments shadows everybody else.He is better than everybody else.Let's look at what he's done as a wrestler:
    -8 time WWF/E Champion,also the current WWE champion
    -2 time WCW World Heavyweight champion
    -2 time WWF Intercontinetal Champion
    -5 time WWF Tag Team Champion
    -Only wrestler to face and defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin,Hulk Hogan and John Cena at Wrestlemania
    -The wrestler who ended the longest WWE Title reign in the Modern era by beating CM Punk
    -2000 Royal Rumble winner
    -Part of the highest rated segment in the history of Raw with Mankind/Mick Foley,"This is your life"
    -Numerous times winning "Most Charasmatic","Best on Interviews" and "Best Box Office Draw" in the WON awards.
    -2x PWI Best Match of the Year
    Also he won the 6th WZ Tournament last year.
    Oh,did i forget to tell you,he's the most successful wrestler to be an A-list Hollywood movie star?
    So be wise,vote The Rock or he'll kick your candy ass.
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    He is also the only wrestler to defeat Ken Shamrock one on one at wrestlemania.

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