Championship Region, Fifth Round: (3) Triple H vs. (4) Bruno Sammartino

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Who Wins This Match?

  1. Triple H

  2. Bruno Sammartino

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    Bruno Sammartino was the world champ for 12 total years in a really successful era. In today's standards, it means that he was the face of the company for 12 years. Wins and losses don't matter all that much today, but they did matter back then.

    Which means that Bruno is on the same level of Cena and Hogan when it comes to "being the face of the company". Which means that Bruno was always number one.

    Triple H was always number two and sometimes number three and was number one only when there was nobody else around. Rock/Austin were above him. Batista/Cena were above him.

    Vote Bruno obviously. And let's not take into consideration wins and losses here. Then Triple H gets knocked out of the door, and it won't be quite fair. It was a different era in Bruno's time and wins were wins.
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