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    The combatant known as Faust brings to the fight a long and checkered history, and all the skills that come with it.

    Dr. Baldhead was once the top surgeon in the world. His skill was the stuff of legend, and when all hope seemed lost, he was always the one who could find that spark of hope and save a life. One day, that all changed. After a patient of his passed during an operation that was not supposed to be life-threatening, Dr. Baldhead went mad, embarking on a massive killing spree that eventually landed him in jail.

    He was released from prison several years later to compete in a fighting tournament. It was during that tournament that he had an epiphany that his patient's death was not his fault. Dr. Baldhead disappeared from the face of the Earth on that night, but a mysterious masked traveling doctor known as Faust emerged.

    Along with the technical knowledge of human anatomy that comes with being a trained doctor, Faust is well-versed in the art of distraction and Confusion-Fu, often keeping items in his coat pockets to disarm and disorient his opponents. He is also incredibly limber and acrobatic, almost to the point of contortion. No doubt these skills will aid him in the Battle Zone Tournament, just as they have aided him in fighting tournaments in the past.

    • Knowledge of Anatomy - Being a trained doctor (and former serial killer), Faust has an unparallelled knowledge of the human body and what makes it tick. He has also worked with several mutant and synthetic biology systems throughout the years.
    • Master of Distraction - Faust has a variety of tricks up his sleeve, not all of them gadgets. His knowledge of the human psyche can confuse opponents with his seemingly random and erratic battle choices that always have meaning in the end.
    • Unusual Fighting Stance - Faust stands at nine feet tall, but has a very low fighting stance. He can in a moment's notice switch from a low stance to a high stance, as part of his knowledge of Confusion-Fu.
    • Level-Headedness - As a holdout from his days as a surgeon and amplified by the mental and physical training he underwent after his epiphany, Faust knows how to keep a cool head in even the most intense situations.
    • Tournament Experience - As a participant in several fighting tournaments, Faust has experience in this type of environment.

    • Scalpel - Faust's giant scalpel is very sharp and can make cuts with absolute precision. It is also incredibly durable, and can handle his whole weight when he chooses to balance on it.
    • Gadgets - Inside his pockets, Faust keeps a variety of objects used for his fighting style, the most prominent being several different types of bombs. His pockets are also known to hold propellors, flowers, noisemakers, and dolls.

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